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Shokugeki no Souma 120

Monster Event

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 3, 2015 14:55 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki no Soma 120

Shokugeki no Soma
Teacher: Oh...Here's an announcement before ending the lecture.
Teacher: The academy festival is getting close.
Sign: English 1 (For the High School Division First Year)
Teacher: As you all know, in our festival you can set a booth as long as you get the permission to do so...
Teacher: The deadline for signing in to participate either as a group or individually is near.
Teacher: If you want to make a submission, make sure to do it soon.
Teacher: The place where the submission forms are being distributed is---
Souma(thinks): Academy festival......!
Souma(thinks): This is it!!!
Cutlery: What is it!!?

Text: The 3-star class anime is airing with rave reviews!!!
Shokugeki no Soma
(cutlery) 120 Monster Event
Cutlery: Taking a peek at their liveliness...
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Star: JC Volume (13) and the first official recipe book will both be on sale June 4th!! Volume (13) includes Nakama Ryou's version of Soma!! Many things aren't that much!!

Voice: What are you doing for lunch?
Voice: You see-
Souma: Oh?
Souma: Yo! Hey there, Nakiri.
Erina: Ugh...! Yukihira...-kun...
Souma: What a coincidence, what class were you in?
Erina(thinks): Wh...Why must Hisako be away now of all times...?
Girl: Kyah, it's Erina-sama.
Girl: She's chatting with Yukihira-kun...
Asterisk: Tootsuki Academy's classes follow a system in which students move from classroom to classroom to take their lectures. (Similar to American high schools)
Souma: By the way, Nakiri, you're setting a booth too?
Erina: ...You mean for the academy festival? Of course I will.

Erina: The Elite Ten Members' refreshment booths are the main feature which attracts customers every year.
Erina: Every single member has been steadily preparing for it...That includes me.
Souma: Hmm, is that so? ......Ok, that's great.
Souma: I guess Kuga-senpai's decided on what kind of booth he's going to set.
Erina: .......? I can't be...You are-
Souma: Yeah, I'm also participating in the festival.
Terunori: If there's any kind of cooking
Terunori: You're better at than me, then I'll accept your shokugeki.
Souma: If I beat Kuga-senpai's booth in sales...
Souma: He may accept my challenge!
Souma: I don't mean to brag but I got great reactions at my neighborhood's summer festival!
Voice: It's too good!! What's with this Yakisoba!?
Voice: Damn it, he took all the customers.
Erina: ............

Souma: I'll end up competing with you too with my booth so let's both give our best.
Souma: See ya, Nakiri!
Erina(thinks): He's challenging Kuga-san's booth...Huh.
Erina(thinks): Does he really understand what the academy festival really is...?
Box: PE Optative ~Basketball~
Megumi: I see...! The academy festival!
Shirt: Tadokoro
Megumi: Yes...! You can compete with the senpai like that!
Souma: Right? I thought it was now or never.

Souma: With that said, Tadokoro...Do you know what Kuga-senpai's cooking genre is?
Shirt: Yukihira
Souma: I can't plan countermeasures if I don't now that.
Megumi: Ermm, you see, Kuga-senpai...
Megumi: Is a cook who specializes in Chinese cuisine.
Souma: Hmm, Chinese, huh...
Megumi: Ah......
Souma: Hm?
Shirt: Houjou
Miyoko: !

Miyoko: Hmph!
Megumi: Houjou-san!
Souma(thinks): That's some serious dunk!!

Miyoko: Hm......?
Box: Houjou Miyoko Heiress to "Houjourou", a restaurant in the Yokohama Chinatown
Miyoko: You want to surpass the Eighth Seat,
Miyoko: Kuga Terunori!?
Miyoko: Haha...I'd expect no less from the guy who challenged Shinomiya Kojirou...You sure say some daring things.
Megumi: Houjou-san also specializes in Chinese cuisine.
Souma: Hmmm, is that so?
Miyoko: So......How many staff members have you gathered so far?
Souma: Eh? Staff?
Souma: I should be enough for a single booth.

Megumi: Eeeeeeeh!!?
Miyoko: Huuuuuuh!!?
Souma: Eh? I mean, it's a stall for the festival, isn't it?
Miyoko: ...Do you have time after school?
Miyoko: You'll understand what I mean after you see it,
Miyoko: Come with me.
Souma: Hm...? Where?
Miyoko: To the Chinese Cuisine Research Society---
Miyoko: Kuga Terunori's stronghold.
Box: Tadokoro-chan attended a Local Cuisine Research Society meeting.
Megumi's sd: Sorry, I just couldn't skip on it.

Baldies: Sei!
Souma: This is...!!
Souma(thinks): Uncooked rice---
Souma(thinks): They're practicing shaking the pan with uncooked rice?
Souma(thinks): Are they some kind of cyborg!?
Souma(thinks): There's dozens of people practicing here
Souma(thinks): But their movements are perfectly synched......!

Terunori: Ok, One, two! One, two!
Terunori: Good, good, good, it's looking good!
Souma(thinks): Kuga-senpai......!
Terunori: Hm?
Terunori: Hey you! You slowed down!
Terunori: What are you doing!?
Baldy: S-Sorry!! Chief!
Terunori: Idiot,
Terunori: You won't be able to do a good job at the actual booth like this!
Baldy: Yes sir!! I'm terribly sorry!
Terunori: Then, you're taking collective responsibility---
Terunori: So you get 30 extra sets, ok (music note) Go.
Baldy: Yes sir!!!

Baldies: Sei!
Terunori: Hm!? Miyoko-chin!!
Terunori: What's up, what's up, what's up? You're finally entering the Chinese R.S.!?
Miyoko: I'm not.
Terunori: Ahaha, I knew! Well, you're always welcome.
Terunori: Oh? Yukihira-chin's here.
Souma: Wow, you remembered my name.
Terunori: What'd you come to do?
Souma: I was wondering how you were preparing for the academy festival, Kuga-senpai.
Souma: I'm planning on putting up a stall by myself and I'm thinking about what to make.
Terunori: The academy...Festival, huh! So that's your answer!!
Terunori: I guess this is you scouting the enemy then! You sure move fast!
Terunori: Let's see...I'm still considering how many dishes will be in the menu.
Terunori: But after all is said and done, our bestseller is our "mapo doufu".

Souma: Mapo doufu...
Souma: I've made some mapo sets for my family's restaurant! Our customers love it...
Terunori: Hmmm...Yukihira-chin, your home was a special-of-the-day restaurant, wasn't it?
Terunori: .........
Terunori: I need 10 people here.
Souma: !?
Terunori: Make some of our prided Mapo for Yukihira-chin.
Baldies: Yes sir!!!

Terunori: This is the Kuga Terunori quality Mapo doufu!!
Terunori: Eat it while it's hot!

Souma(thinks): ---10 dishes.
Souma(thinks): They got all finished at the exact same time! What precision...
SFX: *sink*
Souma(thinks): ...!!!
SFX: *drip*
SFX: *drip*
SFX: *drip*
Souma(thinks): What is this...!?
Souma(thinks): Spicy!!
Souma(thinks): Delicious...
Souma(thinks): Spicy!
Souma(thinks): Delicious
Souma(thinks): Spicy!
Souma(thinks): Delicious!!!
Souma(thinks): It's so spicy my tongue feels like it's burning...
Souma(thinks): But a delicious flavor arises in succession!!

Souma(thinks): It's fundamentally different
Souma(thinks): From Yukihira's Mapo doufu!!
Souma(thinks): And all the dishes taste exactly the same---!!
Souma(thinks): Just how much have this guys trained!?
Terunori: This is true spiciness, Yukihira-chin.
Terunori: This intense combination of spiciness and deliciousness...
Terunori: You'll never beat it with a special-of-the-day restaurant's flavor, will you?

Terunori: And all of my guys are trained so that they can perfectly reproduce this flavor.
Terunori: It was me who trained them!
Terunori: I mean...
Terunori: The Tootsuki Academy Festival is a monster event which has 500,000 attendees every year.
Terunori: You won't make it to the top in sales if you can't serve around 1,000 meals every day.
Souma(thinks): 1,000 meals......!!
Terunori: Ermmm, so how are you doing, Yukihira-chin?
Terunori: You're one person...
Terunori: And you've yet to decide on your recipe, right?

Terunori: Hey, Yukihira-chin,
Terunori: Can you please tell me
Terunori: What are you planning to beat me with?
Cutlery: The Eighth Seat, Kuga, shows him the overwhelming difference between them!! How will Souma answer!? Next issue, center color pages!!
Shokugeki no Soma
(cutlery) 120/End

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