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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Shokugeki no Souma 118

Tootsuki Elite Ten

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 23, 2015 22:06 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki no Soma 118

Shokugeki no Soma
Big text: The Polar Star Dorm residents, whether it's cooking or playing around, they do their best!!
Star(left): A center color page for the appearance of "top" of the academy, the Elite Ten and the ongoing TV anime!!
Card Footer: Those interested in entering the Polar Star Dorm should contact this number! => (Representative: Daimidou Fumio) 03-XOX^-[][]OX
Blue text: The TV anime is airing with rave reviews!! For more info check the next page!!
Purple text: Volume 13 and the first official recipe book will be on sale June 4th [Thu]!!
(cutlery) 118 Tootsuki Elite Ten
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

p2 //anime, goods, and game info

Souma: Autumn-leaf viewing!?
Cutlery: What is this!?
Megumi: With the Elite Ten!?
Satoshi: Exactly! The current Tootsuki Elite Ten members
Satoshi: And all of you first years who made it to the main tournament of the election are invited.
Souma: So...Why's it called Autumn-leaf viewing?
Megumi: U-Umm, that means...That like in the training camp and the stagiaire,
Megumi: If we mess up...We'll get expelled...?
Satoshi: That won't happen, Tadokoro-chan!
Satoshi: This notice comes directly from the Academy's Director...
Satoshi: The goal of this event is to let you meet the upperclassmen and form stronger ties with them.
Satoshi: All while elegantly watching the maple leaves...Ok!?
Megumi: W-We're actually watching the maple leaves...

Megumi: But...I wonder if I'll be able to talk properly with all those senpai I've never met before. (cd: I think I might get stage fright...)
Satoshi: You'll be just fine!
Souma: ............
Souma: We get
Souma: To meet......The Elite Ten---!
Megumi: S-S-So-Souma-kun!?
Megumi: Ain't you thinkin' something really bad!?
Souma: Nah, I was just thinking one of those senpai might have a shokugeki with me.
Megumi: You really were!! You can't do that!
Souma: I'm just going to try asking.
Souma: It probably won't get dangerous.
Megumi: I can see it, I can see how it'll get dangerous plainly as day!
Senpai's sd: Then you'll bet your expulsion?
Souma's sd: Yeah, that's fine.
Souma: There are six people above Isshiki-senpai, too.

Souma: I'm looking forward to see what kind of people they are.
Megumi: Geez, Souma-kun...
Satoshi: That's about it, I'll be waiting for you that day!
Satoshi: Be careful on your way to the meeting place!
Ryou: What's this...? You actually survived.
Akira: With ease, of course.
Akira: I'm different to those who ended in second or third place in the election.
Subaru: Kukuh...You won't come get your revenge yet, Aldini?
Takumi: You sure are huge, I can't see the beautiful leaves like this.
Megumi(thinks): Oh right...Forget about the senpai,

Megumi(thinks): The first years didn't get all that well to begin with...
Takumi: Yukihira...What's with your hair! You let it grow in a really half-hearted way.
Takumi: That's sloven! A cook must take care of his hair.
Souma: You're right, I'll cut it soon.
Souma: Takumi, you trimmed your hair quite a bit.
Souma: You know, after I was a stagiaire at Master Shinomiya's place I was just really absorbed in cooking.
Takumi: Chef Shinomiya!?
Takumi: It can't be, you were at SHINO's TOKYO!?
Megumi(thinks): Master...?

Takumi: .........Fufu...! You always overcome my expectations...!
Takumi: To think you'd go to a restaurant owned by a former first seat!
Souma: Eh? Ah, no, I just happened to train there... (cd: I was pretty lucky)
Takumi: Interesting...! I'm all fired up, Yukihira!
Erina: .........
Hisako: Erina-sama...You won't say thanks for the shoujo manga he lent you?
Erina: !
Hisako: For this kind of things it's better to do it soon instead of postponing it.
Erina: T...To begin with! That manga was compensation for the time I tasted his dish.
Erina: There should be no need for me to say thanks! Am I wrong, Yukihira-kun!?
Souma: Well yeah, you're right.
Souma: Come to think of it, you seated on our side, huh, Nakiri. (cd: Even though you're part of the elite ten)
Erina: ...The goal is to deepen the relationship between the first year students and the upperclassmen so I belong to this side.

Souma: Arato, it's been a while since we last met too,
Souma: You look like you're doing fine.
Hisako: Yes...All thanks to you.
Erina(thinks): H...Hmm? He's close friends with Hisako now......?
Megumi(thinks): W...We're finally meeting our senpai...I'm getting nervous.
Megumi(thinks): I wonder what kind of people they are...?
Megumi(thinks): I hope they're all kind...
Senpai's sd: Ahaha hahahaha
Senpai's sd: Tadokoro-chaaaaaan
Box: This is the ideal image of the senpai Tadokoro-chan imagined while starting to feel pressured.
Senpai's sd: Ahahaha

Voice: The Tootsuki Elite Ten
Voice: Is arriiiiiiiiviiiiiing!!
Souma(thinks): ......They are---
Souma(thinks): The cooks
Souma(thinks): Who stand at the top of this academy---

p10-11 //no dialog

Guy: Hey, hey, hey, you know!
Souma: !
Guy: Why don't we end this here today?
Guy: And let's abolish this meeting for the next year!
Guy: It's a total bother and isn't it like meaningless? Don't you all think so?
Guy: Ah! You, the braids girl! Hey, what do you think?
Megumi: Heaaah!? Ah, Ermm, umm, emm.

Girl: It's a direct invitation from the director
Girl: We can't just not participate...Forget about abolishing it.
Guy: I'm not asking the braids girl from our side, you know!? Can you not get in the way? I'm chatting with the underclassmen.
Girl: You're really noisy...
Guy: Aren't you like a lot more mad than usual?
Guy: Is it your perioooood!?
Girl: Die.
Etsuya: That thoughtless bastard with the horrible voice is here again.
Etsuya: We can get as much budget as we want from Tootsuki thanks to that grandpa,
Estuya: So let's go along with Senzaemon-dono's whim.
Guy: Ahah, Eizan, you're always thinking about money, you're totally boring! Just hurry and get out of Tootsuki, like today, right now. I'm counting, three, two, one...
Etsuya: Shut up, midget.
Guy: What the fuuuuuuuuck!!?

Satoshi: Fufu...! You all look healthy today!
Satoshi: Well then, why don't we have a toast?
Both: Why should we follow your orders, Isshikiiiii!!?
Megumi(thinks): Th......
Megumi(thinks): Their relationship
Megumi(thinks): Is 800 times worse than the first years'---!!!

Senzaemon: Hm.........
Senzaemon: It looks like it's getting exciting again this year.
Senzaemon: After all, they're the candidates for the future elite ten...The people who will shoulder Tootsuki's future.
Senzaemon: Their relationship with the upperclassmen will definitely be a stimulus for their lives as cooks!
Souma: Umm

Souma: I want to enter the Elite Ten right now,
Souma: Can any of you senpai have a shokugeki with me?

All: No/Nope.
Guy: People in the elite ten don't have time to be facing freshmen by now.
Guy: Seriously, like, sorry.

Guy: Hey, don't get mad, I'll totally apologize!
Guy: I mean, we second years,
Guy: Are like really busy trying to defeat the guys above.

Guy: Well then...
Cutlery: The Elite Ten appears--!! The turbulent autumn-leaf viewing...!!
Guy: For now...Let's have them bring us some tea.
Shokugeki no Soma
(cutlery) 118/End
Next issue, when the elite ten members don't pay attention to the first years, Souma puts a certain plan in motion...!?

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