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Shokugeki no Souma 74

Sensitive Monster

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 18, 2014 07:06 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 74
//I was forgetting to post this XD

"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Text: "The owner of God's Tongue",
Text: In order to always be beside her...
Text: In order to walk close to her...
Text: I've sweated blood.
Voice: Oh...!
Voice: She took natural remedies like Schisandra fruit and Kinshinsai...Ginger, shaoxingjiu,
Cutlery: The tasting of the Hishoko VS Hayama match!!
Voice: The soft-shelled turtle meat,
Voice: And even the shell, and she's boiling them all together!
Voice: She's planning to melt the turtle's body and make the dashi from it!!
Voice: "Soft-shelled turtle hamburger"...!
Voice: Just what kind of dish will it be!?

Cutlery: The bento match between Souma and Alice!! JC Volume (8) will be on sale on July 4th!!
Hisako(thinks): A hamburger which vehemently shakes human "instinct"!
Hisako(thinks): That's what I'm displaying today!
Cutlery: "Hishoko" shows her power---!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 74 Sensitive Monster
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Souma: Wow...
Souma: Those are some cheers there.
Souma: It seems going down those stairs just now was the right thing to do.
Megumi: Sorryyy Souma-kun, it's all my fault!!
Megumi: Ermmm...We're here so...
Paper: Arena
Souma's sd: Don't mind it
Box: They got lost.
Voice: Hey!! You over there!
Man: What are you doing!? This area is only for authorized personnel---
Megumi: Heaaaah, sorry, it's all my fault!!
Man: Hm...? You guys...Participated yesterday.
Megumi: Ummm, ummm...We want to go to the stands to watch the match.
Subaru: If that's so...

Subaru: You can just watch it from the monitor in my waiting room.
Subaru: It's just over there.
Takumi: Yukihira...Tadokoro-san, too?
Souma: Takumi!
Sign: Participants Waiting Room
Takumi: ---The ingredients I ordered just came...So I was checking them.
Takumi: Good grief! To think you overslept, that's something a cook can never do!
Souma's sd: Sorry, sorry
Megumi(thinks): Th...Things got really out of hand... //she's thinking in her dialect
Megumi(thinks): Even though Aldini-kun and Mimasaka-kun are having their match just next...
Megumi(thinks): We are going to watch the current match with them...

Takumi: Sigh...Why am I even here, too?
Subaru: Isn't it alright...? You have finished checking your ingredients, right?
Subaru: Here, have some tea...
Subaru: Feel free to choose any snack you want...
Megumi: O-o-oh no, don't mind us!
Souma: That apron...
Takumi: No...Even if you ask me that...
Takumi: Well...How does this match look to you, Yukihira?
Souma: No idea.
Souma: I've never seen Hishoko cook to begin with.
Souma: What do you think, Tadokoro?
Megumi: E...Ermmm...
Megumi: The theme is hamburgers...
Megumi: It's a dish where you can make great use of spices, which are Hayama-kun's specialty...

Megumi: Arato-san...Is good enough to be Nakiri-san's secretary, so her ability is real.
Megumi: Her specialty..."Medicinal Cooking"
Megumi: Might not have good affinity with the theme.
Subaru: ...It seems the first one
Subaru: Will be that same Arato Hisako.
All: !
Text: She took the small pieces of the body and innards of the turtle and kneading them with minced pork meat!
Text: She's seasoning it with salt and black pepper...
Text: She dressed it with crépine and put it on the pan!
Asterisk: Crépine: Caul fat, the thin membrane which surrounds the stomach internal organs of some animals, such as cows and pigs. When used as dressing for cooking it can help prevent the food from breaking down and add to the dish's body.
Text: She added a thin layer of butter to the steamed buns.

Text: She added plenty of fresh Korean lettuce...And needle ginger to give an accent to the flavor!
Asterisk: Needle Ginger: Ginger cut into really thin strips.
Text: After putting the piping hot patty in between all these---
Man: ...
Man: This is...
Man: A soft-shelled turtle hamburger...!
Woman: It looks...Much more normal than I expected.
Man: Yes...More so after all that shocking preparation.
Voice: It's somewhat of a bum, isn't it?
Voice: Yeah! It would have been really interesting if she used the shell as part of the arrangement.
Man: ...Well then, let's taste it...

Thought: Nuh...!? This soft and springy feeling...Just what I'd expect from steamed bread.
SFX: *gulp*
Sd: Aaaaaaaahm
Thought: Fwoooh....The faint sweetness of the bread and this elasticity which feels like it will force my jaw back...
Thought: I won't lose to this!
Thought: I'll bite straight into the patty in one go...!!

Man: The downy hair
Man: On my whole body is standing on end!!
Man: It's as if my body is on fire!

Judges: Puhaaaaaaah
Voice: Ooooooh!!?
Voice: They look so glossy you wouldn't think they're that old!
Voice: Is that the soft-shelled turtle's power!?
Man: From this bewitching fleshy patty...!
Man: The flavor of the soft-shelled turtle is overflowing!!
Thought: The sauce was made by adding thickness to the turtle dashi to make it starchy!!
Thought: It envelops the patty and gives it this body...!
Hisako: The lifeblood I added to the patty warms up the body from the inside
Hisako: And

Hisako: I also kneaded "tortoiseshell" powder on the patty.
Hisako: It's made from the dried shell of soft-shelled turtle, it's used as invigorating medicine in traditional Chinese medicine.
Voice: Both the sauce and the patty are full with turtle...!
Voice: I can understand why the judges look so satisfied.
Voice: She made an incredible hamburger!!
Senzaemon: No...
Senzaemon: This dish's essence
Senzaemon: Is something only those who ate it can understand.
Voice: Eh...!?

Senzaemon: The "gelatinous components” which come from the soft-shelled turtle...!
Senzaemon: The answer lies in their stickiness!!
Voice: S...
Voice: Stickiness!?
Hisako: Exactly.
Hisako(thinks): Piping hot starchy and thick sauces...Such "viscous" things have a great influence on the dish's body.
Hisako(thinks): And this patty contains plenty of the gelatinous components which melt together with the dashi...
Hisako(thinks): The inner side of the upper jaw...
Hisako(thinks): The "Soft palate"!!
Hisako(thinks): That's one of the most sensitive parts of the human body to physical stimuli!!

Hisako(thinks): The patty's starchy sauce sticks with every bite
Hisako(thinks): And that part which is sensitive enough to food textures that it's paired with the tongue
Hisako(thinks): Is bewitched!!
Hisako(thinks): In other words...This dish doesn't just stimulate the sense of taste,
Hisako(thinks): It also strongly stimulates human's "sense of touch"!
Thought: The viscous patty
Thought: Is in complete harmony with the steamed buns' soft texture!!
Thought: It's as if the soft-shelled turtle's sensual dreadfulness
Thought: Was approaching me---!!

p14 //LOL, her eyes are so great, Ultra-senzaemon XDDD
Thought: Its deliciousness is monster class!!!
Hisako: Roar

Senzaemon: Ah!
Senzaemon: ...
Senzaemon: I ended being intoxicated by its flavor---
Megumi: Amazing...!!
Megumi: To think she could use medicinal cooking to this extent...On a hamburger showdown!
Takumi: Stickiness coming from gelatinous components...And food texture, huh.
Takumi: Arato Hisako includes Oriental Medicine in her cooking.
Takumi: If we ever get matched against her that knowledge will become a threat.
Souma: ...
Subaru: However-

Subaru: This match is Hayama Akira's.
Megumi: Eh...?

Takumi(thinks): ...!? What was that...?
Takumi(thinks): The moment Hayama began frying his patty...!
Souma(thinks): The audience's expressions
Souma(thinks): Changed evidently---

Voice: Oooooooh!!
Voice: The meat smell is so strong I feel like I'm choking...
Akira: Inside the mouth...Isn't all there is to it.

Akira: To the world of flavors---...
Cutlery: Gazes full with fighting spirit meet---!! Next issue, the hamburger showdown reaches its conclusion!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 74/End

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