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Shokugeki no Souma 65

The Theory of Bento Evolution

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Apr 6, 2014 16:31 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 65

Senzaemon: Yukihira Souma...
Senzaemon: What's your dish?
Souma: It's a nori bento.
Cutlery: He really caused the hall to go wild.
All: Whaaaaat!?
Sd: Eeeeeeeh!!?
All: He said Nori Bentooooo!?
"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Voice: Does he really plan to defeat Nakiri Alice with that kind of dish!?
Box: All present got exhausted.
Cutlery: We're trying many different projects in the Twitter account => @syokugeki_off
Alice: Yukihira-kun...

Alice: What is it? That nori bento thing?
Souma: Eh? You don't know it? (cd: Should I make some for you later?)
Souma: But...This isn't a normal nori bento.
Alice: ?
Souma: It's the "Yukihira Style Evolved Nori Bento".
(cutlery) 65 The Theory of Bento Evolution
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Souma: Here, it's done!
Cutlery: This is a nori bento!?

Man: Hmm...!
Man: When he said nori bento I was expecting a square flat container,
Man: But I never thought he'd bring out a layered bento box! That's quite fresh.
Box: {
Side dishes
Text: Heat Insulating Exterior
Man: And this is a so called "lunch jar".
Man: You can keep the rice and the soup hot with this stainless heat insulating container...!
Alice: Hmmm, Japan's bento boxes sure have advanced.
Souma: The newest ones can keep most of the heat even after half a day.
Souma: The rice is able to keep itself warm for a longer time if you put it in after putting the piping hot soup in.
Alice: Oh my...That's clever.
Thought: He's not tense at all...
Guy: She's close with him even in the middle of a match.
Ikumi: ...She's looking down on Yukihira!
Ikumi: She's smiling
Ikumi: But she doesn't even think she can lose...!
//And Alice's defeat flag is up, weeee!! XD

Man: Hmm!
Man: First are the three side dishes!
SFX: *huff*
SFX: *huff*
Man: Oh! What a wonderful isobeage...!!
Man: It's splendidly fried, light and fluffy!

Man: And look at this kinpira gobo's mellowness!!
Man: He added a slight amount of mayonnaise and balsamic vinegar to make the body deeper...!
Man: His work has a great amount of dedication for the smallest details!
Voice: Ooooh! They like it.
Voice: But...Its appearance really is deadly simple!
Voice: Yeah...It didn't have a showy presentation like Nakiri Alice's dish...
Man: Well...Let's try the fried fish next...
Man: Oh! I can cut it easily with my chopsticks!
Man: It's fried cod!
Man: This was probably fried after boiling it with the dashi and some spices.
Man: That would make it have a soft and fluffy textu...

p6 //LOL
Man's sd: Ahahahahaha...
Man's sd: Ufufufufufu
Thought: Wh...Whaaaaaaaaat!?
Thought: This almost-transparent mild taste!! It isn't bitter at all...
Thought: It's like a gentle breeze that blows on a plateau in spring!
Man: You wouldn't expect this from a so-called B class gourmet...What a refined flavor!!
Alice: ...?

Man: Just what's happening here!?
Senzaemon: The answer...Most likely lies on the "dashi".
Senzaemon: This is a dashi made from "dried tuna"!
Voice: !?
Voice: Dr...Dried tuna!?
Voice: Not dried bonito!?
Souma: Exactly...
Souma: The dashi I boiled the cod with was made from "dried tuna"...And "rishiri konbu". //rishiri konbu: Laminaria ochotensis (another species of kelp)

Text: Dried Tuna
Text: One of the varieties of dried fish that's made from yellowtail tuna
Text: Its taste is lighter than that of dashi made of bonito but it possesses an extremely delicate refined flavor.
Man: And it's that delicacy which ruins the flavor if you cook it roughly...
Man: Cod has a peculiar faint flavor which makes its affinity with dried tuna perfect.
Man: And the coating was fried using beer so it isn't oily...
Thought: What a light dish!
Man: ---Next is the soup!
Man: A bacon and onion miso soup, huh!

Man: Ooooooooh!! This has it too...!
Man's sd: Ufufufu
Thought: The tuna dashi's characteristic sweet smell goes through the nostrils
Man's sd: Ahahahaha
Man's sd: Ufu
Man: The bacon dashi goes unexpectedly extremely well with the miso!!
Man's sd: Lalalalaaaa
Man: The onion’s thick sweetness becomes the link for all these...
Man's sd: Oooooooh
Man's sd: And it's as if it wrapping my whole body up---...!
Souma: By the way...There's a hidden trick to use on soups that makes full use of this bento box's properties.
Souma: By putting the dashi, ingredients, and spices inside the heat insulating container a taking it,
Souma: After a few hours, the vegetables are carefully cooked and the soup gets a sweet taste.
Souma: This was to be eaten right away so I've already cooked everything, though.
Alice: Hmmm...That's convenient.

Alice: You're really knowledgeable about bento.
Souma: Well yeah, I've made them sometimes in our special of the day restaurant.
Alice: But, that's no good, Yukihira-kun.
Souma: ?
Alice: All of your schemes are too normal.
Alice: Even if it's a bento, it must be one full of gorgeous surprises,
Alice: Like my Temari Bento, for example.
Souma: I admit that yours looked really good,
Souma: Let me eat it some time.
Alice: Ufufu, of course, that's ok (music note)
Souma: ...But you know, your dish,

Souma: Is it really amazing as a bento?
Alice: ---What did you say...?

Souma: "What are we supposed to put inside those boxes?"
Souma: That's what I'm talking about---
Souma: Welcooome!
Souma: !!
Box: Yukihira Souma 4th Year of Primary School
Souma: Oh! Grandma!
Woman: Hello...Souma-chan.
Souma: We have some nice eggplants today!
Souma: I prepared them!
Souma: And today's daily special is...
Souma: Come on, hurry and sit down, grandma!
Woman: Fufufu...Thank you.

Man: That Souma-chan...He's really attached to Kiyo-san.
Jouichirou: Yeah...She's played with him many times since he was little.
Jouichirou: ---And Souma doesn't know his real grandmother...
Jouichirou: So he probably loves her as if she was his real grandma.
Souma: Huh? Grandma isn't coming today?
Man: Yeah...She said her hips are hurting a lot these days.
Man: It seems even walking to Yukihira is hard for her.
Man: Her house is on the other side of the shopping district...

Kiyo: Coming...Owow.
Kiyo: !? Souma-chan?
Souma: You haven't eaten dinner yet, right? Here you go!
Kiyo: Eh...? A Bento...?
Kiyo: You came all the way here just to bring it to me?
Souma: Yeah! Ermm...I had something to do around here.

Souma: !
SFX: *Vrrrrr*
Jouichirou: Souma! Your break is already over, where are you?
Souma: I...I got it, I'm on my way back!!
Souma: See you, grandma!
Souma: Ouch!!
Jouichirou: ...You're done with your errand?
Souma: Eh...Ah, yeah.
Jouichirou: Hm...It's ok then, hurry back.
Jouichirou: You have ten seconds, oooooooone...
Souma: Don't screw with me, that's impossible!!
Kiyo: ...

Letter: I was really free at the restaurant so I made this. Eat it and get better!
Kiyo: Haa...It's warm......
SFX: *huff*
Kiyo: ---Yes, it's good!
Kiyo: As expected from Souma-chan...

Letter: PS: Take the nori off before eating the rice and look at it!
Kiyo: ...?
//This is the cutest thing after the Tadokoro youkai so far in the series, for waaaaay different reasons though

Kiyo: Thank you, Souma-chan...
Kiyo: Thank you...
Souma(thinks): ---The thing
Souma(thinks): I tried to deliver back then with that bento box...
Man: Well...How about the rice.
Man: The leading actors of a nori bento are the rice and the nori on top of it after all!
Man: Seasoning them with soy or mirin,
Man: Being simple and grilling the nori...
Man: This is where the cook's personality shows!
Man: Which is it---?
Man: ---Hmmmm!?

Man: Wha...!?
Man: This is...
Man: You're telling me this is a nori bento!?
Souma: You should taste them too, its deliciousness
Cutlery: What's the "evolved" content---!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 65/End
Souma: And what lies beyond it---!!

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