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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Shokugeki no Souma 106

A Busy Restaurant With Many Problems

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 19, 2015 01:43 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki no Soma 106

Star: The next stage is the professional world! A center color page for the beginning of the Stagiaire arc!!
Shokugeki no Soma
(cutlery) 106 A Busy Restaurant With Many Problems
Yellow Text(right): Hishoko commands Robo-Souma!!
Yellow text(left): These two make an unexpectedly good pair...!?
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Star: Over 5.4 million copies printed!! JC Volumes (1)~(10) and volumes (1),(2) of the novel are on sale!!
Star: The newest JC volume (11), which comes with a drama CD, will be on sale March 4th(Wed)!!

Voice: It's ok already! Cancel the order!
Voice: I won't make it on time~~~!!
Mamoru: Haha...Well,
Mamoru: I showed you a rather pathetic scene.
Mamoru: Hello...
Mamoru: I'm the third generation owner...My name is Mitamura.
Box: Western Restaurant Mitamura 3rd Generation Owner Chef Mitamura Mamoru
Hisako: Nice to meet you! I'll be a stagiaire here for the next week, my name is Arato Hisako.
Hisako: I think I'm still far from being perfect but I'm looking forward to working with you.
Souma: I'm Yukihira Souma, I'll be under your care.

Mamoru: Hmmm...Arato-san
Mamoru: And Yukihira-kun......Huh.
Both: ---...
Mamoru: Then, without further ado-
Mamoru: Could you...Sign this.
Souma: Umm...Aren't you mistaking us for someone else?
Mamoru: There's no way I am!
Mamoru: I mean, you're students of THE Tootsuki Academy, you know!?
Mamoru: All the people who aspire to become cooks yearn after that elite school...!
Mamoru: It's the palace of gourmet food where the genius boys and girls from all around Japan gather!
Souma: Hmm, you sure know it well, I didn't even know it existed.
Hisako: That's because you're really uneducated.
Mamoru: To think I get to work together with some of its students...!

Mamoru: You might become a star chef renowned all around the world in the future...!
Mamoru: You live in a different world from where normal people like me live...
Hisako: ......No, someone like me...
Hisako: Isn't about to become...A cook others can take pride on.
Mamoru: No way, you don't need to be humble!
Mamoru: Well, anyway, come inside!
Souma: Hehe!
Souma: Working in a restaurant using something different from Yukihira's T-shirt is fresh.
Souma: Aratooo, you ready?
Hisako: D-Don't speak to me while I'm changing! You really lack common sense!

Hisako: ......
Souma: ...Arato, that apron looks good on you.
Hisako: Wh...What was that for?
Souma: Come to think of it, this is our first time talking alone.
Souma: You're always with Nakiri.
Souma: Ah, that's right! Next time you meet Nakiri-
Hisako: I...
Hisako: Can't go back to Erina-sama's side.
Hisako: Since I lost...In the first round of the Autumn Election, I'm not qualified to do so.

Souma: Ah, you lost to Hayama.
Souma: I saw the moment you lost from the waiting room.
Hisako: Be quiet! Don't laugh!!
Hisako: She is absolutely flawless.
Hisako: If a loser like me stays by her side...Erina-sama will lose her status.
Souma: Even so, just because you lost once...
Souma: ...Hey, I was waiting for you, don't go without me.
Souma: Hmmmmmm...

Hisako: ............
Hisako(thinks): However...It sure got silent here.
Hisako(thinks): That ruckus from just before seems like a lie.
Souma: Alright, let's do our best.
Souma: For the time being, I'll take the orders, so Arato you-
Hisako: D...Don't order me around!
Hisako: Listen well! Don't get full of yourself just become you have some real experience!
Hisako: I've also taken classes where you have to cook in teams of many people,
Hisako: And I cleared all the assignments which required speed in the training camp!
Hisako: This stagiaire period or anything else, I won't have any problems!
Souma: ......But, you know,
Souma: Those weren't situations where you had an unknown number of orders, were they?
Hisako: ...What?

Hisako: ?
Hisako: ?
Mamoru: T...
Woman: Th......!

Voice: They're heeeeeeeeere!!!
Hisako(thinks): Wha......!
Hisako(thinks): Whaaaaaaaaaat!!?
Hisako(thinks): In one or two minutes-

Hisako(thinks): The tables are all full!!
Hisako(thinks): There's a rush of orders!!
Hisako: T...To think it was to this extent...!
Mamoru: Originally we only had local customers coming here.
Mamoru: The place only got full a few days a week...And when that happened it was always a gradual thing.

Mamoru: The nearby station...The bullet train stops there, right?
Mamoru: About half a year ago, people began rushing here before boarding their trains.
Mamoru: They come, order, and pay really quickly,
Mamoru: So our work starts delaying more and more and many customers end up canceling their orders......
Hisako(thinks): I see...This last few years, the station's vicinity developed really fast.
Hisako(thinks): And that's the reason why customers who didn't come in before started coming in!
Woman: Hey, is it ready yet!?
Woman: We'll be in trouble if it doesn't come soon!
Man: Chef! Are the Omelette A Set and D set ready!?
Mamoru: Wait...! Just...Five minutes!
Man: The customers are angry, hurry!!
Voice: The dirty dishes are piling up!! We don't have enough to serve!
Voice: I can't move from here.
Hisako: I-I'll do it!

Woman: Oh God! I have to run or I won't be on time!
Mamoru: P-Please come again!!
Hisako's sd: Phew...
Hisako: Again......!!
Hisako(thinks): Just when we thought we managed to handle the volley...The next is coming!
Hisako(thinks): It's like a battlefield...!
Hisako(thinks): They come one after another, we don't have room to breathe...!!

Souma: Welcomeeee!
Souma: A table for three? A table for four for you? Please come to the table in the back!
Souma: Have some refreshments.
Souma: Ah, should I put your big bags on this corner?
Voice: Yes! That'd be helpful.
Man: You sure are young, are you a part-timer?
Souma: Yes, I'm going to be some sort of trainee in this place starting today.
Man: Oh! That's admirable.
Souma: I've got some orders!

Souma: For table #1: one special sandwich, two French toasts, and three hot coffee. All the coffee are to be served after the meal!
Souma: For table #3: two beef stew, two napolitan, one hot coffee, two iced coffee, and one melon soda.
Souma: One of the napolitans is without any bell pepper!
Souma: That's all!
Mamoru: Th-Thanks, Yukihira-kun!
Woman: Hmmm...The dishes are a bit late.
Woman: Yeah...Maybe we should go somewhere else.
Voice: None of the dishes for table #4 are done!! What's happening!?
Voice: Is anyone free!!?
Souma: Arato, take care of the hall for a while.
Hisako: Eh...

Souma: Table #4's napolitan and other dishes!
Souma: They're all done!!

All: Wow...!
Hisako: ......!!
Man: Hey! I ordered a cheddar cheese hamburger, you know!?
Mamoru: I-I'm terribly sorry, we'll prepare it immediately...
Man: It's ok already!! I won't be on time!
Souma: Arato! The communication between the kitchen and the hall is a mess.
Souma: Could you take a look?
Hisako: St......!
Hisako: Stop joking, who do you think you are, giving me orders!!?
Hisako: .........
Hisako: Kh...!

Akira: Everything about you is limited...
Hisako(thinks): Damn it all!!

Voice: Thank you very much.
Mamoru: It's oveeeeeeeer!!
Mamoru: We got through iiiiiiiit!
Mamoru: You were incredible! We wouldn't have made it if it weren't for you.
Mamoru: We got zero cancelled orders thanks to you!
Man: Yeah, I'm appalled!
Woman: Tootsuki's students really are different!
Hisako: !

Hisako: ......Yes, he...
Hisako: He experienced working on another restaurant...So it's just to be expected.
Voice: What are you saying? The same goes for you!
Man: By dinner time you worked with almost no delay.
Woman: You learn quickly and you've got the knack for it! You really helped us.
Hisako: Th...
Hisako: Thank you...Very much.
Hisako: What are you doing!? You brute!!

Souma: Good job!
Souma: Continue like this from tomorrow on too, Arato!
Hisako: Don't go ordering me around!
Souma: Yeah, yeah, I got it.
Text: They still don't know
Text: About the hidden trial of the stagiaire period.
Cutlery: The trial begins now...!?
Text: Are you worthy of being first rate? Or will you stay as second rate?
Text: That will truly be tested from now on---
Shokugeki no Soma
(cutlery) 106/End

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