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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Shokugeki no Souma 138

Erina Goes to the Polar Star Dorm

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Oct 8, 2015 23:58 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki no Soma 138

Black Star: The conflict revolving God's Tongue intensifies! A center color page for the great popularity!!
Shokugeki no Soma
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
Red Star: The Chinese Battle against Elite Ten Kuga in the Academy Festival Begins!! The newest JC volume 15 and the 4th novel, with the Aldini Brothers as main characters, are both on sale with rave reviews!!
Red Star: The newest merchandise information is on the "Yukihira Newstand" on pages 11 and 343!!
Pink Text: ---The innocent monster with an insatiable curiosity, Elite Ten Second Seat, "Kobayashi Rindou"
(cutlery) Erina Goes to the Polar Star Dorm

Souma: It's Nakiri.
Erina: S...Sorry for the intrusion...
Souma: A-Arato too? Why?
Hisako: I...It's a long story.
Souma: Hmm, you're running away, huh!
Souma: That's nice! Way to go, Nakiri.
Souma: Hmm...Where are the other two?
Hisako: Milady Alice...Has already gone home...
Alice: Erina should be fine for now (music note)
Alice: Well, I leave the rest to you (music note) Let's go home, Ryou-kun!
Box: Ditched.

Fumio: Anyway...You're going to get cold from the rain,
Fumio: For now, take a bath.
Man: Azami-sama.
Man: Erina-sama isn't in her room.
Man: Milady Alice probably took her out...
Man: Should I dispatch some personnel?
Azami: As expected from Alice, she acts fast.
Azami: Let's see...Just search for where she went.
Man: But she has tasting jobs tomorrow...
Azami: I want to let Erina do as she pleases for now.
Azami: Cancel them all until she returns.

Man: ...............
Man: I'm the one who has to apologize to the other party, though...
Azami: Did you say something?
Man: I'll do as you wish...... (cd: Haa...)
Azami: Very well.
Azami: Besides, I'm really busy with things in the academy.
Azami: Tomorrow,
Azami: Will be the beginning of some drastic changes.
Erina: ............

Voice: Wh...Why will Nakiri-san stay with us...?

Hisako: Umm...I would like to ask you too,
Hisako: Can you please shelter Erina-sama for a while!?
Megumi: Y-You said she's run away from home, right?
Ryouko: Does that mean something happened with her family...?
Shouji: But, even if you tell us to shelter her.
Shouji: She's a lady from the Nakiri family, right?
Zenji: Yeah......Won't there be problems if such an important person stays at the dorm?
Yuuki: Th...They'll treat us as kidnappers!?
Voice: Wouldn't it be a good idea to not stick our heads into troublesome things?
Voice: To begin with, why did she run away...?
Hisako: .........

Hisako: ......I guess I must tell you.
Hisako: Please don't tell anyone...About what I'm about to tell you---
Erina: Umm...Thank you for the bath.
Erina: I really appreciate it.

All: Nakiri-san!!!
Daigo: Azami, was it...? He pisses me off! He's horrible.
Shouji: Yeah! No parent does that, dammit!!
Yuuki: You can stay in the dorm for as long as you want, ok? Erinacchi!
Erina: Erinacchi!?
Erina: With Erinacchi you mean me?
Satoshi: Nakiri-kun, have you eaten dinner yet?
Erina: Ah...Not yet......
Satoshi: That's perfect then!

Satoshi: Everyone! We have a special guest in the Polar Star Dorm!
Satoshi: Let's have a banquet to celebrate it!!
Everyone's sd: Yeaaaaaaaah!!
Erina: !? We're beginning right now!?
Daigo: First is my dish!!
Daigo: I slowly cooked white flesh fish with cold butter!
Daigo: I gave it a mellow finish to make the best of the fish's flesh delicate qualities!
Erina: ...............
Daigo: How's it? How's it?
Erina: I think you make a good use of the ingredients' flavors.
Daigo: Right?
Erina: However......

Erina: The cold butter definitely gives it a mellow finish but it also gives it a heavy taste...Why didn't you think of adding sourness by using wine vinegar or something similar in order to keep the dish balanced? That's a big minus.
Erina: for the sauce you used Vin Jaune and Macvin du Jura, didn't you? You should've thought of a better arrangement that made the best use of Vin Jaune's particular walnut-esque aroma.
Erina: You used crozets as garnish but the buckwheat flour flavor doesn't go well with Comté Cheese, that's a minus too.
Erina: If I had to exemplify it, it's as if rain poured just when you're about to go outside.
Erina: There are around five other mistakes in this dish...But, in general,
Erina: It's no good at all.

Daigo: B...
Daigo: Bring it on, dammiiiiiiit!!
Shouji: Taste my dish next!
Daigo: Who cares about all that God's tongue stuff anyways!!?
Erina: Y...You brute! Who do you think I am...?
Zenji: It's our opportunity to have God's tongue taste our dishes...!
Ryouko: This is a bit exciting!
Shun: Maybe I should bring what I smoked yesterday.
Erina: Hey! I can't eat that much!!
Erina: I get the idea so at least line up in order!
Yuuki: Erinacchi, taste my dish too!
Erina: Are you even listening to me!?

Souma: Oh? Nakiri, then you'll eat my dish too?
Erina: Didn't I tell you? I haven't approved of your cooking!
Yuuki: Erinacchi, Erinacchiii!
Erina: Line up! Do it in order!
Souma: Boo, damn that Nakiri, that was kinda petty.
Hisako: Erina-sama...Is slowly changing.
Hisako: She's become gentler.

Souma: How?
Souma: She's acting all prickly.
Hisako: For me, it's plain to see.
Hisako: When I first met her, amidst her beauty
Hisako: I could feel as if there was some deep darkness.
Hisako: From there, little by little,
Hisako: Step by step...

Hisako: She's changing.
Souma: ..................

Souma: Arato, I think you've mellowed quite a bit too.
Souma: Like, compared to when the Stagiaire started.
Hisako: Ugh......I-Is that so?
Hisako: L...Let's not talk about me...
Erina: Y...Yukihira-kun!
Erina: (cd: Mumble) It seems that you became...Emm...Good friends with Hisako...During the stagiaire period. (cd: Mumble)
Souma: Huh? What did you say?
Erina: (cd: Mumble) J...Just what happened? (cd: Mumble)
Yuuki: Yukihiraaaa! You should make a dish too!
Shouji: Make one of your delicacies!
Souma: Sure! Leave it to me.
Erina: Hey! I haven't finished talking with you......

Souma: Alright!!
Erina(thinks): ......!?

Souma: Hm......? What's up, Nakiri?
Erina: N...Nothing!
Erina: By the way, I won't eat any of your dishes!
Souma: S-Sure, you're really obstinate, huh.
Erina: ...............?
Hisako: Well then......Thanks for your kindness, Yukihira.

Hisako: Please take care of Erina-sama.
Souma: Well, even if I don't look after her, the rest of the guys will.
Yuuki's sd: We're playing cards!!
Erina's sd: Cards!?
Daigo's sd: Yeah!
Zenji's sd: Gyahaha
Souma: I hope Nakiri's pops reflects a bit on things after this runaway.
Hisako: ......I don't think...Things will proceed that smoothly.
Hisako: For Azami-dono's plan
Hisako: Erina-sama...Plays a "key" role.

Box: Next morning.
Man: .........Wha......!!
Man: This is...!?
Azami: Gentlemen, have you read the contents?
Cutlery: Azami begins moving...!!
Azami: That's the new education method we will follow in Tootsuki...
Azami: Under the Azami administration.
Shokugeki no Soma
(cutlery) 138/End

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