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Ballroom e Youkoso 3

Dance Waltz

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jan 24, 2015 22:23 | Go to Ballroom e Youkoso

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Reserved for Simple Scans. Don't use without my permission.
Ballroom e Youkoso 3
//I just noticed I never posted this one

Tamaki: Natural Turn!
Tamaki: Spin Turn!
Tamaki: Reverse Turn!
Tamaki: Whisk!
Tamaki: Chassé!
Tamaki: Natural Turn!
Tamaki: ...

Tomo: You can do Waltz perfectlyyyyy!!
Tamaki: Bam bam puff puff---
Tamaki: Bam puff.
Heat 3 Dance Waltz

Tamaki: You did your best on the shadow practice, right!?
Tomo: The times where you fell showily feel dear to me now!
Karen: Maybe you're using the floor better,
Karen: Dancing with you is pretty easy now.
Tatara: !!
Tatara: Really!?
Tatara(thinks): Maybe this is the shadow practice's result
Box: Change of mind
Kaname: Even when you're doing shadow practice, you must always think you're dancing with someone else!
Tatara(thinks): Sengoku-san's advice was really on the spot!
Tomo: Sengoku-san, take a look at this.
Tatara's sd: Ehehe
Tomo: He can even take the lead properly now.
Kaname: ...
Kaname: Wha...

Kaname: I thought she was taking a dog on a stroll.
Kaname: You're so bad.
Tamaki: ...
Tomo: I thought so too but I didn't say it, you know!?
Tatara: Eh!
Karen: If you're going to be nitpicky then teach him yourself!
Kaname: ...Uh.
Kanama: Shuddup, he's bad so bad people should teach him!!
Tatara: ...
Karen: What!?
Kaname: Gi!

Kaname: Oww...
Kaname(thinks): That's weird...He's definitely bad, but...
Tamaki's sd: There there
Kaname(thinks): Was it just my imagination back then---?
Kaname(thinks): I saw it for a moment, right?
Kaname(thinks): I saw a "partner" on his shadow practice---
Kaname(thinks): !
Kaname(thinks): Maybe...That was Shizuku!
Kaname: Hey, you can't dance unless it's with Shizuku?
Tatara: !!?
Kaname: Well, you can't really get into it if Banba is your partner, huh.
Kaname's sd: Yeah yeah
Kaname: You started imagining her since you can't dance with her for real? (cd: Oh my)
Tatara: Wha-

Tatara: That's not...
Shizuku: Oh, Fujita-kun.
Shizuku: Your face is bright red! (cd: What happened?)
SFX: *whack*
Kaname: He used you as food for thought! //the word here would usually mean "fap material"
Tatara: Waaaaa
Tatara: Aaah

Tatara: Sengoku-san is definitely playing with me!
Tatara: Yamanikuyama pulled the right leg,
Tatara: He closed his arms tight!!
Tatara: Sakenoumi made a palm thrust to the chin,
Tatara: The heels separate a bit from the floor!
Tatara: Oh, but,
Tatara: Yamanikuyama lowered his center of gravity and thrusts against Sakenoumi...
Tatara: He pushed him out---
Tatara: ...
Tatara: ...That was it, grandma!
Dad: Today's broadcast was a bit ghastly.
Tatara: ...
Grandma: Thanks as always, it's all because I can't see well.

Grandma: But, thanks to Tatara, I can clearly see those burly naked men.
Tatara: It's a complicated feeling, but I'm happy you like it.
Tatara(thinks): Ah,
Tatara(thinks): Right,
Tatara: I'm going out with my friends next week.
Tatara(thinks): It's actually my teachers though.
Dad: Friends!?
Dad: (cd: A-) A woman!?
Grandma: A date?
Tatara: Eh
Dad: What kind of woman is it!?
Box: Dad: Tetsuo Divorced
Tatara: Th-
Tatara: Thanks for the meal.
SFX: gulp
Tatara(thinks): Next week is---
Dance Focus
Mikasanomiya Cup

Tatara(thinks): The contest where Hyoudou-kun and Hanaoka-san will participate!!
Tatara(thinks): ---Let's see...
Tatara: The highest peak of Japanese Amateur Dancing,
Tatara: The winners qualify to the World Championship...
Tatara(thinks): World!!
Asterisk: The "Standard" and "Latin American" divisions
Tatara(thinks): ---From between the winner candidates, great things are expected from the Hyoudou/Hanaoka Pair which is participating for the first time
Tatara(thinks): This pair is ranked first on both divisions*...
Tatara(thinks): Wow, they're writing this kind of things about Hyoudou-kun!
Tatara(thinks): ...
Tatara's sd: Uwaah
Tatara(thinks): Uwaaaaaah

Sign: Mikasanomiya Cup All-Japan Dancesport Championship
Karen: Tatara-kun, over here---
Tatara: Go...
Tatara: Good morninbuh...
Karen: You're all worn out!!
Tatara: Well,
Tatara: I was so nervous I couldn't sleep much this week... (cd: Hehe...)
Karen: It's not like you're participating!

Tatara: The flag-
Tatara: The national flag is there!!
Tomo: When the semifinals start, it fills up with people until this point and everyone gets fired up!
Tatara: Oh!
Tomo: Well, it's the All-Japan amateur playoffs,
Tomo: That's to be expected.
Tomo: They get riled up as with sports!!
sd: Shout as loud as you can!!
Tatara(thinks): A cheer squad!?
Tomo: Hyoudou and Hanaoka are seeded so they start on the second preliminaries...
Tatara: Oh,
Tatara: Where are you going?
Kaname: Hm?

Kaname: I'll go encourage them!
Tatara: Is it ok for us to come down here!?
Tatara: !
Tatara(thinks): The dancers are so close to me...!
Tatara's sd: Oooh...
Tatara: Sengoku-san, there's someone with an amazing makeup!
Kaname: Yeah.
Kaname(thinks): It's hot down here.
Tatara: That person's neck is long!
Kaname(thinks): ...
Tatara: This is fun, Sengoku-san!
Kaname(thinks): ...
Kaname: Hey,
Kaname: This isn't a zoo.

Kaname: Dancers win and lose here.
Kaname: Get aware of this,

Kaname: You've stepped on a battlefield.
Tatara(thinks): ...
Kaname: I'm here!
Kaname: Hyoudou! Shizuku!

Tatara(thinks): So...
Tatara(thinks): Soldiers are here!!
Tamaki's sd: Welcome
Kaname's sd: You're a good woman, Tamaki-chan
Tatara(thinks): And there's a lot.
Kaname: "Rank 1 Man"!
Kaname: Go get both divisions!
Tatara(thinks): He hit a soldier's head!!
Kaname: The only one in your way is that guy,
Kaname: Standard's

Kaname: Iwakuma.
Tatara: !
Tatara(thinks): That person---
Tatara(thinks): I saw him on the magazine!
Tatara(thinks): Last year's
Tatara(thinks): Champion...!
Kaname: Hey, "Rank 2 Man"!

Tatara: Apologize to the champion!
Man: ...
Kaname: He's not the champion! He's a gorilla!!
Kaname: Rank 2 gorilla.
Tamaki: Ah,
Tamaki: It started again.
SFX: *flash*
Tamaki: Those two fought for the first place for a long time.
Tamaki's sd: You want to take a look at the pamphlet?
Tatara: I see.
Tamaki: Since Sengoku-kun turned pro 2 years ago,
Tamaki: His rank went up last year...
//The table basically says that Sengoku won 5 consecutive years and then after he turned pro, Iwakuma won the standard division
//On the very first one, Sengoku was third on Standard with Iwakuma 2nd and Sengoku was 2nd on Latin American (then he won 5 consecutive years)
Tatara(thinks): More importantly, Sengoku-san's results...Eeeeeeeh (cd: He won both divisions five consecutive years!?)
Flashback: "That second place was first last year, right?"
Flashback: "Such a pity---"
Tatara(thinks): ...
Kaname: Get both crowns! (cd: For me)
Kaname: And Shizuku!

Kaname: Grab hold of the judges’ heart with a sexy Latin dance!!
Kaname's sd: Showing your breasts could be good!
Shizuku: Don't say unreasonable things!!
Tamaki: Her dress...
Tatara(thinks): Puuuuuuuuh

Box: Mikasanomiya Cup "Latin American" Division's
Box: Second preliminary will start soon.

Tatara: The excitement is on another level!
Kaname: Well, that's natural!
Kaname: The seeded pairs came out!!
Kaname: The real thing starts now!

Man: Everyone, raise your voices together.
All: Hyouuuudou!
All: Hyouuuudou!
All: Hyouuuudou!
Box: "Samba"!

All: Hyouuuudou!
Box: "Cha Cha Cha"!

Box: "Rumba"!
Tatara(thinks): ...
Kaname: How about it?
Kaname: Isn't Latin sexy and good?

Tatara: I...
Tatara: It's too amazing...
Tatara: But I'm not sure if I should say that...
Tatara: They are almost different persons with every change of rhythm.
Box: "Paso Doble"!
Tatara: They dance no matter what music plays.

Tatara(thinks): That looks really fun...
Tatara: I only know Waltz right now, right?
Tomo: Phew,
Tomo: They have the Latin crown on their bags.
Tamaki: There's a lot of time before standard begins.
Tatara(thinks): ...
Tomo: Tatara! Why don't we go buy something...?

Tatara: Fuu
Tatara: Fuu
Kaname: ...
Tomo: What's up?
Tatara(thinks): Uuh...
Tatara(thinks): That's not it...
Tatara(thinks): That rhythm is still in my head,
Tatara(thinks): Even though I can't dance this...

Tatara: ...
SFX: *step*
SFX: *step*
SFX: *step*
Box: The Juvenile* "Standard" division will now begin.
Tamaki: Hmm?
Tamaki: Where's Tatara-kun?
Asterisk: Juvenile = under 11 years old

Box: The first event is
Box: Waltz.
Tatara(thinks): Under this rhythm
Tatara(thinks): I can dance.

Tatara(thinks): Waltz is my rhythm!

Man: Buhahaha, for real?
Tatara: !!
Man: I just ended up dancing the routine I had with my last partner.
Man: I'm not interested in your woman!
Man: Who do you think will win this year?
Man: I'll win Latin.
Man: Not happening!
Man: How about standard?
Man: Iwakuma-san gives this "2nd place" image---

Man: I really think Hyoudou will take it, don't you?
Tatara(thinks): !!!
Tatara(thinks): Why
Tatara(thinks): Is Hyoudou-kun...? (cd: And the lock!?)
Kiyoharu: ...
Tatara(thinks): And he's wearing that hat backwards!?
Man: Hyoudou, huh.
Man: He's first by far this year in the rankings.
Tatara: !
Tatara(thinks): Taping...?
Man: Someone younger being the champ is really depressing.

Man: The real champ is Sengoku-san.
Man: I wanted him to stay as an amateur.
Man: The Sengoku pair would definitely conquer the world!
Man: The Hyoudou pair is a bit...
Man: His dad is an important official
Man: And I've never seen him lose.
Man: He must be winning using his connections.

Man: He didn't show to the combined practice either,
Man: He's taking dancing lightly.
Man: He's not making enough effort.
Man: His partner too...
Both: ...

Man: ...
Man's sd: Whoops...
Tatara(thinks): Even though you haven't seen him...

Tatara(thinks): There's no way he's taking dancing lightly!
Tatara(thinks): He's a dancer.
SFX: *tap*
SFX: *tap*
Kiyoharu: Fujita...

Voice: Standard's second preliminary is about to start.
Iwakuma: Hyoudou,
Iwakuma: Let's take it easy for the preliminary...
Iwakuma: ...

Kaname: What!?
Kaname: Hyoudou is missing!?
All: ...
Shizuku: I haven't seen him since Latin ended...
Tatara(thinks): ...
Tamaki: He left his tailcoat too...
Karen: No way!
Tomo: Eh, but the second preliminary is just around the corner!
Tatara: I-
Tatara: I...
Tatara: I saw him...
Tatara: In the restroom.

Tomo: The lavatory, huh!
Tomo: Just wait, Shizuku-chan!
Tamaki: Isn't that too long for the restroom!?
sd: No, he's already out, right!?
Kaname: Hey.
Kaname: ...
Tatara(thinks): ...?
Tatara: ...
Kaname: Fufufu
Tatara: You can't just look at Hyoudou-kun's bag just because he isn't here!!
Sign: Standard Seeded Competitors Changing Room
Sign: Take care of your valuables.

Kaname: ......
Kaname: Phew
Kaname: Tatara...
Kaname: Go participate.
Tatara: ...

Tatara: Eh...?
Tatara(thinks): Ever since
Tatara(thinks): I started dancing and until today
Tatara(thinks): I never thought

Tatara(thinks): The day I stood on the dance floor would be like this---
Heat 3/END

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