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Shokugeki no Souma 83

The Chaser and the Chased

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 24, 2014 16:55 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki no Soma 83

"Shokugeki no Soma"
Cutlery: What's this about!?
Star: The latest JC volume (9) and the Jumpack Shokugeki no Soma ~"Autumn Election" cheering pack~ will be both on sale on September 4th!! Let's enjoy the Autumn Election even more with these two volumes!!
Yuuya: Souma-chan! Your food's great today, too!
Man: Souma-chan, more rice, please!
Mayumi: Yukihira-kun...
Subaru: Thanks for your patronage!
Thought: My name is Yukihira Souma...
Thought: My dream is to someday surpass my pops and become the cook that supports this restaurant.

Thought: Restaurant Yukihira's secret menu #5..."Beef Stew".
Thought: I'll first make something even better than this!
SFX: *mumble*
SFX: *mumble*
Text: Mimasaka Subaru's stalking
Text: Begins by increasing its accuracy to the utmost with an image training in which he puts all his soul on.

Subaru: It wasn't much!
Cutlery: That's way too scary...
Text: That’s the cause for his two nicknames, the "King of stalkers" and the "Perfect tracer".
Shokugeki no Soma
(cutlery) 83 The Chaser and the Chased
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Souma: I think that, to improve this beef stew,
Souma: There's overall three ways.
Souma: How delicious I can make the meat become,
Souma: Changing the demi-glace sauce,
Souma: Or fixating on the fond...

Souma: I would rather fixate on the meat,
Souma: I mean, it's a beef stew so how you cook the meat is important.
Mitsuru: I see...Making the most of the beef...Huh.
Souma: I'll first try using some of the spices I learnt during the curry making,
Souma: Adding aroma using cumin and cardamom!
Mitsuru: ...
Souma: ...This is no good.
Souma: The spices' aroma is all gone.
Mitsuru: The demi-glace sauce's flavor is too strong...
Souma: Then, I'll add it when boiling too to make more emphasis on it.
Mitsuru: Uh...

Souma: The nice soft flavor got sharpened...
Souma: The spices are emphasized too much.
Mitsuru: Maybe you should just change the ingredients...
Mitsuru: Or maybe changing the whole seasoning?
Souma: No...
Souma: The soft flavor produced by the light-brown miso...
Souma: If I get rid of it, it will become a totally different beef stew.
Souma: If possible, I don't want to change that...
Souma: Isn't there a way to make the flavor better
Souma: While making the best use of the light-brown miso...?
Souma: ---I've tried many things...
Souma: But I can't find one that makes me think "This is the one"...
Souma's sd: Hmmmm...
Souma(thinks): Anyway...Just like I thought,
Souma(thinks): This challenge is weird.

Souma(thinks): On the Shokugeki against Nikumi it was how could I counter the satisfaction produced by the A5 meat.
Souma(thinks): And on the battle against Alice from a while ago it was how could I overcome the impact produced using molecular gastronomy...
Souma(thinks): I came up with ways to deal with my opponents specialties.
Souma(thinks): But Mimasaka doesn't have a specialty!
Souma(thinks): I'm supposed to be fighting Mimasaka
Souma(thinks): But all I'm doing is a game of tag with myself...
Souma: ......Hey, Mitsuru,
Souma: Which one was the best so far?
Mitsuru: Yes!
Mitsuru: All were great!
Souma: No...I need you to tell me how they were good
Souma: Or what they were lacking.
Mitsuru: Well, I'm...
Mitsuru: Really full now!
Souma: That's because you ate all of them whole!
Souma: I told you I would have the guys at the dorm eat what was left, didn't I!?
Mitsuru: I can't leave any of Yukihira-senpai's cooking! //That's only for Harem kings to say Mitsuru...

Souma(thinks): This is hopeless...I can tell he's pumped up, but he's not really of use to me.
Souma(thinks): I have one week until the match!
Souma(thinks): I can't take my time on this...
Souma: Isn't there anyone with a good palate---
Guy: Want to...
Guy: Go home together...? Sachiko!
Girl(thinks): Eh!
Erina: Eh...It's been just a few months since they met
Erina: And they're already going home together...?
Erina: Perhaps, after this...
Erina: They will...H-Hold hands...!
Erina: That's...

Erina: S...So shameless...!
Paper: [8] Put your heart into it (END) <To be continued on the next volume> //lol at the pun to ch 61 (the cooking school chapter)
Erina: ...
Erina: Ah...!? I don't have the next volume!
Erina: No way...I was at a great part! How will Sachiko's love go!?
Erina: The main story ended up in a place where I really wonder what will happen only because that extra story is at the end!!
Erina: Hisakooooo? Where's the next one?
Erina: Hisakooo?
Erina(thinks): ......Ah...That's right.
Hisako: I can't face Erina-sama after suffering a defeat.
Hisako: Please give me a leave...
Paper: I'm leaving on a journey Hisako
Erina(thinks): She didn't even listen to my opinion and left...

Erina: How do you even acquire this kind of books?
Erina: I've never seen them, even in grandfather's study...
Erina: ...
Erina(thinks): Hisako was always,
Erina(thinks): Always there for me and prepared anything for me...
Erina(thinks): She was always there when I needed her---
SFX: *ding dong*
Erina: Geez, that Hisako!
Erina: She really understands me.

Erina: I was waiting for you!!
Souma: Yo,
Souma: Mind tasting this for me if you're free?

Erina: Yukihira Soumaaaaa!? (groaning voice)
Mitsuru: It's a wonderful smile!
Souma: You're right, I'm glad, it seems she's welcoming us.
Erina: I'm not!!
Erina: Wh-Wh...Why are you here!?
Erina: You must go through the security check in order to get into the Nakiri Residence...
Souma: Well, I met your cousin in front of the door,
Souma: And she said we could come in.
Alice's sd: Oh, Yukihira-kun.
Erina(thinks): Aliceeeeeee!!
Erina: ...
Mitsuru: At first I couldn't believe what I was hearing...

Mitsuru: Having the owner of God's tongue...Nakiri Erina-senpai taste your dish.
Mitsuru: I thought it was impossible to meet the academy's director's granddaughter, even if you're her classmate.
Mitsuru: But I've heard you've even got into a car together and had a chat!
Mitsuru: Yukihira-senpai truly is amazing!
Souma: Well, it was by chance.
Erina: Don't mess with me!
Erina: Listen!
Erina: You first need to be judged under strict protocols to see if you're suitable...
Erina: And pay an enormous contract fee!
Erina: That's how much a tasting made by me is worth!!
Souma: For real...? Mitsuru, how much do you have on you?
Mitsuru: Eeeeeh! I'm paying too!?
Erina: There's no way your pocket money is nearly enough!!
Erina(thinks): What's with this pair of buffoons!?
Erina(thinks): Yukihira-kun alone is complex enough to deal with,
Erina(thinks): But with another one like him the complexity gets squared...
Erina: Anyway...I don't even have time to deal with you,
Erina: I'm really busy!
Souma: "Busy"?...Reading manga?

Erina: !!!
Mitsuru: Ah! That one is popular right now.
Souma: A shoujo manga, huh.
Erina: Th...That has nothing to do with you.
Erina: Now, leave...
Souma: I think someone in the polar star dorm has all the volumes for that.
Souma: Well, I can't help it if you refuse,
Souma: I wonder if Fumio-san is free...
Erina: Wait there!!

Erina: Auh...
Erina: ......Ermm...
Erina: ......J-Just for today I'll make an exception
Erina: And make you the favor of eating that!
Souma: Eh? You're tasting it for me?
Erina: H...However, I'm just telling you the pros and cons of the flavor!
Erina: I can't give you any advice since I'm part of the management team of the election!
Souma: But, I don't have any money...
Erina: W-Well, the payment doesn't have to be in cash...
Erina: That's negotiable.
Erina: Hmmm...This is the beef stew you're testing?
Souma: Yeah.

Souma: I boiled beef belly meat with parsley, bay leaf, thyme, and tarragon...Until it tears apart.
Souma: The demi-glace sauce is homemade.
Souma: The hidden flavor is---
Erina: ...Light-brown miso, right?
Erina: Could you stop belittling me...? I can tell that much without eating it.
Mitsuru(thinks): As expected of her...! That's some amazing tension.
Mitsuru(thinks): Not only the dish,
Mitsuru(thinks): It's as if her gaze is testing everything---!

Mitsuru: ---How is it!? It's really good, isn't it!?
Mitsuru: I was really moved by it...
Erina: ...It's no good.
Mitsuru: !
Erina: If this was served on a restaurant for the masses it could work,
Erina: But you're heading to a festival of gourmet food, you know?
Erina: This dish is out of the question for such a festival...
Souma: ...
Erina: How amusing.
Erina: You don't understand this theme at all.

Satoshi: Director. //that's Isshiki-senpai, right? If not he really looks like him
Satoshi: Thank you very much for participating on the election's first round.
Satoshi: We'll have you participate as the head judge again for the final.
Senzaemon: Yes.
Senzaemon: And, for the second round judges...How’s the selection of personnel?
Satoshi: Yes,
Satoshi: We've been contacting them from a few months ago,
Satoshi: Since they're really busy people---

Gin: A shokugeki.....At the Election's main tournament...
Gin: Hmph...
Gin: It seems he's being as flashy as ever.
Gin: Hm
Text: Tootsuki Resort General Head Chef and member of the board of directors
Gin: It's me.
Text: Doujima Gin
Gin: ......Yes, I'll gladly take up on that.
Cutlery: A big-shot comes in! Next issue we have the cover and lead color pages!!
Gin: The main tournament's second round...In other words, the semi-finals
Gin: I'll see them with my own eyes!
Shokugeki no Soma
(cutlery) 83/End

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