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Shokugeki no Souma 67

Blending Light and Shadow

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Apr 20, 2014 16:05 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

-> RTS Page for Shokugeki no Souma 67

Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 67

Star: Center color pages for the announcement of the results of the still-image MAD contest!!
Big Text(right): Talents from different worlds collaborate!
Big Text(left): A new world extends combining "Soma x MAD"!!
Arrow: Check the next page for the winners!!
Star: A great hit that has over 2.9 million in print!! The newest JC Volume 7 is on sale!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
(cutlery) 67 Blending Light and Shadow

Top-right corner: {
Weekly Shounen Jump x niconico
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Top-left corner: Jump Fresh Power Campaign
Yellow box: Gathering the talents of a new generation!!
Big brown text: Still Image MAD contest
Black Box: Announcement of the results
White Box: We bring you the results of the fan video production project that was held to enliven Soma and Trigger!!
Small red text(right): It was made in a way that feels like you're dashing through memorable moments!!
Small red text(left): Its mesmerizing production greatly impressed the authors!!
Big Red Text: This was the winning work!!
Shokugeki no Soma (Rakka-san)
Small Yellow Text: The prize for the winner is a ticket for A5 Wagyu Beef Yakiniku with both authors and signed copies of the volumes until the series ends! //I want this prize T_T
Tsukuda-sensei and Saeki-sensei's comments
Its production raised expectations and the thorough and beautiful way the screen was used sparkled everywhere. The synchronization with the sound was also perfect, its overall grade of completion was by far the best. It constantly moved me and made me think "You can do these kind of things in MADs..." <Tsukuda-sensei>
I think it's amazing how Rakka-san's skills get better with every work he submits! I felt a lot of empathy with the schemes used in the display! <Saeki-sensei>
Yellow Box: v The other works that made it to the second round are these 4!! v
one or (Sono-san)
Tsukuda-sensei and Saeki-sensei's comments
The subdued use of colors was really unique. The way the cuts moved rhythmically and lively into the next ones made it really easy to watch and left a great impression on me. <Tsukuda-sensei>
It had a stylish feeling to it and the tempo was great. <Saeki-sensei>
Hitonigiri no Ryorinin e (Hibari-san) //To a small handful of cooks
Tsukuda-sensei and Saeki-sensei's comments
It had a heated-up and refreshing feeling and the way it seemed to press for an answer in the end was splendid. The execution was so well done this could be displayed on shop counters without feeling out of place! <Tsukuda-sensei>
If felt really fast and exhilarating which was really pleasant! <Saeki-sensei>
Ikkai mo yonda koto nai Shokugeki no Soma wo futatabi kaite mita (Timon-san) //I've never read Shokugeki no Soma but I tried drawing it one more time
Tsukuda-sensei and Saeki-sensei's comments
It was the last to come of the 2nd round videos and it had an unexpected apology...(lol). Let me apologize too...But I mean, it was really funny...<Tsukuda-sensei>
Give me back the coffee I was drinking! <Saeki-sensei>
Torikkusuta- no rinen (Akaneko-san) //A Trickster's Ideal
Tsukuda-sensei and Saeki-sensei's comments
It had an amazing sense that let it match the pictures to such a hard song perfectly! The 3DCG had a great effect and make me want to watch them over and over again. <Tsukuda-sensei>
It was really cool! It really fired me up! <Saeki-sensei>
If you want to watch this works check this page!! >>>>>>>>> http://ch.nicovideo.jp/seigabook

SFX: *waaaaaaaaarm*
Souma: It wasn't much!!

Voice: Whoaaaaaaa, he wooooooooon!!
Voice: Yukihiraaaaaaaa!
Voice: Nakiri Alice...
Voice: Lost---!?
Alice: ...

Man: Good gracious...To think we got to see the director "strip" twice in a single match!
Man: You wouldn't think this was a showdown between two people in their first year in the high school section...
Man: But-
Man: He properly faced the theme, presented a new form nori bento,
Man: And the flavor of his dish was splendid to say the least!
Man: It's Yukihira Souma's...Complete victory!
Alice: Uwaaaaaaaaahn...
Voice: !? She's crying!
Voice: She's seriously crying...
Souma: Ah-ah, you're acting like a kid just because you lost.
Souma: Here, stand up.
Alice: ...Than-
Souma: The fight to be in the next generation of the Elite Ten...
Souma: It seems I have a one-step lead on it.

Alice: What's with you!? (cd: Thank you!)
Alice: Don't act all haughty with me just because you won!
Box: Thanking someone in the middle of making excuses for defeat is a clever way to give a lighter impression.
Alice: I'm going to say this now! I won't just end like this...
Alice: I won't let anyone else take Tootsuki's top!!
Alice: Have a nice day, Yukihira-kun!
Alice(thinks): That's right...! This isn't over yet.
Alice(thinks): Just wait for me...Yukihira-kun!
Alice(thinks): And---
Alice: !

Erina: It seems your abilities were nothing special.
Alice: ...!!!
Alice: What's with you!!?
Alice: Erina, you're not only a genius cooking, you're also a genius insulting people!!
Voice: What's going on?
Voice: Ah! It's Erina-sama.
Voice: She's actually praising her cooking...
Alice: Listen! Just wait until I come to take my revenge!!
Alice: Erina, you idiot!
Erina: ...
Erina: That must be nice...You-

Erina: Can cry
Erina: Selfishly like that.
Souma: Pheeeeeew...
Megumi: Souma-kun!
Souma: ?
Megumi: I was watching you from the waiting room...
Megumi: Congratulations!

Souma: Tadokoro...You're next, huh!
Megumi: Yeah...
Megumi: I was really nervous...They prepared a waiting room all for myself
Megumi: And I didn't know when I was going to be called until just before I was actually called...
Man: Contestant Tadokoro! Prepare yourself.
Megumi: Ye...Yeees!!
Souma: Ah, true that, that gets you impatient.
Souma: ......But somehow...You look relaxed.
Megumi: Is that so...?
Megumi: Maybe I am...!
Megumi: You see...During the preliminaries
Megumi: The only thing in my mind was just doing my best, but
Megumi: Right now...How do I say it?
Megumi: "I hope I can have fun cooking"
Megumi: It's the first time I'm thinking like that...

Souma: You sure have grown.
Souma: You wouldn't think you're the same girl that nervously stared down at the pot while boiling something. (cd: Even when the lid was closed)
Megumi's sd: 40 minutes left...
Megumi's sd: 39 minutes left...
Megumi(thinks): He remembered something so trivial!?
Megumi: Ugh...Thinking back, I really looked like an idiot... (cd: It's so embarrassing...)
Souma: Well...Don't strain yourself much.
Souma: I'll be watching from the audience.
Souma: ---Break a leg!
Megumi: ...Yes!
Voice: Coming up next...The competitors for the second match
Voice: Of the first round will make their entry.

Voice: Contestant Tadokoro Megumi---!!
sd: Ooooooooooh
Guy: She's here! It's Tadokoro!!
Ryouko: Megumiiiii!! Do your best!
Yuuki: Alright! Everyone, take these!
Ryouko: !?

Fan: Megumi
Fan: Megumi
Souma: Only that zone has that unusual showiness...
Yuuki: Ah! Yukihira, come here!
Souma(thinks): Whoa...They called me.
Guy: Yoshino...Do we really have to hold on to these...?
Fan: Megumi
Yuuki: Aren't they great? Let's cheer for Megumi with them (star)
Fan: Megumi I love you
Fan: Do your best <3 Me Gu Mi
Shun: Won't this actually distract her...?
Souma: Nikumi...You obediently took it.
Fan: Megumi Love
Ikumi: I...It was hard to refuse.
Isami(thinks): Why would you write a person's name on a fan...?
Fan: Love Megumi
Box: Isami felt like he caught a glimpse of Japan's mysteries.
Guy: At any rate...You did it, Yukihira! This is as good as yours!
Souma: Hm? Yeah, I'll do my best on the second round.
Guy: Hey, hey, what are you talking about?

Guy: You defeated Nakiri Alice, you know!?
Guy: She had the highest score on the preliminaries!
Ryouko: Yes...You could say you've announced your candidacy to win this.
Fan(Ryouko): Megumi I love you
Yuuki: Yeah, yeah! Keep winning like this, you're the star of hope of the polar star!
Yuuki: ---I hope...Megumi can win too.
Yuuki: She's done her best all this time...I know it well.
Ryouko: ...You're right.
Souma: ...Of course.
Souma: Alright!! Let's fire ourselves up and cheer for her!
Yuuki: Yeah!

SFX: *step*
SFX: *step*
SFX: *step*
SFX: *step*
SFX: *step*

Voice: As usual...Your cooking is too pretty.
Voice: It's great for looking at it well-behavedly,
Voice: But it doesn't seem to have the strength to make the opponents submit.
Alice: Are you lecturing me?
SFX: *step*
SFX: *step*
Alice: Know your place...
Voice: ---Of course,
Voice: I'm saying this fully knowing my place.
Ryou: And, milady...
Ryou: Say those words

Ryou: After you
Ryou: Have more wins against me cooking.

Voice: Her opponent is
Voice: Contestant Kurokiba Ryou---!

Voice: Oooooh, it's Kurokiba!!
Voice: Kurokiba came out after Alice!!
Voice: ...!!
Voice: What's the theme!?
Voice: What will the theme be for the dishes!?
Voice: The theme for this match is...

Voice: "Ramen"!!
Cutlery: Tadokoro VS Kurokiba. They face each other with the food all citizen's love, "Ramen"!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 67/End

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