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Shokugeki no Souma 129

Lion and Lion

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 4, 2015 01:47 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki no Soma 129

Star: The newest JC volume (14) and the first volume of the spinoff "L'étoile" will be on sale tomorrow, August 4th!!
Guy: Mapo Noodles!!
Guy: And
Cutlery: What's on top of the mapo noodles!?
Shokugeki no Soma
(cutlery) 129 Lion and Lion
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Star: A Soma fair titled "Mid-summer harvest festival" is being held on the Animate stores around Japan!! For more info go to the Information Booth Yukihira on page 26!!
Guy: There's a huge meatball on top of them!?
Yuuya: S...Souma-chan, what's this...?
Souma: Well, Tomita-san,
Souma: First try eating that meatball without crumbling it.

Guy: So what...!?
Guy: Hmph! He's just bluffing!
Guy: Chief! The customers are coming in.
Guy: Please come back!
Terunori: Y-Yeah...
Terunori: .........
Terunori(thinks): ---That meatball.........
Cutlery: The TV anime's Blu-ray & DVD (1) are on sale!!
Yuuya: ...!
Yuuya(thinks): ...Aaaaaah, this is it!

Yuuya: It's Yukihira's flavor! It's the mapo doufu I ate once.
Yuuya: It's a consistent flavor I could eat every day!
Yuuya: And it goes perfectly with these noodles! No less from Souma-chan!
Yuuya: ......But...

Terunori: Sorry to keep you waiting! Here's your Kuga Chinese Restaurant-quality classic mapo doufu!
Yuuya: But you won't defeat the opponent's dish in terms of impact like this...
Yuuya: Their booth's appearance and dishes are overwhelming!
Yuuya: They're flawless......!
Souma: Are you sure?
Yuuya: Eh?
Souma: Completely satisfying all your customers
Souma: Is something tough even for a pro with more than a decade of experience.

Old man: Phew...
Old man: I wonder how many more minutes this will take.
Guy: Umm, dear customer...We're terribly congested,
Guy: So we need you to vacate your seat within 20 minutes after your dishes are served...
Man: Eh! Really? Well, it can't be helped...
Mom: I wanted to try some real Sichuan cuisine...But the line is just so long.
Girl's sd: I'm hungry
Mom: Lining up with children might be impossible.
Voice: Not yet...?
Voice: I'm sick of waiting...

Souma: I've been observing them all this time.
Souma: Kuga Chinese Restaurant's weakness
Souma: Is something that just wasn't plain visible yet.
Souma: Well now...Tomita-san! Take that meatball,
Souma: Dip it completely in the mapo doufu, and split it!
Yuuya: .........

Yuuya: !!
Man: Hm...?
Man: ......Oh?
Yuuya: Th...
Yuuya: The moon......

Yuuya: The moon came out---!!?

Yuuya: And this smell...There's no mistaking it!
Yuuya: It's curry!!
Yuuya: It's a fragrant curry which would make anyone's cheeks go loose!
Voice: What's that dish!?
Voice: Mapo doufu with curry!?
Voice: I've never eaten something like that!
Yuuya: The moon melts little by little...
Yuuya: And mixes up with the mapo doufu!
Souma: Oh! It's about time.
Souma: This is the best moment to eat it.
Souma: It's done!

Yuuya: !!!
Yuuya: What's with this flavor...!?
Yuuya: The spices! They're very stimulating yet mild and gentle!!
Yuuya: It's as if they were carefully wrapping up
Yuuya: They permeate into my flesh and bones!!

Yuuya: This is...! A new Chinese dish
Yuuya: That you created, Souma-chan!!?
Souma: I made a soup out of beef bones
Souma: And added a few different curry spices, garlic, and ginger to it to make a special curry dashi...
Souma: That's the moon's identity.
Souma: I mixed the curry dashi with gelatin and hardened it...Then I wrapped it inside the meatballs I used for the Hujiao Bing and cooked them.
Souma: Once it crumbles, the curry's flavor will gradually spread into the mapo!
Souma: This is Yukihira Revamped's second dish!
Souma: The "Time Fuse Mapo Curry Noodles"!!!

Guy: Hey, that looks pretty good!
Guy: This smell...I-I can't resist it!
Guy: H-Hey...
Guy: ......Yeah!
Megumi/Terunori: !!

Guy: Guuuugh!! He stole
Guy: More than half of our line!!
Terunori: Calm down! We have more than ten people serving.
Terunori: There's just no way that small stall can serve so many dishes!
Terunori: They're going to burst any second!!

Girl: Two Mapo Curry Noodles!
Man: Give me three!
Megumi: Hewawah...! We got so many orders at once......!
Megumi: W-We can't keep up with theeeeeem!
Souma: ......He should be coming anytime now...
Yuuya: ......Eh, what's coming...?
Souma: So...
Souma: I want some help the day I go for the break.

Souma: It seems you don't have a booth...So can't you help me out?
Subaru: ......I need to do some image training.
Souma: Image training?
Subaru: By imagining how you work
Subaru: I can work even faster.
Subaru: And the best way to do that is to get as close as possible to my tracing target's environment...!
Mayumi: Hmm...?
Mayumi: There's some light at Restaurant Yukihira...
Aki: You're right! Is Yukihira back?

Subaru: A mapo set? Wait a bit!
Subaru: Thanks for your patronage!
Subaru: My name is Yukihira Souma...
Subaru: I'll do my best to make Kuga-senpai admit defeat!
Subaru: I have about
Subaru: Ten more years of experience than you, senpai.
Souma: Enough of that, get to work.

Guy: Mimasaka Subaru!!?
Souma: Well now,
Souma: Let's eat Kuga Chinese Restaurant up at once!
Terunori: .........
Terunori(thinks): That meatball,
Terunori(thinks): The cooking method and the ingredients were arranged quite a bit,
Terunori(thinks): But it resembles "one dish" eaten in Taiwan and parts of China.
Terunori(thinks): A stew with big meatballs as the main ingredient,
Terunori(thinks): Its name is

Terunori(thinks): Lion's head!!
Terunori(thinks): A dish in which the abundant gigantic meatball imitates a lion's head!!
Terunori(thinks): What seemed to be a weak kitty,
Terunori(thinks): Just two nights after his crushing defeat on the first day,

Cutlery: Souma's new Chinese dish explodes!! Can he surpass the Elite Ten Eighth Seat, Kuga!?
Terunori(thinks): Became a ferocious lion!!!
Shokugeki no Soma
(cutlery) 129/End

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