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Shokugeki no Souma 111

Course Menu

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki no Soma 111

(cutlery) 111 Course Menu
Kojirou: You did a good job with the interior design.
Kojirou: From tomorrow on...
Lucie's sd: I'm dead tireeeed...
Kojirou: We're beginning the "pre-opening" for SHINO'S TOKYO.
Souma: Pre-opening...?
Cutlery: The real battle at SHINO'S finally begins!!
Shokugeki no Soma
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Star: The TV anime finally starts airing on April 3rd(Fri)!! For more info, read the article on the anime on page 16!!

Wei: The pre-opening is...Some sort of test run for the restaurant.
Wei: In that period we mostly invite people we know and serve them food.
Box: Gao Wei SHINO'S main restaurant Service manager
Box: Lucie Hugo SHINO'S main restaurant Person in charge of the meat dishes
Lucie: Yukihira, for the time being you'll be helping me.
Lucie: Once you're used to it, you might also have to help Abel-san.
Lucie's sd: Good luck
Souma: Alright! I'll do my best.
Kojirou: We say it's a test run...But various journalists will be coming on the last day.
Kojirou: This is my restaurant we're talking about...People have high expectations for it.
Kojirou: If we make a mistake, the rumors will spread around in no time.

Kojirou: We must make this a success...Understood?
Souma: .........
Wei: And...While the pre-opening period serves to check the coordination between the staff members,
Wei: It also serves to try the new dishes we'll serve at SHINO'S TOKYO.
Wei: We'll change the menu every day depending on the reactions we get from our customers...
Wei: We're also having a new dish competition among the staff on the final day of the pre-opening period.
Souma: !
Souma: Umm...Can I participate in that competition too?
Kojirou: Of course.
Kojirou: It's a matter of fact to consider the opinions of talented people no matter their position.
Abel: .........
Kojirou: Do you have any complaints, Abel...?
Abel: No, none at all...
Souma(thinks): Creating a new French dish...

Paper: {
Stagiaire Program
[Passing Conditions]
Leaving any kind of visible results.
Souma(thinks): If it's adopted it'll count as my visible result.
Souma(thinks): And above all,
Souma(thinks): It's the perfect chance for me to learn completely new techniques...!
Souma(thinks): Alright...! I'll first do a proper job at supporting them so that they recognize my ability.
Souma(thinks): And then I'll participate in the new dish competition!!
Box: The next day.
Kojirou: ...............

Kojirou: That cook coat...Looks unexpectedly normal on you. (cd: And here I wanted to laugh at you)
Souma: What's that "unexpected" for?
Lucie: Bonjour, Yukihira!
Lucie: Have you finished the work I gave you?
Souma: Yeah, I'm done with all the peeling and making the lobster bouillon.
Souma: Oh and...The octopus and daikon have been marinated for half a day.
Lucie: Good!
Box: For the pre-opening there are three different courses...
Box: As the course's price increases, the main dish, and the number of desserts and cleansing dishes might change.

Box: The overall flow of a French course menu...Is like this (it might change depending on the restaurant):
Arrow: { //right to left
Amuse (The dish that goes before the hors d'oeuvres)
Hors d'oeuvres
Fish Dish
Meat Dish
Cheese Plate
Souma(thinks): These are the kind of things they taught us in Tootsuki's lectures.
Souma's sd: Yeah, yeah
Souma(thinks): I learnt a few things from the guys at the dorm, too.
Souma(thinks): Well...At any rate,
Souma(thinks): Having the dishes we'll make settled from the beginning makes things easy.
Man: Shinomiya-san! Long time no see.
Kojirou: Welcome...I thank you for coming here.
Souma(thinks): The first customer is here.
sd: Hahaha...
Souma(thinks): I should get to my post---
Souma(thinks): What's with this-

Souma(thinks): Air of tension?
Lucie: May God protect us. (cd: *mumble*)
Kojirou: The customers have seated.
Kojirou: Get ready.

All: Oui, Chef.
Souma(thinks): They're fast.......! But...
Souma(thinks): It's all silent---
Souma(thinks): I can only hear
Souma(thinks): The sound of the knives and the boiling pot.
Kojirou: Don't make any extra noise.

Kojirou: I'm kicking you out next time you do it.
Souma(thinks): It's all so he doesn't miss the slightest change in sound!
Souma(thinks): I see...!
Souma(thinks): It's different from any other kitchen I've been in so far...!!
Kojirou: Serve the amuse for table #1.
Abel: Oui!
SFX: *munch*

Voice: Deliciouuuuuuus!!
Voice: This flavor lives to its reputation...! He truly is a magician!!

Lucie: Yukihira! Don't fall behind.
Lucie: Strain that Fumet de Poisson,
Lucie: On the double.
Souma: Ok!
Souma(thinks): What an amount of work!!
Souma(thinks): Even every single preparation has many times the number of steps it'd have in a special-of-the-day restaurant!
Souma(thinks): And you have to cook the main dish at the same time you're making the hors d'oeuvres since it takes time to make...This is a course menu, huh!

Lucie: Get me the langoustine.
Souma(thinks): Ermm! The langoustine was...
Souma(thinks): The freshwater prawn!
Souma: Here!
Lucie: Also, prepare the mirepoix so that it's ready by the time table #3 finishes their hors d'oeuvres.
Souma: Ok!
Souma(thinks): The mirepoix was...The diced pot herbs---!
Souma(thinks): Damn it...! It takes me too much time to figure things out!
Souma(thinks): But I'm managing somehow!
Souma(thinks): Next is---...Ermm, preparing the fish dish for table #1.
Lucie: ?

Lucie: Yukihira! Where's the mirepoix!?
Souma(thinks): The plates for table #3's hors d'oeuvres
Souma(thinks): Are already back!?
Souma(thinks): Damn it...!
Souma: I'm sorry! It isn't done yet!

Souma(thinks): In both Yukihira and Mitamura...We began preparing the dishes after the orders came.
Souma(thinks): But that doesn't work for a course menu!!
Souma(thinks): You have to adjust the moment you serve the next dish to the pace the customers eat!
Souma(thinks): You must serve the next dish after everyone in the table finished the one before it...!
Souma(thinks): The pace of the people eating in a single table is different!
Souma(thinks): On top of that, there are many tables and the moment they're occupied also differs.
Souma(thinks): If you hurry preparing things for one table
Souma(thinks): Another one suddenly catches up and starts pestering you!

Kojirou: Yukihira, get working on the mirepoix.
Kojirou: Lucie!
Kojirou: Leave table #3 for later, prepare the fish dish for table #1 first.
Lucie: Oui!
Kojirou: Wei! The meat dish for table #3 will have a five-minute delay.
Wei: Oui!
Kojirou: Abel,
Kojirou: Clean up after Yukihira's mistake.
Abel: Oui, Chef.

Abel: I'll be helping with table #1's dishes.
Abel: Move away.
Souma: ...Ok.
Souma(thinks): Not only I didn't help Abel-san...I ended up giving him extra trouble.
Souma(thinks): So far, even if I got delayed with my job I could make up for it by myself...
Souma(thinks): But here,
Souma(thinks): If my job gets delayed it affects everyone involved in making the dishes for the course!

Abel: Just to be clear,
Abel: I haven't accepted you as a member of the team.
Wei: Abel-
Abel: Do you have any objections?
Abel: We have no need in the kitchen for people who delay the workflow.
Abel: I'm SHINO'S TOKYO's head Chef, supervising work here is my duty.
Abel: You've learned your lesson, haven't you?
Abel: In the end, you're only a stage.
Abel: Don't get conceited and try to force yourself into the main force.

Abel: If you got it then bear your position in mind and-
Souma: I'm sorry, I'll be back ASAP!
Abel(thinks): I don't like him...
Abel(thinks): He's not only trying to be my equal,

Abel(thinks): Those are the eyes of someone aiming to reach Chef Shinomiya's level.
Souma(thinks): The pre-opening period lasts five days...Like hell I can go back like this.
Souma(thinks): Before the last day
Souma(thinks): I'll get into the main force!!
Souma: Sorry for the wait!
Cutlery: There's no time to be depressed---!!!
Shokugeki no Soma
(cutlery) 111/End
Next issue, to commemorate that the TV anime broadcast will be about to start, we'll have the cover, a poster, and lead color pages!!

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