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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Shokugeki no Soma L'étoile 2

The Path He Must Follow

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Apr 19, 2015 02:44 | Go to Shokugeki no Soma L'étoile

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki no Soma L'étoile 2

Box: 13 years ago, spring---
Hinako: Mizuhara-senpaiiiii!!!
Box: Tootsuki Tea Ceremony And Cooking Academy 80th Generation Inui Hinako Japanese Cuisine---
Box: She's a specialist in making dishes with creativity while considering the whole dish's balance. She's meddlesome and has a sharp tongue.
Hinako: Ah, that flower!
Hinako: It looks good on you, it's cute!!
Fuyumi: I see...
Box: 79th Generation Mizuhara Fuyumi Italian Cuisine--- She's very meticulous and creates her dishes with a firm base on theories.
Box: She's unsociable and taciturn.

Hinako: Wait, what? Where's Donato?
Fuyumi: ...There.
Fuyumi?: ......Hitting on someone...
Box: 80th Generation Donato Gotouda Italian Cuisine---
Donato: You're even more beautiful than the flower on your chest.
Box: He's very particular on the composition of course menus. A gentleman who appears in the most unexpected moments.
Hinako: Oh gosh......
Hinako: Ah!
Hinako: Shinomiya-senpai!!
Kojirou: Guys...
Kojirou: I have something to tell you.

Text(up): Just before it begins! The TV anime will be on air on April 2015!!
Text(right): The 3rd novel will be on sale on April 3rd!!
(cutlery) numéro 2 The Path He Must Follow
Text(left): The moment Shinomiya Kojirou began his trip!!
Box: 79th Generation Top Student Shinomiya Kojirou French Cuisine---
Shokugeki no Soma L'étoile
Story: Itou Michiko
Art: Asatoki Taiki
Original Work: Tsukuda Yuuto/Saeki Shun/Morisaki Yuki

Box: I'm going to a place far away,
Box: To a country I have no means to come back from--- (from "The Physiology of Taste" by Brillat-Savarin) //I searched quite a lot for the real version of this quote but couldn't find it (even going through the book itself)
Hinako: You're studying abroaaad!!!

Fuyumi: So you say...But where are you going...?
Kojirou: To Paris, France, naturally.
Donato: Does that mean you'll be training at some restaurant?
Kojirou: Well I haven't...Decided what I'll do yet...
Hinako: I never heard of this!!

Kojirou: Hinako...
Hinako: I never heard of it.
Hinako: That you're going to France after graduating...
Donato: Hinako...I understand you're lonely but don't cry, let's see Shinomiya-san off with a smile...
Hinako: Bud...Eguh...
Hinako: Shinomiya-senpai isn't sociable so he definitely won't make any friends...
Hinako: I'm sure he'll also fight with the other staff!
Donato's sd: Hahaha
Hinako's sd: Eh, eh, eh
Fuyumi: I agree with that.
Fuyumi's SFX: *nod*
Kojirou: You guys...Don't you have better farewell words?
Fuyumi: You are serious, huh...

Kojirou: I'll open my own restaurant in France
Kojirou: And I'll get the Pluspol Medal.
Kojirou: I first have to get a grasp of Paris' geography.
Fuyumi?: I'm sure you just want to go sightseeing, Shinomiya...
Donato?: The Bateau Mouche are great.
Kojirou: I have to pack my things tonight before, though.

Kojirou: Haah
Kojirou: This is endless.
Kojirou(thinks): Ah, this book,
Kojirou(thinks): Hinako lend it to me.
Kojirou(thinks): To Hinako.
Phone: I want to give you your book back. Shinomiya
Donato: Hinako, why are you so mad?
Hinako: I'm not mad at all!
Donato: You're really mad after all!

Hinako: ...
Kojirou: This,
Kojirou: Give it back to Hinako for me.
Fuyumi: I won’t,
Fuyumi: You borrowed it, didn't you?
Kojirou: She's been ignoring my mails.
Fuyumi: Hmmm.
Fuyumi: Didn't you get her mad or something?
Kojirou: Huh? Why? I didn't do anything!!
Fuyumi: Hmmm,
Fuyumi: Ah, that's right, are you free tonight?
Kojirou: Why do you ask?
Fuyumi: You didn't forget Sekimori-senpai is opening a new restaurant, did you?
Fuyumi: I think it's normal etiquette to go see him before you go to France.
Kojirou: Ah.

Fuyumi: It's here.
Hinako?: ?
Hinako: !
Shinomiya's sd: Hm?
Fuyumi: Sorry for the wait.
Donato: We just got here, too.

Hinako: Why is Shinomiya-senpai here!!?
Hitoshi: Because I called him.
Hinako: Why did you call him?
Hitoshi: You're all celebrating with me, aren't you?
Hinako: Ugh...
Shinomiya: Congratulations on opening the restaurant, Sekimori-san.
Fuyumi: ...Hello.
Hitoshi: Thanks, take your time here.
SFX: *silence*

Hinako/Kojirou: ......
Hitoshi: I don't know what happened between you two,
Hitoshi: But is this ok?
Hitoshi: It's going to get difficult for us to see each other like this.
Kojirou: I guess you're right.

Hinako: Changing topics, this hamachi is delicious.
Hinako: Japanese cuisine rules! Japan is the best!!
Kojirou: Why are you emphasizing Japan there?
Donato: This is a great chance, but if you keep acting like that you won't be able to make peace with Shinomiya-senpai.
Hinako: We're not even fighting.
Donato: S-Sekimori-san's sushi is really the best on Earth!!
Hitoshi: Thanks.
Hitoshi: Inui, don't you want to work for me after you graduate?
Hinako: ......Thank you for the offer.
Hitoshi: You still have a year before graduating but you should take your time to think about your future.
Hinako: Future......

Hitoshi: However...To think you're going to Paris all of a sudden.
Hitoshi: They say the number of genuine sushi restaurants in Paris have increased lately, though.
Hitoshi: Shinomiya, what are you planning to do after you get to Paris?
Kojirou: First......
Kojirou: I'll train from scratch on restaurants
Kojirou: And save money to open my own restaurant.

Kojirou: My dream is
Kojirou: To eventually have my own shop on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.
Hinako: I'm going home.
Donato: Ah, Hinako.
Fuyumi: Hurry, after her.
Kojirou: Huh? Why?
Hitoshi: I'm not giving you any toppings until you do.
Kojirou: Eh?
Kojirou: ......

Hinako: Egh,
Hinako: Egh,
Hinako: Ugh.
Kojirou: Hinako---
Hinako: Senpai, you don't understand
Hinako: Why I am so angry.
Kojirou: Like hell I can, why is it?

Hinako: Why didn't you tell us before?
Hinako: Are you that indifferent about us?
Hinako: That senpai had such a beautiful dream,
Hinako: Such an important thing...I wanted to know about it earlier.
Hinako: Then I could cheer for you from the bottom of my heart......
Kojirou: !
Hinako: Now that it's come to this......

Hinako: Let's have a shokugeki!!
Kojirou: Huh?
Hinako: If you defeat me in a Shokugeki, I'll accept you going to France!!!
Hinako: Defeat me in order to go to France.
Text: A few hours later.

Paper: Shinomiya
Paper: Shinomiya-senpai
Paper: Shinomiya
Kojirou: Well, just as expected.
Hinako: ......Of course.
Kojirou: ?
Kojirou: Hey, Hina...
Hinako: Now I can send you off.
Hinako: I can send senpai off-
Hinako: (cd: W-) With a smile...
Hinako's sd: Haha

Kojirou: Hinako...
Kojirou: I'll...Definitely make it big in France,
Kojirou: So...
Kojirou: Don't cry anymore.
Hinako: ......Of course you will!

Text: The day before leaving---
Hinako: Geeeeeez
Hinako: You haven't cleaned up at all!!

Kojirou: You just barged in and now you say that?
Hinako: Good grief! You're going to have a bad time in the future.
Kojirou: Ah, that's right.
Kojirou: Thanks, I'm giving this back.
Hinako: ......Excuse me?
Kojirou: A photo from the school festival...
Kojirou: You had this?
Hinako: I got it from the newspaper club.
Hinako: I forgot I used it as a bookmark.

Hinako: This brings me back---
Hinako: !
Hinako: Th-The sakura season is already over, huh.
Hinako: That's it.
Hinako: Here, senpai.
Kojirou: What's this?
Hinako: A farewell gift.

Hinako: If it was doing nerikiri for Japanese confectionery
Hinako: I probably wouldn't lose to you, senpai.
Kojirou: You could have used it for the shokugeki, you know?
Hinako: I lost on purpose back then---
Hinako: You'de teddibde, henpai! //You're terrible, senpai

Kojirou: You better catch up to me, Hinako.
Voice: The flight headed
Voice: For Paris, Charles de Gaulle airport will-
Fuyumi: Well, do your worst.
Donato: Take care.
Hinako: Senpai......You better make it big there.
Kojirou: Of course I will.
Text: With espérer (hope), he goes to France!!
Text: Next chapter is expected to come out April 24th(Fri)!!

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