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Shokugeki no Souma 66

What Fills that Box

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Apr 12, 2014 16:18 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 66

Man: Wha...!?
Man: What's this rice---!?
(cutlery) 66 What Fills that Box //maybe "What to Fill that Box with"
Alice: ---?
Man: There are black drops...
Cutlery: This is the Souma-style "Nori Bento"---!?
Man: Spread all over the rice!!
sd: Eeeeeeeeeeeh!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Cutlery: It's full with content like unpublished illustrations!! The official Twitter account is => @syokugeki_off

Voice: Maybe that's...Caviar or something?
Voice: Aren't the drops too big for that? (cd: And that wouldn't be a nori bento...)
Ryouko: Yukihira-kun...? Just what did you do!?
Man: This is really...Mysterious!
Man: I wonder, is this something we can actually eat!?
Thought: ...But, it makes me curious!! I must eat it!
Thought: Oh my great Buddha!!
SFX: Huff

All first panel SFX: *pop*
Man: !!!
Man: They burst open like salmon roe...!
Man: And what comes inside from them is-
Man: Nori's flavor!!
Voice: He said Nori!? Those drops?
Voice: Wh...What is this about!?
Man: Delicious...!! The tasty saltiness from the burst-open nori envelops each grain of rice...!
Man: I can't stop!! I'm getting addicted to this!

Alice: ...Why
Alice: Could you do that?
Alice: For this...You had to extract the nori's flavor and shape them into a sphere...
Alice: By using Sodium Alginate and Calcium Chloride---!
Voice: Eh...? That's-!!
Voice: A molecular gastronomy technique!!
Voice: It's Nakiri Alice's field of expertise!
Souma: ---I've tried this once
Souma: When I was a kid...

Voice: Wha...!? That's-!
Voice: Cheap candy!?
Alice: Cheap candy...? (cd: What's that?)
Box: She doesn't know them
Alice(thinks): The ingredients names...Are in the back!
Highlighted part: Sodium Alginate Calcium Chloride
Souma: It's one of the so-called intellectual training sweets!
Up: Sodium Alginate + Sweet components
Right: Calcium Chloride solution
Souma: This lets you experiment creating artificial salmon roes,
Souma: I was really hooked on this when I was a kid.
Asterisk: The famous "Nerunerunerune" are this kind of candy
Souma: Pops, look! The miso soup hardened!
Jouichirou: Uhaha, interesting, but, never serve that to the customers.
Souma: And you can buy alginic acid and calcium chloride in pharmacies.

Souma: Those black drops are the way I made the nori evolve...
Souma: Nori flavor bombs!!
Ryouko: Certainly...There were some intellectual training sweets among yesterday's candies!!
Voice: The transfer student has grasped the essence of molecular gastronomy...!!
Voice: And you're telling me he came up with the idea from cheap candies!?
Man: Hm!? What's this!?
Man: It seems...There's something like finely chopped dried bonito inside the rice...?
SFX: Ahm
Thought: Whooooa...It's tsukudani made from dried tuna!!
Thought: The flavor is also perfect!! The change of textures from the nori bombs to this is pleasant!
Thought: In other words, this rice...Has four layers.
Thought: You don't simply continue eating it...
Thought: You experience the fun of gradually discovering new flavors!

Thought: If Nakiri Alice's dish was a systematically arranged jewel box,
Thought: This Nori bento is just like a treasure box!!
Thought: During my childhood...When on outings and excursions,
Thought: That moment when I opened the lid of the bento box,
Thought: It's as if I'm recalling that same excitement---!

Alice: ......But...It's no good,
Alice: My Bento is more delicious overall!!
Alice: My temari bento even had the sea bream chazuke sushi for the end.
Alice: Projectiles that come from Alginic acid...In the end, those are just pretensions, aren't they?
Box: She's really moving her chopsticks
Souma: Ah! Stop! I'd like you to leave about one third of the rice.
Souma: Under the lid of the outer layer of the bento box...
Souma: There's one more container.
Man: This is---?
Man: Kudzu sauce, huh...!
Big Text: Kudzu sauce
Text: A sauce made by adding kudzu starch to dashi seasoned with soy sauce or similar things in order to add viscosity to the dashi.
Text: In Japanese cuisine, it's put on steamed dishes.

Souma: I added three times the normal amount of dried tuna and rishiri konbu to this kudzu sauce.
Souma: Its subtle flavor should burst in succession the moment you put it in your mouth...
Souma: Let's finish this.
Souma: I'll have you---
Souma: Put this on the steamy hot rice...!
Thought: Th...That kind of thing...!
Thought: Is obviously
Thought: Delicious!!

Man: Fuhooooooh...
Man: I can't have enough of this...!
Man: It's exceptional when you combine it with the nori bombs' flavor...!
Guy: ......The judges...
Guy: Have changed a lot from when they judged Nakiri Alice,
Guy: They look...
Guy: Like they're having a lot of fun eating...
Alice: Yukihira-kun...Is this what you meant?
Alice: Are you trying to tell me that what we should put into our bento is our "heart"?
Alice: The point is whether or not it tastes good...Isn't it?

Alice: Saying it's the heart is more of a spiritual problem isn't i---
Senzaemon: Nay.
Senzaemon: This is no spiritual problem...Alice.
Alice: What do you mean?
Alice: Dear grandfather...When did you strip---!?
Senzaemon: Alice...your bento made a great use of cold.
Alice: Yes...I mean, bento are things that cool down.
Senzaemon: Yukihira Souma didn't fix upon that.
Senzaemon: "Can't I make a bento that will stay warm even after half a day...?"
Senzaemon: That's exactly why he first took a look at the box...At the bento's outer part.
Senzaemon: Adding entertainment that makes the best use of deliciousness that comes for "warmth"...That's what this bento is about!

Senzaemon: On the other hand,
Senzaemon: You must likely would have presented the same dish if this was a sushi contest.
Senzaemon: Naturally, your dish was extremely delicious...But, in fact,
Senzaemon: You only adapted your techniques to fit in that box...
Senzaemon: A flavor that's conveyed precisely because this is a bento,
Senzaemon: Schemes that make bento culture progress...
Senzaemon: Fun and novelty as a bento,
Senzaemon: Did your dish had any of those?

Souma(thinks): He said all I wanted to say...
Souma: But...Well,
Souma: What's important is whether it's good or not...I have no objections on that.
Souma: It's done...Nakiri Alice! //Is it just me or this is the first time he calls her by her name and not "Nakiri's cousin"

Alice(thinks): It's only the first round
Alice(thinks): I mustn't
Alice(thinks): Lose just yet...
Man: Oh my, Alice-sama, how do you do…?
Man: How’s Erina-sama?
Voice: I guess she must be busy, I mean, she has God's tongue,
Voice: She's the person who'll be responsible for the Nakiri family's future...!
Voice: Give Erina-sama my regards---
Voice: Erina-sama is---
Voice: Erina-sama---

Alice: Father! I want to go to the research institute you made...To northern Europe!
Dad: However...That will mean you'll have to live in a foreign land,
Dad: It would be better for you to stay together with mom in Japan...And when you get a little bigger-
Alice: It's ok!
Alice: Take me with you now...Please!
Alice(thinks): Novelty,
Alice(thinks): Radicality,
Alice(thinks): Those will be my personal weapons so that I don't lose to Erina---!
Alice(thinks): Even though
Alice(thinks): I can't lose to anyone until I defeat Erina...
Alice: Kuiiiiiiih...!

Senzaemon: Bring me a writing brush!!
Man: Yes!!
Senzaemon: Nun!
Senzaemon: Nwoooooooh!!

Alice: It's warm...

SFX: *waaaaaaarm*

Senzaemon: The winner of the first match
Senzaemon: Of the first round is...
Paper: Yukihira Souma
Senzaemon: Yukihira Souma!!!
Cutlery: Alice is defeated---!!
Souma: It wasn't much!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 66/End
Next issue, Tadokoro-chan appears with Center color pages!!

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