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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Shokugeki no Souma 57

Her Memories

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 8, 2014 20:58 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 57

Star: We have a special Valentine's project! A strawberry-chocolate card and center color pages!!
Voice: Wha...! What's that...!?
Voice: Is that...Really......
Text: Is this a futuristic curry!?
Voice: A curry dish!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 57 Her Memories
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Star: Try the strawberry-chocolate card included with this issue!
Alice: I worked really hard on it.
Alice: Now...Please try some (music note)
Text: We have a twitter account! => @syokugeki_off

Voice: Those arch-shaped thin things are...Decorations?
Voice: The roux is nowhere to be seen, to begin with!
Voice: Maybe that green sauce is the roux...
Alice: Geez, what are you talking about?
Alice: All of this dish
Alice: Is undeniably a curry.
Cutlery: How's the taste...!?
Judges: ...
Voice: Hey, what's going on!?
Voice: The judges were pretty talkative until just now
Voice: But they're frozen now!
Voice: H...How's the flavor!?

Shingo: This...How should I describe it...?
Shingo: It's warm and...A cold thing is...Ehm...
Hisako(thinks): These veteran gourmets are at a loss for words...
Hisako(thinks): Does that mean this dish is out of their understanding...?
Osaji: This curry sauce...It was made into espuma and has a bit warm texture... //espuma = froth in Spanish
Osaji: That seems to melt inside your mouth...Yeah.
Osaji: This tomato mousse...I-It's cold...Umm...
Alice: It was hardened using "Sodium Alginate" after adding the spices.
Alice: The mousse was made by mixing frozen crushed foie gras with turmeric
Alice: And the white part of the center is a mix of 6 different cheeses and potato puree...
Alice: This was also rapid frozen so it should gently melt on your tongue.
Alice: You should eat some of the crispy pie batter if your mouth gets cold (music note)
Alice: The pie, which has the fragrance of coriander and other spices, should let your tongue rest.

Alice: "Thermal Sense".
Alice: It's one way of thinking in molecular gastronomy where you make up a dish from the "differences in temperature"...
Alice: That concept is incorporated in this dish.
Urara: S...So...? In the end...
Urara: Is it...Good?
Shingo: Of course! It's great!!
Shingo: ...However,
Shingo: Words that fully express how delicious this dish is...
Shingo: I...Don't have them...!
Voice: It's so delicious not even a famous writer can express it!?
Voice: I...I want to eat it...!!
Orie(thinks): She made the texture and temperature shine in an ever-changing way with the spices at its core...
Orie(thinks): This dish reforms---

Orie(thinks): Cooking as a whole!!
Urara: 95 poiiiiiints!!!
Urara: She jumped to first place!!
Man: Impossible...!! Those gourmets all give her 19 points which is almost a perfect score...!!
Alice: Look, I surpassed you, Hishoko-chan (music note)
Hisako: Wh...Who's Hishoko!!?
Voice: That means...Houjou and the younger Aldini are being subject to a final vote, huh!
Voice: To think that Houjou would end up fighting for 4th place...!
Man: Well, that dish was adequate for being the last one!
Man: I couldn't agree more, I never thought we'd get to see such a close competition.

Megumi: ......U...
Megumi: Umm.
Megumi: M-
Megumi: My curry is...Still...Left......
Orie(thinks): The girl that cut the hanging fish---
Urara(thinks): Tch...Just when we had an exciting final.
Megumi: Heaaah...Sorry, sorry~
Man: She's here!!
Man: It's Megumi's turn!

Men: Megumiiiii!!
Voice: Wh...What's that? The people from the normal seats...? (cd: A Big-catch flag?)
Voice: Anyway, don't they all look stern?
Megumi: Everyone!? Why are you here!!? //I hate not being able to make their dialect sound dialect-ish T_T
Man: We wanted to see Megumi's hour of triumph!
Man: We left fishing to the young'uns today!
Voice: I...It looks like those stern men like her!
Voice: Tadokoro Megumi...Just who is she...?

Megumi: It's a..."Goosefish Dobu-jiru curry"!
Big Text: Dobu-jiru
Text: A pot dish where goosefish is the main ingredient.
Text: It's a dish passed down by the fishermen of the Ibaraki and the Fukushima prefectures.
Orie(thinks): Goosefish with curry...?
Orie(thinks): Just what is she thinking---?
SFX: Huff
SFX: Huff
SFX: slurp...

p9 //dat Kotatsu
Osaji: ...So that's what she meant...!
Osaji: This is the reason why she used goosefish...
Osaji: The most peculiar trait of the dobu-jiru is that you cook the "goosefish's liver" in the pot carefully until it dissolves!
Osaji: You normally would just add miso and sake to dilute the liver and make it the base for the flavor, but...
Osaji: This girl added spices
Osaji: And made a "Liver curry miso"!

Orie(thinks): To think...That the liver's viscous body and the spices made such a good match!
Orie: It's pervading...!
Orie: It's so delicious it's addicting...!!
Man: Oh! She's getting good reviews.
Man: Of course she is! Because we fished an extra special goosefish for Megumi!
Osaji: Anyway...It's that thing,
Osaji: After that last dish I feel it even more...How should I say it...
Osaji: This dish is full of human kindness...
Alice: !
Shingo: The ingredients are goosefish meat, skin, fillet, and other parts to begin and...
Shingo: Hmm!?
Shingo: Kogiku pumpkin,
Shingo: Tachikawa Burdock...
Shingo: And red daikon!
Megumi: Y...Yes! All of them are ingredients from my hometown.

Megumi: I tried many things to make the best use of them, but...Since curry is really strong,
Megumi: I had many troubles because it didn't go well with the vegetables sweetness and astringency...
Megumi: However, I noticed that "dobu-jiru", which uses goosefish liver,
Megumi: Could become an intermediary to make good use of the spices taste while not killing the inherent flavor of the vegetables.
Megumi: I once...Handled goosefish when I was young, too...
Shingo: Hmm...?
Megumi: A dish where you could even feel the smell of the land I was born on...
Megumi: That's the kind of curry I wanted to make...!
Text: ---9 years ago, in a small port town in the Tohoku region,
Text: At the Shoukeien Ryokan,
Text: A modest inn with only 12 rooms---

Man: I've...Been thinking all this time about retiring.
Man: My hips...Can't go on anymore.
Voice: Then...Our specialty show of cutting hanging goosefish
Voice: Is also over...
Man: Whaaat?
Man: You want me to teach you to cut hanging fish!?
Man: What are you talking about!?
Man: There's no way a girl can do that!
Megumi: P...Please!
Megumi: I want to help at home!
Megumi: Please...!

Man: ...
Man: Alright...I'll teach you if you can promise you won't cry.
Man: Just say that it's hard or that you want to rest once,
Man: I'll send you back just then!
Man: Not! That's not the place!!
Man: Don't make me repeat myself!
Megumi: ...
Man: ...Don't you want to stop now?
Man: Hey! Just give up...

Man: !
Man: Oh! You're here!
Man: I'll go all out on you today, too!!
Megumi: Yes!
Man: Oh, Megumi-chan, you're already here.
Man: Warm yourself with the fire for now.
Man: Wow...
Man: This small girl
Man: Cut up a goosefish...
Megumi: W...With this, can we...
Megumi: Continue cutting hanging fish...?
Woman: Megumi...

Woman: Eh...? Did Megumi really make this food?
Woman: Yes! We were really surprised.
Woman: None of the adults in town can beat her by now!
Mom: You see, in Tokyo,
Mom: There's a famous cooking school.
Mom: Don't you...Want to try going there?
Megumi: ......Eh...?
Mom: It seems many of their graduates are famous worldwide.
Megumi: B-But mom...I...Want to help at the ryokan in the future.
Mom: If you end up deciding to work here that's fine,
Mom: Mom would be happy if that happens too.
Mom: But...Before that, I want you to

Mom: Go see how big the world is at least once.
Urara: Kita-sensei, 17 points!
Urara: Andou-sensei, 18 points!!
Man: Whaaaat!? Megumi's dish is only worth 10 plus something points!?
Man: I've told you many times that all 5 judges make the 100 points, old man!!
Man: Great! As expected from our Megumi!
Flashback: There's no way a woman can put a kitchen in order.
Flashback: ...Hmph, she'll throw in the towel soon enough!
Box: I thought the only way was to shut them up by using power---

Miyoko(thinks): Can I
Miyoko(thinks): Make a place like that how I am right now?
Voice: Tokyo, huh...We'll get lonely here.
Man: But...Keeping Megumi's talent hidden here would be a waste!
Man: She might become the most successful girl from this town, you know!?
Man: Do your best, Megumiii!

Seal: Fail
Mom: Megumi...How's school?
Megumi: Mom...
Megumi: You see...
Mom: ...?
Megumi: ---Nothing! It's all good~~~
Megumi: The classes are really fun.
Yuuki: Even though Megumi is actually an amazing girl.
Ryouko: Why don't we have a cooking practice again?
Ryouko: We'll keep you company.
Megumi Y...Yeah! Thanks.
Megumi: But...I wanted to practice by myself today...

Satoshi: It finally came...Tadokoro-chan.
Satoshi: The day you
Satoshi: Set flight

Satoshi: From your small, small garden.
Urara: She's 4th---!!!
B Hall Ranking
Nakiri Alice
Arato Hisako
Takumi Aldini
Tadokoro Megumi
Houjou Miyoko
Isami Aldini
Urara: She's passed the preliminarieeeeees!!

Voice: She barely passed!!
Guys: No way...
Voice: Houjou Miyoko got eliminated in the preliminaries!
Voice: Nakiri Alice pushed aside Hishoko and passed first!!
Voice: I...
Voice: It's a great uproar!!
Nao's sd: Hihihi hihi
Sign: A Hall
Block: Meanwhile...At the A Hall
Box: Hayama Akira
Box: And Yukihira Souma's
Box: Judging was about to begin---
Cutlery: ---The time to settle things up has finally come...!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 57/End
Next issue, the preliminaries end, who will survive in Block A...!?

Valentine's Card Front
Asterisk: This isn't food, don't lick or eat it.
Text: Scratch the chocolate and smell it!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
~Special Valentine Project~
Bubble: Aromatized
Text: Strawberry-chocolate card of the 3 polar star girls
Blue box: And, who got this chocolate!? The answer is on the other side...

Valentine's Card Back
Text: It was stolen...!!
Yuuki's sd: Heeey
Asterisk: Cut this before using it

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