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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Shokugeki no Souma 119

The Distance From The Elite Ten

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 26, 2015 16:09 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki no Soma 119

Shokugeki no Soma
Souma: ......Hey, Tadokoro.
Souma: Is that guy sitting in front of Nakiri who I think he is...
Megumi: Ah...Yes, it's my first time meeting him face to face too,
Megumi: But he is...
Megumi: The current Elite Ten first seat...!
Text: The TV anime that get you really hungry is airing with rave reviews!!
Cutlery: The man in front of him is the strongest in Tootsuki---!!
Big Text: First Seat Tsukasa Eishi High School Division 3rd Year

(cutlery) 119 The Distance From The Elite Ten
Big Text: Second Seat Kobayashi Rindou High School Division 3rd Year
Big Text: Fourth Seat Akanegakubo Momo High School Division 3rd Year
Big Text: Third Seat Megishima Tousuke High School Division 3rd Year
Big Text: Fifth Seat Saitou Soumei High School Division 3rd Year
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Star: JC Volume (13) and the official recipe book will finally be on sale June 4th(Thu)!!

Big Text: Sixth Seat Kinokuni Nene High School Division 2nd Year
Big Text: Eighth Seat Kuga Terunori High School Division 2nd Year
Cutlery: These are Tootsuki's rulers---!!
Big Text: Seventh Seat Isshiki Satoshi High School Division 2nd Year
Big Text: Ninth Seat Eizan Etsuya High School Division 2nd Year
Shokugeki no Soma

Eishi: ......Yukihira Souma.
Souma: !
Eishi: ......And Takumi Aldini.
Takumi: ......!?
Eishi: Ah, Mimasaka Subaru too.
Subaru: Huh...?
Eishi: At the Autumn Election---
Eishi: I would've loved if you didn't have any shokugeki...

Souma/Takumi: ...What?
Eishi: I worked extra hard so that the election ended without a hitch but I didn't expect two consecutive shokugeki...
Eishi: I was running around doing all the necessary procedures while glaring at the time table...I really broke out in cold sweat.
Satoshi: That's why I told you to work at the hall, Tsukasa-senpai. (cd: And leave the behind-the-scenes work to us.)
Eishi: I-I'm not good at standing in front of others...!
Eishi: I told you I'd leave that to all you guys, Isshiki!
Souma(thinks): You know...Compared with the other first seats I've seen
Takumi(thinks): He's really different.
Eishi: Haah...Me being the first seat is really troublesome.
Eishi: I've got many responsibilities and the pressure is huge, it's really depressing...
Nene: Senpai, you need to get your act together.

Eishi: I think I've been sighing a lot more lately...
Souma: Sorry......I guess.
Terunori: Uwah, uwah, uwah, Tsukassan got into timid mode, that's such a bother! Well, it's ok, I'll just ignore him.
Terunori: You know, Yukihira-chin?
Souma(thinks): "-chin"?
Terunori: It's been like half a year since you got into Tootsuki, right?
Terunori: It's about time you get just what the weight the Elite Ten is.
Souma: Ah, then, in the worst of cases, you don't have to bet your seat.
Souma: For the time being I just want to fight strong people.
Souma: We can have a match betting the Elite Ten seat sometime later!
Terunori: Look, you totally don't get it, Yukihira-chiiiiin!
Rindou: .........

Terunori: I'm talking about the weight of even having a match with us!
Terunori: The Elite Ten isn't something that can be taken so lightly!! We're different from the normal students!
Souma: Huh...
Souma: Is the Elite Ten such a huge bargain?
Terunori: Just using the word "bargain" is enough to tell you understand nothing!!
Terunori: Those in the Elite Ten are also owners...
Terunori: Of part of Tootsuki's authority and assets!!
Souma: ...!?

Terunori: If it's for the sake of cooking you can use as much of Tootsuki's enormous budget as you want!!
Terunori: Things cooks all around Japan desperately wish for like ingredients, cooking tools, and facilities, whether they're the newest or the highest class, you can get hold of as many as you want!
Terunori: You can easily get access to rare recipes from centuries ago of which only 100 copies were published
Terunori: Or to classic cooking books which would easily surpass 2,000,000 yen in an auction!
Terunori: You can do anything! You can go anywhere!
Terunori: Everything is forgiven as long as it's part of your studies!!

Satoshi: And...The authority you have increases as you go up in the Elite Ten.
Satoshi: Because in this academy "cooking is everything"!
Megumi: ............
Souma(thinks): Haha...Yeah that's right,
Souma(thinks): This school is just plain absurd.
Eishi: I contrast with humans' short lives...
Eishi: Cooking is just too deep and vast...
Eishi: Even if you dedicate your life to walk that path you can't master it,
Eishi: However...
Eishi: If you enter the Elite Ten you can drastically hasten those steps.

Eishi: Tootsuki gives those who have power as much authority and assets as possible...And
Eishi: The Elite Ten Council is the one that receives all that.

Eishi: Between the Elite Ten and the rest of the cooks
Eishi: There's a definite difference of power.

Eishi: That's a fact.
Satoshi: .........
Terunori: Yeah! Well, that's about it!
Terunori: I think you get the overall nuance by now,
Terunori: But you guys really, really, reaaaally aren't even worth considering as opponents.
Terunori: So, why don't you all small fry just like battle each other?

Souma: .........
Terunori: Well, let's see, for example-
Terunori: If there's any kind of cooking
Terunori: You're better at than me I'll accept your shokugeki.
Terunori: Ahah! Well, not like that'll ever happen.
Nene: Height...
Terunori: I said "cooking" you bitch!!!
Souma: ......Are you serious, Kuga-senpai?
Terunori: Sure, sure, suuuure! You better believe me!
Terunori: I guess that's about it!
Terunori: Well then, let's finish this!

Terunori: See ya~~~, first years!
Megumi: ...............

Megumi(thinks) That ended up stirring their fighting spirit!!
Terunori: Hey, hey, hey, let's really stop doing this Autumn-leaf viewing next year!
Terunori: To begin with,
Terunori: We don't have to do it on such a hectic time of the year, right?
Nene: This is one of Tootsuki's events, it can't be helped.
Etsuya: It's me.
Etsuya: Yeah.
Etsuya: You got the materials? ...Alright, I'll go there now.
Megumi: ......?

Souma: Hmmmm...
Box: Yukihira-kun got a license since Tootsuki's just too big.
Box: Tadokoro-chan pedaling her favorite bicycle.
Megumi: The Tootsuki Elite Ten...Is really full of amazing people.
Souma: I don't know what to do, though.
Souma: Even if he said "one thing you're better than me in"...We don't even have a place where we can compete in.

Megumi: Hmmm...You're right.
Megumi: We have very little classes with the second years...
Souma: ...Hmm? Tadokoro...Weren't you opposed to me challenging the senpai to shokugeki?
Megumi: Eh!? Y...Yes...Of course I don't want you to get expelled or anything, Souma-kun.
Megumi: But never mind me...You're an amazing cook.
Megumi: Even if they're our senpai, it's a bit vexing that they said such things...I guess.
Souma: .........
Souma: I see...Thanks.
Souma: Anyway...We need some clues
Souma: Or else we won't get anywhere...

Souma: !?
Souma: That was a huge ass truck...Maybe they're contractors?
Souma: Are they building something again?
Megumi: ......Ah! It's about time for the preparations.
Souma: Preparations?
Megumi: Yes!
Megumi: It's held around this time of the year...It's the event that marks the end of autumn.

Megumi: ...Ah! I see...
Megumi: This is what...Kuga-senpai and the others mentioned.
Megumi: The Tootsuki Academy Festival---
Souma: Festival?
Cutlery: Hm? A word that might be a hint came out!?
Shokugeki no Soma
(cutlery) 119/End

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