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Ballroom e Youkoso 2

Shadow Basic

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Oct 31, 2014 06:09 | Go to Ballroom e Youkoso

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Reserved for Simple Scans. Don't use without my permission.
Ballroom e Youkoso 2

Sign: Municipal Tamamura Middle
Guy: Nuoooh
Guy: God dammiiiit!!
Guy: Thanks to that bike bastard my parents won't shut up. (cd: Like my curfew being at 5pm, I don't get them)
Bubbled-face guy: Bullying is bad!
Guy: Punishment for Fujita! I'll have him spew where that man is!!
Guy: I'll hit him!
Guy: Ah, he came.
Guy: Fuji...

Heat 2 Shadow Basic
Guys: !
Guy: He's with a girl!!?
Guy's sd: No waaaaaay
Guy: Aah
Guy: That girl is Hanaoka-san!!

Guy: She's totally my type. (cd: Those glasses are dangerous)
Both: ...
SFX: Touched
Tatara(thinks): I haven't gone home with a girl ever since when we went together in groups in primary school!
Tatara(thinks): I just can't start a conversation though.
SFX: *beep*
SFX: *beep*
Sign: Ogasawara Dance Studio
Tatara(thinks): ---All of this is...
Tatara(thinks): Because I started doing ballroom dancing!

Man: Today we'll eagerly
Man: Try to do "Waltz'" Basic Routine!
Woman: This is the spin turn!
Woman: While spinning your body to the right you move your left leg diagonally to the back and make it your pivot!
Woman: Just like that you move your turn your left leg to the back...

Woman: Come on.
Woman: Try it.
Tatara(thinks): .....Pivo...?
Man: What "Come on"!!
Man: As if you can teach so theoretically!
Man: You cow woman!!
Woman: What?
Man: You just
Man: Whirl!
Man: Like this.
Man: And slash
Man: Like that.
Man?: Do it with the feeling of making a hit to the lower inside corner... //that's a baseball term
Woman?: What's that feeling!?
Kaname: "Tatara,"
Kaname: "You'll learn from them starting today."

Kaname: Be glad, you have a big breasted teacher.
Karen: My name is Banba Karen.
Kaname: ...And that bald over there is-
Tomo: Wha-
Kaname: (cd: Probably) Jinbo Tomochika. //I'm calling him Tomo
Kaname: Both are apprentices that just joined us.
Kaname: Your lessons can be for free. (cd: As a monitor)
Tatara: Eh!?
Tomo: Come when there's no other students!
Kaname: Well, usually there's no one.
Karen: You're coming keeping it a secret from your parents, right?
Tomo: You can't just tell them, right?
Tomo: I understand you.
Karen: We'll go all out at you! //as in that they will criticize him aggressively
Tara: Yes!
Voice: Aaaah
Voice: Geez

Tomo: Sengoku-san!!
sd: Uwaaaaaan
Tomo: He won't learn anything!!
Kaname: ...You don't seem to have talent as teachers.
Tomo: It's our fault!?
Tatara(thinks): I don't have talent...
Karen: Chasse!! Outside!!
Tomo: Ass explosion!!
Tatara(thinks): I don't understand a thing.
Tatara: Well, you all are amazing, you can think about a lot of things while dancing...
Both: Huh?
Tatara: My mind is a mess just with seeing and hearing.
Voice: How stupid are you!!?
Shizuku: Pu...
Shizuku: Fufu...

Shizuku: Do you best---
Shizuku: Well then,
Shizuku: I'll take my leave.
Shizuku's sd: Pupupu
Kaname: Shizuku,
Kaname: I'll take Tatara tomorrow too.
Shizuku: Eh, Sengoku-san, you're coming? (cd: How embarrassing)
Tatara: ...?
Tatara: What's happening tomorrow?
Shizuku's sd: Ah, peas!
SFX: *rustle*
SFX: *rustle*
Kaname: "What?" well
Both: A contest.
Kaname: I'm watching it.
Shizuku: I'm participating.
Tatara: ! (cd: Eh...)
Tatara: A...

Tatara(thinks): Dance...
Tatara(thinks): Conteeeeeeest!?

Tatara: ...!
Tatara(thinks): Th...
Tatara(thinks): They really are having a contest...
Tomo: Ah,
Tomo: The semis started already!!
Tomo: It's all because Sengoku-san was late!
Kaname: You can just watch the finals.
Kaname: They will stay 'til then after all.
Woman: He is
Woman: Sengoku. //Ok, she says "Sengoku-senshu", senshu is a suffix used for sports players
Man: !

Man: Uwah, it's the real thing!
Woman: Why are you in an amateur contest!?
Man: Can I take a photo with you?
Kaname: Yeah, it's alright!
Tatara(thinks): Sengoku-san is popular!
Tatara(thinks): I think I understand why.
Tamaki: Sengoku-kun is Latin's champ!
Tatara's sd: Oooooh
Tatara(thinks): Hm?
Tatara(thinks): "Latin"...?
Tomo: It's the name of a "division".
Tatara: !
Tomo: That lively wiggling one is
Tomo: "Latin American".
Tomo: The one where the hold is done tightly is "Standard".
Tomo: Shizuku-chan is in the tight one today!

Voice: We're announcing the pairs that advanced to the finals in the standard division!
Tatara: !
Karen: Ah,
Tomo: They're here.
Tatara(thinks): Hanaoka-san!?
Tatara(thinks): Wh...Which is her...??
Tatara(thinks): There's so many...
Tomo: The twelve pairs there are the ones that danced in the semifinals.
Voice: Entry number 18---
Tomo: They get called like that.
Voice: Entry number
Voice: ---Pair
Tomo: And so, the 6 pairs that will participate on the finals are announced.
Tatara: Half!?
Voice: Entry number 33---
Tomo: If they get called, let's all cheer for them.
Voice: Entry number 87---
Voice: Hyoudou Kiyoharu...

Voice: And Hanaoka Shizuku pair---
Tatara(thinks): S...
Tatara(thinks): So beautiful...!!
SFX: Gulp
Tatara: !
Girls: Hyoudou-kuuuuuuuun
Tatara: !!!
Guy: Hanaokaaaaaa!!
sd: Kiyoharuuuuuu
sd: Shizukuuuuu
Tomo?: G-
Tomo?: Go get them!!
Tomo?: Win Guaaah
Voice: Look over here
Tatara(thinks): Alright, I'll call her too...
Tatara: Hana...

Tatara(thinks): What's with those eyes...
Tatara(thinks): It's scary...

Kaname: Hyoudou Kiyoharu.
Kaname: A middle school 3rd year like you.
Kaname: He dominated this term's JDSF* Grand Prix--- //*Japanese DanceSport Federation (It's amateur division in this case)
Kaname: He's a monster that's ranked first in both the "Standard" and the "Latin" divisions.
Tatara: E-Eeeh...
Tatara: You said things like you'll become a pro, right?
Tatara: You thought you could become like me, right?
Tatara: Th...That was, how should I say it,
Tatara: On a whim...
Kaname: Then, you have to take a look at the guy you must defeat.
Tatara(thinks): Defeat...?

Voice: ---The first dance is
Voice: "Waltz"!
Tatara(thinks): "Defeat", he says...!?
Voice: "Tango"!

Karen: Hyoudou-kun really is good.
Karen: It feels like he gets sharper every time I see him.
Tomo: Can you feel it?
Kaname: There's a total of five* events.
Asterisk: The standard division has five events, Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, and Quickstep. //yeah, it's quickstep not quick step
Kaname: There's judges,
Kaname: And the champ is decided by the total amount of points.
Voice: ---The grand final dance is...

Voice: "Quickstep"!
Tatara(thinks): Even though my heart's beating fast
Tatara(thinks): I feel a chill on my spine.
Tatara(thinks): ---Hanaoka-san

Tatara(thinks): Is paired with this kind of person---
Voice: ---And the winners are
Voice: Entry number 87---

Voice: Hyoudou Kiyoharu
Voice: And Hanaoka Shizuku pair---
Tomo: That second place...
Tomo: Was first last year, right?
Karen: This happens the moment Hyoudou-kun moves up from the junior division.
Karen: Such a pity---
Tatara(thinks): Amazing...
Kaname: Jeez...He can't be helped.
Tatara(thinks): Eh...?

Hyoudou: Fuwah...
Tatara(thinks): Hmm?
Kaname: Let's go.
Tomo: Eh...
Tomo: We just came...
Karen: The first place's honor dance* is still left! //A dance performed by the winning pair.
Man: Ah, it's Sengoku.
Tatara: Hm
Tatata: Huhu
Tatara: Hm
Tatara: Hm
Tatara: Huhuhum
Tatara: Huuum(music note)

Tatara(thinks): That was so cool~~~
SFX: *touched*
Tatara(thinks): I want to dance like that too someday...
Tatara: Ah...
Tatara(thinks): She looked---
Tatara(thinks): Sexy on that dress...
Hyoudou: ...Umm.
Hyoudou: Can you move from there?
Tatara: !
Tatara: Sorr...

Hyoudou: Fua
Hyoudou: Aaaaaaah
Hyoudou: ...
Tatara: Ah
Tatara(thinks): That eyes,
Tatara(thinks): Perhaps...
Hyoudou: A...
Hyoudou: Chooo!!
Tatara: Hyou...
Tatara: !!!
Tatara(thinks): No way!!?

Kaname: You blockhead!!
Kaname: You're too careless!!
Tatara: Why are you getting mad at me!? (cd: I'm not involved!!)
Kaname: Can you hit him in front of Shizuku!!?
Shizuku: Are you ok? Did you get sprained or something?
Tatara: ...
Hyoudou: A
Hyoudou: choo
Shizuku: Your cold isn't cured yet!?
Tatara(thinks): ...That position isn't fair.
Tatara(thinks): I mean, Hyoudou-kun's
Tatara(thinks): Image is different.
Tatara(thinks): His shirt is unbuttoned...
SFX: roll roll
Shizuku: Ah,
Shizuku: Kiyoharu, did you bring that?
Tatara(thinks): Kiyoharu!!?
Shizuku: Fujita-kuuun.

Tatara: ...
Shizuku: This are the training pants Kiyoharu used last year,
Shizuku: They're too small for him now, so if you don't mind second-hand clothes...
Kaname: Pu...
Kaname?: Ultra rare!
Kaname?: Hyoudou-kun's second-hand pants!!
Hyoudou?: ...
Tatara: Th-Thanks!
Kaname: This place's clothes are expensive.
Shizuku: You're doing your best without relying on your parents, right?
Shizuku: That's cool.
Tatara: ...!
Shizuku: Then, I'll go change.
SFX: grip
Kaname: Go try them now!
Tatara: !
Tatara: Ok!

Shizuku: ...
Tatara: No, umm
Tatara: You see,
Tatara: This is...
Shizuku: Why did you enter one in use!!?
Tatara: Buh

Kaname: Just how short are your legs?
Kaname: Those are used clothes...From last year!!
Tatara(thinks): ...
Tomo: ...Let's do some waltz...
Kaname: I'll watch you from here today.
Tatara: Eh
Kaname: I won't get mad if you're bad
Kaname: So show me the results of these two weeks.
Tatara(thinks): !

Tatara(thinks): Alright!
Tatara(thinks): Right!!
Tatara(thinks): ---Then...
Tatara(thinks): Change direction with a spin...?
SFX: urk
Tatara(thinks): How much...?
Tatara(thinks): Ah, that might be wrong.
SFX: snap
Kaname: Why!?
Kaname: He's worse than when he started!!
Tatara's sd: Correct my posture...
Karen: His neck!
Karen: His neck!
Kaname: How did you coach him for him to get like that!?
Karen: But he's really bad at learning things.
Karen: He has no reflexes either...
Tomo: Hey, like this, right?
Tomo: 1,
Tomo: 2,

Tomo: 3.
Tatara: Oh...
Tomo's sd: Look at me!!
Tomo: I don't want to do this anymore, Sengoku-san!
Karen: Please change his coach...
Kaname: You're so shameful.
Tatara(thinks): ...
Kaname: Their waltz won't be a good reference.
Kaname's sd: You damn peeping tom
Karen's sd: Calm down
Kaname: It's different to the basic routine you're doing right now.

Kaname: That's for competitions---
Kaname: They can do especially difficult choreographies...
Tatara: Choreo...
Kaname: Well, those are their special steps.
Kaname: Once you get a fixed partner you'll eventually...
Kaname(thinks): ...He's not listening.
Kaname(thinks): ...
Kaname(thinks): Hm...? Wait,
Kaname(thinks): Lessons that suit this guy---
Tatara: Eh...

Kaname: OK--- Stooop!
Shizuku: What are you doing? You're interrupting our practice...
SFX: grab
Kaname: If you want to see that much, I'll have Hyoudou-kun---
Kaname: Dance the basic routine!
Shizuku's sd: Stop grabbing him like that!
SFX: //some cd player sound

Kaname: The amalgamation is the following---
Kaname: >Three step natural turn
Kaname: >Spin turn
Kaname: >Reverse turn
Kaname: >Whisk
Kaname: >Chasse from pp. All of those in a loop.
Kaname: You'll do the routine Jinbo and Banba taught you all this time!
Kaname: Tatara will watch Hyoudou's example...
Hyoudou: ...
Hyoudou: Umm.
Hyoudou: Why me?
Kaname: You're the best guy for this so don't disobey.
Tatara(thinks): No, that is...
Thought: We got him away from us!
Kaname: ---In addition,
Kaname: Until Tatara learns it

Kaname: Hyodou will have to dance forever!
Both: Buh...
Voice: Can't beat that.
Tomo: Don't mind, Hyoudou!!
SFX: glance
Tatara: !
Tatara(thinks): His yawn is scary!!
Shizuku: ...
Tamaki: Hmm?
Tamaki: What's starting?
Karen: Bullying is starting~~~
SFX: Badump
SFX: badump
Tatara(thinks): Le...Let's act as if I learned it...!
SFX: flinch
Hyoudou: ...Best regards.
Tatara(thinks): Jeez, what is Sengoku-san thinking...?
Tatara: Best regards...

Kaname: Follow him once you've learned it.
Tatara(thinks): Eh...?
Tatara(thinks): "Follow"...

Tatara(thinks): That...!?
Karen: *sigh*
Karen: He doesn't lose his way.
Tamaki: Hyoudou-kun even does basic moves properly.
Tatara(thinks): ...I have to
Tatara(thinks): Dance too?
Tatara(thinks): In front of everyone...
SFX: flinch...
Tatara(thinks): I'll definitely embarrass myself!!
Tatara(thinks): Sengoku-san...Don't you just want me to have bitter memories!? (cd: That might be)

Tatara(thinks): What am I doing...?
Tatara(thinks): Even though an amazing person is dancing in front of me.
SFX: Badump
Tatara(thinks): ---I have to learn
SFX: Badump
Tatara(thinks): And dance it,
Tatara(thinks): Or it would be a waste!

Hyoudou: ...
Hyoudou: !
Kaname(thinks): ...
All: ...!!
Karen's sd: Oh...
Karen: Tatara is dancing...!
Tomo: He finally learned it...
Karen: Our efforts have been rewarded!

Sengoku: He's watching...
Shizuku: ...?
Kaname(thinks): Tatara is the kind of guy
Kaname(thinks): That learns how to do swing without you teaching it to him to begin with.
Tatara: My mind is a mess just with seeing and hearing.
Kaname: ...I see, no wonder there's no faults.
Kaname(thinks): The pose,
Kaname(thinks): Arms,
Kaname(thinks): Legs,
Kaname(thinks): How he twists his pelvis and even how he moves his ribcage.
Kaname(thinks): His eyes say, "I can clearly see all that".
Kaname(thinks): It's my first time seeing
Kaname(thinks): Someone like that.

Tatara: ...
Tatara: Daaaaaah
sd: Ha ha ha ha ha
Tomo: Idiot.
Karen's sd: Muhohoho
Karen: That was dangerous~~~
Tomo: That's what you get for trying to follow Hyoudou being just a begin
Tomo: Ner
Tomo: Why did you hit me!?
Kaname: Hmm.
Tatara's sd: Uuuh...
Kaname(thinks): The only good thing are his eyes, huh...
Kaname(thinks): He calmed down

Kaname: He stole your leg motion.
Hyoudou: ...
Kaname: Hm?
Kaname's sd: Oh oh?
Kaname: No response?
Kaname: How uncooooool!
sd: Pu pu pu puuuu
Kaname: A beginner imitated you,
Kaname: Even though you're an amateur champ...
Kaname(thinks): ...
Kaname: If you get careless Tatara will steal Shizuku from you!!
Tatara: !!?

Tatara: What are you saying!?
sd: A wa wa wa wa wah
Kaname: It's obvious you're aiming for Shizuku.
SFX: drag
Shizuku's sd: Eh...
Tatara: Th-That's not true, Hanaoka-san, Hyoudou-ku...
Tatara: !
Tatara: Ah
Tatara: Uh
Hyoudou: I don't mind...
Hyoudou: Aaah
Hyoudou: Jeez
Hyoudou: Fuwaah...
Tomo: He's totally ignoring you.
Hyoudou: Hoaraaah
Karen: You're not a worthy rival.
Tatara(thinks): He might hate me...
Kaname: Ow

Tamaki: Don't bully the students!
Kaname: I-I'm worried about Hyoudou-kun lacking motivation...
Kaname: I mean, at the contest...
Shizuku: What's with that...?
Shizuku: What's that "I don't mind"?
Tatara: !!
Tatara(thinks): No, the meaning of that "mind" is...
Tomo: Pheeeeew
SFX: Turn
Karen: We're finally free from Tatara's step practice.
Tatara: Eh?
Tomo: Good luck with the "Shadow practice".
SFX: gulp
Tatara(thinks): "Shadow"...?
Tomo: That means you have to practice by yourself!
Tatara: ! (cd: By myself)
Karen: You do it while seeing the mirror, be watchful of your posture too.
Tatara: Yeah.
Tatara(thinks): It's finally time to become independent...
Tomo: Sengoku-san, give him some advice too.
Tomo's sd: No, we have to celebrate this.
Kaname: Hm

Kaname: Well,
Kaname: The best would be to dance with a partner all the time.
Tatara: ...
Thought: That won't be a good reference!
sd: Idiot
Kaname: Hm...?
Kaname: I said something weird?
Tatara(thinks): I'm alone after all...
Tatara(thinks): ...
Tatara(thinks): I wonder if there's a trick for Shadow practice...
Tatara(thinks): Everyone's always doing it---
Tatara(thinks): Even Hanaoka-san---
SFX: sting

Tatara(thinks): Eh...?
Tatara(thinks): No way...
Shizuku: Ah, Fujita-kun!
Tatara(thinks): She was waiting for me to come out---
Shizuku: Kiyoharu said that the pants length adjustment is done...
Tatara: Thanks...
Tatara's sd: Fufu...
Shizuku: I'm going to his home right now,
Shizuku: Want to come with me?
Tatara(thinks): ...
Tatara: U-
Tatara: Umm,
Tatara: Hanaoka-san and Hyoudou-kun...
Tatara(thinks): I can't just ask "What kind of relationship do you have?"...
Tatara: Eeh...
Tatara: Ummm...
Shizuku: It's been nine years.

Tatara(thinks): They've been dating for nine years...!?
Shizuku: Our grandparents were dance friends and we got paired when we were five.
Tatara(thinks): Ah...nine years being a pair...
Tatara(thinks): You idiot.
Tatara: Th-That's amazing,
Tatara: It felt that you won that last contest with ease...
Shizuku: Hmmm...
Shizuku: Ease, huh...
Shizuku: That day Kiyoharu
Shizuku: Had a 39°C fever.
Tatara: Eh...
Shizuku: He is amazing,
Shizuku: He's on a totally different level than someone like me.

Shizuku: Domestic competitions might be boring for him already.
Tatara: ...
Shizuku: ---That's why we're
Shizuku: Studying abroad.
Tatara(thinks): ...
Tatara(thinks): Hm...?
Shizuku: The coach and competition's level is high in Europe.
Tatara(thinks): ---"Studying abroad"
Tatara(thinks): It was for Hyoudou-kun's sake.
Tatara: ...He must be happy.
Shizuku: Hmmm, you see

Shizuku: It seems he's not interested.
Shizuku: I don't know what he's thinking...
Tatara(thinks): What's with that...??
Tatara(thinks): Isn't Hanaoka-san's situation weird...?
Tatara(thinks): I don't know much about dance pairs, but...
Tatara(thinks): Well, Hyoudou-kun is talented,
Tatara(thinks): He wins even if he's not trying.
Tatara(thinks): Even though I'm alone he has a cute partner.
Hyoudou: Hmph
Tatara(thinks): Last year he already had longer legs than me...
Hyoudou: Short-legged bastard!!
Tatara(thinks): Hmm, I kinda got pissed off...!?

Sign: Hyoudou Social Dance Academy
Shizuku: The studio is on the third floor.
Tatara(thinks): !!!
Shizuku: I have something to do in the first floor so go ahead without me.
Shizuku: Kiyoharu might be there.
Tatara(thinks): His house is a studio!
Tatara(thinks): That's sneaky in various ways...
Tatara(thinks): Alright, I'll give him a piece of my mind!
Tatara(thinks): At this rate it'll be a pity for Hanaoka-san!
Tatara(thinks): He should at least have some consideration for the other party...
SFX: tap
Tatara: Ah...

p50 //no dialog

Tatara(thinks): ---Shadow...
Tatara(thinks): Practice...?

Shizuku: ---He is amazing.
Tatara(thinks): I didn't know a thing about Hyoudou-kun
Tatara(thinks): And I was thinking I'd "Give him a piece of my mind"...
SFX: sting
Tatara(thinks): Let's go home...
Tatara(thinks): What we see is too different---

Tatara(thinks): Eh...?
Tatara(thinks): ...!?
Tatara(thinks): Hanaoka-san is---

Shizuku: Could you see me?
Tatara: ...Ah,
Tatara: Hana...
Shizuku: It seems there are those who see it.
Shizuku: That "Hyoudou-kun doesn't have one shadow".
Kaname: The best would be to dance with a partner all the time.
Shizuku: ---Sengoku-san said it too.
Shizuku: There's no one as sincere about dancing
Shizuku: And that thinks that much about his partner as him.

Shizuku: "I'm glad that he's the lead",
Shizuku: ...I really,
Shizuku: Think that.
SFX: Badump
Tatara(thinks): So that's what it was...
SFX: Badump

Tatara: Hyoudou-kun!!
Hyoudou: ...
Tatara: U...
Tatara: Umm...
Tatara: Wh...
Tatara: When is the next
Tatara: contest!?
Shizuku: Hey...
Shizuku: Eh,
Shizuku: (cd: Wha...) Fujita-kun?
Hyoudou: ...

Hyoudou: ...October,
Hyoudou: Mikasanomiya Cup,
Hyoudou: World Championship Representative Selection Meet.
Tatara(thinks): ...
SFX: thump
SFX: thump
Tatara: Do...
Tatara: Do your best!
Tatara: I'll go...
Tatara: Cheer for you!
Tatara: I'll
Tatara: Do my best too!
Tatara: By...
Tatara: ...

Tatara: Bye bye!!
Shizuku: Ah,
Shizuku: Eh...!?
Shizuku: ...
Tatara(thinks): I said it...
Tatara(thinks): What I can say now...
Tatara(thinks): I too will...
SFX: click
Shizuku: You should at least turn on the lights.
Shizuku: How's your cold...

Hyoudou: Achoo
Shizuku: !!
Hyoudou: Achoo
Hyoudou: !
Hyoudou: Ah...
Hyoudou: Achoo
Hyoudou: Bufuee
Shizuku: Aaah...It's got worse!
Hyoudou: *Wipe*...
Shizuku's sd: Ah
Shizuku: Don't wipe it with your t-shirt!!
Tatara(thinks): I...
Tatara(thinks): I got lost...!

Tatara: ...
Shizuku: Fujita-kun,
Shizuku: You forgot this!
Bag: Pants
Tatara: Aah,
Tatara: Sorry!!
Tatara(thinks): What I can do now...

Tomo: Good job today.
Karen: Good job
Tomo: Tatara is staying?
Karen: He does it a lot these days.

Karen: He only does shadow practice for waltz.
Tatara(thinks): This is like this! Spin like this...
Tatara(thinks): Hyoudou-kun moved his leg a bit earlier than the count.
Tatara(thinks): The hip joint turned like this...
Tatara(thinks): He faced his partner...
SFX: snap
Tatara(thinks): Ouch...!
Kaname(thinks): ...What is he doing?
Tatara(thinks): I...I'll do my best.
Tatara(thinks): Because even I will have a partner someday.
Tatara(thinks): Think properly...
Tatara(thinks): Hmm...?

Tatara(thinks): A woman that has been my partner...
Tatara(thinks): But Hanaoka-san is Hyoudou-kun's partner!!
Kaname(thinks): What this time?
Sign: Fujita
Tatara: I'm home.
Tatara: I'm off.
Dad: Ah,
Dad: Tatara.
Dad: You always go somewhere these days,
Dad: Is it ok?
Dad: What are you going to do about entrance exams?
Tatara: ...

Tatara: Sorry!
Tatara: I'll give that a thought later!
Dad: Ah,
Dad: Hey!
Tatara(thinks): I can't think about anything else now
Tatara: *inhale*
Tatara: *exhale*
Tatara: *inhale*
Tatara(thinks): I can't afford it!

SFX: flush
Kaname(thinks): ...
Kaname's sd: Hmm...
Kaname(thinks): A lot came out.
Kaname(thinks): He's still doing shadow practice.
Kaname(thinks): And it's always waltz basic, I'm amazed.
Kaname(thinks): Being a dance maniac is the only thing
Kaname(thinks): He and Hyoudou-kun are similar at.
Kaname(thinks): Eh...?
Kaname(thinks): ---...
Kaname(thinks): Hey, hey...

p66 //no dialog

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