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Shokugeki no Souma 56

Tuscan Moon

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 6, 2014 18:43 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 56

Star: Center color pages and an extended total of 23 pages!! "Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Alice: For the first anniversary celebration we asked you to participate in our "Character and Dishes Popularity Poll"...
Alice: Today, we're finally announcing the results(music note)
Erina(thinks): Alice took control again...!
Text: The newest JC Volume 6 and the novel "Shokugeki-no SOMA ~à la carte" will be on sale tomorrow, February 4th (Tue)!!
Alice: Are you worried about your popularity?
Erina: Wha...There's no...!!
Erina: Way...I am...!
Alice: We'll announce both the character and dishes standings on the next spread.
Souma: Hmm? At the same time, huh.
Alice: Well then, here we go, drum roll(music note)
Text: Who will shine with glory!?
Alice: Drrrrrrrrr....
Thought: She's doing it!?
Alice: Tada!
Alice: These people are the Top 10!

Text: We received a total of 8225 votes!!
Text: The results for the first character and dishes popularity poll are announced!!
1st place
Text above number: The main character wins the crown in both dish and character!!
Yukihira Souma 956 Votes
Sumire Karaage Roll 757 votes
Kojirou: Hmph...
Kojirou(thinks): D...Delicious!! What's with this ramen!?
5th place
Shinomiya Kojirou 487 Votes
Jouichirou Special Rich Ramen 403 Votes
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Ikumi: So beautiful...
6th Place
Mito Ikumi 452 Votes
Rainbow Terrine 337 Votes
Megumi: My cheeks feel like they're falling...
3rd Place
Tadokoro Megumi 753 Votes
Egg Benedict 532 Votes
7th Place
Nakiri Alice 445 Votes
Mackerel Onigiri Chazuke 320 Votes
Star: To commemorate that the upcoming release of the newest volume and the and with the announcement of the results of the first character and dishes popularity poll we have many center color pages and an extended total of 23 pages!!
2nd Place
Nakiri Erina 803 Votes
Chou Farci 692 Votes
8th Place Isshiki Satoshi 412 Votes
3 Kinds of Onigiri 309 Votes
9th Place
Hayama Akira 405 Votes
Dried Squid Tentacles Dressed with Peanut Butter 296 Votes //lol Hayama had really bad luck here...
Takumi: Damn that Yukihira...! To think he made such a dish!
4th Place
Takumi Aldini 564 Votes
Shalyapin Steak Don 415 Votes
Text: Thanks for the support for all the other characters!!
10th Place
Ibusaki Shun 380 Votes
Fake Roast Pork 293 Votes
Arrow: The main story begins next page!!

(cutlery) 56 Tuscan Moon
Text: ---The main story begins here!!
Cutlery: When they were young---!!
Isami: Here, I win.
Takumi: Isami!! One more time!
Isami: Eeeeeeh, agaaain?
Isami: Nii-chan, your face shows what you’re thinking so you're weak in this.
Takumi: ...
Isami(thinks): ...And you cry the moment you lose.
Takumi: Now! I challenge you, Isami!!
Isami: Ok, ok...I get it now, nii-chan.
Sign: Oggi è chiuso //the sign's missing a ` in the manga, this means something like "today we're closed", btw, it could just be "oggi chiuso"

Osaji: Weeell, really!
Osaji: This wild game curry is a great dish that exceeded my expectations!
Osaji: This overflowing wild flavor!
Osaji: I never thought I'd get to eat a "duck cutlet"!
Star: Check for news in our official twitter account! -> @syokugeki_off
Orie: The bad smell was mitigated perfectly by using spices like turmeric and the fragrance of "orange".
Orie: Duck is traditionally garnished with an orange sauce in French Cuisine.
Yuuki: Yes!

Yuuki: I put both the flesh and the skin of the fruit in the roux!
Yuuki: This fits great with my special garam masala, doesn't it!?
Shingo(thinks): Birds and animals are hard to obtain as it is...In order to get some for the election
Shingo(thinks): She must have a great connection with hunters.
Osaji: Lil' missy, I'll invite you to my gourmet club sometime in the future!
Yuuki: Eh! You will!? You're so generous!
Osaji: Gahahahaha, don't mind it!
Shingo(thinks): I guess her cheerfulness makes that possible...
Orie: Houjou-san's dish was excellently done too…
Orie: It was colored by the fragrance of pineapple and spices, a "Pineapple Fried Curry Rice".

Orie: The fruit's sweetness and the fried rice's saltiness spread inside my mouth...!
Orie: It's the same principle as with "sweet-and-sour pork"...Another dish which uses pineapple!
Shingo: To finish it, she put the fried rice in the dug-out pineapple, sealed it with the fruit skin's cover...And then she cooked everything in an oven! //hmm, I'm not sure if dug-out is a correct way to refer to what's viewable in the scan, but it was my best guess as I don't think there's a word for this
Shingo: She salted the side which comes in contact with the rice so that no extra sweetness goes to it.
Orie: Because of that, the exhilarating aroma heightens without losing the moisture of the rice.
Orie: This dish is one more step in Chinese food's history.
Voice: B Group's 1st and 2nd place are Hishoko and Houjou, huh...That's quite reasonable. //Hishoko is Hisako's nickname, it means "Secretary Girl"
Voice: Both of them are as good as passed by now.
Voice: Yeah! There aren't many people left to judge, too.
Miyoko: ...
Urara: ---It seems our next contestants are ready.
Urara: First goes Isami Aldini!

Urara: Whoa, this is...
Urara: A Calzone?
Note: Calzone: A dish made by wrapping the ingredients in pizza batter by folding it in half. It's a dish that has characteristic ways of cooking, like baking or deep-frying it, depending on the region of Italy you are.
Orie: Wouldn't you normally use pizza ingredients like mozzarella cheese as the filling...?
Osaji: That means...
Osaji: Oh!! There's curry inside!
Osaji: Then...This is an "Italian-style Curry Bread"!?
Osaji: Wooooow! It's totally different to the dishes before and that's really interesting!!
Osaji: Well...Let's have some!

p9 //I will lol at this every time I see it
Orie: Th...This is, tomatoes!?
Orie: The juicy tomatoes' body overflows from this curryyyyy!!
Isami: Inside...
Isami: There's a curry I made "using only the water of the tomatoes"!

Shingo: !? Only...From tomatoes!?
Shingo: You mean you didn't add any other water at all!?
Isami: By filling the bottom of a pot with tomatoes and heating it, the tomatoes release an impressive amount of water.
Isami: I then added a special mix of spices that goes well with that sourness
Isami: To finish up a rich curry where you can distinguish clearly the deliciousness of tomatoes.
Isami: And I baked the batter with a homemade "Grape yeast"---
Shingo(thinks): The surface is crispy...
SFX: *crisp*
Shingo(thinks): But when I bite it, it has a springy sweet texture!
SFX: *spring*
SFX: *munch*
Shingo(thinks): All in perfect harmony with the wholesome curry...
Osaji: Marvelous...! He incorporated the idea of the Japanese curry bread...
Osaji: And made a totally new Italian dish!!
Isami: Nii-chan, you see, I...
Isami: Think I'll stay in Japan for a while.

Takumi: ...But, Mom and Dad will be lonely.
Takumi: And there's many customers that are waiting anxiously for your food.
Isami: I'll go back, I'll just delay the date a bit!
Isami: I want to find a solution by myself.
Takumi: I see...Ok, Isami.
Isami: Ah, Nii-chan!
Isami: Can you check-in by yourself?
Isami: Don't forget your passport.
Isami: Go to the bathroom before boarding, ok?
Takumi: Don't look down on your brother!! I'll get mad!
Isami(thinks): The Autumn Election...On that stage-
Isami(thinks): I want to...Defeat nii-chan!
Isami(thinks): This time, for sure---

Urara: Contestant Isami...
Urara: Got 87 points!! He's currently 2nd!
B Hall Ranking {
1st Arato Hisako 92
2nd Houjou Miyoko 87
2nd Isami Aldini 87
4th Yoshino Yuuki 86
5th Sadatsuka Nao 84
Voice: Oooh!! 2nd!
Voice: He's tied with Houjou!!
Voice: With this, Sadatsuka Nao is out...
Nao's sd: Hihihihihi...
Nao: Hisako-onee-sama...
Voice: Hey, She's laughing!
Voice: It can't be, it's from the shock of falling to 5th place...?
Urara: Well then, next is...Contestant Takumi,
Urara: Go ahead please!
Osaji: Oh...?
Osaji: The next dish is...Pasta, huh!

Osaji: I see, we have consecutive Italian dishes!
Orie: Bacon, pepper, mushrooms...The ingredients are like those of a Naporitan //wiki Naporitan to see why I made this distinction
Orie: But he used curry sauce instead of ketchup.
Orie: The pasta's shape is similar to Fettuccine...
Asterisk: Fettuccine: A type of pasta. The noodles are specially flat, thin, and long. //maybe we should change this explanation to one for the Naporitan
Osaji: Other than that...Nothing really stands out.
Osaji: Hmmm...That last calzone was so interesting
Osaji: The looks of this dish don't make me expect much...

Osaji(thinks): Wh...What's with this rich body!!?
Osaji(thinks): It resounds on my brain with a thud!!
Shingo: The stock made of beef shin and chicken bones...Is aromatized with fennel and green cardamom!
Shingo: This is an excellent curry sauce that tickles the nose.
Shingo: And it goes well with the wide noodles...!
Shingo: The secret ingredient is soy sauce!?
Shingo: No...This is "Tamari soy sauce"!
Shingo: Its flavor is more condensed than a normal soy sauce and it has a sweet mellowness!
Shingo: It's mostly produced in the Tokai region.

Osaji: Furthermore...I can feel the "cheese's" mild taste, too!
Osaji: But I can't see it at all...Just where is it hidden!?
Takumi: ---Let me answer that question.
Takumi: Look at the cut pasta.
Osaji: !!?
Osaji: Wh...What's this...!?
Osaji: The pasta has three layers!!?
Takumi: The outer layers were kneaded with turmeric...And-
Takumi: The middle layer was kneaded with "Parmesan Cheese".

Osaji: I see...! This body was born from the combination of Tamari soy sauce and Parmesan cheese!!
Osaji: B...But, if you kneaded it with cheese it would melt with the heat...
Osaji: Ah!
Osaji(thinks): That's what the three layers are for!!
Osaji(thinks): The outer layers stop the Parmesan cheese melting!!
Shingo(thinks): The deepness of the curry sauce that's backed by the Tamari soy sauce...!
SFX: *munch*
SFX: *munch*
Shingo(thinks): And, acting almost as insurance, the Parmesan cheese's body spreads after chewing!
Shingo(thinks): Adding Soy Sauce to cream or cheese is a well-know technique,
Shingo(thinks): But to think that Parmesan cheese and Tamari soy sauce made such a good combination!
Orie(thinks): In this vessel called "curry dish"
Orie(thinks): A whole new meeting of Italian and Japanese cuisine unfolds...!
Orie(thinks): He too is

Orie(thinks): The one who cuts open the horizon of flavor...!
Man: I guess Takumi has better sense.
Woman: For today's main dish
Woman: I would like Takumi's dish...Is that possible?

Isami(thinks): I too...!
Man: Isami!!
Man: Why did you correct an already finished dish!?
Man: The flavor got blurred because of that!
Man: Do you want to lose the customer's trust!?
Isami: Nii-chan...!
Isami: Sorry...I...
Isami: Ruined your dish...!
SFX: *sob*
SFX: *sob*
Isami(thinks): I wanted to show them that I can do it too...

Isami(thinks): I didn't want to become a burden for nii-chan...!
Takumi: ...
Takumi: Mezzaluna...This knife that has the name of the half moon,
Takumi: Don't you think it's perfect for us?
Isami: ...?
Isami: When you put two chipped pieces together
Isami: A complete being is born...
Takumi: Aldini is
Takumi: Complete when we're together! Isami!

Takumi: Even if you grow up a lot
Takumi: I won't lose to you and continue forward.
Takumi: If we do that, someday, our restaurant
Takumi: Will become No. 1 in Italy!
Sign: Oggi è chiuso (Today we're closed)
Sign: APERT (OPEN) //full word is APERTO
Takumi: Buongiorno (Good Morning)...

Takumi: Welcome to Trattoria Aldini!
Voice: Ciao! Aldini brothers!
Voice: Please make us the best of foods again today!
Isami(thinks): He's usually someone worth teasing,
Isami(thinks): But when he wears a cook coat
Isami(thinks): He becomes a totally different person.
Isami: Phew...
Isami: I couldn't reach him, yet again.

Isami: Nii-chan
Isami: Really is amazing---
Urara: Takumi Aldini scored
Urara: 90 points!!!
Takumi: Grazie!
B Hall Ranking {
1st Arato Hisako 92
2nd Takumi Aldini 90
3rd Houjou Miyoko 87
3rd Isami Aldini 87
5th Yoshino Yuuki 86
Voice: Whooa, again in the 90's!!
Voice: He passed Houjou!?
Yuuki: ...!

Urara: The B Block is coming to a close!
Urara: The remaining cooks are---
Alice: Heeere, please eat(music note)
Urara(thinks): She's gone and served it.
Cutlery: One dish that shocked the judges...!!
Urara(thinks): Don't you ignore Urara-chan's MC!!
Alice: I got tired of waiting...
Osaji: Wh-Wh-Wh-What the hell is this!!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 56
Next issue, we'll include a special aromatic Valentine’s card and we'll have center color pages for the conclusion of the preliminaries' B group!!

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