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+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 25, 2014 03:07 | Go to

Reserved for Casanova/Substitute. Don't use without my permission.
Kamidori Oneshot

Text: "Kurogane"'s Ikezawa-sensei latest oneshot!!
Voice: The great thief who caused trouble in the capital...Hanagata Goemon!!!
Voice: Is sentenced to the boiling iron pot punishment!!!
Goemon: ---Ah...
Text: A sudden execution...!?
Goemon: This hot water feels great...

Star: You can read one chapter of Ikezawa-sensei's debut work "Kurogane" daily for free!? It's available on the smartphone app "Jump LIVE"!! Download it now!!
Text: The flowers are sakura, the man a thief!!!
Star: The peerless chivalrous thief is finally caught!! The poor Goemon will be boiled in a pot!? The oneshot about the great thief who doesn't even fear God with a center color page and 47 total pages!!
Kamidori //God-Taker
Ikezawa Haruto

Box: Kyoto Fushimi Castle
Goemon: ...It's this room.
SFX: *click*

Goemon: (music note)
Man: !!!
Man: Intru-
Man: De-
Goemon: It's that!

Goemon: The legendary seal case from which medicine is said to gush from, "Sanayuki".
Goemon: The real thing's weight is really diffe...
Goemon: It's different...?
Goemon: This looks cheap!!
Goemon: It's empty, too!?
Goemon: ...
Goemon: It can't be that this is---
Voice: That's as far as you go!!!
Goemon: !!

Voice: Tie him!!
Voice: Tie "Hanagata Goemon"!!!
Hisa: I'm Fushimi Castle's watchman, Sengoku Hisamitsu. //I'm calling him Hisa
Hisa: It seems you've laid plenty of waste in this territory...
Hisa: This is something my lord bestowed me with,
Hisa: There's no way it would be in such a place.
Goemon: Tch...
Goemon: It really was a trap!!
Man: Guh!!!

SFX: *pat*
Hisa: ...That's unsightly.
Goemon: Wha-
Goemon: Gah!!!
Goemon(thinks): What's this superhuman strength...!!!?
Goemon(thinks): Is he really human!!?
Hisa: ...Goemon,
Hisa: I've caught you.

Man: Right now!!
Man: The great thief who caused trouble in the capital
Man: Hanagata Goemon...
Man: Is sentenced to the boiling iron pot punishment!!!
Man: Light the fire!!
SFX: *ignite*
Voice: They said he was a "chivalrous thief" who only went for the rich people.
Voice: I was secretly rooting for him...
Voice: Everyone was, that's why he received such cruel punishment---
Man: The hero of the foolish masses, huh...
Man: Good for you, you got to stand out in the end.

Goemon: Yeah...You'll have the greatest pot,
Goemon: Eat it deliciously, ok?
Man: ...Hmph,
Man: Such impudent talk.
Goemon: ...
Goemon(thinks): I...Can't untie the rope.
Goemon(thinks): I have no place to grab in order to dislocate my joints...
Goemon(thinks): Damn it...Think.
Goemon(thinks): I can't die in a place like this---...
Man: Hahaha,
Man: How do you feel?

Goemon: ---Ah...
Goemon: This hot water feels great...
Man: ...Damn his guts...
Goemon(thinks): I won't do things like anyone wants me too!!!
Goemon(thinks): I'll live as I wish
Goemon(thinks): And die as I wish!!!

Goemon(thinks): This is bad, my consciousness is...
Goemon: ...?
Goemon(thinks): What's that!?
Goemon(thinks): There's something...here!?

Rabbit: ...
Rabbit: Haaaaaaaah
Goemon: !?

Rabbit: Hey...
Rabbit: Why won't you scream?
Goemon: ...Huh?
Rabbit: This treatment is like a reproduction of hell,
Rabbit: So why are you so quiet?
Goemon: Wait a second,
Goemon: What are you?
Kuro: ---I'm Kuro, a "God of Pestilence".
Kuro: My three meals consist of human misfortune.
Goemon: God of pestilence...!?

Kuro: I'm a gourmet in search for the most delicious misfortune.
Kuro: I heard there was going to be an execution here and came flying, but---
Goemon(thinks): He's the worst.
Kuro: How boring...
Kuro: You even have a smile full of composure.
Goemon: Well, I'm sorry for you...
Goemon: I'm a rebellious man who hates doing what he's told to.
Kuro: ...Hmm...
Kuro: ......
Kuro: ...A "bluff", huh?

Goemon: ...Huh?
Kuro: "Bluffs" are the best spice.
Kuro: The pain that comes when bluffs break down is exquisite.
Kuro: You actually feel really hot, don't you?
Goemon: !!
Kuro: But you don't want to give in...
Goemon: !!!
Kuro: You're just bearing it!!
Goemon: !!!!...Fuhih
Goemon: ...Hi......
Goemon: Guh......

Goemon: Iiiiiit's hooooooot!!!
Goemon: Hot-hot-hot-hot-hooooot!!!
Hisa: ...Fuh...
Man: Did you hear that?
Goemon: You bastard...
Kuro: Gagagagah, that's it, that's it!!
Kuro: Aaaaaaaaahm
Goemon: !?

Kuro: De-
Kuro: Liciouuuuuuuus!!!
Kuro: It has two dashi of perversion and being a sore loser and a hidden flavor of bluffing.
Kuro: I've never tasted such delicious misfortune!!!
Goemon(thinks): He "ate"...My "misfortune"!?
Kuro: Haaaaah, the depth is way different to any normal human.
Kuro: You...Have had quite a life, haven't you?
Goemon: ...

Kuro: You're too high quality food to let you die here
Goemon: ...Tch,
Goemon: I don't have time for that...
Goemon: !?
Goemon: What are you doing?
Goemon: !!?
Kuro: Well...I just
Kuro: Gave the men below a bit of "misfortune".

Men: Uwaaaaaah!!!
Hisa: !!
Voice: Run!! Ruuuuuun!!
Voice: Gyaaaaah!!!

Kuro: Gagagah, look!!!
Kuro: Look at the men who felt that "they" were hunters!!
Kuro: At their fear after becoming the hunted all of a sudden!!!
Kuro: Deliciouuuuus
Kuro: Hmm...However, small fry aren't but that.
Kuro: Theirs is bitter and feels bad when going through the throat!!
Kuro: It's going to lie heavy on my stomach, damn it.
Goemon(thinks): ...He saved me!?
Goemon: Cough...
Goemon: cough...

Goemon: Water...
Goemon: So coooold!!!
Kuro: It's a river in winter...You really have no luck...
Goemon: ...
Kuro: Supreme.
Voice: Put out the fire.
Voice: Treat the injured.
Goemon(thinks): They're in chaos...Now's my chance...
Goemon: Hey...Kuro...You said?
Goemon: Untie the rope in my back, too, please.

Kuro: Huh? Why?
Goemon: "Why?" Didn't you save me...?
Kuro: Save you?
Kuro: ...It seems you're misunderstanding something.
Kuro: You were possessed by me.

Kuro: Suffering to death but not dying,
Kuro: That's the role of my food.
Kuro: As such, I won't untie you,
Kuro: That way's more interesting, isn't it?
Goemon: ...I got it.
Kuro: Oh!?
Goemon: Then do as you wish...!!
Kuro: Oh...

Goemon: But you see...
Goemon: I won't do as you wish.
Kuro: Gagagagah, you're "bluffing" again!!!
Kuro: You're my favorite type of dish.
Goemon: Say as you like.
Kuro: Gagagah
Hisa: ...I won't let you escape.

Hisa: As I guessed, we had an uninvited guest...
Goemon: That guy...
Kuro: Hmm,
Kuro: That man,
Kuro: He's a "Kamitsure", huh--- //Kamitsure: accompanied by God
Goemon: Kamitsure?
Kuro: That's how humans' who have received a God's protection are called.
Kuro: Because Gods are everywhere, even if you can't see them.
Goemon: He has a "God"!?
Kuro: You should be able to see it now,
Kuro: Because I'm with you.

Hisa: "Kuro-no-Mikatsuchi" //Mysterious Ground Jar, maybe Clay Jar
Goemon: !!
Kuro: It's a God of "superhuman strength" worshipped around here.
Kuro: He has that God's "protection".
Goemon: ...! That's why he was so strong!?
Hisa: ...I don't know what God that is
Hisa: But I'll punish you together with that mouse...

Goemon: ...Move, I have a debt with him.
Kuro: It's no use, a human can't defeat him.
Kuro: Shirk that debt if you want to live.
Goemon: That would leave me a bad feeling!!
Goemon: If my heart isn't "free"
Goemon: I can't say I'm alive.
Kuro: ...You're such a troublesome guy,
Kuro: I can't lose the food I took the time to obtain---...

Goemon: !!!
Goemon: Wha...
Goemon: What's that!!!?
Kuro: I told you.
Goemon: !!
Goemon(thinks): Riflemen...

Man: Hm?
Man: What!?
Man: Ah
Man: Sengoku-sama!?
Man: After them!! Call the others!!
Hisa: ...You have no luck.
Goemon: Damn it...
Kuro: It can't be helped...
Kuro: Hey, "Goemon".
Goemon: Huh!?

Kuro: If you "beg" for it
Kuro: I can give you my "protection".
Goemon: Huh!? Like hell I need the help of a God of pestilence.
Goemon's sd: Stop acting all high and mighty!!
Goemon: I'll fight alone---
SFX: *break*
Goemon: Guh...
Kuro: Haaaah, it can't be helped then,
Kuro: And you had such nice things.
Goemon: ...
Goemon: Hey.
Kuro: Hmmm?
Kuro: Uh?

Goemon: ...I beg you.
Kuro: Well done.
Kuro: "Shinki" //sacred treasure
Kuro: "Luck bag"!!!

Goemon: ......Luck...
Goemon: Bag.......!?
Hisa: ...Wha-
Hisa: That shinki is...!!
Hisa: !!!

Kuro: Close the "seal", Goemon.
Kuro: Do what I did just now!!!
Goemon: Seal...
Goemon: This one!!?
God: Goaaaah
Hisa: What!?
Hisa: What's happening!!!?
Kuro: This bag once sealed many Gods...
Kuro: The only shinki which can absorb Gods and seal them!!
Kuro: ...In other words---

Kuro: "It takes"
Kuro: "Gods"!!!

Goemon: ...
Hisa: Wha...
Hisa: Lu...
Hisa: "Luck Bag" you said!!?
Hisa: There's only one god
Hisa: Who could have that bag...!!

Hisa: Daikokuten!!!
Goemon: Da...Daikoku!!?
Goemon: Wasn't Daikoku a god of luck!?
Kuro: Gagagah...I quit that.
Kuro: Looking at humans' happiness isn't fun.
Kuro: Being a god of pestilence suits me better.
Goemon: For such a random reason...!!
Goemon's sd: Wait, Kuro was for black!!? //so far Kuro was written in katakana, the Koku in Daikokuten can be read Kuro and means black

Kuro: There's nothing weird about it.
Kuro: I was originally called "Daiankokuten". //daikokuten lit. means great black sky, daiankokuten lit. means great dark sky, with the dark having a really evil-ish emphasis
Kuro: People prayed to me in order to bring "misfortune" to their business rivals.
Goemon: Daikoku...As a god of pestilence...!!
Man: Sengoku-sama!!!
Goemon: Geh,
Goemon: The guys from before...
Hisa: ...!! Alright!!!
Hisa: Shoot!!
Hisa: Kill hiiiiim!!!

Hisa: ...?
Hisa: What happened!!!?
Hisa: What are you hesitating for---...?
Man: ...Umm...
Man: ...Our bullets are...!!
Hisa: Bullets!!?
Goemon: Just kidding.

Goemon: Are you looking for these?
Men: !!!
Men: Back then...!?
Goemon: "Hanagata Goemon"...
Goemon: Is a "thief" you know?
Kuro: Gagagah

Kuro: You sure entertain me...!! You're an example of how food should be, Goemon!!
Goemon: Well, thanks,
Goemon: But still...
Hisa: Cut him!!
Hisa: Cut hiiiiiiiim!!!
Kuro: Here's your reward,
Kuro: I'll lend you my trump card.
Kuro: Shinki
Kuro: "Drummer Mallet"!!!
Goemon: !? What the hell is this!?
Kuro: Gagagah...
Kuro: Don't underestimate it for its appearance.

Kuro: The mallet can call forth the Gods taken by the Luck Bag
Kuro: And gain their protection!!!
Kuro: Bring it down!!!
Goemon: Kuro-no-Mikatsuchi!!!

Goemon: ...Ha
Hisa: Wha...
Hisa: Aah...
Hisa: !!
Hisa: ......Kill me...

Hisa: !?
Goemon: That's not part of a thief's job.
Goemon: I paid my debt to you now.
Hisa: ...
Hisa: Guh...
Hisa: Nuuuuuuuh!!!

Hisa's sd: Ah
Hisa's sd: Aaaaaaaah
Kuro: Gagagah...Ah, it was delicious.
Kuro: It seems that being with you will make me experiment delicious things.
Goemon: ...Do as you wish,
Goemon: You can as long as you live.
Kuro: However, you sure are a pitiable man...!!
Kuro: You couldn't take the treasure, were almost executed, and now you're being followed by a god of pestilence.
Goemon: ...Who's pitiable?

Goemon: I won't do as you wish.
Kuro: !!!
Kuro: In the midst of that battle...! (cd: You shrewdly took it!)
Goemon: I'm the one who decides whether it's fortune or misfortune.
Goemon: I can have fun with a god of pestilence or two.
Kuro: Gagagah...I like you, Goemon.
Kuro: I wonder how long will your bluffs last!!
Goemon: This is no bluff, you know?

Box: ---On the record, the execution was performed safely.
Box: However, after a short while, another rumor started going around in the capital.
Box: "The great thief who steals even gods",
Box: "Hanagata Goemon is alive".
Box: Lay the seeds for theft in the world!!
Next issue, Gotou Ippei-sensei's "Hi-Fi CLUSTER -Rokkou Tokka Jiken Jitsurei-" will be published!!

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#1. by Lsshin ()
Posted on May 28, 2014
hi! can i translate this to Spanish?
#2. by Eru13 ()
Posted on May 29, 2014
Adelante, tradúcelo Lsshin XD

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