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Shokugeki no Souma 60

The Warriors' Banquet

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Mar 1, 2014 18:22 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 60

Yuuki: Eeeeemm...
Yuuki: Right now,
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Cutlery: The battles ended and... <=
Star: We have an official Twitter account => @syokugeki_off
Yuuki: To commemorate the closing
Yuuki: Of the Autumn Election Preliminaries-

Yuuki: We'll have a party!
Big sd: cheeeeeers
Cutlery: The party begiiiiins!!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
(cutlery) 60 The Warriors' Banquet

Box: A few hours ago,
Box: Just after the preliminaries ended---
Men's sd: Yay yay yay
Men's sd: Wahahaha
Miyoko: Tadokoro Megumi.
Miyoko: It seems I had a wrong impression of you.
Megumi: Eh...
Miyoko: I'll be cheering for you at the main tournament,
Miyoko: Call me if you have any troubles.
Megumi: ...Yeah,
Megumi: Thanks...Houjou-san.

Yuuki: ---Huhmmm, I knew Megumi was an amazing girl.
Megumi: Yuuki-chan!
Yuuki: At the main tournament...
Yuuki: I'll be Megumi's cheerleader!!
sd: Megumiiiiii
Yuuki: Ah, look, the fishermen are calling you!
Megumi: Y...Yeah!
Yuuki: ...
Fumio: Yuuki...
Yuuki: Fu-mi-o-saaaaan!! Thanks a lot for cheering for us!
Yuuki: We'll get really busy from now on! We have to prepare a banner for Megumi (star)
Yuuki: Fumio-san, you help us too, ok!? Hehehe!
Fumio: ...Tonight,

Fumio: I'll make your favorite dish.
Fumio: Yours was a great dish.
Fumio: You did well.
Yuuki: Phunnio-zan... //does this actually make it sound like she's crying?
Yuuki: Alright!! We're having a feast tonight (star) Let's call some guests in and celebrate a lot!
Ikumi: ! This duck meat is of a great quality!
Yuuki: Oh!? I couldn't expect less from you, to think you'd notice with just one glance!
Takumi: Hmm...Kouji has that kind of uses, huh, how interesting.
Guy: Marui's cheer group was amazing.
Guy: Yeah! I see him in a new light now.
Box: However, they still gathered in Marui's room as a matter of course.

Satoshi: Here! You should eat lots too.
Takumi: Y...Yes, thanks for inviting us, Isshiki-san.
Ikumi(thinks): Why doesn't anyone say anything about a guy going around in a naked apron...?
Isami(thinks): Are we the weird ones for being overawed by this...?
Ryouko: ...Anyway,
Ryouko: That ambush in the end of the preliminaries sure was something.
Souma: What kind of guy is that big guy?
Yuuki: Well...He's a pretty mysterious student,
Yuuki: And there are many bad rumors about him...
Yuuki: One of my friends told me that he has connections with a dangerous organization
Yuuki: And that he destroyed a crime syndicate...
Yuuki: A friend's friend said that he saw him beat a bear with one hit.
Ryouko: Wasn't it a bull?
Souma: In the end, I have no idea of what's what. (cd: God hand?) //I guess it's a reference to this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/God_Hand
Ryouko: ---Hmm? Come to think of it, where's Ibusaki-kun?
Yuuki: Ah! He must have shut himself in his room!

Yuuki: He doesn't really show it...But it seems he's really bitter
Yuuki: That he didn't pass to the main tournament.
All: ...
Yuuki: I guess I'll drag him here, geez, he just can't be helped!
Yuuki: Ibusaki sure acts cool but he's unexpectedly immature.
Voice: ...The main tournament is in two weeks.
Voice: This is the contest that will decide who of Tootsuki's first years,
Voice: Excluding Nakiri Erina, is currently the strongest.

Isami: Good luck, nii-chan.
Takumi: Yeah...I'll definitely win this.
Takumi: Listen, Yukihira! You'll pay for it if you lose before fighting me.
Souma: Sure...That's just fine.
Souma: Bring it on.
Megumi: ...?

Megumi: Souma-kun...You were here.
Souma: ...Hmm, what's up, Tadokoro?
Megumi: Ermmm...Souma-kun, you
Megumi: Looked a bit weird.
Souma: ...
Souma: Is that so...?
Megumi: I heard, Souma-kun,
Megumi: That you fought on equal terms with Hayama-kun...A curry specialist.
Megumi: That it was such a close contest that the judges were having an argument!
Souma: Hmm......But there was a one point difference.
Souma: I seriously went for the win, you know?
Souma: I felt like I would get a perfect score from all five judges.
Megumi(thinks): This is Souma-kun we're talking about so I guess he's serious.
Souma: ---Hayama...
Megumi: ?

Souma: Hayama used spices I didn't even know of
Souma: And made an amazing dish.
Souma: I too want to know many other words,
Souma: I want to learn about many cooking techniques and ingredients,
Souma: Get more weapons,
Souma: Take all of that,
Souma: And put it on the dish of tomorrow---
Souma: I want
Souma: To become stronger.

Megumi: Souma-kun...
Megumi(thinks): He really is incredibly frustrated.
Megumi(thinks): But...He's already looking forward,
Megumi(thinks): That's amazing...
Souma: ---More importantly! I heard you used ingredients from your hometown in your curry!
Souma: Not bad!
Megumi: B-But, somehow, I still can't believe it...That I'm in the main tournament.
Megumi: I mean, I was almost expelled half-a-year ago...
Souma: Oh, that brings me back, our first lesson!
Souma: That was the first time we worked together.
Megumi: It's all thanks to you, Souma-kun.
Megumi: I could come all the way to here...
Megumi: Because Souma-kun was there for me...

p12 //Souma, raising flags like a bausss
Souma: No, no...You had great things to begin with.
Souma: Tadokoro, your food is great,
Souma: It's like, it warms your heart.
Souma: I like it.
Megumi: Ehehehehehe...
Megumi: Thanks...! That makes me really happy...
Ikumi: What are they talking about...?
Ikumi: ...Wait, why am I being so secretive...?

Yuuki: Oh my? It seems they have a nice atmosphere going on there.
Ikumi: Whoa!!? (cd: When did you...!?)
Megumi: Eh?
Souma: Isshiki-senpai, you're going somewhere tomorrow?
Satoshi: Yeah...I have some business in the neighboring town.
Satoshi: And that's because,
Satoshi: I started a small business using the vegetables I harvested from the polar star field,
Satoshi: And my partners want to consult something with me.
Souma: Hmm...I didn't know you were doing that with the field's vegetables.
Satoshi: Do you want to come too, Souma-kun?
Satoshi: Extra hands are very welcome.
Souma: Let's see...Count me in, it sounds interesting.

Satoshi: Tadokoro-chan, you're welcome too!
Megumi: Ermm....Yes! I'd like to go!
Yuuki: Heeeey, round two is going to start!!
Souma: Greeeeat...Then, to liven up things a bit,
Souma: I'll make one dish too!
Yuuki: No, no! We're celebrating for you so sit down!
Thought: Those are the eyes from when he's going to make a new weird dish!!
Guy: Wooooow, this meat is super-high quality! Fumio-san went all out!!
Guy: Let's eat!!
Ikumi: Wait there!
Ikumi: If you add sauce to that wagyu beef
Ikumi: You'll kill its subtle flavor!!
Ikumi: You bastard, are you looking down on meat!?
Guy: Sorry, Nikumi-san!!
Ikumi: Don't call me Nikumi!

Ikumi: The only one allowed to call me Nikumi is...
Ikumi: ...Wait,
Ikumi: What are you making me say, dammit!!?
Souma: Oh? What's going on? A fight?
Takumi: Yukihiraaaaa, I'll...!
Takumi: I'll definitely defeat you...!
Box: His "hot-blooded" switch somehow went on.
Isami: You can just ignore him when he starts talking nonsense like that.
Yuuki(thinks): That's family for you...He doesn't go easy on him.
Megumi: Souma-kun...Shouldn't we go to sleep to prepare for tomorrow?
Souma: Sure.
Satoshi: Fufufu...What are you saying?
Satoshi: The night
Satoshi: Is still young!!

p16 //ROFLMAO, the swimsuit has a bear too
Voice: It's heeeeereeee! Isshiki-senpai's third form,
Voice: Competitive swimwear!!
Ikumi: Gyaaaaah!
Yuuki's sd: Ahahaha

Box: Next morning.
Satoshi: Good morning!
Satoshi: Souma-kun, Tadokoro-chan! You should start dressing up!
Souma: Ugh...It's morning already, huh...
Souma: In the end, he was the one that partied the longest...
Megumi: Yeah...And yet he was the first to wake up. (cd: Such stamina...)

Satoshi: Shall we?
Thought: Isshiki-senpai looks so coooool!! //agreed, I would say badass but that's a bit too small of a word for him

Souma: Shouldn't we put on our uniforms or something?
Satoshi: It's totally fine! I'm dressed like this just because, to the end, this is a business discussion.
Souma: So...What is the consultation for?
Satoshi: Well you see...I'd like to
Satoshi: Leave a very important job...
Satoshi: That's necessary in real kitchens to you guys!
Cutlery: What's Isshiki-senpai's job...!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 60/End

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