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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Shokugeki no Souma 59

Their Respective Weapons

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 22, 2014 18:29 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 59

Voice: Whoooooooa! After Hayama's dish...
Voice: Another aroma explosion makes a direct hiiiiit!!
Souma: This is a Yukihira top-quality dish, the "Curry Risotto Omurice".
Cutlery: Souma's dish challenges the aroma genius!!
Souma: Careful,
Souma: It's hot.
"Shokugeki-no SOMA"

Big Text: A drifting temptation,
Big Text: The aroma's provocation.
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Ikumi: The rice inside the eggs shines with a bright gloss.
Ikumi: It looks like a donburi covered with a superb sauce...!
Ryouko: Amazing...What a mellow smell...!!
Ryouko: I break into a smile almost instinctively...!
(cutlery) 59 Their Respective Weapons

Shige: The grade of expectation isn't less than what Hayama-kun's curry had!
Shige: Well then...
Shige: Let's eat!

p4-5 //BOOOOOM, headshot, wait, not quite XD
Text: Such intensity!!
Text: These are raging blows of flavor!!

Ikumi's sd: Alright
All: !!
Thought: A rich chicken bones and beef sinew bouillon. //bouillon = broth in French
Thought: The ground beef and onions were fried with butter and their deliciousness got into the rice...
Makito(thinks): The risotto's viscosity is in complete harmony with the fried eggs moisture.
Makito: I'm in the verge of breaking down!!
Natsume: It seems...The deciding factor is this sauce...!
Natsume: It has oyster sauce as its base and it's accented with honey...The mild sourness makes its effect and it becomes rich.
Natsume: He made two grades of taste with this sauce and the risotto inside!!
Shige: I see...Hayama-kun's curry was an explosion from an odorless state, but...

Shige: You could call this an "Induced Explosion of Aroma"!!
Shige: The aroma in the inside and in the outside blend intermittently and try to tempt us...!
Akira(thought): ......But that's not all...What's this depth!?
Akira(thought): The fragrant smell and the slight astringency come from cumin and cardamom,
Akira(thought): The stimulus to the tongue comes from clove...
Akira(thought): I can smell bits of it but those aren't but superficial bits.
Akira(thought): This body that's deeply joined together with the spices---
Akira(thought): I see...
Akira(thought): It's mango.

Akira: Mango chutney...!
Natsume: Chu...Chutney you say!?
Natsume: That's enough to produce this deep flavor!?
Big Text: Chutney
Text: A condiment in a paste form used in many parts of Asia.
Text: It's made by mixing and mashing spices with fruits or vegetables and then boiling everything.
Text: There are many different varieties depending on the combinations, from sweet to spice ones, some even use mint.
Souma: This is my homemade blend of "Mango Chutney"!
Souma: I added this when I was cooking the rice.
Souma: The mango becomes the core that combines the different spices' inherent flavors and gives the dish a deeper body.
Souma: In other words, it's a practical use of spices!

Zenji: In India it's only used as garnish...Just another "condiment".
Zenji: Adding chutney to curry is something only done in Japan...
Ikumi: Hmm...!
Ryouko: I see.
Chapelle: From the Indians perspective this is an unconventional cookery...
Chapelle: However, by doing that...
Makito: He could make the dish more delicious
Makito: Without blindly adding fat or any other animal ingredients!
Satoshi: The omelette that drove him to almost fail in the training camp
Satoshi: And the risotto that made him completely lose against his father---
Erina(thinks): Father?
Satoshi: I never thought he'd use a combination of those two for this challenge!

Satoshi: Out of his 490 losses,
Satoshi: He hasn't wasted a single one.
Fumio: Huhmm...I almost sounds good when you say it like that. (cd: You could also call him spiteful)
Fumio: He doesn't want to leave them as failures...
Fumio: Damn that Yukihira...Looking so composed,
Fumio: He's the ultimate sore loser.

Flashback: Chefs aren't allowed to fail.
Flashback: Now I've got the "experience" of failing.
Erina: ...
Makito: A seriously substantial deliciousness...
Makito: And yet the aftertaste is surprisingly refreshing! This is also the effect of the chutney!!
Natsume: But, Hayama-kun's dish had a richer aroma...
Man: No, but, the depth you can feel when the rice and the sauce mix is splendid!!
Shige: If we exemplify Hayama-kun's curry as a spear with a sharp point that has holy basil as its core.
Shige: This curry comes attacking in waves...
Shige: A barrage...Of combinations of flavors!!
Text: Each has his weapon and style
Text: And is exchanging full-powered blows with the other...This is-

Text: A fight between people
Text: That aim for Tootsuki's top.
Voice: Hey, hey...He's getting great reviews!!
Voice: That transfer student, it can't be,
Voice: He'll defeat Hayama Akira...!?

A Hall Ranking
1st Hayama Akira 94
2nd Yukihira Souma 93
2nd Kurokiba Ryou 93
4th Marui Zenji 88
4th Ibusaki Shun 88
Voice: ......Oh...93...
Voice: Second...
Voice: Huh.

Guy: We-Well, first was pretty impossible.
Guy: Yeah...He was against someone who's like the incarnation of curry.
Akira: ---!?
Yua: Hmm...!? What's...This...?
Yua: Three of the five judges...
Yua: Gave contestant Yukihira many points...!?

Makito: Gentlemen...!
Makito: Don't you understand the greatness of that almost-artistic curry!?
Makito: That technique that made the best use of holy basil!?
Shige: The theme is strictly "curry dishes"...
Shige: We're not only judging the choice of spices, are we?
Shige: The point is the satisfaction the dish produces...
Natsume: Ha...Hayama-kun's curry was excellent in those terms too!!
Man: But...The dish that made me want to eat it many more times was contestant Yukihira's dish and-
Makito: Shut up, minor character!!
Makito: People without a multilateral outlook have no right to talk about gourmet food!!
Shige: Why don't you just stop being a judge!?
Makito: What did you say!? You...!
Yua: Umm...Stop...Please calm down!
Voice: What's this? They're fighting over it!

Ikumi: Hayama is first...Right?
Ryouko: I think so...
Chapelle(think): In the main tournament, there's only two results...You win or lose.
Chapelle(think): If they were to have a direct confrontation,
Chapelle(think): I wonder who would win...!
Akira: ...
Souma: ---That means...
Souma: Fourth place will be decided by a final vote, huh.
2nd Kurokiba Ry
4th Marui Zen
4th Ibusaki
Souma: I hope the judges don't get in a fight this time.
Guy: Oh, sorry.
Guy: I couldn't see you, transfer student.

Audience: ...!
Guy: In the very end...

Guy: Ibusaki and Marui were easily...
Shun: ...!!
Guy: Kicked off---!!!
Text: The commotion that filled the hall
Text: Brought with it a not-so-gentle premonition.
Text: The 8 cooks that will advance
Text: To the Autumn Election's "Main Tournament" have been chosen!!
Cutlery: The preliminaries concluded!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 59/End

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