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Shokugeki no Souma 99

The Fangs That Cut Through the Battlefield

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 30, 2014 02:04 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki no Soma 99
//I forgot to upload this XD

Voice: The moon has gone past the middle of the road...!
Voice: There's less than one hour left.
Ryou: It's complete...!
Cutlery: Finally, the tasting!!
Voice: Kurokiba is taking out his dish!!
Voice: !! The first to serve is Kurokiba!
"Shokugeki no Soma"

(cutlery) 99 The Fangs That Cut Through the Battlefield
Shokugeki no Soma
Cutlery: He's going for victory with a dish hot enough to burn the soul---!!
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Star: Urgent Notice!! The presentation for "Shokugeki no Soma" on Jump Festa's super stage from December 21st at 15:00 will be broadcasted in Nico Live!! And there might be a super huge announcement!?

Akira: You sure rushed things...Kurokiba.
Akira: I just hope you didn't overlook anything.
Ryou: ...Say all you want now that you still can.
Ryou: My dish will crush your weapons...!

Ryou: With this
Ryou: I'm going to finish you once and for all.
Souma: ......
Souma: ...What is Kurokiba trying to do?
Souma: With that thin film.
Akira: ...Most likely,
Akira: Something you also know pretty well......
Souma: ...!?

Gin(thinks): The moon becomes the stage lighting that illuminates the contestants heading towards the judging table.
Gin(thinks): It's as if...It were cleansing
Gin(thinks): The cook and the dish he presents---
Leonora: Wow...!

SFX(all): *simmer*
Leonora: It's still boiling in the bag!
Leonora: It's very hot!
Ikumi: Hmm...! So he serves it inside the bags
Ikumi: And has the customers open them, huh.
Senzaemon: It's...
Senzaemon: Time for the tasting!

Man: Oh...!
Man: Oooh......
Man: Ooooooooh!!

Gin: !!?

Gin: Nhmm
Gin(thinks): Shrimp! Mussel! Manila clam! And, pacific saury...!!
Gin(thinks): The gradation of raging waves of aroma are drawing me in!!
Leonora: The more I smell it the more my heart gets fluffy...And I just end up smiling.
Leonora: I...I want immerse myself into this forever...!!
Voice: Whoa! Look!
Voice: The director is...That strict director is---
SFX(all): *twitch*
Voice: Grining!!

Voice: The "Grin" came---!!
Voice: That's outrageous...! To think we'd get a grin!
Souma: ---For the semi-finals he made a flavor incendiary device...And next,
Souma: He came with an aroma incendiary device, huh!
Ryou: The name for this dish...Changes just by wrapping it with heat-resistant film,
Ryou: But the ingredients are almost the same as those of an Acqua Pazza.
Ryou: "Cartoccio"...The dish I made is
Ryou: An "Autumn Pacific Saury Cartoccio"!
Note: Cartoccio means "Wrapped in paper" in Italian.
Ryou: Now...! Taste it!!

Leonora(thinks): Aaaaaaaaah!!
Leonora(thinks): The ample deliciousness of the ultra-fresh seafood
Leonora(thinks): Is going rampant in my mouth!!
Leonora: It's so fresh that the pacific saury's fat...Is so sweet it feels like it melts!!
Gin: To think he'd forcefully imprison such a splendid flavor!
Gin: What a wildness...This shows Kurokiba Ryou's true worth!
Voice: ......!
Voice: I...It looks so gooooooood!!
Leonora: However...! Are Japan's seasonal pacific saury...Really this delicious?
Gin: ...Certainly, even if it's in season,
Gin: How did he create such a richness using so few seasonings!?
Gin(thinks): !?
Gin: Hm...?
Gin: This faint...Refreshing fragrance! It's not from a marine product...! This is-

Senzaemon: The fragrance of herbs.
Ryou: Exactly...What I put in was this...!
Gin: That's......
Gin: Herb butter!
Text: To make it you knead finely chopped herbs, spices, garlic, and other things to butter softened at a fixed temperature.
Text: After wrapping it in a cylindrical shape and letting it rest overnight inside the refrigerator it's complete.
Ryou: I added this herb butter when I was wrapping the dish with the film!
Ryou: It melts over time inside the oven...
Ryou: And its body and flavor spread to the pacific saury and the other ingredients!

Senzaemon(thinks): He added a super-dreadnought-class impact to the flavor and the aroma!
Senzaemon(thinks): It's a thorough flavor violence!
Leonora: .........
Alice: It seems it's coming...! Mother's
Alice: "Strip"...!
Guy: Eeeeeeh!! For reaaaaaal!?
Yuuki: In a public space like this...Isn't that pretty bad.
All: !!!

p15 //I sincerely hope Leonora's "strips" aren't so hardcore the next weeks
Leonora: It was a wonderful pacific saury dish. First, the visual impression when he served his dish! It carefully follows the current trend in cooking that considers serving the dish a very important part of cooking. Seeing how the whole hall pitched forward to pay attention to it you could say his plan was carried out perfectly. Anchovies are usually used for Acqua Pazza but he didn't do so since he was adding herb butter to this dish. That was a wise decision. Had he added both, the flavors would have fought each other. And, this herb butter is what plays the important role of bringing the dish together. The butter's mellowness also serves to unite the essences of all the ingredients into one...However, the herbs prevent the lingering of the strong flavor and makes its impact lightly go away...And that's exactly why the pacific saury's aroma becomes more conspicuous. It's exactly because both the heat-resisting film and the herb butter are there to thoroughly give consistence and make the best of the pacific saury's flavor that.........
Thought: !!?
Alice: When mother eats a delicious dish
Alice: He broken Japanese strips and she gives a fluent opinion.
Yuuki(thinks): How can broken Japanese strip?
Ikumi(thinks): No less from the Nakiri Family...! Their reactions are really unique!
Senzaemon(thinks): A delicious taste that can't be made with any other fish...Except seasonal pacific saury!!
Senzaemon(thinks): This is the compilation of all his cooking skills!
Senzaemon(thinks): My body and heart...

Senzaemon(thinks): Are becoming one with the sea!!

Voice: The head stripped tooooooo!!
Voice: Kurokiba is amazing!!
Voice: It's undisputedly highly rated!!
Ryou(thinks): How about this...Hayama!?
Ryou(thinks): Burn my cooking's strength into your eyes!!
Voice: Oh!? Hayama is serving his dish!
Voice: Hayama is the second to be judged!

Ryou(thinks): This is---
Ryou: Don't fuck with meeeeee!!
Ryou: A Carpaccio!?
Ryou: Are you trying to beat me with hors d'oeuvres!?
Asterisk: Carpaccio - It's a dish were you put olive oil or dressing on thinly cut raw meat, however, in Japan, it's exclusively used to refer to a hors d'oeuvres which uses fish.
Ryou: That's out of the question...!! What do you think this match is!?
Ryou: Was the guy who fought me in the semi-finals another guy!?

Akira: You just don't know,
Akira: That aroma can chance the notion of a dish.
Cutlery: Next issue, the aroma genius displays his dish---!!
Akira: My Carpaccio is worth being a main dish---
Shokugeki no Soma
(cutlery) 99/End

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