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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Shokugeki no Souma 82

Start Line

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 11, 2014 04:37 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki no Soma 82

Star: The latest JC volume (9) and the Jumpack Shokugeki no Soma ~"Autumn Election" cheering pack~ will be both on sale on September 4th!! Let's enjoy the Autumn Election even more with these two volumes!!
Cutlery: What's the heart of the topic that's the sensation in Tootsuki---!?
Guy: Did you see the T.S.?
Guy: I did!
Guy: Things got really crazy!
Guy: Yukihira Souma...Didn't he say that he'll quit being a cook?
Guy: Is he that confident he'll win...? Isn't he just being too conceited?
Guy: Anyway...We can't miss the second round.
"Shokugeki no Soma"
Megumi(thinks): Souma-kun......
Megumi(thinks): I wonder if he's alright...

Shokugeki no Soma
Souma: Beef stew, beef stew, beef stew, beef stew.
Cutlery: Searching for ideas...
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
(cutlery) 82 Start Line
Guy: It's over.
Guy: What are you doing for lunch?

Megumi: Souma-kun...
Souma: ......Hm?
Souma: Whoa? When did the class end?
Megumi: Th...That's some concentration you have there...
Megumi: It's lunch break already.
Megumi: I was planning on going to the cafeteria, how about you?
Souma: Well...I'm going to-
Mitsuru: Yu...Yukihira-senpai!
Mitsuru: I...
Mitsuru: I made lunch!

Mitsuru: If you don't mind...Have some!
Girl: What's that...?
Girl: Eh...They have that kind of relationship...?
Souma: You were Soutsuda Mitsuru...From the newspaper club, right?
Souma: Sorry, but I can't eat that.
Thought: He got rejected...!!
Souma: I'm going test some things with the beef stew.
Mitsuru: Tests!!
Mitsuru: I see! The classes Yukihira-senpai is taking today are...
Mitsuru: Math, English, Western Cuisine History I, and a practical class on Spanish Cuisine!
Mitsuru: But the afternoon practical class was cancelled because the lecturer is in a business trip...!
Mitsuru: That's why you'll use today's afternoon to make lots of tests, right!?
Souma: Hmm...You've investigated a lot, huh.
Megumi(thinks): ...Wouldn't this be called stalking?
Mitsuru: I beg you! Let me cover your tests.
Mitsuru: I'll help with anything!
Souma: Help?

Souma: Ah, come to think of it...I was planning to buy some more herbs.
Mitsuru: I'll go buy some!
Mitsuru: I'll be back in a second! Please wait, Yukihira-senpai!
Megumi: He's running incredibly fast...
Souma: He's interesting, like a dog or something.
Souma: Well, I was looking for someone to try my dishes and give me objective opinions on them so this is perfect.
Megumi: Sorry...I have classes in the afternoon, too.
Souma: You don't need to apologize for that.
Megumi: Yeah...But, tell me anytime you need help.
Megumi: We're all...Cheering on you.
Megumi: Do your best...Souma-kun!
Souma: Yeah!
Sign: Fifth Kitchen
Box: Most of the kitchens inside the academy
Box: Are open for the students to do self-study (except during classes).
Title: Application for the Use of the Fifth Kitchen
Left column title: Name
Left column entry: Yukihira Souma
Right column title: Time
Box: Which means, as long as students bring their ingredients on their own-

Box: Anyone can use the kitchen freely.
Mitsuru: ......You're finally
Mitsuru: Beginning to prepare for battle...!
Text: The dish called Beef Stew has...
Text: "Boiled beef" and "Demi-glace sauce"
Text: As the main pillars that compose it.
Mitsuru: Just saying it makes it sound simple...But it's hard, isn't it...? Beef stew is
Mitsuru: One of the most representative dishes of western food.
Souma: Mmm...And if you fixate on it you can pursue it endlessly, too.
Souma: It takes a whole lot of work.
Souma: On restaurants that specialize on western cuisine...
Souma: Just boiling the demi-glace sauce-

Souma: They spend two weeks, or so I’ve heard.
Mitsuru(thinks): That's outrageous...!
Mitsuru: B...But! Since you chose this dish despite that
Mitsuru: Means you have a lot of confidence in your beef stew, right!?
Mitsuru: The article says that you treated Mimasaka-san some you had prepared yesterday!
Souma: No way, even that part is in it!?
Mitsuru: Ah, yes! My senpai in the newspaper club had a candid interview with him yesterday!
Souma: Really...? They didn't interview me.
Mitsuru: They all think Mimasaka-senpai is going to win... //why did he call him -san on a previous dialog?
Mitsuru: I think that's why no one interviewed you, Yukihira-senpai!
Souma: Hmmmmm...I see, I see...
Souma: ...Well,
Souma: You'll be able to tell if I'm confident or not

Souma: After actually trying it!
Souma: First, I'll add salt and pepper to beef belly meat,
Souma: And after sprinkling wheat flour on it...

Souma: I'll brown it with salad oil!
Souma: This single step makes it become a lot more fragrant once it's done.
Souma: Once the meat is browned, I'll boil it with the fond and the bouillon until it's tender.
Souma: Don't forget to skim the scum after boiling it once.
Mitsuru: Haaah...It already smells really nice...
Souma: To remove the bad smell and make it fragrant I used parsley, thyme, and bay leaf.
Mitsuru: Ah! Those are the ones I bought!

Mitsuru: You bundled them to make a bouquet garni.
Souma: That's right, bundling them makes them easier to remove
Souma: And that way only their aroma remains in the stew.
Box: Two hours later...
Sign: Fifth Kitchen
Mitsuru: Oooh!!
Mitsuru: It got really beef-stew-like right away!
Souma: It's a special demi-glace sauce I took my time boiling on a low flame so that it didn't get burned.
Souma: Filtering this with a strainer at the very end is important,
Souma: Doing so makes it taste better.

Souma: Here I taste the sauce again and adjust the taste using salt and pepper---
Mitsuru(thinks): Wow...! Even though he's cooking while talking his movements are really smooth.
Mitsuru(thinks): I'm sure he's made this many, many times until his hands remember it.
Mitsuru(thinks): A beef stew made by Yukihira-senpai...
Mitsuru(thinks): Just how does it taste...!?
Souma: Alright...
Souma: It's all done!

Mitsuru: Waah......! The rich smell of the demi-glace sauce...I can't have enough of it!
Mitsuru: The beef is glossy too...
Mitsuru: It's incredibly beautiful...!
Souma: I'm making it a lot more times, you don't have to take a picture every single time.
Mitsuru: No! This is the commemorative test dish #1!
Mitsuru: Then, I'll taste it...

Mitsuru(thinks): It's such a thick meat
Mitsuru(thinks): And I can cut it just by putting my spoon on it!

Mitsuru(thinks): Uh...!?
Mitsuru(thinks): Uwawawah...!!
Mitsuru: It's deliciouuuuuus!!
Mitsuru: The tenderness of the meat that crumbles the moment I put it in my mouth!
Mitsuru: And when I bit it the beef stock overflowed and melt together with the demi-glace sauce!

Mitsuru: Besides...
Mitsuru: I thought beef stew was a really sour dish,
Mitsuru: But senpai's is incredibly mild...!
Souma: You noticed it, huh...The hidden flavor.
Souma: I used light-brown miso!
Mitsuru: Miso!?
Souma: Beef stew's characteristic sourness comes from tomato...Some people might not be very good with that.
Souma: By adding light-brown miso at the end of the boiling, the sharp sourness becomes mild...
Souma: And the flavor becomes more to the liking of Japanese people.
Mitsuru: Wow...! That's amazing!!
Mitsuru: I've never eaten such a delicious beef stew...

Mitsuru: Shouldn't you be able to win against Mimasaka-senpai easily with this!?
Kanji: Engrossed!!
Souma: Nah...I don't think so.
Mitsuru: Eh?
Souma: ......You see, this beef stew,
Souma: Was the first of my dishes
Souma: My pops accepted to put in our special-of-the-day restaurant's menu.
Mitsuru(thinks): Hmm...Yukihira-senpai's father...
Mitsuru(thinks): I wonder what kind of person he is.
Souma: Restaurant Yukihira's Secret Menu #5! "Beef Stew"
Souma: It's a secret dish only available at autumn and winter, though.
Souma: I mean, it takes a lot of work so you can't really do it many times at a special-of-the-day restaurant.
Souma: ...And you see,
Souma: What I treated to Mimasaka yesterday was this same dish.
Mitsuru: !!?

Mitsuru: Eeeeh!? Wh...Why did you do that!?
Mitsuru: Why would you go and show your cards to your opponent!!?
Souma: Hmm...I got to know how Mimasaka works,
Souma: And there's also the fact that he'll investigate what I'm making either way.
Souma: But what I wanted the most
Souma: Was to put us on equal conditions, I guess...
Souma: I completed this recipe on my 2nd year of middle school...
Souma: I made it after making many tests, even if it meant cutting my sleep time.
Souma: It's my greatest masterpiece from that time.
Souma: How further can I make it evolve now?
Souma: Or will Mimasaka's tracing get him even further than that...?

Souma: This flavor will be
Souma: The start line for our match---!
Mitsuru(thinks): ---So that was the point...!
Mitsuru(thinks): Against Mimasaka-senpai, who copies his opponents' dishes...
Mitsuru(thinks): By winning starting from the same point
Mitsuru(thinks): He will truly win this match!! That's what Yukihira-senpai thought!
Mitsuru(thinks): Even if that meant revealing the proof of his effort!!
Souma: Our race will begin from here at the count of three...
Souma: This is our

Souma: Battle of creativity!
Mitsuru(thinks): As I thought...
Mitsuru(thinks): Senpai is an amazing person!!
Mitsuru: Whoops, I have to write down that nice phrase!
Mitsuru: "Battle of creativity"...Ok.
Cutlery: An earnest challenge against Mimasaka begins!!
Shokugeki no Soma
(cutlery) 82/End

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