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Shokugeki no Soma L'étoile 5

The Lost Recette (3)

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 8, 2015 03:13 | Go to Shokugeki no Soma L'étoile

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki no Soma L'étoile 5
//Correction, his name is Hervé not Herve

(cutlery) numéro 5 The Lost Recette (3)
Shokugeki no Soma L'étoile
Text: Shinomiya Kojirou returns the favor for the hospitality!?
Text(above box): The long-awaited "L'étoile" volume (1) will be on sale in August!!
Box: {
The TV anime is airing with rave reviews!!
MBS [Fri] 26:40~
TBS [Fri] 26:25~
CBC [Fri] 27:12~
BS-TBS [Sat] 24:30~
Animax [Fri] 22:00~
JC Volume (13) and the official recipe book are on sale with rave reviews!!
Story: Itou Michiko
Art: Asatoki Taiki
Original Work: Tsukuda Yuuto/Saeki Shun/Morisaki Yuki

Kojirou(thinks): We just
Kojirou(thinks): Don't get any customers...
Kojirou: And here I'm all in for helping...
Kojirou: Is this place really alright......?
Hervé: It's so early
Hervé: And you're already awake?
Kojirou: Yeah, I can't just do nothing after you let me stay the night.
Hervé: I see,
Hervé: Then, please help Rebecca.
Kojirou: Yeah.
Kojirou(thinks): Hm?

Kojirou: Wait! Where are you going!?
Hervé: You see, I saw a beautiful girl at the library yesterday.
Kojirou: You're hitting on someone!? Was that why you were at the library!?
Hervé: It's just a joke, hahaha.
Hervé: Well then.
Kojirou: He really left...
Kojirou: ......He really has zero motivation.
Kojirou: That Magret de Canard sure was good,
Kojirou: Well, I had this feeling that something was missing in it, though...
Kojirou: !

Kojirou: Somewhere around here...
Box: La recette d'Hervé (Hervé's recipes)
Kojirou: Here it is.
Kojirou: I found Hervé's recettes.
Kojirou: I can't help much if I'm not familiar with his recettes after all.
Kojirou: Hm?
Kojirou: What is this?

Kojirou: Why is this page torn off?
Rebecca: Sorry, Kojirou.
Rebecca: We run out of some spices so can you go buy some at the market?
Kojirou: Eh?
Rebecca: Things are as you can see,
Rebecca: So I can handle the bistro by myself...
Kojirou: Well, you have a point there.

Kojirou: Oh......! This place sure is lively.
Voice: Bonjour (Hello)
Voice: Il fait combien? (How much for this?)
Kojirou: Let's see, she asked for---
Kojirou: Give me 100g each of thyme and rosemary.
Man: Alright! Hm......
Man: Boy, you came alone? Where's your maman?
Kojirou: I'm already eighteen!!
Man: Sorry, sorry, Asian's all look young to me.
Man: Sorry for that, here's a freebie! Take it home!!
Kojirou: Eh...Ok, thanks.
Woman: Oh?
Woman: Boy...Where's your maman?
Kojirou: I told you I'm eighteen!!
Woman: Oh, is that so? Sorry, want some of this?

Kojirou: ...I heard Frenchmen were unsocial.
Kojirou: But that's not quite right, huh,
Kojirou: It might be just that they took me lightly 'cause they thought I'm a kid...
Woman: Give me 300 of fennel.
Man: Sure, ah, how was Hervé's bistro?
Woman: It seems it's no good yet, his wife was alone there.
Man: That's a shame, I heard Dugarry is making his move too.
Kojirou(thinks): Dugarry?
Woman: I can't blame him,
Woman: I mean,

Woman: His son---
SFX: *clang*
Rebecca: Welcome back.
Rebecca's sd: Eh? You bought so much?
Kojirou: I heard at the market...
Kojirou: That Hervé's son......
Kojirou: ---Passed away.

Rebecca: Let's have a chat.
Rebecca: It'll end up as a reminiscence, though.
Kojirou: ......
Rebecca: Hervé...
Rebecca: Had a son that would be about your age if he was alive.
Rebecca: Hervé put his all into cooking so he didn't pay much attention to his family, it seems he hadn't seen his son since he divorced ten years ago.
Rebecca: In the past, after he came to Paris from Montpellier...All he had on his mind was aiming for the top.
Kojirou: That would be unthinkable seeing him now......

Rebecca: You're right, it seems many things happened,
Rebecca: Around the time we got married he said he wanted to open a modest but warm bistro and show it to his son.
Rebecca: But on the day of Hervé's birthday......His son---
Rebecca: Came to France saying "I'm going to have papa eat my food"...And had an accident on the way...
Rebecca: After that he's always felt remorse.

Rebecca: “He tried to do something for me and maybe I could've done something for him too.”
Rebecca: “If I didn't teach him cooking he wouldn't have met an accident that day.”
Rebecca: “If I wasn't a chef, he might have been happy.”
Rebecca: He might be seeing his son on you.

Rebecca: Since then all he does is drink......
Rebecca: And he lost the passion he had for cooking.
Rebecca: He might still be thinking he might have been able to spend more time with his son if only he wasn't a chef...
Kojirou: ...I see.
Kojirou(thinks): What that Magret de Canard
Kojirou(thinks): Was missing was---
Hervé: ......I'm home.

Hervé: It seems I'll be officially selling this place.
Hervé: Haha...Kojirou, I'm joining you
Hervé: In the ranks of the unemployed, hahahaha......
Kojirou: What's with that...?
Kojirou: Are you really ok with that, Hervé!?
Kojirou: Your son's accident was...!
Hervé: ...So you heard from Rebecca, huh.

Hervé: To be honest, I don't understand.
Hervé: I've been doing this job for over twenty years, but in the end, I couldn't make anyone happy.
Hervé: So---
Kojirou: ...So you're just going to abandon everything
Kojirou: And quit being a cook!?
Hervé: ...Kojirou?

Kojirou: I don't want to lose your bistro, Hervé!
Hervé: Your intentions make me happy but...Sorry.
Box: Dugarry's Office
Voice: Stop it! How many times do I have to repeat myself!?

Woman: I can't let anyone without an appointment in......
Kojirou: Sure, sure, I got it! I understand.
Kojirou: Then, I'll set up an appointment now,
Kojirou: Isn't that ok?
Woman: Of course it isn't! I'll call the police.
Benoit: What is this ruckus about?
Woman: Dugarry-sama.
Benoit: Who are you?
Kojirou: .........

Benoit: What is this?
Kojirou: It's the money I've earned with my cooking.
Kojirou: I'll but Hervé's bistro.
Both: .........

Benoit: ...You can't buy it with such a paltry sum of money.
Kojirou: I know that,
Kojirou: I'll pay the rest by working.
Benoit: ...
Benoit: For someone young like you to go out of his way and come to Paris there must be something he wants to do, isn't there?
Kojirou(thinks): !!
Benoit: Are you telling me you're betting the rest of your life on that bistro?
Kojirou: Well......

Kojirou: ......
Kojirou: I don't know.
Kojirou: ...
Kojirou: But
Kojirou: I'm planning to do that now.
Benoit: You sure are young, life is way shorter than you think.
Benoit: You don't have time to burden yourself with someone else's life.
Kojirou: .........
Benoit: Why are you so supportive of Hervé?

Kojirou: He helped me when I didn't have a place to work or to stay in...
Kojirou: And that Magret de Canard---
Benoit: You realized how incredible Hervé is as a cook.
Kojirou: Yes,
Kojirou: For such skill to be lost......I just can't bear with it.
Benoit: ...No matter how you assess his skill
Benoit: It's all meaningless as long as Hervé isn't motivated to cook...Am I wrong?
Kojirou: ...You're not.
Benoit: Then, let's do this,

Benoit: If you can make Hervé recover his motivation for cooking I won't buy the bistro.
Kojirou: !
Kojirou: Really!!?
Benoit: Yes, I won't go back on my words.
Benoit: Make it...Something that will make Hervé serious,
Benoit: The kind of dish that will shake his heart as a cook
Benoit: And recover his passion---

Box: 4:00 A.M. JST
SFX: *rrrr*
SFX: *rrrr*
Hinako: ...
Hinako: ......
Hinako: Hello.
Kojirou: ...Hinako?
Hinako: Senpai, what's wrong?
Hinako: But I betted that senpai wouldn't contact us! Idiot!
Kojirou: What the hell? Don't screw with me!
Hinako: ......Well, it's ok.
Hinako: So, what happened?
Kojirou: Well you see,

Kojirou: I really need you to do me a favor.
Text: Save Hervé with the bonds you have with your friends---
Text: Next chapter is expected to come out July 24th

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