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Translations: One Piece 784 by cnet128 , Bleach 624 by cnet128 , Gintama 539 (2)

Mondlicht -Tsuki no Tsubasa- 28

The Last Love

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 16, 2014 18:04 | Go to Mondlicht -Tsuki no Tsubasa-

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Reserved for Simple Scans. Don't use without my permission.
Mondlicht 28
//Kara is Karasawa

Shizune: It can be...They're sacrifices...!?
Kara: You're pretty intelligent.
Kara: That's exactly it.
Kara: In order to restore our Mondlicht powers I'll have them-
[Achtundzwanzig] The Last Love

Kara: Become the foundation for that.

Box: Control Room
Shizune: ...
Kara: The preparations will still take some time
Kara: You should rest while that's done.
Shizune(thinks): This really is wrong!!
Shizune(thinks): Isn't it, Kaguya...?

F11: Then, that explosion was part of Karasawa's plan?
Kamiya: Yes, Karasawa sacrificed his headquarters
Kamiya: In order to finish Dr. Frankenstein.

Kamiya: That failed, but Karasawa could take the children away and escape in the chaos that resulted.
Kamiya: I had my hands full with dealing with F01 so I didn't have time to stop Karasawa. //F eins

Kaguya: I'm glad...Shizune, Yuuzuki, and the others are alive.
Kamiya: Yes.
Iori: What's Karasawa thinking?
Kamiya: ~~~
F11: Masakage-sama?

Kamiya: That man...
Kamiya: Is planning to sacrifice the children.
Iori/Kaguya: Wha...

Iori: Hey, is that true!!?
Iori: Is he really...
Kamiya: It's true.
Kamiya: Karasawa is...
Kamiya: Offering the children as sacrifices
Kamiya: To start up a system that will dispel the curse.

Kaguya: !
Iori: Hey, why did you stop?
Iori: If we don't hurry...
Kamiya: ...
Kamiya: Dr. Frankenstein and F01 are heading to the same place as us,
Kamiya: We'll eventually meet either of them.

Iori: Eh? Then, all the more so...
Kamiya: At this rate we'll only go die helplessly.
Kamiya: We'll need a way to counter them.
Kamiya: Princess, get out of the car and come with me.
Kamiya: Now, hurry.
F11: Ye-Yes.
Iori: He-Hey, what should we do?

Kamiya: We'll finish soon,
Kamiya: The princess will be the only one back though.
F11: !
Kamiya: As I said before, you can't defeat F01 like this.
Kamiya: I'll now give you a secret device to defeat F01.
F11: Secret device?
Kamiya: Exactly.

Kamiya: Suck my blood,
Kamiya: Don't leave a single drop...
F11: ...!

F11: No way...
Kamiya: I'm sure you're aware that for a Mondlicht...For a vampire to suck another vampire's blood is considered a taboo.
Kamiya: If you do it you'll become a real beast...
Kamiya: However, that power is the only way to defeat F01.

Kamiya: Besides...Marie Antoinette's power comes from her pure grudge towards Mondlicht.
Kamiya: In order to excel her, you'll need to hold the beast inside you
Kamiya: And have a mental strength strong enough to overpower it.
Kamiya: That's why, you have to suck my blood...
F11: There's no way I can do that!!
F11: I can't take away Masakage-sama's life...

Kamiya: ...
Kamiya: My life span is almost over.
Kamiya: Even if Mondlicht are long-lived, that doesn't mean they're immortal.
Kamiya: If possible, I would like to protect you,
Kamiya: However, that isn't possible.
F11: Masakage-sama...

Kamiya: Now, hurry.
Kamiya: Protect those children...
Kamiya: Protect the future.
Kamiya: You're the only one who can do that.

Kamiya: I'll be watching over you...
Kamiya: Princess...
F11: Yes...

F11: I will suck your blood...
F11: Because...That's the love I received from you...
F11: And-

F11: The last love I can give you.

Box: Control Room
Shizune: Are you alright?
Girl: Onee-chan, you saved us?
Shizune: I'm sorry...This all happened because I wasn't a reliable onee-chan...
Shizune: Let's go back to the others...

Hana: That's no good, you'll put Souichirou in troubles.
Hana: I thought you'd betray us.

Kara: Hana, can you hear me?
Hana: Souichirou?
Kara: The doctor's homunculi have found this place.
Kara: Now that they've done so, we must escape.
Kara: Hurry up with the disposal.

Hana: Ok.
Hana: You heard the man, you should just obediently go inside the capsules again-
Shizune: No!!
Hana: I see...
Hana: Then, I'll have to use force.
Hana: This new medicine...

Shizune: !?
Shizune(thinks): Hana-san's appearance changed!?
Hana: The Lunar Fruit -Revamped-'s power.

Hana: Shizune...Losing you is a real shame but I need you to die,
Hana: For Souichirou and my sake!!

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