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Shokugeki no Souma 75

Beneath the Mask

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 24, 2014 20:15 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 75

Thought: In contrast to Arato Hisako who mesmerized them with the food's texture,
Thought: The spice expert, Hayama Akira!!
Thought: The sense of touch and the sense of smell, this is
Thought: A battle of the five senses!!
Akira: It's complete...!
Cutlery: A charming aroma rises---!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
(cutlery) 75 Beneath the Mask
Voice: Whoaaaaaaa!! Amaziiiiiiing!!!

p2 //yo DAWG XDDD
Voice: The piping hot kebab is on top of a fleshy steak!
Voice: I can't stop drooling...!
Voice: !!?
Voice: All the judges turned into dogs!!
Yuuki: They totally look like they were told to wait!
Ikumi: Where did all that solemnity go!?
Ryouko: ...But, I can't blame them.
Ryouko: Anyone who'd have to smell such sweet fragrance up close would end like that...!
Man: Hurry...!
Man: Hurry!!

Akira: Sorry for the wait.
Hisako: ...
Hisako(thinks): What are you thinking...Hayama Akira!?
Hisako(thinks): If you add up kebab to a heavy hamburger patty
Hisako(thinks): You'll inevitably end up with a heavy flavor!!
Hisako(thinks): Even if you fascinate them with the aroma, that's only a deception!
Hisako(thinks): If the flavor itself doesn't have any grace---

Thought: ---Ah!!
Man: I...I was so engrossed with it...!
Man: That I already ate it whole---!!
Voice: They finished tasting it so quickly!? Those old men!?
Voice: Even when it had a pretty great volume...
Voice: J...Just how does it taste!?
Senzaemon: ---You chose "pita" for the buns, huh...

Senzaemon: Pita...A Middle-Eastern bread baked at high temperatures which is eaten by putting meat or beans inside the pocket-like cavity in it.
Senzaemon: Similarly to the soft-shelled turtle burger we ate just now,
Senzaemon: You considered making it so that the overflowing meat juice didn't fall over!
Senzaemon: ---...
Senzaemon: First up is the kebab...You used a homemade yogurt sauce to remove the bad smell and emphasize the spices' aroma.
Senzaemon: Next, the hamburger's patty is
Senzaemon: "Kofta"...!
Senzaemon: A Turkish meatball made by combining lamb meat and beef and finished up with plenty of spices!...This comes strongly to the nose!! //It's not only Turkish, wiki it for more details
Senzaemon: The stimulus and taste are so good they bring out tears!!
Hisako(thinks): Impossible...What's happening here!?
Hisako(thinks): Why did they finish such a heavy patty so quickly...?

Akira: ---I'll give you a lecture.
Akira: There are four elements a hamburger must have:
Akira: The buns, the patty, the sauce...And-
Akira: Pickles.
Akira: Their sharp smell and sourness is what makes the meat's flavor stand out.
Akira: Pickles are the hidden main ingredient...!!
Akira: It seems you used needle ginger for that role,
Akira: But if you ask me, that was naive of you...
Hisako: What...!?
Hisako: Then what did you use...!?
Akira: What I chose as pickles was
Akira: "Achaar"!
Voice: Achaar!?
Voice: What is that...?

Big Text: Achaar
Text: A kind of preserved food where you put fruits and vegetables in mustard oil.
Text: It has a strong sourness and is used as pickles in India and its surroundings.
Akira: This is an achaar made of onions...
Akira: Mustard oil's stinging smell highlights the meat's flavor.
Akira: The main source of the sourness comes from a spice made from dried unripe mango, "amchur"...
Akira: ...Moreover
Akira: I also added lemon juice to reinforce the amchur's sourness,
Akira: Garlic, Ginger, and chili peppers which tickle the nose,
Akira: Clove,
Akira: Cumin seeds,
Akira: Black pepper,
Akira: Paprika powder,
Akira: And honey, which adds a sweet taste.
Senzaemon(thinks): With his unique sense of smell and the pickle's aroma he subtly build up,
Senzaemon(thinks): He converted the great amount of fat and the bad smell of the lamb meat into an addicting flavor...
Senzaemon(thinks): And made human's appetite...
Senzaemon(thinks): Human’s instincts explode!!

Flashback: He who is in control of the aroma is in control of cooking...
Megumi: ...
Thought: A talent which can't possibly be fit in only curry and spices...
Thought: Hayama Akira---His potential
Thought: May be close to that of "God's Tongue"!!
Voice: The result...
Voice: Of this showdown is decided!

p9 //Hisako actually looks cute like this
Akira: ...I'm aiming for the top.
Akira: There's no way someone who's always desperate to be No. 2
Akira: Would be able to be a worthy opponent...
Hisako: ...What...!!?
Akira: Everything about you is narrow...
Akira: Your will...And your world of cooking, too---
Hisako: ...!
Hisako(thinks): I don't want to admit it...!
Hisako(thinks): But...Certainly
Hisako(thinks): The moment I smelled his dish's scent-

Hisako(thinks): My inner appetite
Hisako(thinks): Was stripped!!
Asterisk: Their appearances are a reference to last chapter
Senzaemon: The winner of the third match
Paper: Hayama Aki
Senzaemon: Is Hayama Akira!!

Voice: Arato Hisako lost...!!
Voice: Hayama finally revealed his true colors!
Voice: He's set himself as a candidate for winning this!!
Hisako: I...
Hisako: Lost...

Megumi: ...
Etsuya: Excuse me.
Megumi: Wawah...Eizan-senpai...!
Etsuya: The fourth match will being shortly.
Etsuya: We'll have everyone but the contestants move to the guest seats.
Megumi: Y...Yes! Sorry...
Souma: Sorry for bothering you, thanks.
Subaru: Don't be, I couldn't do much for you...
Takumi: ...Yukihira,
Takumi: On this election, I'll definitely

Takumi: Settle the score...From our match from the first day of the training camp.
Souma: Wow, that brings me back, the match Inui-senpai splendidly took care of!
Souma: We met just after in the bus back then, right?
Takumi: ...
Box: He couldn't switch over to a serious mood!
Flashback: There's someone my age who can do this much---
Flashback: Had I stayed in Yukihira
Flashback: I would have never known this, huh...

Takumi: ...A-Anyway! I'll definitely defeat you!!
Takumi: If you got it then hurry to the guest seats!
Souma: Got it, Takumi,
Souma: So, don't you dare lose.
Souma: Let's settle
Souma: who will crush flat who!

p15 //Takumi's such a girl XDD
Takumi: ......Yeah!
Takumi: Yeah! Of course! ...Yukihira!
Megumi: ...At any rate...Mimasaka-kun sure was amazing.
Megumi: It was just after such an incredible dish from Arato-san
Megumi: And he was able to declare that Hayama-kun would win...
Etsuya: He has outstanding talent.
Souma: !
Etsuya: His behavioral principles are extremely valuable.

Takumi: Take your hands off my tools.
Takumi: I know you've been sniffing around me this last few days.
Takumi: Tell me, what's your purpose?
Subaru: ...It seems you've taken great care of this two-hand knife.
Subaru: Is it so good? Such a worn out tool?
Takumi: ...You're trying to provoke me...? I've seen through that already.
Takumi: Do you want to compete for it or something?
Subaru: Well, wait up...I wanted to ask you something directly,

Subaru: Something about your brother.
Takumi: ...?
Etsuya(thinks): For Mimasaka Subaru, this garden called Tootsuki
Etsuya(thinks): Isn't but a playground---
Takumi: I can't see where you are going with this?
Subaru: It seems you get along well in front of others, but...
Subaru: I want to know how you really feel.
Subaru: He couldn't even get to the main tournament of the election,
Subaru: It's evident he's just a second rate cook.
Subaru: He has great trouble just following behind you...

Subaru: How do you feel having such an incompetent brother...?
Takumi: You bastard---

Takumi: How dare you...!
Subaru: You're finally
Subaru: Making a nice face...
Subaru: We get to have an odd number of judges,
Subaru: Don't you want to have more fun then?
Text: Next issue comes with a crash with a poster in color!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA

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