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Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 15.5

Haruka - Epilogue 2

+ posted by EsperEth as translation on Aug 4, 2012 21:32 | Go to Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

-> RTS Page for Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 15.5

Haruka Epilogue 2

p = panel
t = text
b = bubble

(read right to left)

Page 87:
b1: Sis, Have you had enough to eat?

b1: Yeah my stomach is already full

b1: You don't look very happy, are you not having fun?

b1: Thank you..... It's just that I've been thinking about Haruka
b2: It's a while since that incident so I'm wondering if they made up

b1: Haruka....

Page 88:
b1: Will it be alright.....?
Text: Epilogue 2
Title: Together with the family

Page 89:

Page 90:
b1: I've added in some sea bream grey bearnais sauce.
b2: It's been a long time since I was with both my mother and father // All three of us eating together like this.
b3: Thank you very much

b1: They've also acknowledged and accepted my hobbies // I'm very happy but
b2: That's not just it.

b1: I would like to use this chance to get on better with my father...

Page 91:
b1: I'll replace your napkin
b2: A...... Excuse me

b1: Here

Page 92:
t1: That's right..... This isn't just for me ......
t2: This is also for the sake of everyone that supported me at that time.....

b1: Father, Mother

b1: To.... Todays.....Weather is excellent isn't it

Page 93:
b1: No.... Umm.. I'm sorry, that's not what I wanted to say
b2: Haruka-Sama.....

b1: That.....
b2: Umm....

Page 94:
b1: Well Well....

b1: You're right
b2: The starry sky is incredible pretty

b1: Tomorrows weather will also surely be fine // Right dear
b2: ....... Yeah

b1: Haruka
b2: Ye.....Yes!

b1: We're in the middle of dinner so please sit down
b2: .... Ok

b1: Ah.... Now that I think about it it's been a while since all three of us have sat down to dinner together hasn't it.
t1: He told me off.....
t2: Haruka-sama......

Page 95:
b1: A long time ago we used to have dinner together as a family quite often.

b1: Yes, that's why I'm very happy today
b2: Me too

b1: However both my Father and my Mother work very hard at their jobs so....
b2: I fully..... Understand.

b1: .... Um

b1: Is it okay if I can sit and eat.... Closer to you?

Page 96:
b1: That's wonderful, I don't think that there's any problem with that.
b2: Right dear?

b1: Hazuki.....

Page 97:
b1: Dear, what are you doing at a time like this....
b2: It's me, I'm cancelling all appointments from now up until tomorrow midnight.

b1: Gentou-Sama?! Saying that so suddenly...
b2: Excuse me
b3: Father....

b1: It's fine

Page 98:
b1: I've kept you waiting haven't I
b2: Let's spend the whole day tomorrow as a family.

Page 99:
b1: Is that really okay with you Father?! // Your job....
b2: Don't worry I'll think of something

b1: Well then I'll start on making tomorrows breakfast.
b2: That sounds good, it's been a while so let's make it together // Ok!

b1: That and.. umm... If I may // I want to watch T.V with you Father
b2: Yeeeah, I probably wouldn't understand most of it.

Page 100:
b1: What's with you! It's fine if you just watch for a little while right?
b2: Rio-chan your voice is too loud....

b1: Head maid-sama!

b1: Could it be perhaps that dinner has finished?!
b2: Nope

b1: Then that means that is was a success right
b2: Yeah

b1: Hahaa, you did it Haruka~
b2: Being able to face that daughter.....
b3: Well then..... This is a day for celebration right....
b4: So Koayu after this let's make that special dish~

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