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Shokugeki no Souma 72

The "Jewels" Generation

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 4, 2014 00:42 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 72

Text: Who won the port city ramen showdown---!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Cutlery: Many thanks for your support! The manga volumes and the novel have over 3.2 million copies in print!!
Voice: This super intense exchange of flavor blows!!
Voice: Who of them
Voice: Won it!!?

Paper: Kurokiba

Voice: It's Kurokibaaaaa!!!
Voice: The winner of the second match
Voice: Is Kurokiba Ryouuuuu!!
(cutlery) 72 The "Jewels" Generation
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Cutlery: The "flavor violence" took control of the match---!!

Megumi: ...
Voice: Ah, look!
Voice: The director...
Voice: Didn't...Strip!!
Man: Kozuyu and Soupe de Poisson...
Man: It was an intense flavor showdown,
Man: But with the shrimps' flavor...And its violent punch power

Man: He completely obliterated her ramen!!
Voice: Dear visitors...This is the end of today's schedule.
Voice: The third and fourth matches will take place tomorrow.
Voice: Take care on your way back---
Souma: ...Well, let's go for Tadokoro.
Ryouko: You're right... Ah! Yuuki already left.
Yuuki: Megumiiiiii!!!
Yuuki: You worked really haaaard!!
Yuuki: !?
Megumi: ...Kurokiba-kun
Megumi: Was scary...

Megumi: I was really scared!!
Yuuki: Yeah, yeah! I understand you!!
Yuuki: Geez, Megumi, you were like a rabbit being attacked by a stray dog!
Yuuki's sd: Kyah Kyah
Guy: Look at that! She really was no match for him.
Guy: Isn't it weird...That she even passed the preliminaries, too?
SFX: *clap*
SFX: *clap* //and many more on the last two panels
Guy: ...?
Girl: Tadokoro-san...Was amazing there.
Guy: Yeah, she could fare pretty well against Kurokiba.
Guy: She put a great fight.
Voice: Her passing the preliminaries
Voice: Wasn't a fluke at all---

//many more claps
Megumi: Ah...
Megumi: Erm...
Man: ...This generation...Has a good amount of talented people.
Man: Yes, we had two really exciting matches!
Man: She didn't make the director strip, but I also saw some great qualities in her...
Man: She's a cook with a promising future.

Erina: Gentlemen...You did a great job as judges today.
Erina: We've prepared cars for you...Please, come this way.
Erina: Grandfather? Is something wrong...?
Senzaemon: No...It's nothing.
Senzaemon: I'm going to the toilet for a second.
Erina: ---...

Takumi: It seems you won,
Takumi: Yukihira!
Souma: Takumi...
Takumi: Well, look forward to it...
Souma: Hm? Wait a sec...If Takumi's match is tomorrow-
First bracket: Souma
Second Bracket: Kurokiba
Bubble: Tomorrow
Souma: Then I won't face you until the final?
Takumi: No...Not necessarily.
Takumi: There's a shuffle in the second round.
Takumi: It's decided by raffle like in the first round.
Takumi: You won't know your opponent of the theme until just before the match...In other words-

Takumi: It's possible to be matched
Takumi: Against any of the remaining contestants---

Takumi: But wait, it's all written on the regulations.
Souma: My head was full with things about the Bento.
Megumi(thinks): Wait, they're both raring to be in the final, huh...
Souma: Anyway...Good job, Tadokoro! You tried really hard!
Takumi: Yeah...That was a splendid dish.
Megumi: Ahaha...I-I'm completely exhausted, though...
Megumi: ---...It was the first time
Megumi: I cooked with a firm intention to win...
Megumi: It's weird, isn't it...? I just lost
Megumi: But I'm looking forward to cook again.
Megumi: There are so many things I want to try that I can't contain myself...!
Senzaemon(thinks): Tadokoro Megumi...Was her name, huh.
Senzaemon(thinks): When I noticed I had already stripped,
Senzaemon(thinks): Inside my clothes...

Senzaemon(thinks): My fundoshi!!!
Senzaemon(thinks): I guess this means that that girl holds an immeasurable amount of potential!
Senzaemon: ...
Senzaemon: ...The 92th Generation,
Senzaemon: The "Jewels Generation", huh---...

Jun: Hayama-kun.
Jun: What's wrong...? Why are you here?
Jun: You're going to catch a cold, you know...?
Akira: It's nothing...I just wanted to feel the night breeze.
Akira: The same goes for you Jun, don't come out with such light clothes.
Jun: ......Hey...Hayama-kun.
Jun: Don't brace yourself thinking "I must win" too much.

Jun: That you passed the preliminaries
Jun: Already makes me really proud of you.
Jun: Now that you're in such a big stage you should enjoy it!
Akira: If you show me that smile
Akira: I'm sure to take this seriously...
Akira: I'm going to get to the top
Akira: No matter what...!
Isami: When will nii-chan's turn come, on the third match? On the fourth?
Isami: Ah, are you carrying with you the sure-win amulet I gave you?
Takumi: ...I am.

Isami: This is a quiet-sleep pillow I bought yesterday.
Isami: I'm going to burn an aroma oil, too, so you can relax.
Box: When in front of a big event, unexpectedly, it's Isami who becomes restless!
Isami: I'm praying...So that tomorrow
Isami: Nii-chan can do his very best---
Takumi: Don't worry, brother.
Takumi: In order to win the main tournament...
Takumi: In order to win my rematch against Yukihira, I polished my skills.
Takumi: Look at me, Isami.
Takumi: Our Italian cuisine will never lose.

Hisako: Watch me, Erina-sama.
Hisako: I'll definitely come out victorious!
Erina: You're such a nice girl...Hisako.
Erina: I'm expecting great things from you.

Akira(thinks): For Jun
Takumi(thinks): For Isami
Hisako(thinks): For Erina-sama

Thought: I can't lose!!!
Sign: 43th Autumn
Guy: Yo.
Guy: We meet again.

Cutlery: Turbulence---
Guy: Yukihira Souma---...
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 72/End

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