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Shokugeki no Souma 62

A Meeting of Strong People

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Mar 16, 2014 21:34 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 62

(cutlery) 62 A Meeting of Strong People
Star: Extended 23 pages!!
Cutlery: The newest JC Volume 7 will be on sale on April 4th!!
Voice: Let's do a final validation,
Voice: For the first round of the Election's main tournament
Voice: We'll have normal ingredients, cookware, and equipment in the hall.
Cutlery: Eight participate, who's the strongest of the generation...!?
Voice: The participants will be able to bring their knifes and other tools.
Voice: The matches will be decided by a lottery based on the results of the preliminaries...Every match will have a different theme which will be decided randomly.
Voice: And...
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Voice: We'll notify the participants who their opponent is and what the theme is
Voice: One day before the first round---
Souma: Hmmmm!
Souma: So, a car is expressly coming for me to the dorm today?
Yuuki: Yeah! They don't send it in an envelope like on the preliminaries,
Yuuki: But they make you go by car to the management HQ and notify you personally.
Yuuki: The main tournament finally begins tomorrow, huh...
Yuuki: We'll put our hearts on cheering for you, ok? (star)
Souma: Yeah! Thanks.

Souma: Tadokoro...Looks really tense.
Ryouko: Yeah...But......
Megumi: ...Did I put in my petit knife?
Megumi: It's here...
Megumi: Did I put in a timer...?
Yuuki: You're only going for an explanation today, so, you don't really need your tools, do you?
Megumi: Ah...! I see.
Ryouko: I don't know if she's flustered or calm...
Fumio: The car is here! Hurry!

Man: Contestant Yukihira, am I right?
Man: Please, come here...

Satoshi: Sorry for having you come all the way here, Souma-kun.
Souma: Seeing you outside the dorm is a bit unusual.
Satoshi: Fufu...You're right.
Satoshi: As a result of the lottery, Souma-kun is going to participate in the first match...
Satoshi: Your theme is
Satoshi: "Bento".
Souma: With Bento you mean...The lunches?
Satoshi: Exactly.

Satoshi: You are to prepare whatever you need tonight
Satoshi: And participate in the match tomorrow!
Satoshi: ...Do you have any questions?
Souma: Well...I'm a bit confused,
Souma: To think the theme is "Bento"...This school has a surprisingly plebian side to it.
Erina: ...Hmph! What are you talking about?
Erina: Your knowledge couldn't be more superficial...!
Erina: Bento are a unique culture that developed in Japan,
Erina: You could even call it a field where our country leads worldwide.
Erina: Bento catered with high-class ingredients from all four seasons are loved by the gourmets.
Erina: The foreign lead chefs take notice of it, the word "bento" is even in French dictionaries.

Erina: This theme is befitting for a gourmet festival...
Erina: It's something clearly distinct to your vulgar B-class gourmet!!
Souma: I really can't handle that part of you.
Souma's sd: Ahahaha
Erina: !!?
Souma: I think I'm good at holding conversations with other people,
Souma: But, Nakiri, you really are something.
Erina: Wha...!?
Souma: We had a pretty awkward atmosphere the other day, too.
Box: The other day
Erina: Wh...What's wrong with you!!? I can't see where you are going with this! (cd: But it's somehow irritating...!)
Satoshi: Hmmmm...How odd,
Satoshi: To think Nakiri-kun would raise her voice like this.
Etsuya: ...
SFX: Brrrr
Etsuya: ...Whoops.
Etsuya: It seems the other participants have arrived,
Etsuya: I'll head there.

Estuya: Well, that's it, Yukihira Souma.
Etsuya: Give your all and try to win your way up,
Etsuya: Since that'll spoil the party. //I'm not really sure about how he means this, I think he means that if Souma wins he'll ruin everything, but I kinda feel that he might mean that if Souma "doesn't" win everything will be ruined
Souma: ......So...Who's my opponent?
Satoshi: Ah...Your opponent should be arriving soon---
Souma: You---!

Box: The next day
Box: Chandra's Room

Box: Hoping to enjoy watching young talents fight each other,
Box: The hall was soon filled with a silent excitement---
Ikumi: I...Is it ok for me to be here? (cd: I'm not even in the dorm)
Ryouko: It's ok, it's ok.
Isami: When will nii-chan's turn come?
Yuuki: Do your best, Megumiiiii!!
Voice: Sorry for the long wait,
Voice: Right now,
Voice: The first match of the first round
Voice: Of the Autumn Election Main Tournament will begin!!

Voice: Look at the judges' seats...
Voice: It's Nakiri Senzaemon...!!
Voice: The food's demon king is going to personally judge the dishes! That's the main tournament for you!
Voice: Wow...The feeling of tension is incomparable to that of the preliminaries...!
Guy: !!
Guy: Oh! He's here!
Guy: Right off the bat.

Guy: Yukihira makes his appearance---!!
Man: What's this...? Yukihira...Souma? I haven't heard that name.
Man: How unusual, for a no-name student to win his way to the main tournament!
Voice: The transfer student was 2nd in the preliminaries.
Voice: Depending on his matchups he might go to a pretty good place.

Ikumi: That Yukihira...He's raising expectations.
Ryouko: Yes...He's being noticed a lot more after the preliminaries.
Ikumi: Now...Who could be his opponent?
Ikumi: Just spare me from it suddenly being someone like Arato Hisako.
Ryouko: ...
Guy: Ah, hey, look!
Guy: The gate on the other side opened!!
Voice: Oooooooh!! Just who is it!?
Voice: Yukihira's
Voice: Opponent...
All: ...!!

p14 //no dialog, oh Alice, you look so great here

Voice: It's Nakiri Aliceeeeee!!!
Guy: No waaaaaaaaaay!!
Guy: He's suddenly against a Nakiri!?
Guy: Y...Your draw is far too strong, Yukihira!! //draw as in the draw from the lottery

Man: I won't forget it...It was 7 years ago in Northern Europe, wasn't it?
Man: It was surprising incident...
Man: It was on the most influential international concours in molecular gastronomy,
Man: Amongst its distinguished prize-winners
Man: Stood a very young girl!
Alice: Cooking is art itself.
Alice: It's something that shines more beautifully as you hone it.

Alice: From now on,
Alice: I'll show you all a marvelous world (music note)
Man: After that, she overwhelmingly won all sorts of prizes, and by the time she was 10
Man: She had acquired 45 patents and had contracts for the development of new dishes with 20 different restaurants...!
Man: She's the heaven-sent child of molecular gastronomy! An authentic genius!!
Man: She's, without a doubt, the student that's closest to a seat in the Elite Ten!!

Alice: Yukihira-kun,
Alice: Today,
Alice: I'll bewitch you with my food (music note)

Voice: What's with that trailer!!?
Voice: There’s an amazing amount of cooking machines!!
Voice: I...Is that even valid!?
Guy: Both technique and equipment-wise...This looks ultra-hopeless...
Guy: Th...There's no way he'll win!! What can he do about this!?
Shun: Even the people in the audience...Feel their skin tingling.
Shun: Having to be in the middle of that feeling of tension and face Nakiri Alice...
Shun: Yukihira...
Shun: Just how heavily pressured are you---?

Alice: Oh my? You don't look all that well,
Alice: Were you able to sleep last night?
Souma: Well...You see, I was trying things until it was pretty late,
Souma: It was almost dawn by when I noticed.
Souma: But, don't worry,
Souma: For me, this isn't but an everyday thing.
Souma: We have customers who are really particular about their food...
Souma: A sparkling sharpened knife,
Souma: And a set of ingredients.
Souma: If there's anything different it's that
Souma: There's a tough business rival facing me---

Souma: Today...I'll defeat you,
Souma: Take everything I gain from it,

Souma: And use it to grow stronger before leaving.

Voice: The first match! The theme is "Bento"!!
Voice: The time limit is 2 hours!
Voice: Begin...
Voice: Cooking!!
Cutlery: Head to the top---!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(Cutlery) 62/End

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