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Shokugeki no Souma 76

Duel Etiquette

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 9, 2014 07:06 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 76

Poster 1 (Ikumi)
Ikumi: Don't…
Ikumi: Look at me so much.

Poster 2 (Samurai)
Star: We have over 3.55 million copies in print! To commemorate the release of JC volume 8 we have a super two-sided poster in color!!
Text: They become the patriots of the cooking world---!!
(cutlery) 76 Duel Etiquette
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Subaru: Hey, Italian bastard,
Subaru: We get to have a one-on-one match,
Subaru: If we don't have the best of times
Subaru: We'll be losing out, right…?
Cutlery: A dirtied pride…!!
Subaru: Hey, don't you think so?

Subaru: Takumi…
Subaru: Aldiiiniiiiiii…!
Urara: Senpaiiiiii!!
Sign: Acoustics Room
Urara: Big troubleeeeee!!

Girl: What…?
Girl: What's wrong, Urara-chan…?
Girl: I'm about to make the announcement for the next match…
Urara: A notification just came!
Urara: L…Look at this!!
Girl: Eh…!?
Girl: W…We have…
Girl: We have an announcement…For all of our guests.
Girl: …In the fourth match which is coming up next
Girl: Between contestant Takumi Aldini and contestant Mimasaka Subaru---

Girl: A "Shokugeki" will be hold!
Man: A Sho…

Voice: A Shokugekiiiiii!?
Voice: J…Just what's going on!?
Voice: A shokugeki…In the middle of the Autumn Election…?
Voice: I…Is that even possible!?
Senzaemon: It's possible
Senzaemon: As long as both of them have an agreement.

Senzaemon: They don't mind about the time or place…That's how Shokugeki are---
Box: Current President of the Shokugeki Administration Bureau Kageura Hisanao (34)
Hisanao: Director! Sorry for troubling you…
Senzaemon: Don't mind it,
Senzaemon: How about the authorization?
Hisanao: Yes,
Hisanao: I'm about to report that.
Hisanao: There's no problems with the conditions.
Hisanao: The administration bureau…
Hisanao: Recognizes this match as an official shokugeki!
Senzaemon: Understood!

Yuuki: …Ah!
Yuuki: Yukihira! Megumi! Where were you? Geez!
Megumi: W-we-well…We were with Takumi-kun and Mimasaka-kun until just now-
Yuuki: Eh…!?
Megumi: But they never mentioned anything about a shokugeki.
Megumi: Maybe they got in a fight…After Souma-kun and I left…
Shun: No…
Shun: Wasn't Mimasaka actually
Shun: Planning to have a shokugeki from the very beginning?
Souma: ---…?
Etsuya(thinks): As a cook, Mimasaka Subaru is
Etsuya(thinks): A complete piece of garbage.

Etsuya(thinks): He doesn't have the least respect towards ingredients or tools.
Etsuya(thinks): You wouldn't find a kitchen willing to hire Mimasaka anywhere in the world.
Etsuya(thinks): He's only
Etsuya(thinks): Interested in winning.
Shun: He thoroughly investigates the students who are his targets
Shun: And he's willing to provoke…Threaten…Or use any other means in order to bring it to a showdown.
Shun: And the number of shokugeki he's won is 99…
Shun: With him being a first year, this number is abnormal no matter how you look at it…
Souma: So he was that big thing which was stalkering me, huh…
Ryouko(thinks): He's nasty!!
Yuuki(thinks): I definitely don't want to meet him on the street at night…!
Ryouko: But, Ibusaki-kun, I'm amazed you could find out so much about him.
Yuuki: …! I got it! You were mad he won the right to participate on the main tournament from you
Yuuki: So you were trying to find out his true identity!

Shun: …………Not really,
Shun: It wasn't that hard to find out, the shokugeki results are officially recorded.
Megumi(thinks): She might be right on the mark…
Yuuki: Saying it like this might be too much, but Ibusaki is pretty jealous sometimes.
Ryouko: Shh…He's hearing you.
Shun: ……Anyway…Mimasaka is using the shokugeki system
Shun: As a toy to play around with.
Shun: What he makes his opponents bet is their "tools"---
Shun: By taking away their most important tools as cooks
Shun: He tramples on his opponents' pride…
Ryouko: …Is he trying to be Musashibou Benkei?
Ikumi: Keh…! That bastard's got seriously bad taste.
Shun: It would be great if it were just bad taste…
Megumi: ?

Shun: …On a certain shokugeki
Shun: They say he was laughing out loudly as he took away
Shun: A knife which was his opponents' late mother memento.
Guy: …!!
Guy: What a guy…!
Megumi: …Then,
Megumi: What Takumi-kun bet was…
Megumi: His mezzaluna…!

Isami: …
Girl: …Sorry for the wait,
Girl: The contestants are making their entrance!

Woman: Oh my…That boy is so pretty.
Woman: I want to keep him… //as in to get him for her
Girl: The judging method until now
Girl: Was one which involved the five judges, including the academy's director, reaching an agreement,
Girl: But only in this match, each of them will have a vote…
Girl: In other words
Girl: The match will be held completely in a shokugeki fashion!
Voice: They really…They really are doing it!
Voice: To think we got to see a shokugeki…We're so lucky!
Voice: Goooo!! Battleeeee!!

Ikumi: Dammit…They're all just heating up on their own.
Guy: They sure are easygoing, they don't even know what's on stake!
Isami: Nii-chan…!
Subaru: …Having a useless little brother
Subaru: Sure is tough for the big brother, isn't it?
Subaru: If I win, I'll take your precious two-hand knife,
Subaru: Don't think badly of me, Aldini…
Subaru(thinks): …What?
Subaru(thinks): A glove---?

P14 //dammit, Takumi's looking cool there
Takumi: Pick it up…

Subaru: Huh…?
Takumi: I'm giving the boorish you…A lesson on the proper etiquette.
Takumi: If you throw a white glove at your opponent's feet
Takumi: And he picks it up
Takumi: That becomes proof that he accepts the battle.
Takumi: This is the Galateo del Duello. //Duel Etiquette, he only says Duello in Italian originally, but I think it sounds cooler like this
Subaru: …
Takumi: We Italians always make our opponents pay back for the humiliations they make us suffer.
Takumi: If I win
Takumi: I'll have you prostrate and apologize right here,
Takumi: To the mezzaluna you dirtied…
Takumi: And-

Takumi: To my brother!

Girl: The fourth match of the first round of the main tournaments…And Shokugeki!
Girl: The theme is…
Girl: "Desserts"!
Girl: A dessert befitting to be the last dish on a dining table…
Girl: That's this showdown's theme!
Girl: Well then,
Girl: Begin cooking---!

Bands: Takumi<3LOVE
Girl: One, two-
Girl: Takumi-kuuuun!!
Box: The Takumi fan club hurried to cheer on him.
Man: Desserts are most suitable to be the last of the first round.
Man: Yes! This is very nice from them!
Woman: That boy was born in Italy, right…?
Woman: Then, he'll really be making a gelato?
Voice: The ingredients are---
Voice: Eggs, wheat flour…Sugar…Fresh cream,
Voice: And lemon---
Megumi: …Ah…!?
(cutlery) 76/End

Text: A cook specialized on winning,
Voice: This is…!!
Etsuya: Mimasaka Subaru
Etsuya: Has no "specialty"…
Text: What will Mimasaka's dish be!?

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