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Ballroom e Youkoso 4

Mikasanomiya Cup

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Apr 15, 2015 01:39 | Go to Ballroom e Youkoso

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Ballroom e Youkoso 4

Volume 2 Index
Heat 4 Mikasanomiya Cup
Heat 5 Dancer's High
Heat 6 Partner
Heat 7 Tatara's Stage

Voice: The Mikasanomiya Cup
Voice: Standard division second preliminary will commence shortly.
Tatara(thinks): Uwah...
Tatara(thinks): The ceiling's so high...
Tatara(thinks): ...Why am I
Tatara(thinks): Here to begin with...!?
Heat 4 Mikasanomiya Cup
Voice: The first event is-

Voice: Waltz!
Tatara: Eh...?
Tatara: ...
Tatara: "Get on the dance floor"?
Tatara: Sengoku-san...?
Tamaki: Hyoudou-kuuuun.
Tomo: Where are you, Hyoudou?
Tomo: The second preliminary is starting!!
Kaname: ...
Kaname: Tatara,

Kaname: Go dance with Shizuku in Hyoudou's place.

Tatara: I can't do it.
Tatara: Why me...?
Kaname: Just change! We don't have time.
Kaname: If you don't go they'll be disqualified!!
Tatara: !!
Tatara: No way...
Kaname: You know, don't you?
Kaname: Just how much those two
Kaname: Have practiced for this day!
Tatara(thinks): ...!
Kaname: Hyoudou'll be grateful to you.

Kaname: "Thank you for buying time for me while I was taking lots of time taking a crap."
Kiyoharu(?): Thanks
Kaname: Like that!
Tatara: No way,
Tatara: You're lying.
Tatara: !!
Tatara: Uwah, my head is sticky!!
Kaname: Damn it, what's with your hair! It just won't stay put!!
Kaname: *cough*
Kaname: *cough*
Kaname: *cough*
Kaname: Ah
Kaname: Don't run away!
Tatara: !

Tatara: ...
Kaname: Don't you want to dance with Shizuku?
SFX: *ba-dump*
Tatara: Wha...
Kaname: Getting to dance with another man's partner...
Kaname: Is something you'll never get to do again.

Voice: Next is the Second Heat of Waltz.
Kaname: Shizuku!
Shizuku: !
Kaname: Here he is.
Kaname: Go!!
Shizuku: You're late, Kiyoharu!
Shizuku: !?

Tatara: .........
Shizuku: Who are you!!?
Kaname: Dance!
Shizuku: !!?
Iwakuma: ...
Iwakuma: How's Hyoudou?
Iwakuma: Is his leg alright?
Thought: ...
Mino: Yes...
Mino: But,
Mino: It's like he's shrunk...
Kaname's sd: Go!
Iwakuma: Mino-chan,
Iwakuma: I...

Iwakuma: Might
Iwakuma: Just win today.
Tatara(thinks): ...
SFX: *ba-thump*
SFX: *ba-thump*
Tatara(thinks): What do I do...? I just came here because Sengoku-san told me to.

Tatara(thinks): Hyoudou-kun, where did you go?
SFX: *huff*
SFX: *huff*
Shizuku: I can't dance like this!
Kaname: Believe in me!
Tamaki: !
Tamaki: Hyoudou-kun made it in time!
Tomo: He sure worried us...
Tomo: Wait, that's Tatara!!
Tamaki's sd: Hey! No way, Fujita-kun!?
Tomo: Y...You did this...!? (cd: To my student...)
Kaname's sd: Don't point at me!
Kaname: It looked a bit interesting.
Tomo: Are you a demon!!!?
Tatara: Haaaaa
Tatara: Haaaa

SFX: *tremble*
SFX: *cling*
Tatara(thinks): What am I doing...
Tatara(thinks): In front of so many people---?
SFX: *thump*
Shizuku: Fujita-kun?

Tatara: !
Tamaki: That's too cruel, Sengoku-kun!
Tomo: Tatara's never danced in front of others, you know!?
Tatara: *Phew*
Tatara: *Phew*
Tamaki: And for his first stage to be
Tamaki: Of all things
Tamaki: A big competition which decides the best in Japan.

Tamaki: He's going to be traumatized!!
Shizuku: ...

Shizuku: If the music sounds we dance!

Tatara(thinks): ...
SFX: *tremble*
SFX: *tremble*
Tamaki: Move your right leg!
Tomo: (cd: C'mon) Do a natural turn!
Tatara: ............
Kaname: Isn't his mind blank right now?
Tomo: !!
Tomo: Remember your shadow practice!
Tomo: Do the basic steps! You did them a lot, didn't you!?
Tatara(thinks): ...
Tatara(thinks): Ah, I did that shadow practice,
Tatara(thinks): I thought about my partner...
Tatara: Right
Tatara: Left

Tatara: Right
Tatara(thinks): Ah...

Tatara(thinks): It connected...!!
Shizuku(thinks): !!?
Kaname(thinks): Wha...?

Shizuku: Hey...
Tamaki: Isn't this
Tamaki: Hyoudou-kun's variation!?
Voice: Yeah!!

All: You taught Tatara weird things again...
Kaname: I didn't!
Kaname: Why do all of you...?
Kaname: ...
Kaname(thinks): That's those two's unique footwork.
Kaname(thinks): When!?
Shizuku(thinks): When!?
Thought: When did he learn it!?

Tatara(thinks): How did Hyoudou-kun move!?
Tatara(thinks): If I were Hyoudou-kun, if I were Hyoudou-kun...
Tatara(thinks): A-Alright, just like I thought!
Tatara(thinks): I don't know what this move even is, though.
Tatara(thinks): Damn it
Tatara(thinks): Stop trembling!!
Tatara(thinks): I must
Tatara(thinks): Finish this song...!
Shizuku(thinks): ...?

Tomo: Wh...What's up!?
Tamaki: Why are they stopping on a rise!?
Tamaki: Maybe...
Tamaki: It's a "High Over"...!?
Tomo: What's that!?
Tamaki: It's a move where you keep the rise for a long time, the point is to show a beautiful posture and balance!
Tomo: O...Ok!! (cd: That's kinda amazing)
Tomo's sd: Latinos
Tamaki(thinks): But, this move,
Tamaki(thinks): Was it in Hyoudou-kun's variation?

Tatara(thinks): ............
Tatara(thinks): What should I do...?
Tatara(thinks): I don't know
Tatara(thinks): The rest
Voice: That rise is too long!!
Voice: They've been doing it for 8 measures!? //I don't really know the musical term for this
Voice: Is that alright!?
Kaname(thinks): Just what kind of balance sense does he have?

Tatara(thinks): My legs are cramping...!!
Tatara(thinks): Make the song stop soon!!
Shizuku(thinks): ......
Shizuku: Fujita-kun...
Shizuku: I can't...
All: Eh...?

Karen?: Why did he do a whisk now!?
Tomo?: Are you doing the basic steps now!!?
Tomo?: Please, just dance normally!!
Kaname(thinks): This guy...
Kaname(thinks): He began setting his own choreography...!?
Karen: A whisk again!?
Tomo: You like it that much!?
Tatara(thinks): Ermmm, emmm...One that doesn't tire the legs!
Kiyoharu(thinks): ...
Shizuku(thinks): His steps are a mess...
Shizuku(thinks): And yet, why-

Shizuku(thinks): Why is he making me dance!?
Shizuku(thinks): That variation before too,
Shizuku(thinks): It was like dancing with Kiyoharu---
Tamaki: ...Those two,
Tamaki: They're leading and following properly...
Tamaki: Even though it's the first time they dance properly together...!
Kaname(thinks): ...No,
Kaname(thinks): They were dancing.

Kaname(thinks): He was always dancing with Shizuku...!
Kaname(thinks): ...
Kaname(thinks): Even then,
Kaname(thinks): Freestyle dancing
Kaname(thinks): Isn't something an amateur shadow dancer can do!!
Kaname(thinks): You're all stiff!!
Tatara: Uwah
Kaname(thinks): In this situation-

Kaname(thinks): He's smiling---
Iwakuma: !

Iwakuma: ............
Mino: Iwakuma-kun...?
Iwakuma(thinks): What's with that guy?
Iwakuma(thinks): He's not like Hyoudou---

All: !!
Tomo: The cuff,
Tomo: He stepped on it.
Tatara(thinks): Oh noooo
Tatara: Sorry, Hanaoka-san...
Tatara: ...
Shizuku: The song-

Shizuku: Is over...
Tatara(thinks): ...!
Tatara: Ah!
Tatara(thinks): The bow!
Tatara: !
Shizuku: We somehow finished dancing.
SFX: *badump*
SFX: *badump*

Tatara(thinks): .........!
Kaname(thinks): He held for one heat...
Tomo: When did you learn Hyoudou's variation? (cd: Oh you)
Tatara: But I fell over.
Tatara: If Hyoudou-kun saw me like this...

Tatara: ...!
Shizuku: Kiyoharu!
Shizuku: Where were you!?
Tatara(thinks): Ah
Tatara(thinks): Aaaaaaaaah
Tatara: S...Sorry, I fell!!
Tatara: The trunks were too long...
Shizuku: Ah, you're making excuses.
Tatara: But I'm glad you came, Hyoudou-kun!

Tatara: Next is the Tango, right?
Kaname(thinks): ...
Tatara: D-Do your best...!
Kiyoharu: Give it back.

Voice: The next event is Tango.
Tatara(thinks): Hyoudou-kun...
Tatara(thinks): Was angry...?
Tatara: !
Tomo: You're just so---!
Tomo: Entering a substitute really is against the rules!!

Tomo: Disqualified...What will happen to them if they're disqualified!?
Kaname: Hyoudou can just get a crew cut and make a written apology.
Tamaki?: Was it on purpose!?
Tatara: ...
Tatara(thinks): What I did was...
Karen: We're lucky if they don't find out.
Tomo: Like hell they won't.
Tomo: Anyone would notice if someone substituted THAT Hyoudou...
Voice: ...
Voice: Oh...?
Voice: They didn't notice...?

Shizuku: Ah, you're right, #20 is there! (cd: Why!?)
Shizuku: A-Anyway, Kiyoharu, we need to hurry.
Tatara: !
Kiyoharu: ...
Tatara(thinks): ...
Karen: This is really incredible...
Tomo: Y-Yeah, do your best!!
Tamaki's sd: Luckyyyyy

Kaname: Don't go, Hyoudou!!
All: !?
Kiyoharu: Like I can,
Kiyoharu: After seeing
Kiyoharu: Something like that...

Tatara(thinks): Eh...?
Kaname: Damn it, that guy...

Kaname: Don't blame me if you destroy your leg.
Tatara(thinks): Ah...
Tamaki: Eh...Is Hyoudou-kun hurt somewhere?
Karen: He looks perfect as always...
Kaname: That guy can win even if he doesn't give his all!! (cd: As irritating as that is)
Kaname's sd: Ah, he pisses me off
Kaname(thinks): I didn't notice until I saw that taping too, you know?
Kaname(thinks): I thought he wasn't taking things seriously recently, but...
Kaname: That brat.
Kaname(thinks): They give me a bad feeling,
Kaname(thinks): Those eyes of him.
Kaname: ...If anything happens, it's your fault. (cd: Not mine)
Tatara: What!?
Kaname: You could've just get disqualified...
Tatara: Eh
Tomo: (cd: Hey...) Why are you picking on him?
Tomo: Tatara's is the victim here (yours)
Tomo's sd: Hello?
Kaname: But you danced like that.

Kaname: His variation got stolen by a total amateur,
Kaname: And his partner was made to dance at will.
Kaname: As a man, there's no way he's going to take that standing!!
Tatara: !!
Kaname: You set fire on him!
Tatara(thinks): No way...

Tatara(thinks): Hyoudou-kun!!
Heat 4/END

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