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Shokugeki no Souma 81

The Observer Arrives

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 5, 2014 21:56 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki no Soma 81

"Shokugeki no Soma"
Subaru: You say you're making...
Subaru: This...!?
Cutlery: A new project: "#photogeki" is beginning at the official Twitter account! Check the page on your right for more details!
Souma: Yeah,
Souma: As for the ingredients and seasonings I'm using...Ermmm
Souma: ......I'm going to think about them later on.
Cutlery: He buoyantly makes a declaration
Text: On September 4th, JC Volume (9) and the "Jumpack Shokugeki no Soma"~"Autumn Election" cheering pack~ will be both on sale!!
Souma: For the next match I'm making a beef ste-...
Ikumi: You big idiot!!
Ikumi: What are you blurting out loud!!?

(cutlery) 81 The Observer Arrives
Text: I'm leaving for the wilderness---But, I'm not alone.
Shokugeki no Soma
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Ikumi: Weren't you watching Takumi's match, you idiot!!?
Ikumi: To think you'd reveal the dish you're making by yourself!!
Box: Nikumi and Yoshino made him sit in seiza.
Souma: But if he's going to predict it anyway it's just the same.
Ikumi: Even then...!
Subaru: ...
Subaru(thinks): Does he think his bluff worked...?
Subaru(thinks): He plans to say he's making one dish here
Subaru(thinks): And making another different one for the real deal...
Subaru: ...You might be just bluffing, though.
Subaru: At any rate, I'll thoroughly investigate the dish you're making.
Subaru: With just some random words you-...
Souma: Naturally, I'm not just saying random things.
Souma: With this, it'll become a beef stew contest.

Yuuki: R...Revealing the dish is one thing......
Yuuki: But you're quitting as a cook if you lose!!?
Ikumi: Open your eyes!!
Yuuki: What'll be left if we take cooking from you!!!?
Souma: Hm...What's with you? Isn't that a bit rude?
Souma: For example, I could have great success as a salaryman.
Souma: I could even become a lawyer or a diplomat. (cd: That could be nice)
Souma: Objection! //LOL
Ikumi(thinks): He's really positive!
Yuuki(thinks): And he values himself really highly!
Megumi: D...Do you have any ideas?
Megumi: Some method to outwit Mimasaka-kun or something...?
Souma: I'm going to think about that later.
Megumi: ...!
Ikumi: Yukihira...
Ikumi: I'm disappointed on you!

Ikumi: For you...Cooking is...!
Ikumi: Something you can throw away so easily like that!!?
Megumi: Mito-san...
Ikumi: Jeez......I don't care anymore...!
Yuuki: Ah...! Nikumicchi!
Ryouko: ......Yukihira-kun,
Ryouko: You don't have to...Take on a risk like quitting being a cook.
Ryouko: Even if you only take back the mezzaluna-
Souma: That's not enough.
Ryouko: Eh...?
Souma: ...Hey, Mimasaka.

Souma: In a way, you actually have my props, you know?
Souma: To think you could recreate what Takumi was planning to make...You can't do that without being incredibly skilled.
Souma: ......But...
Souma: Why do you have such stupid challenges?
Subaru: ......It was on one of those stupid challenges...In which Aldini was utterly defeated, you know?
Subaru: I completely surpassed him as a cook and---
Souma: You're wrong there.
Souma: You only skimmed Takumi's effort.

Souma: Repeating trial and error,
Souma: Failing many times,
Souma: It's exactly because of that process that the dishes shine.
Souma: You're so pitiable...
Souma: You don't know the true joy of cooking.
Souma: That's the reason why you can laugh in those kind of matches,
Souma: You just steal your opponents pride with a superficial win...
Souma: I'll never accept a cook like that.
Souma: I'll return those 100 tools to their rightful place---

Souma: If one knife isn't enough,
Souma: Even if I have to bet all of myself as a cook,
Souma: I'll defeat you,
Souma: Mimasaka...Subaru!
Subaru: ...Then I'll go even further
Subaru: And trace you perfectly, that's all...!!
Subaru: Our shokugeki
Subaru: Is established, then...!

Subaru(thinks): Yukihira Souma...I'm getting
Subaru(thinks): More and more interested in you...<3
Subaru: Beef stew...If I were Yukihira Souma
Subaru: The meat part I would choose would be leg meat...Shank meat...Or maybe...
Subaru: From his trends so far I can tell---
Box: The next day
Box: Early morning
Souma: Well then...During this week
Souma: I'll search for ideas for the beef stew...

Souma: Before the morning classes begin,
Souma: I should make something along with breakfast...
Souma: I want to ask Nikumi about beef,
Souma: But I don't know if she'll be in a good mood.
SFX: *ding dooong*
Souma: Who's that? Coming so early in the morning.
Souma: For them to have business with the polar star dorm...

Souma(thinks): Camera,
Souma(thinks): Telephoto lens,
Souma(thinks): Something like a recorder.
Boy: Yukihira...Senpai.........!
Boy: The real thing...!! Wow......

Boy: What are you doing so suddenlyyyyy!?
Souma: Well...Sorry, sorry.
Souma: You seemed to be a pretty blatant spy but it seems you aren't, huh.
Souma: So...? Why are you here so early in the morning?
Boy: I-
Boy: ..I'm! I'm Soutsuda!!
Box: Tootsuki Academy Newspaper Club Middle School Division 3rd Year Soutsuda Mitsuru
Mitsuru: I'm...From the newspaper club!
Mitsuru: I'm in charge of delivering the morning newspaper today...
Souma: Newspaper club?
Paper: T.S.
Souma: T...
Souma: ...S?

Text: Tootsuki Sports!
Text: A school newspaper published (almost) everyday which covers all sorts of information about the school and its surroundings.
Text: It has from special coverage of official events like the Autumn Election and interviews with ultra-first-rate chefs...
Text: To nice stories and tips to conserve electricity. It's a newspaper with an extensive content which is a must-see for people involved with the academy!
Text: Extract from "Tootsuki's History" published by the Publishing Division of Tootsuki Academy.
Mitsuru: It's a newspaper with a lot of tradition that's been published since the dawning of the academy!
Souma: Hmm! Wow, we had something like this, huh?
Top right text: On the festival of gourmet food
White box: For first time in history
Black box: A second Shokugeki vs
Right side of the black box: Yukihira Souma
Left side of the black box: Mimasaka Subaru

//the right newspaper is the same as last page
Left newspaper:[
Title: Risking his life
White box: Yukihira says he's quitting as a chef.
Text: A shokugeki will be held in the match between contestants Mimasaka and Yukihira.
Text: This is the first time in history two shokugeki will be hold during a single Autumn Election...
Text: And contestant Mimasaka has already, during the first round,
Text: Defeated Italian cuisine user, Takumi Aldini, in a close match.
Text: The majority of opinions conclude that Yukihira Souma won't be able to avoid defeat.
Sign: Kirinoya
Hinako: Don't you want to work with me?
Little text: 80th Generation Alumnus
Text: Inui Hinako

Mitsuru: You're on the top of the front page!
Mitsuru: Senpai is the talk of the whole academy!
Souma: Isn't it weird that it's already published on the morning newspaper from one day to another!?
Mitsuru: T.S.' ability to get information is amazing!
Souma(thinks): Isn't he really Mimasaka's spy...?
Mitsuru: B...But, it's an honor...!
Mitsuru: To think I would be able to talk to you in person...
Mitsuru: Umm...! Yukihira-senpai!
Mitsuru: I have a special favor to ask of you!

Mitsuru: This next week...
Mitsuru: Would you let me do a total coverage of you!?
Souma: ...Huh?
Mitsuru: When I first saw Yukihira-senpai on the election I was deeply moved!!
Mitsuru: ...Especially during the first round of the main tournament! You were against one of the favorites, Alice senpai...
Mitsuru: Yet you were never intimidated
Mitsuru: And won sweepingly!!

Mitsuru: The T.S. has written that you will likely lose against Mimasaka-senpai...
Mitsuru: But I don't think so!
Mitsuru: All of my friends are also cheering for you!
Mitsuru: They say you're an amazing person for doing such a brave effort...While coming from a small shabby restaurant!
Souma: Hmmm...That's what they think about me?
Mitsuru: ......I came here on my own will.
Mitsuru: I'm only in a lower position since I'm in middle school so they won't let me have big articles...
Mitsuru: But, if I can successfully cover someone as important as Yukihira-senpai...
Mitsuru: I think I can become a first-rate newspaper reporter!
Souma(thinks): Go cook.

Mitsuru: I don't even know if I'll get space for the article!
Mitsuru: But my feelings of wanting to go after Yukihira-senpai are real! //lol, this sounds so misleading XD
Mitsuru: I'll...Do my best on this coverage!
Mitsuru: So please let me do it!! Yukihira-senpai!
Souma: Don't wanna.
Cutlery: A weird partner appears.
Mitsuru: S...Senpaiii!
Mitsuru: Wait pleaseee!!
Box: Remaining time before the Autumn Election's second round...
Box: One week!
Shokugeki no Soma
(cutlery) 81/End

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