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Shokugeki no Souma 73

Minding the Details

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 9, 2014 18:16 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 73

"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Box: Autumn Election Main Tournament
Box: Second Day.
Megumi: Souma-kun...Sure is late...
Yuuki: Geez! Just when he has to watch the matches well
Yuuki: Since he doesn't know who'll be his opponent for the second round!!
Cutlery: The fierce battles continue! What will the next battle be...!?
Megumi: Maybe we really should have brought him even if by force...!
Megumi: But he wouldn't wake up...
Ryouko: It can't be helped, he pretty much pulled an all-nighter to prepare for the Bento showdown.
Ryouko: And it seems he already left the dorm.
Ryouko: He should be fine unless he gets in some sort of trouble.

Shokugeki-no SOMA
Cutlery: Who's this man who's looking down on him---!?
(cutlery) Minding the Details
Souma(thinks): He's the one from that day...
Souma(thinks): The eighth participant!!
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Guy: ---Hey, don't glare at me so much...Yukihira Souma.
Guy: I was just going to ask you to go inside with me.
Souma: Huh? Right...
Souma: It's ok, I guess.
Guy: Alright, wait a sec...!
Souma: ...
Souma(thinks): What a crazy bike.
Souma(thinks): It certainly gives a "wild bastard" feeling---
Souma(thinks): ?

Guy: Sorry for the wait...!
Souma: No, you really made me wait...
Souma: I never thought you'd even put a cover and a rope around it.
Guy: Being this cautious is only natural...!
Guy: Of course, my bike's registered in the bike registry...And it's also subscribed to a GPS service
Guy: So, even if it's stolen, I'll know where it is right away...!
Souma: Even if you tell me all that,
Souma: Wait, you have a license?

Guy: "Going into the minutest details" is my motto...! Whether it's about cooking or anything else!
Box: //this explained something about his motto which isn't needed in English
Souma(thinks): Huh-hmm...He's an unexpectedly admirable guy.
Souma(thinks): He looks like he's able to do delicate work despite being so big...
Guy: I hadn't told you my name yet,
Guy: My name is...
Subaru: Mimasaka Subaru, don't forget it.
Souma: That's some neat name!! //Mimasaka lit means "Creating beauty", Subaru is the Pleiades constellation
Souma: Wait, that embroidery, don't tell me...
Subaru: I sew it, of course.
Souma: That's amazing, hey.
Souma(thinks): He's a weird guy...
Souma: Well...Best regards.
Souma: Hey, don't you need to hurry?
Subaru: Hm? Ah...Don't worry.
Voice: ---We'll announce the theme for the third match.

Voice: The theme is "Hamburgers"!!
Guy: Hamburgers!?
Senzaemon: Indeed,
Senzaemon: "A cooked patty in between two buns"...
Senzaemon: They are free to use any ingredients and varieties of buns!
Man: Hmm...! A hamburger in Tootsuki, huh.
Man: It's interesting, it has an element of surprise!
Ryouko: Yet another theme with a huge grade of freedom.
Zenji: Curry, Bento, Ramen...And now Hamburgers...
Zenji: Perhaps
Zenji: This election's themes are---
Megumi: ...Eh?
Voice: Well then-

Voice: We'll announce the participants of this match!!
Man: Excuse me!
Man: Please make your entry!
Akira: Yo...
Akira: Tell your master-

Akira: That I'll have her give me her seat in the Elite Ten.
Akira: Tootsuki's top, too---!
Hisako: Keep your jokes for this place.
Hisako: The one who's going to enter the Elite Ten after Erina-sama
Hisako: Is me!
Voice: Contestant Hayama Akira!! And...
Voice: Contestant Arato Hisako!!
Voice: A match between the spices user and the medicinal cook, huh!

Guy: Their cooking genres are different, but their orientation is similar, isn't it?
Guy: It's like a "leaf contest" or something...
Guy: And what those two are going to make is "The American Hamburger".
Guy: I wonder what kind of dishes they will bring out!!
Voice: Well then...The third match of the first round
Voice: Begin cooking!!
Yuuki: It's already started, Yukihiraaaaaa!!
Megumi: I...I'm going to look for him outside!
Voice: First is Hayama...!
Voice: What's that!? He took out a great amount of finely sliced meat
Voice: And he's piling them up!?

Voice: That is...!
Voice: Kebab!!
Voice: He's coming on with Doner Kebab---!
Big Text: Doner Kebab
Text: A Turkish dish. In this dish, a pile of meat is skewered with a big spit,
Text: It's then cooked and when it's done cooking it's scraped off with a knife.
Zenji(thinks): "Doner" is for spinning, and "Kebab" is for roasting...
Zenji(thinks): By letting the meat cook gradually while rotating it

Zenji(thinks): The meat gets cooked as if the fat
Zenji(thinks): And the spices flavor melted together!!
Guy: Whoaaaaa!! The fragrant smell of the fat is filling the air...
Guy: Th...That looks ultra gooooood!!
Shun: It looks like the flavor's impact will rival that of Kurokiba's ramen.
Ikumi: We can't miss how he'll make that into hamburgers! //nah, Ikumi, that's pretty simple actually XD
Voice: How's Hishoko doing!?
Hisako(thinks): ...Calling me Hishoko is soaking in!?
Voice: What!? She brought out a pail...
Voice: Does she have seasoning in it or something?

Voice: Eh...? Just now...
Voice: ...Am I imagining things?
All: !!?
Voice: Wh-wh-wh...What's that!?
Voice: Hey i...It's moving---!?
Yuuki: A s...

Yuuki: A soft-shelled turtle---!?
Voice: That means...Hishoko is making
Voice: A "Soft-shelled turtle burger"---!!?
Sd: What the hell is that!!?
Man: Guhahahaha!!
Man: This is exactly why I can't take my eyes of Tootsuki Academy!
Thought: I've never seen or heard about such a dish!
Thought: I can't even imagine what kind of flavor will be born!!
Zenji(thinks): A technique called "Yotsuoroshi" is used to prepare soft-shelled turtle.
Box: *It's also called "Yotsuhodoki"
Zenji(thinks): For it you first-

Zenji(thinks): Have to lay the turtle upside-down and, without letting it go,
Zenji(thinks): You take out the neck part---
Voice: She did it with no hesitation---!
Voice: Without even blinking an eye she took the head off...!
Voice: Without a moment of delay she began draining the blood!
Voice: Hm? She's pouring something inside the neck joint and she's draining the blood again.
Voice: That is...Sake?
Yuuki: By adding Sake or Wine the blood won't coagulate,
Yuuki: I'm sure she's planning to use that blood for her patty!
Voice: She's finished draining and is now preparing it again!!
Voice: The chopping board got red from the blood in a second...!

SFX: *twitch*
SFX: *twitch*
Guy: Gyaaaah...
Guy: The turtle's innards...I...It's so grotesque!!
Box: She's composed.
Thought: Even after being covered with blood
Thought: She has that dignified expression...

Nao(thinks): Hisako-oneesama...
Nao: How lovely...!
Nao's sd: Ufufufu
Guy: Sadatsuka Nao...Wasn't she Erina-sama's stalker?
Guy: I don't know...
Megumi: Souma-kun, hurry!!
Megumi: Th...They've already begun cooking---! (cd: What were you doing?)
Souma: Sorry, sorry, so, who are in the match?
Megumi: Hayama-kun and Arato-san!
Souma: Who's that Arato?
Megumi: Nakiri Erina-san's secretary!!
Megumi: A...Anyway, let's hurry, Souma-kun~~~!
Souma(thinks): That means the last match is Takumi vs Mimasaka, huh...Break a leg, Takumi~~~
Souma: ...Hm?
Souma: Hey, don't you need to hurry?
Subaru: Hm? Ah...Don't worry.
Souma(thinks): He...
Souma(thinks): Knew who were in the match?

Subaru: Yukihira Souma...
Subaru: His home is a special-of-the-day restaurant....He makes use of the creativity born from his experience there on his dishes.
Subaru: He has great pride on his restaurant's name.
Subaru: The dishes he made on the training camp were a char okakiage and souffle omelettes...
Subaru: He's 1.71m tall, he weights 57kg, and his blood type is B.
Subaru: His shoe size is 26.5cm.
Subaru: The length of both of his arms is almost the same...
Subaru: His average sleep time of the last month is 6 hours 14 minutes.
Subaru: His classes in middle school were 1-5, 2-2, and 3-7.
Subaru: He has 5 pairs of shoes.
Subaru: He brushes his teeth starting from the down-right molars...
Subaru: He has a habit of slightly lifting one of his eyebrows when observing someone...

Subaru: Going into the minutest details...
Subaru: Takumi Aldini. He's the heir of a Trattoria in the Tuscan region. His father is Japanese and his mother Italian. He's 1.68m tall, he weights 54kg, and his blood type is A. He has a strong feeling of rivalry towards Yukihira Souma. He lives together with his brother Isami. He calls home twice a month. He has a fan club in Tootsuki Academy. He's bad with high places. He's interested in Japanese food samples. He sets two alarms before sleeping. He has a mole on his left shoulder. If asked where he prefers to bath he'd answer shower. He's bad playing cards. The most common pattern in the underwear he owns is checkered....
Cutlery: The ominous intruder "Mimasaka Subaru"! He's locked on his "target", Takumi...!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(Cutlery) 73/End

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