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Shokugeki no Soma L'étoile 6

The Lost Recette (4)

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 26, 2015 16:55 | Go to Shokugeki no Soma L'étoile

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki no Soma L'étoile 6

(cutlery) numéro 6 The Lost Recette (4)
Shokugeki no Soma L'étoile
Box: {
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Text: The day of parting has come---.
Text: August new releases are a "Great Shinomiya Festival", the main story volume (14) and the spinoff's volume (1) will both be on sale August 4th [Tue]!!
Hervé: Today is my last day in this restaurant, huh.
Hervé: ......
Hervé: I'm ho...
Hervé: me.
Story: Itou Michiko
Art: Asatoki Taiki
Original Work: Tsukuda Yuuto/Saeki Shun/Morisaki Yuki

Hervé: !?
Hervé: Wh...What is this about, R...Rebecca...?
Kojirou: We were waiting for you.

Hervé: Koijrou?
Hervé: What's this...?
Kojirou: It's the last time so I thought I should serve you some food.
Hervé: ...What's this glass for?
Hervé: Is someone else coming?
Kojirou: Ah, about that-
Benoit: It's me, Hervé.
Hervé: Wha-

Benoit: Thank you for calling me to this last dinner, Chef Shinomiya.
Kojirou: Thank you for coming.
Hervé: W-Wh-Wh-Why!!?
Benoit: Monsieur Shinomiya, it seems your other customer is troubled.
Kojirou: Oops...You're right.
Hervé: Hey, are you listening to me?
Kojirou: Hervé, you're my customer today.
Kojirou: Ok, have a seat.
Kojirou: Alors, (Well then,)
Kojirou: On attaque! (Let's get started!)

Benoit: ...Hmm, every single step
Benoit: Was done really carefully, to think he's so skilled at such a young age.
Benoit: It sure takes me back.
Hervé: To when?

Benoit: To the time you were working on the restaurant I managed.
Benoit: Your work was done really carefully and it brimmed with creativity.
Benoit: Every now and then, eating your food was one of my secret pleasures.
Hervé: ...That sure was long ago.
Kojirou: Hervé, you worked on Dugarry-san's restaurant?
Hervé: ...Well,
Hervé: That was when I was young.
Benoit: Hervé was

Benoit: A really good chef.
Benoit: I supported him when he wanted to have his own restaurant.
Benoit: Having another restaurant I like in Paris is something delightful for me, after all.
Hervé: ......
Hervé: Don't talk about such things the day we're closing.
Hervé: So, what's the main dish? Duck? Or perhaps...
Kojirou: Normally, I'd serve a meat dish as the main dish,
Kojirou: But today is a special day so I prepared a dish that wouldn't normally be used as a main dish.
Benoit: Another one?
Hervé: Oh.

Rebecca: This is it.
Hervé: !
Hervé: Th...This is......
Benoit: A ratatouille?
Hervé: No...This is......
Hervé: A piperade...
Kojirou: Yes, it's a vegetable stew
Kojirou: Mostly eaten in the Languedoc region and the Basque Country.

Kojirou: It's prepared almost exactly the same way as a ratatouille.
Kojirou: You cut peppers, paprika, eggplant, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, and other vegetables in small pieces,
Kojirou: And after frying them with garlic and olive oil, you add boiled tomatoes and cayenne peppers and boil everything together.
Kojirou: This is called piperade especially if you add scrambled eggs or poached eggs in the end.
Kojirou: Am I wrong, Hervé?
Hervé: Y...You're not...But is this perhaps......?
Kojirou: I had Rebecca help me reproduce it.
Benoit: Reproduce?

Kojirou: The recette written on the page that was torn off......
Kojirou: It was this, wasn't it?
Hervé: .........
Benoit: Mm, what a nice smell.
Benoit: May I begin eating?
Kojirou: Of course, here's some bread too.
Benoit: Well then, let's eat.

Benoit: ...Yes,
Benoit: These poached eggs mildly envelop the whole dish.
Benoit: They're just like the sun at the South, I'm looking forward to my vacations after eating this, Kojirou! It's marvelous!!
Benoit: However, what is this texture?
Benoit: This clearly isn't a normal piperade...
Kojirou: That texture comes from---

Kojirou: Bamboo shoots.
Benoit: Bamboo shoots!?
Benoit: However, this were not grown in France, were they?
Kojirou: I had one of my contacts send them to me in a hurry.
Hinako's sd: Senpai, you dummy.
Kojirou: This wasn't on Hervé recette, but I thought I should add
Kojirou: A bit of originality.
Benoit?: Hey, hurry or it will get cold, the chef took the time to make it for us.

Hervé: I can't, I just can't eat this dish......
Kojirou: Hervé...I made this because I wanted you to eat it.
Hervé: ............
Kojirou: I know I'm only being meddlesome, but I want to help you out.
Hervé: ............
Hervé: ...This taste...
Hervé: Ah...This taste takes me back...This dish is the one---

Hervé: I first made with my son, Clément.
Clément: Dad, is this size ok for the vegetables?
Hervé: Yes, that's good, they should all have the same size so that they get heated uniformly.
Clément: Ok!

Mom: How long will you keep pursuing that dream?
Mom: You want to have a three-star restaurant in Paris? Then what about us?
Hervé: We've talked it out many times, I'm aiming to go to further heights as a cook so I'm in a hurry too.
Clément: ......
Mom: You're always like that, you think you're all that's important, this isn't getting anywhere.
Hervé: ...Take care.
Clément: Papa, here.

Hervé: ...
Hervé: I'm sorry.
Clément: Papa,
Clément: Hey, wait.
Clément: Papa...
Clément: Papa.
Hervé: Eh?
Hervé: Clément had...

Hervé: An accident...?
Hervé: I wanted to call my son once I opened my own restaurant in Paris......But just then...
Hervé: It's all because I kept pursuing my own dream......In the end, I only made him suffer.
Hervé: As his father, I should've stayed with him...
Kojirou: Then don't give up!!

Kojirou: It was a dream you longed for so much you even left your family, wasn't it? Your son won't be able to rest in peace if you just give up on it.
Hervé: ......
Kojirou: The specialty you prepared for me was really good, someone so skilled can't give up so easily.
Hervé: ...I envy you, Kojirou, I envy you because you have youth, talent, and dreams, and I'm bitter as well.
Hervé: You added bamboo shoots to my recette and made it evolve and made a blend between French and Japanese cultures---
Benoit: I think being able to feel bitter about such things is something important for a cook to grow.
Benoit: Are you sure you want to let things end like this?

Hervé: ...One more.
Hervé: ...I want one more chance, I won't let this restaurant get shut down.
Benoit: Is your resolve real?
Hervé: I won't lose to young cooks anytime soon.
Benoit: Fine then.
Benoit: Let's say this never happened.
Benoit: This place will stay like this for a while.
Benoit: But---

Benoit: You interfered with my business.
Benoit: I'll have you pay for it.
Kojirou: ......Pay.
Kojirou: Eh?
Benoit: Monsieur Shinomiya, I'll have you work at one of my starred restaurants.
Kojirou: Of course!
Kojirou: I'll go, please let me work for you.
Benoit: Nice answer.
Benoit: Don't run away on me.
SFX: *clang*
Hervé: I'm glad for you, working at Dugarry's restaurant will earn you prestige.
Hervé: It's the perfect place for you to polish your skills.

Hervé: Thank you, Kojirou.
Hervé: I could only protect this place thanks to you.
Kojirou: I didn't do anything...It's all because you were skilled from the beginning, right, Hervé?
Hervé: You're still not there yet but you'll surely become a great chef.
Kojirou: Of course I will.
Hervé: ...Kojirou, one day you'll become a cook Paris can't live without, the people will eat your food with relish,
Hervé: And you'll be praised unanimously, but, if every now and then...You remember me and this restaurant I'll be really happy.
Hervé: With that said, I don't want to let you go.
Kojirou: No, let me go.
Hervé: That's such a shame, should we have a bise (kiss)?
Kojirou: Take your hands off me!!
Hervé: Hahaha, I'm just joking---

Kojirou: Hervé's recettes?
Hervé: I want you to have them.
Hervé: So that you remember me.
Kojirou: Forget about remembering you...
Kojirou: As long as we´re aiming for new heights, we'll meet again someday.
Hervé: ...You're right.
Voice: Yes,
Voice: On a not too distant day---

Kojirou: ......
SFX: *crash*
SFX: *crash*
Kojirou: Hey, what are you doing?
Abel: Ah.
Abel: Chef Shinomiya.
Kojirou: You guys.
Kojirou: ...You're not hurt are you? Jeez...
Kojirou: Are you sure you're concentrating on your job? Hey?
Both: !?

Kojirou: Ah,
Kojirou: Well, you know.
Abel: ? What is it, Chef Shinomiya?
Kojirou: ......
Kojirou: Should we go
Kojirou: Have a drink...?
Voice: ......
Abel: Of course!!
Lucie: Let's go!
Kojirou: S...Sure...

Kojirou(thinks): Just like Hervé and Dugarry did for me......
Kojirou(thinks): It might be my turn to guide someone next...
Kojirou: Ah, that's right.
Kojirou: Whoever broke the dishes has to clean the kitchen for a week.
Voice: Eh?
Kojirou: Wash the dishes too.
Kojirou: Who will be guided by Shinomiya!?
Text: Next chapter is expected to come out August 21th(Fri)!!

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