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Translations: Gintama 574 (2) , One Piece 814 by cnet128 , Bleach 660 by cnet128

Shokugeki no Souma 69

The Kitchen's Dictator

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 29, 2014 03:06 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 69
//I don't know if I didn't post this or if it just disappeared for some reason but I'll post it now

Star: The bangaihen "Betsubara!" is in the Jump NEXT!! that's on sale now!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 69 The Kitchen's Dictator
Text: ---The man who was called the "mad dog", Kurokiba...!!
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Star: They met on a port city in Northern Europe---!!
Ryou: I haven't seen you...
Ryou: Around here.
Alice: That way of calling me is rude, //the way of saying "you" Ryou uses is often derogatory
Alice: I have a proper name and it's Alice!
Ryou: Hmmmmmm...
Alice: Heeeeey! You name yourself too.
Ryou: ...Ryou.
Alice: Ryou? What's your last name?
Ryou: ...Kurokiba.
Alice: Ryou...Kurokiba? Your name sounds Japanese.
Ryou: So...You have money to pay for your food, right?
Alice: Of course.
Ryou: Ok then.
Ryou: Sit.
Ryou: That's your seat.

Ryou: ...Some of our regular customers have come,
Ryou: There's still some time before we open for dinner, but...
Ryou: Oh well...Let's do this.
Alice: ...
Alice(thinks): ---I think he's about the same age as me.
Alice(thinks): It seems he's an employee here,
Flashback: This restaurant's chef
Flashback: Is me.
Alice(thinks): But what did those words mean...?
Alice(thinks): ---What?
Alice(thinks): His atmosphere-

Alice(thinks): Changed.
Man: ...There are many rowdy fellows around here...
Man: Is Alice-sama really here?
Man: Huuuuuuuuh? Who are you guys...?
Man: You don't look you work on the harbor?
Man: Eeeeek!!
Man: W-w-we...W-we are ummm...Looking for a girl.
Man: Tch, I've had enough of having so little space in the restaurant.
Man: This isn't place for people other than sailors!
Man: If you got it then go away!

Ryou: Line up...
All: !?
Ryou: Paying for the food
Ryou: And following my orders.
Ryou: As long as someone follows these two things
Ryou: They are my customers.

Ryou: Come inside,
Ryou: We're opening.
Man: Hey...Ryou!!
Man: Why are you letting customers in!!?
Man: We're still preparing!
Ryou: You're slow...! I would've already finished.
Ryou: It's all because you're being sluggish.
Man: ...What!?
Ryou: I told you to prioritize preparing the chicken's stuffing!
Ryou: Since you try to do many things at once when you don't have the skills to do it
Ryou: You end up finishing late!
Men: ...
Ryou: I'm taking the orders for alcohol first!!
Ryou: Make the apprentices help too!

Ryou: Stop hesitating, old man! You take orders too!
Man: ...!!!
Man: I can't take this anymore!! What's with your attitude!?
Man: Don't underestimate adults, dammit!!
Ryou: Then...
Ryou: Can you make food better than mine?

Ryou: From the judging of the ingredients to the division of work in the kitchen,
Ryou: The owner left all those to me.
Ryou: If you have any complaints then do you want to wash dishes from tomorrow?
Ryou: Or...
Ryou: I could fire you, too.
Man: !
Ryou: The hole you leave
Ryou: I can somehow fill it...!

Man: ...I-
Man: I'm really sorry...
Man: Chef...!

Man: Uhyooooh! It's here!
Man: This is the best!!
Man: I can't even think of leaving to the sea without eating Ryou's food...!!
Zenji: T...To think he was such an amazing cook...!
Ryouko: You're telling me that from such a young age he was already on equal footing...No, forget about that,
Ryouko: He was the best in his kitchen!?

Ryouko: Yuuki!?
Yuuki: M...Megumi too!
Yuuki: Megumi also has experience from helping at her family's inn!
Yuuki: Megumiiiii!! Don't let him be more determined than you!!
Yuuki: We're with youuuuuu!
Box: They stand out a lot.
Ryou: What's that...?
Megumi: E-Ermmm...My friends from the dorm...
Ryou: I don't like that...
Ryou: Seeing cooks getting along so cosily
Ryou: Makes me want to puke.

Ryou: A relation between cooks
Ryou: Is one of eat or being eaten,
Ryou: None other is possible.
Megumi: ...Is that...Really so?
Ryou: Huh?
Megumi: Awawawawah, no...Umm, ermmm...
Megumi: I-Isn't cooperating...
Megumi: With each other also important for cooking...?
Ryou: The kitchen is a "battlefield",
Ryou: Food is "power",
Ryou: But I don't think people who were raised in a lukewarm environment would understand it.

Ryou: The only thing needed in cooking...Is to make your opponent submit to you.
Ryou: Those who don't understand this
Ryou: Can only create half-assed flavors...
Ryou: Understand this...The cooking you all have been doing
Ryou: Is a trashy game---...!
Megumi: ---You're wrong...
SFX: *beep beep beep beep*
Megumi: At...
Megumi: At least the things I've seen...

Megumi: Aren't trash at all!

Megumi(thinks): The vegetables are done parboiling...
Megumi(thinks): Wheat-gluten bread and the cloud ear mushrooms are rehydrated, too!
Megumi(thinks): I have to cut them finely...! Carefully!
Megumi(thinks): And, next---
Man: In a pot separate from the soup's...
Man: Hm...?
Man: She's mixing two kinds of soy sauces and seasoning it!
Man: It would seem that is the "sauce"!

Megumi(thinks): In order to retain the soy sauce's flavor
Megumi(thinks): I have to maintain a temperature of around 80°C...
Megumi(thinks): ......Alright...
Shun: Great...She's calm.
Souma: Yeah,
Souma: She's doing each part properly,
Souma: There's no waste in her moves.
Voice: Oh! Finally...
Voice: She's opening the big pot where she was boiling the dashi!

Thought: The "dashi" is the foundation of a ramen's soup.
Thought: You could even say it determines all of the flavor!
Thought: Moreover, the graceful-type soup she chose
Thought: Doesn't allow a single bit of murkiness!
Thought: How good
Thought: Is the result!?
Senzaemon: ---How beautiful.

Senzaemon: It's shining
Senzaemon: Brightly.
Yuuki: Megumi...!
Megumi: All the people
Megumi: Who pushed my back-

Megumi: Don't speak...
Megumi: Badly of them!
Megumi: ......Or something like that.
Cutlery: Next issue, the tasting---!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 69/End

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