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Shokugeki no Souma 78

A Paper-thin Difference Between Offense and Defense

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 16, 2014 10:51 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 78
Star: A center color page as thanks for the great popularity of the election's main tournament!!
Star: Isshiki-senpai is the mark! JC Volume 8 is on sale with rave reviews!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Big text: The bonds created in the kitchen
Big text: Which strongly bind these brothers together---
(cutlery) 78 A Paper-thin Difference Between Offense and Defense

Big Text: Shokugeki
Text: Tootsuki Academy's traditional cooking showdowns.
Text: Both competitors present a compensation to the other’s desires
Text: And clash with each other with that on stake!
Text: What Mimasaka Subaru aimed for
Text: Was what could be called Takumi's soul, his two-hand knife, his "mezzaluna"---
Subaru: Aldini…
Subaru: You have given your dolce(desserts) to the many adult customers who came to your restaurant……
Subaru: For the sponge cake batter you'll use for your semifreddo…You will probably choose the elegant, refined, and smooth one,
Subaru: The génoise.
Subaru: The liqueur you'll use for the syrup
Subaru: Will definitely be limoncello.

Subaru: I finished it…<3
Subaru: The perfected version of the semifreddo Aldini is trying to make<3

Subaru: …In order to
Subaru: Surpass this---
Yuuki: If he's completely predicted what dish Takumicchi is making…
Yuuki: Then he must find a new way to arrange it now!!
Isami: But……If he doesn't continue preparing the dish
Isami: He won't be able to finish before the time limit…
Voice: There's 45 minutes left---!!
Takumi(thinks): Is there…Anything!?
Takumi(thinks): Anything I can do!!?

Voice: The nuts will be roasted soon!
Voice: Mmmm…! The almonds' fragrance is spreading.
Voice: And Mimasaka put the batter in the oven!
Voice: How about Aldini!?
Voice: …!
Voice: ---He can't move!
Takumi(thinks): If I put the batter in the oven I won't be able to make changes to it anymore.
Takumi(thinks): If I want to do something it has to be now.
Takumi(thinks): Maybe I should mix in some lemon slices to give it a stronger aroma?
Takumi(thinks): …No! If I do something like that I might ruin the all-important texture…
Subaru: Hey, hey…It takes 15 minutes for the batter to bake! You also need time for it to freeze after you put it in the refrigerator.
Subaru: Working on the topping is also left.
Subaru: Don't you need to begin baking it now?

Takumi: Kuh…!
Voice: Takumi is also…
Voice: Putting the batter in the oven…!!
Shun: Mimasaka's semifreddo will have mascarpone cheese mixed in…
Shun: It should have a deeper body and flavor.
Megumi: It's amazing…He's cooking with such liveliness
Megumi: With those huge hands!
Megumi: The fruit secs for the topping!
Megumi: The sauce with limoncello as its base!
Megumi: It's lively yet so detailed…!
Souma: Well, Mimasaka even puts a rope around the cloth when he parks his bike…
Souma: He's also good with embroidery.
Megumi: Embroidery?
Zenji: He somehow has to think of a way to counter Mimasaka with what he has…
Yuuki: But, look! The only extra ingredients he has…

Yuuki: A few spare eggs and the lemons for the topping!
Yuuki: Other than that, the sugar, and granulated sugar…!
Yuuki: And he only has that much butter left, you know!?
Yuuki: He doesn't have any ingredients he can actually use!!
Thought: The theme being desserts worked against Aldini-kun on this too…
Thought: You distribute the amounts so precisely it's hard to have much extra ingredients!
Thought: Those become shackles…!
Thought: Multiple layers of them!!
Thought: Without being able to think properly
Thought: And with the time limit coming closer
Thought: He has no choice but to continue cooking.

Thought: The rules he supposedly set by himself
Thought: Are binding him…!
Isami: 15 minutes have passed…!!
Isami: The batter is done baking.
Voice: Hmm…!? Doesn't Mimasaka's batter
Voice: Have a deeper color than Alidini's!?
Voice: Y…You're right! Why…?

Senzaemon: Biscuit Gioconda, huh…!
Big text: Biscuit Joconde…!
Text: For it, the normally used wheat flour is mostly changed for "Almond Powder".
Text: The batter becomes more fragrant and rich.
Voice: You're kidding me, he even hid something like that in the batter!!?
Man: …
Takumi(thinks): Another arrangement…!
Takumi(thinks): The gap became wider…!?
Subaru(thinks): These kind of guys with lots of pride get even stiffer when they get in trouble.
Subaru(thinks): They're scared of presenting a dish they know it will lose.
Subaru(thinks): Aren't you the same, Aldini…?

Subaru(thinks): Get destroyed before even finishing…!
Takumi(thinks): Olive oil…
Takumi(thinks): It's a special one I always have with me as a charm---

Subaru: Here…
Subaru: It's complete……!
Man: This is…A semifreddo which goes ahead from the semifreddo
Man: Takumi Aldini was making!!?

Voice: Oooooooh! It's beautiful…
Voice: A praline where the almonds' sweet smell rises
Voice: And an ice cream-like layer which is complete after freezing the cream once and then letting it half-defrost in room temperature,
Voice: Everything was delicately made…!
Man: Hmph…!! I don't like this!
Man: Ooizumi-dono?
Ooizumi: A dish which only added superficial ideas later on!!
Ooizumi: Something like that could crush the original dish's balance…I can't believe it'll have a settled flavor!
Voice: A…Anyway..!
Voice: Let's taste it---

Thought: The difference in textures produced by the three layers!
Thought: I can feel it just by putting the spoon in it!
Man: !!!
Thought: The lemon's refreshing sweetness is filling my mouth over…!!
Thought: The almonds' fragrance tickles my nose!
Thought: A flavor with no bitterness is splendidly integrated!!

Thought: Mild and sweet…
Thought: It's as if the maiden heart inside me is reacting…!
Subaru: I chose biscuit Joconde because it's affinity with praline is great…
Subaru: The almonds' rich smell wafts from the batter, too…And all while keeping the flavor's harmony-
Ooizumi: Silence!
Ooizumi: I won't approve of this dish!!
Ooizumi: What are shokugeki!?
Ooizumi: They're a clash of souls where you measure your beliefs!!
Ooizumi: This dish has no trace of that!!
Ooizumi: It isn't but a blasphemy against shokugeki!
Ooizumi: Don't you have any beliefs as a cook!!?
Subaru: I don't understand what you mean…
Subaru: "Right down to a gnat's eyebrow"…That's my belief.
Subaru: I analyzed my opponent's strength and didn't hesitate on making an effort to win,
Subaru: That's all there is to it.

Subaru: What's wrong about it?
Ooizumi: You…! How can you say that so shamelessly!?
Subaru: Besides, Shokugeki
Subaru: Are decided by whose dish was better, aren't they?
Subaru: Whether my semifreddo is good or not…
Subaru: That's all you need to answer…
Ooizumi: Guuuuuuh…!!
Ooizumi(thinks): Don't screw with me…Of course it's good!
Ooizumi(thinks): I don't want to accept it…!
Ooizumi(thinks): But it draws me in!
Ooizumi(thinks): What's with this…?
Ooizumi(thinks): He's a meanie, meanie, meanie!! //lol, gramps went tsundere

Ooizumi(thinks): That guy I hate is so cool
Ooizumi(thinks): But his smile makes my feelings make a loop
Ooizumi(thinks): Pure heart (star) Contrast
Ooizumi(thinks): Hum…But please, with those sweets,
Ooizumi(thinks): Step on the accelerator
Ooizumi(thinks): Of love…! //LOL!!!!
Art: Tsukuda Yuuto

Ooizumi(thinks): I unintentionally ended up turning into a maiden!!
Ooizumi(thinks): It was a supreme dessert which seemed to amplify Aldini's good looks…!
Ooizumi(thinks): With this he no longer
Ooizumi(thinks): Has any chance to win……
Subaru: Hmm…
Subaru: What? You're presenting one?
Subaru: …Don't look down on me,
Subaru: I'm…A pro cuoco, you know?
Takumi: No matter what, I'll take the dishes
Takumi: To where the customers wait…The tavola.

Isami(thinks): That dish…
Isami(thinks): The semifreddo nii-chan was making
Cutlery: ---Chance of winning…!?
Isami(thinks): Was different.
Shokugeki-no SOMA

(cutlery) 78/End

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