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Shokugeki no Souma 77


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 9, 2014 07:08 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 77

Box: Three days before the fourth match---
Subaru: Arrived at home at 18:12:55.
Subaru: He was reading a cooking book passionately yesterday,
Subaru: But today, Takumi is on charge of cooking.
Cutlery: The observing
(cutlery) 77 Pursuer
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Subaru: Are they planning to make a new dish…
Subaru: With the ingredients they merrily bought together…?
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Subaru: …He's so cold…Well, it's ok.
Cutlery: Mimasaka's "eyes"!!

Subaru: I've already obtained the receipt…
Wheat Flour
Subaru: Lemon,
Subaru: Almond, Hazelnuts,
Subaru: Eggs, Sugar, granulated sugar, wheat flour, butter, fresh cream,

Subaru: 5 bowls, 3 whisks,
Subaru: A frying pan, a rubber spatula, cotton swabs, a sheet pan, a pound cake mold.
Voice: What's happening here!?
Voice: From the ingredients to the cooking tools number,
Voice: They have exactly the same things!!
Souma: ……Oh…
Ikumi: Takumi made his move!

Ikumi: He put the almonds…And hazelnuts in the oven!
Ikumi: I guess he's rouasting them so that the nuts' sweet smell comes out.
Takumi: !!
Ikumi: Mi…!!
Ikumi: Mimasaka is doing the same!!
Hisanao: Director! Sorry for the wait.
Man: Hmm…?

Hisanao: I've brought you the record of Mimasaka Subaru's previous shokugekis.
Box: President of the Shokugeki Administration Bureau Kageura Hisanao
Hisanao: As all of you know,
Hisanao: The shokugeki's date, time, the things each participant bet,
Hisanao: And many more data is recorded by the administration bureau.
Thought: Well, that's some amazing pattern for a suit…
Thought: What a pattern.
Thought: The pattern…
Hisanao: This is---
Hisanao: A document which contains the summary of the dishes both sides made.
Man: Wha…!
Man: What the----!!?
Paper: {
Mimasaka Subaru's Shokugeki Record
Date | Contestant Name/Dish Name | Contestant Name/Dish Name | Winner
4/12 | Mimasaka Subaru/Mapo Doufu | Sekiguchi Yuuya/Mapo Doufu | Mimasaka
4/14 | Mimasaka Subaru/Duck Steak | Saizu Kensuke/Duck Steak | Mimasaka Subaru
4/16 | Mimasaka Subaru/Nigirizushi with Plenty of Tuna | Hinuma Ematsu/Nigirizushi with Plenty of Tuna | Mimasaka Subaru
4/17 | Mimasaka Subaru/Celery Root Fricassee | Mikami Shunta/Celery Root Fricassee | Mimasaka Subaru
4/19 | Mimasaka Subaru/Conger Eel grilled without seasoning ~Garnished with Caviar~| Kamoshita Yuu/Conger Eel grilled without seasoning ~Garnished with Caviar~| Mimasaka Subaru
4/21 | Mimasaka Subaru/ |Ku |
Man: They're all…The same!!?

Subaru: "Semifreddo".
Subaru: That's the name of the sweets we're both making.
Subaru: Semifreddo means semi-frozen in Italian
Subaru: And the dish has the coldness of ice cream and the soft texture of a cake.
Subaru: This time we're making a three-layer one.
Box: (1) A topping layer of praline.
Box: (2) A layer of meringue or fresh cream in an ice cream-like state mixed with praline or similar things.
Box: (3) A sponge batter layer.
Asterisk: Praline: A caramel-like mix of roasted nuts and sugar syrup. It's used in coarsely ground to a paste state in many different sweets.
Subaru: Did I get it right?
Takumi: ……Hmph…
Takumi: Is this the result of sniffing around me from three days ago?
Takumi: Well, nice job…Mimasaka Subaru!

Subaru: No, I started investigating two weeks ago, you know…
Yuuki: Y…You actually noticed, that's a pretty great feat!
Souma: That's right! Don't lose on the feelings side, Takumi!
Takumi(thinks): Just what is his plan…? Is he so confident on his semifreddo!?
Takumi(thinks): So much he thinks he can win with the same recipe?
Takumi(thinks): Don't underestimate Aldini!
Voice: Both are making the batter!
Voice: They're softly whisking the eggs and sugar…!

Girl: Takumi-kuuuuun!! You're so dreamy!
Girl: Those supple and sensitive fingertips…!
Girl: I can't have enough of them!
Shun: Desserts are called "Dolce" in Italian…
Shun: And Takumi seems to have a big deal of experience on a real restaurant.
Ikumi: Yeah! There's no hesitation on his heartfelt movements.
Ikumi: If the amounts were even a bit different the taste will get ruined…
Ikumi: That's how sensitive you have to be when making sweets!

Ikumi: !!?
Voice: Whoa!? That crazy giant
Voice: Is doing such a precise job!?
Voice: A maiden…!
Voice: I can see the figure of a maiden making embroidery!
Voice: What a horrible gap!
Subaru: See ya, Aldini…
Subaru: From here on-

Subaru: It's arrangement time.
Megumi: Ah…!?
Megumi: Even though Takumi-kun whisked his eggs together
Box: *Whisking the egg yolk and white without separating them
Megumi: Mimasaka-kun
Megumi: Whisked the eggs apart to make the batter!
Etsuya: Mimasaka Subaru first studies his opponents completely.
Etsuya: He takes all the information on the dishes they're making.
Etsuya: He analyzes all that data and predicts what exactly they're making! On top of that
Etsuya: He arranges the dish so that it goes "one step" further from his opponent's.

Subaru: Doing it the génoise way (whisking together) lets you make a smooth moist batter,
Subaru: On the other hand, doing it the biscuit way (whisking apart) lets a lot of air inside which makes it fluffy and makes it absorb plenty of syrup which makes the taste better…
Subaru: In other words, it let's it receive the most of the sweet syrup's blessings.
Subaru: You may have chosen one with a smooth moist texture,
Subaru: But if you're tasting both---
Subaru: This one is better.
Senzaemon: He makes a difference with the arrangements he makes in many places,
Senzaemon: Reduces the factors which can make him lose to almost zero,
Senzaemon: And wins.
Man: Wha…!?
Man: I can't believe it!
Man: Such a feat is impossible!
Man: Even if he could steal a glance at a test dish,
Man: One can change the recipe with a thought just before the match!!
Man: Under no circumstances such nonsense can be…!
Hisanao: The records also mention this-

Hisanao: What Mimasaka Subaru investigates isn't the dish
Hisanao: It's his opponents personality---
Subaru: So…Next is making the syrup.
Subaru: With this liqueur…!
Takumi(thinks): Even the limoncello---!
Zenji(thinks): Limoncello…!
Zenji(thinks): A lemon liqueur native from Italy!
Zenji(thinks): The liqueur imbibed in a sponge batter's syrup…Is normally rum or amaretto.
Zenji(thinks): However, even the limoncello overlapped…!
Subaru: The Trattoria Aldini has a specialty which uses plenty of this.
Subaru: The "Limoncello Panna Cotta"!
Subaru: It seems this dish is so popular many people from all around the Tuscan region come by in February, when its in season, just to eat it.
Subaru: I suspected you would definitely use it for your semifreddo…
Isami(thinks): He even has that information!?

Isami(thinks): He really…
Isami(thinks): Predicted everything…!?
Subaru: There's still more arrangements to come, you know?
Subaru: My fresh cream is mixed with mascarpone cheese to give it a deeper body.
Subaru: It's the same thing you did for your curry pasta on the preliminaries…!
Subaru: How do you feel? Being left behind by someone who used your best techniques?
Takumi(thinks): It's like…A nightmare!!
Takumi(thinks): Having to fight with the opponent knowing all of my cards!!
Man: Director! Are you going to allow such a match to occur!!?
Senzaemon: The dishes presented are all there is to a shokugeki…
Senzaemon: There's no rule which would require to warn Mimasaka Subaru.
Man: …!

Etsuya(thinks): This are Mimasaka Subaru's behavioral principles.
Etsuya(thinks): Not being interested in anything but winning
Etsuya(thinks): And making the possibilities of losing almost zero.
Etsuya(thinks): Right down to a gnat's eyebrow…While thoroughly investigating his opponent
Etsuya(thinks): He traces their personality in order to become "them".
Voice: After fifteen minutes of baking the batter will be ready…After that, it's just adding the toppings and the sauce…
Voice: Mimasaka might arrange it and add something more there too, you know?
Voice: Then…At this rate, Aldini
Voice: Can only head to his loss…?
Subaru: …Straightforward guys like you are the easiest to do.
Subaru: You look cool and composed on the outside but you're passionate about cooking.
Subaru: You have love and pride for your birthplace
Subaru: And those feelings will definitely show on your dish.
Subaru: I'm so glad…

Subaru: That you are
Subaru: Just what I thought you were…<3
Etsuya(thinks): He continues to observe his opponent
Etsuya(thinks): And strips him naked.

Etsuya(thinks): The "King of Stalkers"!!
Etsuya(thinks): That's who Mimasaka Subaru is!!

Yuuki: Eeeeeeeeek
Yuuki: He's even more dangerous than I imagined!!
Guy: What's he going to do if his loss is decided!!?
Isami: N…Nii-chan has the ability to cope with difficulties he gained with his work experience!
Isami: There's no way an Italian man will lose…
Isami: With Dolce…!
Takumi(thinks): He completely knows the recipe I was planning to make.
Takumi(thinks): What should I do?
Takumi(thinks): Should I make a diferent one?
Takumi(thinks): No, there's not enough time.
Takumi(thinks): Am I going to lose?
Takumi(thinks): No way…
Takumi(thinks): If I lose here
Takumi(thinks): Then what did I come to Japan for---!!

Isami(thinks): Nii-chan…
Takumi(thinks): Don't make that face,
Takumi(thinks): Brother.
Takumi(thinks): Remember,
Takumi(thinks): The tumult in Aldini's cucina.

Takumi(thinks): Believe in what
Takumi(thinks): You cultivated there---!
Takumi(thinks): Let's do this.
Takumi(thinks): On this match,
Takumi(thinks): I'll take all what I was and the recipes I've created
Takumi(thinks): ---And surpass them.
Cutlery: Overcome the adversity---!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA

(cutlery) 77/End

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