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Busou Shoujo Machiavellism 4

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 20, 2015 07:53 | Go to Busou Shoujo Machiavellism

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Reserved for CAT. Don't use without my permission.
Busou Shoujo Machiavellism 4
//Rant: Damn you Kurokami-sensei and your French written in katakana, those phrases drive me nuts every time
//Disclaimer to all French speakers reading this chapter: As my rant mentioned, this chapter contains many phrases spoken by Mary which are French written in katakana, I had 4 friends who know way more French than I help me make sense out of it and we somehow got to make them to make sense with the context, translation to Japanese, and phonetic, but if there’s any mistake please don’t make such a big fuss about it.

Chouka: Ugh...
Chouka: Please forgive me, Mary-oneesama...
Mary: Oh my?
Mary: You're extremely hopeless, Chouka.
Mary: You should know this is punishment.
Chouka: Fwaih
Mary: Here...
Chouka: Ugh...

Chouka: You're too severe...
Mary: You must stay submerged to your shoulders for another ten seconds,
Mary: Count until it's over.
SFX: *squeak*
Chouka: Nine, ten, oneeee...
Busou Shoujo Machiavellism
Story: Kurokami Yuuya
Chapter 4
Art: Kanzaki Karuna

Chouka: I'm as red as a lobster...
Mary(thinks): My extremely cute Chouka...
Mary: Uucho-cute...
SFX: *creak*
Mary(thinks): I'll extremely have you pay for this...
Mary(thinks): Nomura Fudou!!

Mary: It's time for "puripuri"!

Fudou: Oh...Such volume!
Fudou: Well, this is great.
Fudou: I was waiting for this!
Masuko: That sure is a thick manga magazine.
Fudou: Ah, it's because it's monthly.
Fudou: The cool thing is that it has lots of pages, the expense is only monthly,
Fudou: And, more than anything---
Masuko: You sure seem carefree, but do you understand the situation you're in?
Fudou: Hm?

Masuko: That Ubaragasaki girl you made cry today...The blond one...
Masuko: She's an underclassman the number one burikko in the five swords, "Kikakujou Mary", favors quite a bit.
Fudou: That's a dead term, you know?
Fudou: I hadn't heard it in a while.
Masuko: No, it's a modern term.
Masuko: She's a girl who loves "buriburi".
Text: Buriburi
Text: It's a rhythmical torture method where a human is hung down, spun using a rope, and hit with a bamboo pole while the punishers yell "Buuriburi". It's commonly done together with water torture.
Text: When a human with his head inside water is hit they reflexively drink water, and when they're hit with their head outside water they throw it up. Repeating this process is really painful! It's also called "puripuri".
Fudou: It was torture!?
Masuko: I'm amazed you know about it.
Fudou: I'm actually a fan of historical plays and Hama Yuuko.
Masuko: Onigawara tries to drive men away, but Kikakujou tries to corner them.
Masuko: She's even more atrocious.
Masuko: Onigawara should also be quite angry...
Masuko: I mean, the short-cut girl is her precious right hand, you could say she's her treasure.
Masuko: The cake box you bought her ended up being counterproductive.
Masuko: You now have those two's eyes on you!
Masuko: Even if you're quite talented that won't really help you this time...

Fudou: But wasn't there this girl who pulled through a coercion by two five swords members?
Fudou: What kind of girl is she?
Masuko: Oh, the empress, huh.
Masuko: She's a super beauty with long hair and a nice figure.
Fudou: Oh.
Masuko: She looks fragile but she's terribly strong.
Masuko: Well, for her to be sent here she must've caused trouble big enough to be unable to stay at her previous school,
Masuko: So that might only be natural.
Masuko: But she's abnormal,
Masuko: I mean, she broke the lower half of Onigawara's mask and Kikakujou's rapier with her bare hands.
Masuko: She can cut and pierce through the human body with her fingers,
Masuko: I wouldn't call it a knife-hand strike, it's just like...
Fudou: A "sword hand"...
Masuko: Eh?
Masuko: Y-Yes,
Masuko: That's just the vibe I got.

Fudou: Hm?
Fudou: Wait,
Fudou: On the school I transferred before...
Masuko: What is it?
Fudou: Hmmmmmm...
Fudou(thinks): I have a baaad feeling about this...
Fudou: No...
Fudou(thinks): It can't be...
Fudou: "Empress" means she's a girl, right?
Masuko: You sure ask weird questions.
Masuko: Are you stupid?
Masuko: Of course she is.
Fudou: Shuddup
Fudou(thinks): Then, it's just my imagination.
Fudou(thinks): She can't be Amou...

Kirukiru: "I'm Amou."
Kirukiru: "Nomura Fudou,"
Kirukiru: "Become my possession."
Kirukiru: "You have no right to decline."

Fudou(thinks): This is a bad memory,
Fudou(thinks): About that "sword hand" and that one other troublesome "secret technique".

Masuko: Hey, do you perhaps know something about her?
Masuko: How about it?
Fudou: ............
Masuko: Are you listening?
Masuko: Heeey...
Fudou: Ah, monthly magazines even work as pillows...
Rin: Nomura Fudou!!!!
Fudou: Wh-What?
Rin: Come out!!!!

Masuko: L-Look!
Masuko: I told you!
Masuko: She's correcting you!
Fudou: So early in the morning...?
Fudou: Jeez...
Fudou: Hey! The accent goes...
Rin: On the first syllable,
Rin: Am I wrong?

Rin: You sure wake up late, Nomura,
Rin: But-
Rin: Good morning!
Fudou: Yeah...
Fudou: Good morning, Onigawara.
Fudou: Is your fever gone?
Rin: Yes, thank you.
Rin: More importantly, I heard about what happened later yesterday.
Fudou: Oh...
Fudou: ...What did you hear?
Rin: I heard you did turtle shell bondage to those two.
Rin: Worry not.

Rin: I wouldn't be a member of the five swords if I took all rumors seriously.
Rin: I can guess the overall situation from what Nono told me.
Fudou: Well thank you.
Fudou: I guess my usual attitude paid back.
Fudou: But it seems that's not all you've got to say.
Rin: Yes, you're partly in fault to for causing that misunderstanding.
Rin: Nono's rib got injured and she's at the hospital.
Rin: For everyone's wellbeing, I cannot leave things as they are now that they got this big.
Fudou: Hmm,
Fudou: So, what's your plan?
Fudou: Correction?
Rin: Let's see...
Rin: I normally wouldn't want to do this,
Rin: However, with the academy's order at stake,
Rin: It can't be helped...

Rin: Nomura Fudou!
Rin: From now on, I'll be supervising you!
Fudou: Eh?

Rin: There are no problems with the contents of your bag.
Rin: It's really disordered...But that's fine.
Rin: Do you have a handkerchief?
Fudou: Boo-hoo.
Fudou: ...You make me cry.
Rin: You need it to wipe your tears, don't you?
Fudou: .........
Fudou: So, it's like this?
Fudou: You're going to keep watch of me when I'm outside the dorm?
Fudou: That goes against my love for freedom...
Fudou: Are you even following me to the toilet?
Rin: Should I do it?
Fudou: You're kidding me, right...?

Mary: Allez tout est plaisanterie! [All this is a joke!]
Mary: A correction by observing his daily attitude?
Mary: That's extremely lenient!
Mary: It's half-hearted!
Chouka: Exactly!
Fudou: Rapier...
Fudou: Since she has an actual sword that's---
Rin: Kikakujou.
Mary: That man not only trampled on, threw out everything on, and contaminated our holy girls’ dorm!
Mary: But he also went after you, Nono-san, and even my protégée and tried to stripped you, tied you, and pushed you down...He tried to put his evil clutches on you!
Fudou: Hey...What happened with all the "I wouldn't be a member of the five swords if I took all rumors seriously." thing?
Rin: .........

Rin: That's a simple misunderstanding.
Rin: I can guarantee you he had no ill intentions.
Rin: However, he accepted and is reflecting on that he was the cause of all this confusion,
Rin: So, there shouldn't be a problem if I become his supervisor in order to prevent something like this from happening again.
Mary: C'est quoi veux dit est inacceptable! [That is extremely unacceptable!]
Mary: Pas question! [It's out of the question!]
Mary: Je me permets de vous dire que... [Let me tell you...]
Chouka: Onee-sama!
Chouka: You're forgetting to use Japanese over the excitement!
Mary: Je n'ai pas été très poli... [I haven't been very polite...]
Mary: Um...Comment dire? [Um...How do you say?]
Mary: "I'm sorry to say this"!

Mary: But you!
Mary: With him you had a bai...Umm...
Mary: Ermm...
Rin: Wha...?
Mary: A "k-kiss"! And after that you've been acting in an extremely odd manner!
Rin: Y-You don't have to translate every single thing, I can understand that much French!
Rin: Nomura, you go ahead.
Fudou: Hey, hey...
Fudou: Think about my position after being covered by a girl.
Fudou: I can wipe my own ass.
Fudou: Your kindness is uncalled for.
Rin: Don't misunderstand me.
Rin: I'm only "talking things" with her.
Rin: Men shouldn't participate in a girls' talk.

Rin: Go.
Fudou: Tch.
Fudou: Ok, ok, I got it.
Fudou: Well, try to keep things peaceful girls.
Rin: .........
Rin: ...Kikakujou,
Rin: He's my prey.
Rin: Don't lay a finger on him.
Mary: Premier arrivé premier servi. [First come first serve.]

Rin: It's unavoidable then.
Mary: Well, talking with our swords is still talking...
Mary: Chouka, I'm fine here.
Mary: You go prepare the cochon.
Chouka(thinks): My whip will get in the way when we're more than one against a single person...
Chouka: Yes...
Chouka: Onee-sama, I wish you the best of lucks!
Mary: I'll be there in a minute.
Rin: Don't underestimate me!

Chouka: Things won't go as they went yesterday if it's a one on one!
Fudou: Well...
Fudou: I wonder about that?

Chouka: !!
Fudou: There we go!
Chouka: Ah!

Fudou: You know, whips tangle around things easily
Fudou: But untangling them just moving your wrist is pretty difficult.
Chouka: Ugh...
Chouka: ---!?
Chouka: ......
Fudou: Hmm?

Fudou: Ah...
Fudou: Jeez, this is all because Onigawara hurried me in the morning.
Fudou: I'm lucky it's still pretty early to come to school...
Fudou: If someone saw me this time---
Fudou: !!!!

Mary: You're no match for me as you are right now.
Mary: Well then, have a nice day.
Rin: Kh...
Rin: W...Wait!
Mary: Feel free to come after me.
Mary: Well, only if you can do that with that leg.
Rin: Gh...
Rin(thinks): Nomura...!

Fudou: A...
Fudou: A...mou...?
Box: The empress advents---!?
[]To be continued in the September Issue

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