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Shokugeki no Souma 79

The Last "Card"

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 21, 2014 13:28 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 79
//400, huh... I never thought I'd get to such a number XD

"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Dad: Takumi,
Dad: Isami,
Dad: Take this with you to Japan.
Dad: It's Aldini's homemade olive oil…
Dad: It'll surely protect you---
Cutlery: With Aldini's pride in his chest, will he be able to recover from this hopeless situation!?

Shokugeki-no SOMA
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
(cutlery) 79 The Last "Card"
Cutlery: What "arrangement" did Takumi make--!?
Subaru: What are you trying to do, Aldini?
Subaru: What you were making…

Subaru: Wasn't it a three-layered semifreddo?
Voice: In between the cream and the sponge cake batter
Voice: There's a really thin layer with glints of gold!!
Voice: A fourth layer!!?

Thought: Finally…The fated tasting.
Thought: Just what's in this layer
Thought: That may give you a chance of winning!? Aldini-kun!!
Girl: Takumi-kun…!
Girl: Takumi-sama…

Takumi(thinks): Please…
Takumi(thinks): Come!!

Thought: It's so vivid,
Thought: The wind that blows in the Mediterranean Sea
Thought: Makes the lemon trees sway lightly---

Thought: …I've eaten semifreddo many times in the past…
Thought: I also know the taste of real Italian Limoncello,
Thought: And this is different to both of those!!
Man: What's this lemons' overwhelming flavor!!
Man: Just what is this golden layer made of!?
Takumi: That is
Takumi: "Lemon Curd".
Girls: Lemon…
Souma: Card?
Takumi: The correct spelling is curd not card…
Takumi: It means "Coagulated"---

Big Text: Lemon Curd
Text: A seasoning native to the United Kingdom.
Text: It's made by mixing eggs, lemon juice, and other things with a whisk and warming the mix by immersing it in hot water until it becomes a paste.
Text: There even exists a purveyor of it for the British Royal Family, it's a seasoning with an extremely long history.
Voice: This paste, which lets off the refined bittersweet smell of lemons,
Voice: Melts together with the smooth génoise sponge cake batter inside my mouth…
Ooizumi: What a light texture!!
Ooizumi: You'd never get to feel this with the rather coarse biscuit batter!
Man: It's a reversal…!
Man: He took the whisked-together batter Mimasaka Subaru saw as a disadvantage…
Man: And converted it into lovely deliciousness!!
Voice: Hmm…! A british seasoning!
Voice: And you're telling me he improvised it?
Voice: I'm amazed he could get the ingredients for it.

Takumi: Lemon curd's ingredients are eggs, sugar,
Takumi: Lemon juice, grated lemon skin…And
Takumi: Butter.
Man: Butter!?
Man: Didn't you have only a very small amount of butter left…?
Takumi: I used this as a substitute.
Man: Olive oil!?
Man: Wow!! Thats possible!?
Man: As expected from an Italian, he knows its properties well!
Takumi: I fell behind with the semifreddo's batter.
Takumi: I saw that mine would lose to the punching power the biscuit joconde sponge cake batter which uses plenty of almond powder…
Takumi: So I thought I should challenge it using the lemons' flavor.
Takumi: If I can strengthen the lemons' freshness and mild body using lemon curd-

Takumi: Then I definitely won't lose to his semifreddo!
Man: I never thought he'd use an idea from the United Kingdom!
Man: And even then the dish still feels Italian…It's still dyed in his color!!
Man: Yes!! The olive oil's refreshing aroma gets along well with the lemons!
Senzaemon: Indeed…In other words,
Senzaemon: This should be called "Lemon Curd Italiano".
Senzaemon: It's a new seasoning which was never seen before!

Girl: So cooool!
Girl: Takumi-kuuuun
Ikumi: Wow…
Megumi: To think he could make a whole new flavor
Megumi: In the midst of adversity…!
Isami: Aldini
Isami: Protected him…!
Takumi(thinks): I felt like I heard it when it occurred to me,
Takumi(thinks): The sound of rails forking…
Takumi(thinks): The sound of surpassing the past recipe!

Man: Up until now, for better or worse, he was bound to Italian cuisine…
Man: It's the moment when an idea went free from that.
Ooizumi: Brilliant!!
Ooizumi: Brilliant I say, Takumi Aldini!
Ooizumi: You did well in making such a flavor under that circumstan-
Ooizumi: ---…
Senzaemon: Ooizumi-dono,
Senzaemon: It seems you noticed.
Ooizumi: Director…!
Subaru: Kefuh-

Subaru: Kufuh
Subaru: Ahyuh…Kafuh!
Takumi: Hey…What's going on!?
Takumi(thinks): What's this…?
Takumi(thinks): It's as if he's hyperventilating.
Subaru: Hyahah
Takumi(thinks): He's
Takumi(thinks): Laughing?

Subaru: Ahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahya!!
Subaru's sd: Ahya
Subaru's sd: Ahya
Subaru's sd: Ahyahya
Takumi: ……What's…So funny?
Subaru: "What's so funny?" you ask!? Don't say such lonely things!!
Subaru: I know
Subaru: Everything about you, you know!!?

Subaru: Hey! You understand it very well comparing them, don't you?
Subaru: The depth of my semifreddo's taste!
Ooizumi: …!!
Subaru: A seasoning made by pickling lemons for a few weeks!
Subaru: That's the hidden flavor of my dish…!
Ooizumi: As I thought…!
Ooizumi: "Preserved Lemons", huh!!
Voice: It's a seasoning from Morocco…It's made by pickling whole lemons!
Voice: Since even the white endocarp is put together, the sourness, saltiness, bitterness, freshness, and mildness
Voice: Are all strengthened, it's an almighty seasoning!!
Subaru: I added the sliced fruit and the pickle sauce to the sponge batter, the praline, and even to the sauce.
Subaru: The faint bitterness should emphasize the semifreddo's sweetness…!
Man: He predicted that Takumi Aldini would try to strengthen the lemons' taste
Man: And hid that beforehand!!?

Subaru: I "believed"!
Subaru: I believed that you would show the ability to cope with situations you trained in your restaurants
Subaru: And would definitely try to make arrangements without giving up!!
Subaru: And…You always have with you "Aldini's" olive oil.
Subaru: I just traced the rest.
Subaru: The answer I arrived after trying to think like you as only one, an Italian-style lemon curd!
Subaru: You're so cute, you ran around on the palm of my hand!!
Subaru: Without knowing I predicted all, aaaaaaaaaall of it!!
Subaru: Ahyahyahyahyahyahya!!!

Ooizumi(thinks): A narrow margin!
Ooizumi(thinks): Just a narrow margin!!
Ooizumi(thinks): A difference so small you wouldn't notice it without actually trying to compare both dishes…
Ooizumi(thinks): However---
Subaru: While I was investigating you,
Subaru: The two things which have your mind occupied came up…
Subaru: One was your bond with Isami,
Subaru: And the other
Subaru: Was your rematch against Yukihira Souma.

Subaru: How does it feel
Subaru: Having both of them stolen at once…?
Girl: It's unanimous……..The winner is
Girl: ……Contestant Mimasaka Subaru…!
Takumi(thinks): Diavolo---//the devil
Cutlery: Dumbfounded…
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 79/End

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