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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Shokugeki no Souma 71

"Courage" and "Resolution"

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 25, 2014 03:10 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 71

Cutlery: The manga volumes and the novel have over 3.2 million in print!! The newest volume 8 will be on sale on July 4th!!
Text: Tadokoro-chan taking a breath of relief on a refreshing shade of a tree. ---At the polar star dorm's field
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
(cutlery) 71 "Courage" and "Resolution"

Cutlery: What's in Tadokoro's bowl---!?
Megumi: Go ahead...!
Yuuki: Megumi...!
Ryoko: ...
Man: Uuuhm...The result is also beautiful, it's an excellent graceful soup...
Man: ...However-

Thought: After that rich seafood ramen
Thought: It just ends up lacking impact...
Thought: She has this "timid" feel to her,
Thought: She'll never reach Kurokiba Ryou like this...
Voice: It was amazing...Kurokiba Ryou's ramen.
Voice: If he brought up that there's no way I would win against him...!
Flashback: If I can have fun with my cooking---
Souma: ...
Man: Well then, let's begin with the soup...

Thought: Uh!!?
Audience: ...?
Voice: It's strong---...

Man: What a strong flavor!!
Yuuki/Ryouko: !!!
Voice: Eeeh!! What's going on here!?
Voice: Wasn't it a refreshing graceful soup!?
Man: The soy sauce base actually produces a refeshing flavor,
Man: But it has a sweet flavor you would never imagine just seeing it's clear appearance...!
Man: What!? Just how...?
Man: Ah!
Thought: This combination of ingredients-
Thought: I've seen it somewhere...
Man: ---"Kozuyu", huh...! //the explanation is on the next page

Guy: Kozuyu...?
Megumi: Yes...! This has kozuyu as the base and is finished using paitan soup and soy sauce,
Megumi: It's a "Kozuyu Chicken Soy Sauce Ramen"!!
Big Text: Kozuyu
Text: A dish native of the Aizu region.
Text: A soy sauce-flavored soup made using a dashi of dried adductor muscles.
Text: This dish is made in new years or whenever you're celebrating something.
Woman: Hmmm...! It's such a dish!
Man: It's interesting how she arranged a local cuisine for ramen!
Man: The main ingredient which are the scallop adductor muscles and paitan soup create a foundation with a substantial flavor.
Man: To think kozuyu and ramen had such a good affinity!
Man: And the kaeshi(sauce) was made by combinating "light soy sauce" and "white soy sauce"...!

Ryouko(thinks): White soy sauce...! It's a soy sauce which is made using a lot of wheat.
Ryouko(thinks): It's called like that because the sugar that comes from the wheat gives it a characteristic strong sweetness and because its color is extremely pale.
Ryouko(thinks): It's affinity with kozuyu, which is also seasoned with soy sauce, is perfect!
Man: However...That doesn't explain everything!
Man: Just where does this flavor come from...
Megumi: The deciding factor for the flavor...Of this dish
Megumi: Comes from vegetables---
Megumi: The topping of great burdock, shitake, beans, and other things...All of these
Megumi: Were "dried" and then boiled!
All: !?
Zenji(thinks): I see...! By drying and dehydrating them, their flavor concentrates and their nutritional value increases.
Zenji(thinks): The grassy smell of the vegetables also becomes mellower, they give a totally different flavor than when used fresh...
Zenji(thinks): And all of their deliciousness dissolved in the whole soup!

Ryouko: Megumi...Is always working on the dorm's veranda.
Souma: I see---
Souma: So this is Tadokoro's special move, huh!
Man: The vegetables' characteristic delicate sweetness...!
Man: To think they would make such a clear yet strong soup!

Thought: My mimetic muscles won't go back to normal...!
Thought: I'm overwhelmed by the euphoria...!!
Man: Oh...?
Thought: What's this small bowl? (cd: It looks like it has some sort of paste...)
Megumi: Ah...Try that before you finish the noodles!
Megumi: I would like you to add it to the soup in any amount you like...
Man: Wh...What is it this time!?
Thought: Kwoooooh!! A sourness that feels like it'll wake me up!
Thought: The flavor became even more tense!!
Man: Wh...What is this!?

Megumi: For this, I scraped off the meat from the bones of the Aizu chicken I used for the paitan soup,
Megumi: And seasoned it with a mix of Shiraga negi, perilla...And dried plums!
Megumi: Umm...I thought it would be fun to have a variation on the flavor...
Thought: Th...This is not just a variation!
Thought: While being in harmony with the kozuyu's delicate flavor
Thought: It makes the vegetables' sweetness even more prominent!!
Thought: Adding dried plums to ramen is also new...!
Thought: It's a splendid idea that fascinates the customers even further!
Ryou: Hey...! That ramen,
Ryou: Let me eat it, too!!
Megumi: Ye...Yeees...!

Ryou: ---...!
Man: What a surprise...! Even if it's another seafood ramen,
Man: To think she could bring up such a flavor using a different orientation to Kurokiba Ryou's Soupe de poisson...!!
Megumi: ---As I am right now...I can't create a strong flavor like a rich seafood or pork bone ramen,
Megumi: Because everything, from the removal of the smell to the adjustments in the taste, require an amazing skill.
Ryou: ...
Megumi: But
Megumi: If I use kozuyu as a base and squeeze out the flavor of scallops and vegetables,
Megumi: I can avoid unbalancing the dish

Megumi: And create a strong ramen, at least that's what I thought---!
Ryou: ---You knew that I would bring out a rich type of ramen
Ryou: And you made it clash with this dish, huh...
Ryou: Interesting...!!
Ryou: Tadokoro Megumi...!

Thought: I must reconsider my assessment for her...
Thought: In the depths of her slender body
Thought: A silent fighting spirit is fired up...
Thought: She didn't fear the enemy and, from the front,

Thought: She challenged him to a serious flavor match!!
Ryou: You try it, too...!
Ryou: My ramen!!
Megumi: ...!

Megumi: !!!
Megumi(thinks): The salt smell and flavor are incredible...My hips are about to give in...!
Megumi(thinks): To think...He can make such a ramen...
Megumi(thinks): But...
Megumi(thinks): I don't want to lose...!!
Thought: What a fierce battle...
Thought: The "force of will" in both of this ramens
Thought: Is turning into deliciosness
Thought: And materializing---!!
Ryou: Beat her to a pulp~~~!

p16-17 //Dat Jojo parody, I now understand why Saeki apologized to Araki
Ryou: "Souuuuupe de poissooon"!!
Megumi: My "H&P" (Hotate & Paitan) //Hotate is scallop
Megumi: Has the "resolve" to stand up to any enemy no matter how strong it is!

Lobster: Ebi ebi ebi ebi ebi ebiiiiiiii!! //ebi is shrimp
Scallop: Hota hota hota hota hota hota hota hota //Hota from Hotate

Voice: The director took his brush...
Voice: Which of them...
Cutlery: Who won this...!?
Voice: Is the winner---!!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 71/End

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