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Shokugeki no Souma 114

Yukihira (Revamped)

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Apr 18, 2015 03:00 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki no Soma 114

Big Text: The only moment he can relax his tense heart---
Star: What's the new dish Souma will make!? Center color pages for the climax of the Stagiaire Arc and the ongoing anime!!
Shokugeki no Soma
(cutlery) 114 Yukihira (Revamped)
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Red Spiky Bubble: A Great Hit!
Yellow Spiky Bubble: Over 6 million copies printed!
Red/Black Text: The newest JC volume (12) and the 3rd novel are on sale with rave reviews!!
Brown-ish box:{
-You decide who the best Elite Ten seat of all times is-
To commemorate the beginning of the TV anime broadcast and the release of volume 12!
Yellow stripe: The "Tootsuki Academy Elite Ten General Election"
Vote for the character you think is the most suitable to be the "First Seat" from among 24 Tootsuki Academy enrolled students and alumni!!
For more info search [Shokugeki no Soma General Election]!
Big Yellow Text: The TV anime is airing in the following stations!!
White Box: {
MBS [Fri] 26:40~
TBS [Fri] 26:25~
CBC [Fri] 27:12~
BS-TBS [Sat] 24:30~
Animax [Fri] 22:00~
(Rebroadcasted the same day at 27:30~ and (Sat)27:30~)
*The broadcasting times are subject to change
The newest anime and event info is on the next page!!

p2 //anime info

Kojirou: I'll let Yukihira participate in the new dish competition.
Cutlery: Souma enters the new dish competition!! Will his dish be used!?
Kojirou: After you serve the coffee,
Kojirou: Begin preparing your ingredients.
Hinako: A new dish competition!?

Hinako: I can't miss this! I'm so lucky that I came today.
Kojirou: No, I'm telling you to leave now. (cd: Who said you could watch?)
Box: By the way, Shinomiya's mother has already gone back to her hotel.
Mom's sd: 'Twas great!
Hinako: I can't just go back after hearing about it!
Donato: What Hinako's saying is quite sound, Shinomiya-san.
Hinako: Right? This will be the first direct confrontation between Yukihira-kun and Shinomiya-senpai!
Hinako: It's the revenge match after the shokugeki at the training camp!
Roland: Hm...?
Roland: What was that just now about? I'm sure I heard her say "shokugeki at the training camp".
Fuyumi: I have no idea of what she's talking about, Chapelle-sensei.
Donato: Neither do I! More importantly, Chapelle-sensei, come to this seat, you can see the kitchen clearly from here!
Hitoshi: Inui probably got drunk with the wine, hahaha!
Box: *They held an unofficial shokugeki without telling Chapelle-sensei.

Donato: If he finds out, let's mention Doujima-san's name to avoid responsibility!
Fuyumi: The dish Yukihira Souma presents tonight
Fuyumi: Will decide whether he passes or not...His stagiaire period in this restaurant, huh.
Roland: ...It would seem so.
Roland: An inspector has been on the lookout for a while now.
Hitoshi: The situation looks quite dire for him.
Roland: Yes...
Roland: Normally, Tootsuki's students learn the basics of French and other cuisines during middle school,
Roland: But he didn't experience that.
Roland: It seems he can reproduce already existent French recipes without a problem,
Roland: Like he did for my classes or for Shinomiya's assignment in the training camp...
Roland: But creating a new dish from nothing is a completely different thing.

Roland: Moreover,
Roland: The judge will be that man---
Souma: Hm?
Souma: Wei-san, you're participating too!?
Wei: Yes.
Souma: Weren't you the service manager...?
Lucie: Well, Wei was in charge of the viande(meat) dishes in the SHINO'S main restaurant until half a year ago.
Souma: Oh, so that's how it was! Why did she change to customer service, then...?
Wei: ......We also hold this competition many times a month in France.
Wei: But...The number of times my dish has been chosen
Wei: Is only one in two years.
Souma: ...!

Wei: I thought I couldn't continue like this.
Wei: The reason why I became the service manager
Wei: Was because I thought there's something that should become visible by having direct contact with the customers.
Wei: ......But
Wei: I haven't stopped training as a cook for a single day either.
Lucie: Me too...
Lucie: I didn't just picked up Wei's leftovers to be in charge of viande dishes.
Lucie: I need to proof it...!
Abel: That's just how serious we all are about this new dish competition.

Abel: Do you have such a resolve?
Souma: I won't be able to pass this stagiaire period if my dish isn't chosen either way.
Souma: Besides...My resolve and all those things
Souma: I'll put them all on my dish.
Kojirou: Now...It's time.

Kojirou: Begin cooking.

Souma(thinks): I'll put honey and sugar on the fire until they get a deep amber-like color
Souma(thinks): And then add Madeira wine, red wine, and veal stock and simmer it......In the meantime,
Souma(thinks): I'll fry the minced chicken with butter
Souma(thinks): And suer the onion!!
Abel: ......Hmph.

Lucie: This is the poisson (fish) dish recipe we're making today!
Lucie: Preparing it is difficult so make sure to remember how to do it!
Wei?: Ask us anything you don't understand as soon as possible.
Souma: Ok! Thanks.
Souma: !
Souma: Poêlé.........!
Souma: Hey, pops.
Souma: Why do you fry the fish while holding it down like that?
Jouichirou: Hm? If you do it like this the fish's skin becomes crispy.
Souma: Oh, so that kind of technique existed, huh.
Souma: Special-of-the-day restaurants' food sure is deep.
Jouichirou: ............

Souma: What is it?
Jouichirou: ......Nothing.
Jouichirou: Well...Let's leave it like that for now.
Satoshi: Could you tell me, Souma-kun... Why do you
Satoshi: Know a French cooking technique---?
Souma: Well...I learned this cooking method from my pops.
Souma(thinks): Now I get it.
Souma(thinks): What pops was collecting---
Souma(thinks): Pops
Souma(thinks): Took every experience he had,
Souma(thinks): Every culture he met,
Souma(thinks): Every technique he learned,
Souma(thinks): Every emotion he felt,
Souma(thinks): And summarized them all into the ideal special-of-the-day restaurant
Souma(thinks): He had pictured.
Souma(thinks): Then,
Souma(thinks): What I must do now is---
Text: Poêlé
Text: Suer the onions!!

Souma(thinks): Take the Yukihira from until now

Souma(thinks): And smash it down---
Hinako: With this...
Donato: The tasting for the dishes of Abel-san and the girls is over...
Abel: Yukihira!! You're last!
Abel: Is you dish ready!?
Souma: ---Sorry for the wait.

Roland: Th-
Roland: This is-!!?
Hinako: A whole quail!!!
Donato: It has great punch!! Mmmmm, it's so aromatic!

Roland: Yukihira Souma...Just what is this dish...?
Souma: Ermmm, well, this is---
Souma: An Oyakodon.
Hinako: What!!?
Abel: Huh......!?

Abel: What are you saying!?
Lucie: Wh...What does that mean!?
Souma: Ah...Come to think of it, it isn't in a bowl,
Souma: The name is something to think about later.
Souma: But well...Please taste it.
Souma: This is...The best French dish
Souma: I can make right now.
Cutlery: What's the answer he found after surpassing himself!?
Shokugeki no Soma
(cutlery) 114/End

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#1. by sudhush ()
Posted on Apr 18, 2015
When will the Next chapter released

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