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Shokugeki no Souma 58

Holy Aroma

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 16, 2014 04:21 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.

Shokugeki-no SOMA 58

(cutlery) 58 Holy Aroma
Voice: Come take a look!
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Voice: We have high quality spices you can't get anywhere else.
Text: Many years ago, the spices queen, Shiomi Jun, met with a young genius of aromas.
Voice: Here, thanks for your patronage!
Jun: Hmm...? Umm, this is...?
Man: Go away if you're done!
Man: I'm busy here!
Akira: You mixed low quality goods with a weak aroma in there, didn't you?
Akira: ...I'd say about a third is like that.

Man: Wh...What nonsense are you saying...!?
Akira: I can feel it.
Akira: You see, my nose is special.
Man: Tch...!
Man: Damn slum garbage...!
Jun: Umm...Thanks.
Akira: You're Chine...No,
Akira: Japanese...Moreover, you're a minor.
Akira: This is no place for kids to go sightseeing,
Akira: This is...
Jun: I'm 26...
Akira: Huh...!?

Yua: He finally makes his entry!
Yua: Contestant Hayama Akiraaaaa!!
Makito: Your dish was a "fish head curry".
Makito: It's a curry where you can enjoy the most delicious parts of a fish, the eyes and the cheeks.
Makito: It's an exciting dish where you serve the entire head...
Makito: Hmm?

Makito: What is this!? The dish is incredibly small...
Makito: It isn't a fish head curry!?
Shige: And...
Shige: He put a lid made of nan on it?
Akira: Eat it by pressing the spoon on the nan so that it falls on the dish.
Souma: !

Akira: Be careful,
Akira: It's hot.
SFX: crunch
Souma(thinks): It's an aroma

Souma(thinks): "Explosion"...!!
Shige: Oooooooh!?
Voice: The aroma's force is amazing!!
Voice: To think it would spread even up here...!

Guy: Even though the stimulus is almost piercing my sense of smell,
Guy: The aroma feels so mellow...!
Voice: And under the lid
Voice: Lies a splendid curry where the head's deliciousness melts as if it wasn't delicious enough yet...
Makito(thinks): Mix the roux with the nan
Makito(thinks): And stuff your cheeks with it!!
Makito(thinks): Exquisite.

Zenji(thinks): "Pot Pie Soup"
Zenji(thinks): A technique invented by one of the most representative French chefs, Paul Bocuse.
Zenji(thinks): It's said that he got the idea for this dish from the "bowls" in Japanese cuisine.
Shun(thinks): The dish's fragrance is condensed inside the pie
Shun(thinks): And it's released and explodes at once when the pie is broken!!
Thought: Hayama's weapon called "aroma"...He made the judges
Thought: Take a direct hit from it at its strongest form!!
Shige(thinks): The spices are...Fennel, lemongrass, and cinnamon-
Shige(thinks): No...There's something that puts them all together...! What is it!?
Shige(thinks): The heart of this strong aroma is...

Natsume: "Holy Basil"---!
Natsume: And he used fresh leaves!!
Thought: Holy!?
Thought: Basil!?
Voice: ...It's a spice considered sacred in South Asia.
Voice: Smelling it makes a sweet sensation run throughout your body...
Voice: It's placed as "God's secret wonder drug" in Ayurveda...!
Asterisk: Ayurveda: A form of traditional medicine in India. It deeply involves having the patient eat different things according to his condition.
Makito: Oh...! That spice was mixed in!!
Natsume: However---
Natsume: Fresh holy basil isn't really distributed in Japan,
Natsume: Getting hold of it is incredibly difficult...!
Voice: !!?
Natsume: Just how did you get it?
Akira: Ah,
Akira: We cultivate it all year round in our seminar.

Akira: The cultivation method...Is top secret.
Voice: They're cultivating that ultra-rare spice!?
Voice: As expected from the Shiomi Seminar...!
Natsume(thinks): Shiomi...!
Natsume(thinks): They must mean the authority in terms of spices, Professor Shiomi Jun!!
Souma(thinks): This intense smell almost made me its captive...!
Souma(thinks): But that's all he came up with,
Souma(thinks): What makes me eat more and more is...
Souma(thinks): Something sour...?
Souma: Yogurt, huh!
Akira: Correct, Yukihira.
Akira: Holy basil is really peculiar in that it might ruin the rest of the spices if you make one false step...
Akira: By using yogurt you can make it mild.

Chapelle(thinks): Moreover, the "curcumin" included in spices has a detoxing effect in the liver.
Chapelle(thinks): By taking it together with Lactid-acid bacilli...In other words, with yogurt, curcumin is assimilated in a more efficient way.
Jun(thinks): He even thought about the nutritional effect...!
Jun: Hayama-kun...! Amazing...!!
Natsume(thinks): To think there was a cook in this country who could master the use of holy basil.
Natsume: ...Hayama-kun......
Natsume: Won't you become mine?
Natsume: What should your annual salary be?
Natsume: Give me a price...
Natsume: One hundred million? Two hundred million?
Akira: I
Akira: Fight for Jun.

Akira: That's all there is to it.
Natsume: He's such a nice man......
Natsume: I think I want him more now...!
Thought: A stinging deliciousness pierces my brain with every bite...!
Thought: I've never tasted such a sharp flavor!!
Natsume(thinks): This dish is a perfected form...!
Natsume(thinks): The ultimate spot modern curry has reached!!
Ranking: 1st Hayama A

A Hall Ranking
1st Hayama Akira 94
2nd Kurokiba Ryou 93
Marui Zenji 88
busaki Shun 88
to Ikumi 86
Ryouko 86
Voice: It's hereeee, 94 points!!!
Voice: Uwaaaaaaaah!! He's fiiiiiirst!!
Ryou: 2nd, huh...Milady will get mad at me...
Ryou: Well...I just have to do my best in the main tournament...
Voice: A perfect score!
Voice: And two of them!!
Voice: It's incredibleeeeee!!
Erina: ...!

Satoshi: He got the perfect score not even Nakiri Alice could achieve...
Satoshi: A true highlight!
Erina: Isshiki-san!?
Erina: Why are you here...? What about the B block judging?
Satoshi: Fufu, I left someone to deal with the last few things.
Erina: Besides, this room is supposed to be off limits for unauthorized people...
Fumio: Well, well, let this slip as part of the role of the dorm mother.
Erina: That's not part of it.
Satoshi: ---Did you also come to the A hall wondering about Souma-kun fares?
Erina: Wha...!? There's no way...!
Erina: ...
Yua: Well then, Contestant Yukihira Souma,
Yua: Serve your dish!

Voice: Hayama Akira sure made it big!
Voice: He was against the pickiest woman in Japan in terms of curry
Voice: And he got a perfect score!!
Souma: Here, this is your part, Hayama!
Akira: ...
Akira: What's with that face...?
Akira(thinks): This is a guy who didn't even know a fundamental spice, "curry leaf", until a month ago.
Akira(thinks): Why is he smiling
Akira(thinks): After eating my curry?
Souma: Well...I just thought that my idea
Souma: Wasn't all that bad after all.

Akira: ...This is---
Akira: An omelette...?
Voice: Huh!? What's this...? That's weird.
Voice: Didn't the transfer student make a risotto...?
Souma: It's done,
Souma: The second---

Souma: Aroma bomb!
SFX: crunch
Akira: ...!
Makito: Oh...!!
Makito: Inside the omelette---

Makito: Is a risotto!!
Natsume: The enclosed aroma is...
Natsume: Spreading explosively!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 58/End
Akira: It's the same idea as mine...!?
Souma: It looks like that,
Souma: So far, though!
Cutlery: He has a secret plan!?

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