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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Shokugeki no Souma 110

The Magician Once Again---!!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Mar 19, 2015 03:11 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki no Soma 110
//Is it just me or are the three members of Kojirou’s staff pretty much Ryouko, Yuuki, and Takumi?
"Shokugeki no Soma"
Kojirou: "I won't accept anyone who didn't at least get to the finals of the Autumn Election
Kojirou: As a Stagiaire"...I did say that.
Kojirou: But of all people...It had to be you, Yukihira.
Cutlery: His next training place is...With the fated Shinomiya---!!
Souma: I was really surprised, too.
Kojirou: Well, it's ok.
Kojirou: I also told the school affairs division...I would kick out anyone useless.
Souma: ......

Souma(thinks): I can get into Shinomiya Kojirou's kitchen---
Souma(thinks): To add more, in order to clear the Stagiaire period,
Souma(thinks): I have to leave "visible results".
Souma(thinks): I probably won't be able to get through this by normal means
Souma(thinks): But I'm doing this...!!
Kojirou: For starters...

Kojirou: There's carpentry work
Kojirou: And the finishing touches to the interior.
Souma: ?
Kojirou: Come on! Get moving!!
Kojirou: We're getting this done by tomorrow!

Shokugeki no Soma
(cutlery) 110 The Magician Once Again---!!
Text: Souma tries to work for the genius---!!
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Souma: You're still at this stage!?
Kojirou: Huh? I'm firing you, get to work.
Woman: Chef Shinomiya~~~! We need to work on the menu too, you know?
Woman: She's right!
Woman: We should just hire some contractors!
Kojirou: Considering the remaining budget we have to do the rest by ourselves.
Kojirou: The interior design, chairs, tables, cutlery, and wine...I was pretty particular about which to choose...
Kojirou: We have to do what we can by ourselves.
Woman: If it's you, you should be able to get as many sponsors as you want, shouldn't you, chef Shinomiya?
Woman: You're won the Pluspol medal, you know?
Kojirou: Almost every single one of them was really opposed to opening a new restaurant. (cd: Like I can ask them.)
Man: What are you thinking opening a new restaurant in such an important time!?
Woman: Don't go, Shinomiya!
Man: Six months...! No, please come back in a month, you have to!
Woman: Then you could just get a loan in Japan.

Kojirou: That's no good either.
Kojirou: The impression people have of me making it big in France will get overshadowed.
Woman: You're such a show-off...
Souma: Opening a restaurant sure is hard.
Souma: Well, I feel very lucky for getting to train in senpai's restaurant.
Kojirou: ...?
Woman: Once again, nice to meet you, Yukihira-kun.
Woman: We're all part of SHINO'S main restaurant's staff.
Woman: We're here to help on the Tokyo branch until things settle on!
Woman: And...That man there
Woman: Is the Sous-chef de cuisine for the main restaurant...
Woman: You could say he's chef Shinomiya's right hand man.
Man: .........

Souma: I'll be in your care!
Man: Nice to meet you...Well, do your best-
Kojirou: Yukihira! Come here.
Kojirou: You carry that side.
Souma: Alright.
Man: Mgh...!
Man: What's with that kid...?
Man: He's so close with chef Shinomiya...!
Man: Just how long do you think it took me before chef Shinomiya opened himself to me?
Man: I won't forget...! That day when chef Shinomiya first asked me to go drinking.
Asterisk: Check JC volume (4) and volume (1) of the novels. //To be precise the first half of ch 26 "Memories of a dish" and the last few pages of ch 3 of the first novel "The Lost Recette"
Man: And...When he appointed me as the chef for the Tokyo branch.
Man: I've never...Been so moved like back then in my whole life...!
Woman: But, Chef Shinomiya sure became softer...
Woman: What made him change of heart?

Woman: Wasn't it after he went to Japan this spring?
Woman: That might be it! When he was going to be an examiner for some training camp or something like that!
Woman: I think he suddenly got softer after he came back!
Woman: When I ask him anything regarding cooking he always answers carefully.
Woman: Right! He complains about it but he ends up doing it from beginning to end!
Woman: He might actually want be good at looking after people and want to teach them things!
Kojirou: Your hands
Kojirou: Are the only thing that should be moving.

Souma: Anyway, Shinomiya-senpai...
Souma: Why did you want to open a new restaurant? And in Japan of all places?
Souma: It was even on the T.S....That it's odd for someone aiming for three stars to open a new restaurant.
Kojirou: Stop the pointless chatter and move those hands.
Souma: I was just wondering why you did this...When it's a time you need to put your back into working on the main restaurant in France.
Kojirou: ......I can ask the same to you, what was that you just said about?
Kojirou: You feel lucky you got to train in my restaurant...You say?
Kojirou: You would be able to clear this more easily if you went to some random small restaurant.
Souma: It's to make my own specialty.

Souma: I can't keep doing things like before.
Souma: I want to step on a new world
Souma: And shed new light to my cooking.
Souma's sd: Oh...It's on.
Kojirou: ---The reason why I'm opening a restaurant in Japan
Kojirou: Is because...
Kojirou: It's something I need to do to get to new heights right now.

Voice: Break timeeeeeee!
Woman: I'm dead tireeeeeeed!
Woman: But I can see the end of this now.
Woman: What should we do for lunch?
Man: Then, I'll cook something...
Kojirou: I'll make it.
Souma: !
All: Eh!?

Kojirou: Set the table.
Woman: T...To what do we owe this pleasant surprise?
Woman: The chef is doing it!?
Man: To think we get to eat something cooked by chef Shinomiya...!

Thought: He's mincing chicken!
Thought: Mixing maitake and shimeji mushrooms and carefully frying them with butter...
Thought: And laying pie batter on a mold---
Man: Oh...

Man: It's a quiche!
Souma: Whoa, it smells great!
Souma: It looks delicious...!
Man: Quiche...It's a baked dish which uses pie batter, eggs, cheese, and milk as base
Man: And things like bacon and spinaches for the filling.
Man: It's a lunch menu that's a cuisine de terroir (local cuisine) from the Lorraine region that has extended to Paris.
Man: You might not get it since you don't know France, though!
Souma: Hmm! Is that so? That's perfect for a quick meal.
Man: .........
Souma: Well, let's have some...

p15 //Magical cabbage part two is awesome
Thought: Let's enjoy...!
Thought: The Légumes magic!!
Thought: !!!

Thought: What's this crispiness!!?
Woman: D......Deliciouuuuuus!!
Souma: .........
Souma: Greater burdock, huh...
Woman: ? Greater burdock!?
Man: ...............It's no wonder you don't know it...
Man: It's an ingredient that's rarely used in the west.
Man: Shaved greater burdock's crispy texture...And the syrupy cheese become intertwined!
Man: Their affinity with the juicy chicken and the black pepper added as an accent is exceptional!
Woman: Can you get such a deep flavor...Without using bouillon (broth)!?
Woman: That's because he even used the greater burdock's skin to make the best of the flavor.
Woman: He brought by a perfect balance between the greater burdock's sweetness and astringent taste
Woman: And made it brace the mildness of chicken and cheese tightly!!
Woman: This gives me shivers...!

Woman: Using greater burdock, an ingredient rarely used in French cuisine,
Woman: He casted a magic spell on the quiche------!
Man: To think you would add a Japanese vegetable to a French cuisine de terroir!
Man: You could even serve this at the main SHINO'S restaurant...
Man: No less from the Légumes magician!!
Kojirou: ...It's not there yet...

Kojirou: Alright, we're opening some wine!
Woman: Eh! Aren't we on a tight budget!?
Kojirou: It's a meal I made, you know? It would be a waste not to have some wine with it.
Man: I brought a bottle!
Kojirou: You idiot, bring a better wine.
Man: Y-Yes!! I'm sorry!
sd: Hahahaha
Souma: .........
Souma(thinks): He made such a great dish
Souma(thinks): And it's still...Not enough!?
Kojirou: Yukihira,
Kojirou: You'll definitely get closer to your specialty during this week...
Shokugeki no Soma
(cutlery) 110/End

Kojirou: As long as you can
Kojirou: Keep up with my work...!
Kojirou: Are you ready, monsieur Yukihira?
Souma: I am......!
Cutlery: Bring it on!!

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