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Union! 1

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 1, 2014 16:43 | Go to Union!

-> RTS Page for Union! 1

Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Union! 1

Text: A nice maiden that even makes water drop!
Girl: I finally found you.
Girl: Yuuta,
Girl: Let me repay you <3
Text: A beautiful girl dropped from the sky!?

Yellow Band: Commemorating the 100th issue
Big Text: A super huge projectile of a new serialization!!!!!!!
Chapter 1
Art: Hisasi
Scenario: Shiratori Shirou
Chapter 1 script composition: Nylon
Blue ball(left): {
Bubble: Bishoujo Artist
Yellow text: Hisasi
Bubble: Nourin's
Yellow text: Shiratori Shirou
Their Collaboration brings you
Blue ball(right):{
Text: A romantic comedy about beautiful girls’ repayments
Big text: Begins!

Woman: It's ok.
Woman: There's nothing to be scared of.
Woman: Fufu...
Woman: I'll just analyze you a bit... //might be dissect, but with the later context analyze works better imo
Boy: Eek...
Boy: Stoooooop!!

Yuuta: Phew...
Box: My name is Takashima Yuuta.
Box: I'm a rather normal guy in first year of high school.
Box: If there's anything special about me-
Girl: Takashima-kun, about the day duties...
SFX: *pat*

Yuuta: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!
Girl: ...!?
Girl: Did I do anything bad...?
Girls' SFX: *whisper*
Guy's sd: Again?
Yuuta: ...
Yuuta: No...Sorry......
Box: Is that I suffer from severe gynophobia.

Izumi: Ahahaha.
Izumi: Wow, as usual, you don't fail to make me laugh from the morning.
Box: She's Matsuzaka Izumi.
Box: She's my classmate and my childhood friend who lives next door.
Izumi: Won't you do something about your gynophobia?
Yuuta: I can't help it, can I? I mean, I---

Izumi: "Was kidnapped by an alien woman."
Izumi: Right?
Yuuta: ......Yeah.
Box: You might laugh at me, but it's a true story.
Box: I went missing for a week when I was five years old.
Izumi: Yuuta!!
Izumi: Yuuta!!
Box: When they found me at the neighborhood's park, they asked me if I was kidnapped by someone---
Yuuta: ...It was an alien...
Izumi: Yuuta!?
Yuuta: An alien
Yuuta: Woman.
Box: Is what I answered...Apparently.

Box: I don't really remember anything,
Box: But the traces of it remain in the shape of my gynophobia until now...
Izumi: Hey!!
Yuuta: !!
Izumi: And yet you're all fine when I touch you.
Yuuta: You're like family so you don't really feel like a woman.

SFX: *pissed off*
Izumi's sd: Hmph
Izumi: Well,
Izumi: It's not like there is any problem like this, is there?
Izumi: You don't really look like you'll get a girlfriend anyway!
Yuuta: Hahaha... (cd: You're right)
Box: However, this represents a big problem for me
Box: Because
Box: My house is---

Box: A bath-house!!

Woman: Yuutan, the shampoo has run out in the women's bath. //not a typo, she calls him Yuutan
Yuuta: Ye...
Yuuta: Yesh!!
Girl: Can I have a popsicle?
Yuuta: Yes...
Yuuta: Bhbfffffft!!
Sign: Our business hours are over.
Yuuta's sd: Haaaaaaaaaaaaah
Box: I'm the only one living at this house right now---

Yuuta: Today was terrible...
Yuuta: I lost consciousness for half of our business hours so I couldn't really work...
Box: One week ago---...
Box: My family said they wanted to spread the bath-house culture
Box: And went overseas leaving me here.
Box: They won't come back for at least a year.
Box: So I must take care of the place by myself until then.
Yuuta: But, at this rate...
Yuuta: Damn it, if only I didn't have gynopho---...
Yuuta: Bia?

p15-16 //no dialog

SFX: *boing*
Yuuta: Wh-What's this!?
Yuuta(thinks): A...A Woman!?
Girl: Hey...What's with this? I'm dripping wet.
Yuuta(thinks): A-And...She's incredibly pretty...!
Girl: Geez, the suit is sticking to my skin and feels gross...
SFX: *beep*
Girl: I need to take it off and dry it.

Girl: Hm?
Yuuta: #>$%<&---!!!
Girl: You are...
Yuuta: *Cough*

Yuuta: Uhm...
Yuuta: Wh-What's this!?
Woman: Are you awake?
Woman: There's no need to be scared.
Woman: I'll just analyze you a bit <3

Yuuta: ...What...?
Yuuta: Why am I sleeping here?
Yuuta: I feel like a weird girl just came out in the bath...
Yuuta: Was that actually a dream?
Girl: Ah, you're awake.

Yuuta: Y...You!!
Uni: It's not "you" it's Uni.
Yuuta: U...ni?
Uni: Yup<3

Uni: And you're "Yuuta", right?
Yuuta: Wh-Why do you know me...!?
Uni: Anyway, these are some weird clothes.
Uni: I borrowed it cause my suit got wet and I wasn't feeling well,
Uni: But this is so baggy it feels windy.

Yuuta: Well, those are for men...Wait
Yuuta: Hey!!
Yuuta: Button up!
Uni: Button?
Uni: Ah, you put this inside here? That's so primitive.
Uni: Mm...Go.
Uni: Ah
Uni: Eeeh?

Uni: I'm done with this, it's too bothersome.
Yuuta: Even if you're fine with it, it troubles me!
Uni: I mean,
Uni: Won't you wear anything?
Yuuta: Wah!
Uni: Anyway,
Uni: To think I just met you and you fainted, you scared me right there.
Yuuta: ...

Yuuta: When...I was in primary school I was kidnapped by a weird woman...I don't really remember it
Yuuta: But I've had gynophobia since then...
Uni: Aaaah, about that.
Uni: That was my mom.
Uni: My mom kidnapped you.
Uni: My mom's an astrobiologist.

Yuuta: Astrobiologist?
Uni: You see, my mom wrote a research thesis on earthlings---In other words, on you,
Uni: And she became the youngest person in history to be admitted as a member of the astrobiology academy!!
Uni: Hey!!
Uni: Isn't that amazing!?
SFX: //some sort of squeezing bouncy sound
Yuuta: I-I see... (cd: I don't really get it...)
Yuuta: So, it's your mother's fault that I ended up with gynophobia......?

Uni: It ended up like that, I guess.
Uni: Mom properly erased your memory and she adhered to the researcher’s code of ethics.
Yuuta(thinks): Erased my memory......That's why I don't remember a thing, huh.
Uni: To begin with, those kind of concerns are unnecessary for the inhabitants of such an uncivilized planet!
Uni: But...
Uni: Mom was always worried about you.
Yuuta: About me?
Uni: Yeah.

Uni: That's why I'm here, mom told me to repay you.
Yuuta: Repay?
Uni: Yes, what do you want me to do?
Yuuta: E-Even if you ask me that...
Uni: Hurry up, I can grant any wish you have.

Yuuta: Y...You can do anything?
Uni: Almost anything.
Uni: I can bend your poor science and social system as much as you want.
Uni: Do you want to be super rich?
Uni: Or maybe have perpetual youth?
Uni: I can even make you this planet's master, you know?

Yuuta: ...Then,
Yuuta: Cure my gynophobia!!
Uni: Huh!?
Uni: You're ok with that?
Yuuta: It's a big deal for me.
Yuuta: And if the cause of my gynophobia is your mother
Yuuta: I think it's reasonable for you to cure it for me.....

Uni: ...Ok.
Yuuta: W-Wow...
Yuuta: You......Really are an alien......
Uni: Of course I am.
Yuuta: So, how are you curing it?

Uni: It's easy, I first open a hole on your skull.
Yuuta: W-W-Wa-Waiiiiiit!!
Uni: What is it?
Yuuta: Do it on a way it doesn't hurt!
Uni: It doesn't hurt, you know?
Yuuta: Really......?
Uni: Yes, I mean, the brain has no sense of pain.
Yuuta: That's not what I meant!
Uni: This is the quickest and most certain way, you know?
Yuuta: Go with number two then, please!
Uni: Then I'll insert this tube inside your ear (cd: Eeeek)
Yuuta: Number three! Number three then!
Uni: Geez! What method would be fine with you!?

Yuuta: Hmmmm...Let's see.
Yuuta: ......Hypnosis
Yuuta: Or something like that?
Uni: Hypnosis?
Yuuta: Yeah, I saw that's one way of treating it on TV.
Uni: Hypnotherapy, huh...That's not my area of expertise, though...
TV's sd: You're getting sleepy
Yuuta: You can't do it?

Uni: Huh!?
Uni: There's no way I can't do it!
Uni: Wait there for a second.
Yuuta: Wh...What is this...?
Yuuta: It doesn't hurt?
Uni: This is the latest space hypnosis kit for home use.

Yuuta: You made it?
Uni: No, I ordered it.
Yuuta: ...
Uni: I just install the "Women Conquest Program" here...
SFX: *pop*
Uni: Well, I'm doing it.
Yuuta: ......Ok.
Uni: Women aren't scary, women aren't scary, women aren't scary...
Yuuta(thinks): I-Is this ok~~~!?

Uni: It should be fine now.
Yuuta: Hmm?
Uni: How are you?
Yuuta: Wow!

Yuuta: I'm so close to you looking at you and I feel nothing!
Yuuta: Thank you, Uni!
Uni's sd: You're welcome...
Uni: I-I see...
Yuuta: I'm really happy!
Uni: !?
Uni: Eh!?
Uni: Wh- Eh!?

Yuuta: Thanks to that I can touch you like this.
Uni(thinks): It didn't only cure his gynophobia but made him a "ladies' man"---!?
Uni: Hey...!
SFX: //another breast sfx XD
Uni: You think it's ok for a being of such an uncivilized planet to touch me-
Uni: S-Stop it!
Yuuta: Uni.

Yuuta: You're cute.
Uni: Eh!?
Uni: C-Cute!? I...?
Yuuta: Yeah.
Yuuta: No one's told that to you?
Uni: N-No...I always lived in a spaceship because of mom's job...mm<3

Yuuta: Then, have you ever done these kinds of things with a guy?
Uni: Th-There's no way I have...I've never even talked to a boy...
Uni(thinks): I'm losing strength...
SFX: *clench*

Yuuta: Uni, show me your face more.
Uni: Uh, that's... (cd: Ah?<3)
Uni: Haa
Uni: Haa
Uni: Haa
Uni(thinks): I had just come to repay him in mom's place---!!

SFX: *glance*
Yuuta: Eek
Uni: I...
Uni: Idioooooot!!
Yuuta: Bph!!

Uni: I'm telling mom about thiiiiiiiis!!
Yuuta's sd: Haha...
Box: The next day.
Yuuta: Haaaaah...
Yuuta: Yet another day I'm useless for work.
Yuuta: In the end, my gynophobia didn't get cured...
Yuuta: ...

Yuuta: Uni...
Yuuta: I did something bad to her, even when she took the time to come here...
Yuuta: Gyaaaah!!
SFX: *plooooooooop!!*
Yuuta: !?
Yuuta: What!?

Uni: ...
Yuuta: U-Uni?
Uni: ...
Yuuta: Why...?
Uni: Mom...Got mad at me.
Yuuta: Eh?
Uni: She told me not to come back until I properly repay you.
Yuuta: Eh?
Yuuta: Eh?
Uni: ...Geez, you're so slow.
Uni: That means I'm living here for a while!
Yuuta: Huuuuuuuh!!

Uni: That's how it is!
Box: A repayment life together with a beautiful alien!!
Uni: Prepare yourself to be repaid!!
SFX: *zap*
To be continued next issue! November issue will be on sale September 27th(Sat)!!

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