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Shokugeki no Souma 64

On The Edge

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Mar 29, 2014 17:18 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 64

Star: Center color pages to commemorate the announcement of the results of the first readers' selection recipe championship and the soon release of JC volume 7!!
Star: A gathering of delicious curries!! JC volume 7 will be on sale this Friday (April 4th)!! Hayama Akira is in the cover!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Text above the bowl: It's done!! Morisaki-sensei selected it! This is the glorious winning donburi!
Text next to the bowl: Nakazawa Gaku-san's (Hokkaido) recipe //might not be Gaku, that name has many readings... T_T
Box: {
~Nakazawa Style~ Broiled Fatty Salmon Belly Don - Garnished with Sesame Seed Rice Crackers -
This donburi's recipe and the other winning recipes are on page 312!! Morisaki-sensei and Tsukuda-sensei's comments and the recipe Tsukuda-sensei draw are there too!!
Big Text(left): The winner of the first readers' selection recipe championship is decided!!
Star: It has many precious information like unseen cuts! The official Twitter account is => @syokugeki_off
(cutlery) 64 On the Edge

Cutlery: We go back in time...
Box: 2 years ago,
Box: When Nakiri Alice was 14---
Kyouichi: I sure am being looked down on...
Kyouichi: I'm the leader of the Cutting-edge Cooking Research Society
Kyouichi: And a girl from the middle school section is challenging me to a shokugeki...!?
Kyouichi: And she's even telling me to give her our club room if I lose...
Box: High School Section 2nd Year Makime Kyouichi
Guy: L...Leader, is this really ok?
Guy: She's Nakiri Erina's cousin.
Kyouichi: Hmph...Don't hesitate.
Kyouichi: In the end, she's just from a branch family.

Kyouichi: Look at this variety of state-of-the-art machines...!
Kyouichi: We even have things that aren't being sold in the country.
Kyouichi: For a student four years younger than me to get all these just by winning,
Kyouichi: Something that convenient won't happen...!
Kyouichi: That freeze grinder! One of those costs at least 1,000,000 yen.
Kyouichi: Kufufufufu, one, two, three...How many months of our budget would take to buy it...!?
Kyouichi: We even have the latest slow rotation juicer!!
Kyouichi: I'm glad we bought it when the price went down...!
Thought: Leader...
Thought: He's unexpectedly greedy...
Kyouichi: Just look, gentlemen!
Kyouichi: I'll
Kyouichi: Bring further glory to our research society.
Voice: Nakiri Alice wins with an overwhelming 5-0---!

Alice: Now, Ryou-kun, bring my things in.
Ryou: Yes, yes...
Alice: And put the cooking equipment that was originally here in a corner...
Kyouichi: W...Wait!
Kyouichi: I'll give you the club room! But that equipment...
Kyouichi: The cooking machines we gathered one by one through the years, please spare theeeeeem!!
Alice: No-oo!
Alice: I'll gladly take them (music note)
Alice: All of them are one generation older than the ones I have but I'll bear with that.
Kyouichi: ...
Kyouichi: My...
Kyouichi: My research society...
Kyouichi: Waaaaaah, what's with the Nakiri family---!!?

Kyouichi: ...!!
Ryou: Ah...I'm really sorry.
Ryou: Milady Alice is pretty stubborn once she decides on something.
Ryou: I'm really sorry for that, senpai...
Alice: Who's stubborn? The shokugeki's rules are absolute.
Kyouichi: Your actions and words don't match!
Kyouichi: Gefuh!! Gohoh...! //some sort of coughs

Alice: I'm not as stubborn as Erina is.
Alice: So, for now, as long as I can do whatever I want with this room I have no complaints.
Alice: Ryou-kun, aren't you hungry?
Alice: Let's have some tea.
Ryou: ......I have to prepare it, right?...Ok, ok.
Voice: Wha...
Voice: What the hell is that...!?

Voice: The bento is covered with mist---!!?
Souma: Hmmm...
Souma: You went for a pretty weird thing again.
Alice: How rude! It's nothing weird.
Man: This splendid presentation whips up interest in the dish...!
Man: It's befitting of a gourmet festival...
Man: The mist is clearing away...!
Man: What's coming out of it is---

Man: Oh...!
Man: Beautiful...!!
Man: It's like an elaborately-designed jewel box...!
Senzaemon: Temari Sushi, huh.
Alice: Yes.
Alice: It's a "Temari Bento" in which I concentrated the best of my techniques (music note)
Asterisk: Temari Sushi: A type of sushi in which the toppings and the vinagared rice are wrapped up into a bite size by using dish cloths and the like. They're used for kaiseki ryori, too. //
Voice: ...

Voice: It seems that the mist was
Voice: "Liquid Nitrogen" that was put inside of the container.
Voice: I see...! Then that mist
Voice: Was used as a mechanism to control the sushi's temperature.
Souma(thinks): Huhmm...So it wasn't just a bluff.
Zenji: Temari sushi...A rather normal dish that's even made at home.
Shun: But this one sure doesn't look normal.
Voice: There's espuma on top of the sushi...! //espuma: froth in Spanish
Voice: Just what kind of trick is hidden in that...?
Alice: If you don't mind,
Alice: Please eat this bento in order starting from the upper-left corner.
Man: Hmm...?
Man: First are abalone and sea urchin...A dish from the sea, huh!

Man: I understand know, this espuma...It's dashi made from konbu made into froth!
Man: The subtle flavor gradually permeates into my tongue...!
Man: The topping is "sandwiched between sheets of konbu"...
Man: That takes out a moderate amount of moisture and makes it keep for a longer time...It's a suitable cooking method for a bento.
Man: Next is...Bonito, huh!
Man: ...!!
Thought: An outstanding flavor...!!

Thought: This is the result of combining many flavor components!!
SFX: *lick*
SFX: *munch*
Thought: The konbu's glutamic acid is forming a synergy with the bonito's inosinic acid...
Alice: Moreover, the bonito was cured at a low temperature for two days.
Alice: That's the reason why a deeper flavor is born...
Alice: In other words, this bento gets a further level of completition inside your mouths
Alice: With every dish you eat following the order.
All: !!!
Voice: Next are many dishes made of vegetables...!
Voice: Those are also called "Cake Sushi".

Voice: And none of these use nori at all...
Voice: Instead of it, they're wrapped up in vegetables cut so thin they're like paper.
Box(up-left): Pumpkin
Box(mid-right): Beets
Box(down-right): Zucchini
Alice: Deep colors aren't appropriate for this bento.
Voice: And as if to say we're finally on the main dish...
Voice: A sushi made with beef fillet cured at a low temperature!
Thought: I...It's here agaiiiin!!
sd: Gwoooooooh
Thought: This solid flavor...The two flavor components are spreading inside my mouth...!!
Man: Hm? However...Wait...
Man: I know that the inosinic acid comes from the meat sushi,
Man: But where does the glutamic acid come from...?
Alice: It's from "Tomatoes".
Man: Tomatoes...? But I can't see tomatoes anywhere...

Alice: I used a "Centrifuge".
Alice: With it I separated the tomato's "Pigments", "Dietary Fibre", and "Jus".
Asterisk: Jus: Juice in French
Alice: I then filtered the jus to make it even purer
Alice: And put several drops of it in the cake sushi.
Voice: Wha...What the hell is that!!?
Voice: To think that nothing remains of the original ingredient...!
Voice: She can even do that!
Zenji(thinks): A centrifuge and a freeze grinder...These were originally made in the field of medicine.
Zenji(thinks): There aren't but a few professional chefs who can make practical use of these machines.
Zenji(thinks): To think that a student can use them so proficiently...!
Man: Which is the very last dish...?
Man: Sea bream sushi on top of a lotus flower
Man: And a pink sphere...?

Man: !!?
Thought: This sphere...! It's coagulated dashi! It splits open and mixes with the sea bream sushi...
Thought: This dish is completed on the tongue...
Thought: It's a "sea bream chazuke"---!!
Voice: Wh...Whaaaat!?
sd: Ooooooh!?
Voice: She even has a chazuke for the end---!?
Voice: So much in a single bento box...!
Senzaemon(thinks): The "Heaven-sent Child of Molecular Gastronomy"---
Senzaemon(thinks): With technical strength that doesn't put that name to shame
Senzaemon(thinks): She continues to draw the attention of those who taste her food...
Senzaemon(thinks): The feeling of satisfaction she produced

Senzaemon(thinks): Is the same as that of a gorgeous traditional Japanese restaurant banquet.
Senzaemon(thinks): ---Hmm
Man: Hm!? Here it comes!
Man: Brace yourselves!!
Senzaemon: From this Bento box, gourmet food's wisdom is

Senzaemon: Overflowing!!!

Senzaemon: Superb.
Voice: He stripped!!
Voice: The director did his "Strip"!! //is this Isshiki's inspiration?
Voice: This is Nakiri Alice's true strength...
Thought: You're kidding me.
Thought: She's the same age as us...?
Thought: Will we have to compete against that genius until we graduate?
Thought: We will never catch up with her in our lives---...
Man: All of the students here are supposed to be elite cooks.
Man: And yet they're all about to shrink...
Man: Such a strong talent brings shadow with the light it emits...
Man: It's something karmic.

Senzaemon: This is Tootsuki Academy.
Senzaemon: We don't need cowards here...!
Senzaemon: And
Senzaemon: Look.
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 64/End

Souma: The Bento for 5 people are done.
Senzaemon: There's at least one cook
Senzaemon: Who isn't shrinking---
Cutlery: Souma challenges the genius!!

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