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Yu-Yuru Executive Office 1

+ posted by evans as translation on Nov 7, 2009 07:46 | Go to Yu-Yuru Executive Office

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Yu-Yuru Executive Office

Note: This manga is read like a 4-koma. Right side first, then the left side.

Hana: I wonder if the opening ceremony is already over...

Girl 1: When middle school starts, looks like we'll be separated from Hana-chan.
Girl 2: It's so amazing that Hana-chan's going to an all girls school!

Hana: I don't wanna go to a private school...
Mom: What are you saying all of a sudden!?
Box on the mom's head: Mama

Hana: Now I'm late and depressed...
Text left of Hana: Is she mad at me?

Hana: A petal?

Hana: Amazing...
>> Almost frighteningly beautiful...

Hana: That reminds me of Kajii Motojirou's "dead bodies are buried under the sakura trees"... **Probably the most famous/widely quoted line from Kajii Motojirou**

Hana: !

Hana: A dead body!?

Hana: Wait. No way...
>> Umm... are you okay?

Hana (text): ...

Hana: She's cute.

Hana: I mean not!

Pink blob of text: At first glance, it looks cute in there. The popular executive office where the students gather! The beginning of the beginning of first year middle schooler Yukimaru Hana's slow new academy life~

Black blob of text: 15th Year Commemorative Issue - a brand new serialization!!

Bigger box: 20 minutes earlier
Principal: ...in conclusion, I sincerely welcome you all.
Box: Thank you very much, principal.
Girl with pigtails: So long...
>> I'm starving...

Girl with pigtails: I want some cream beard...
Box: Moving on, a congratulatory speech from the executive office president

Brunette: Ume! You're up!
Ume: Cream beard...
Box: President?

Ume: Yeah...
Brunette: Will she be alright?

Ume: I want some cream beard.
Text: !?

Crowd: ...
>> ...

Ume: Everyone, congradulations on your enrollment!
>> I am the president of the executive office, Asukata Ume.
>> In this academy---
Crowd: Is she ignoring us?
>> She is.

Ume: Oh man... I'm really hungry.
>> Oh no. That might come out.
>> Our academy follows a traditional educational method for a progressive...

Ume: ...also, take care of yourselves and be ambitious in...
Crowd: !?
>> !!

Ume: T-T-That's why do...
Crowd: What's that?
>> Will-o'-wisp?
>> Isn't it a bit transparent?
>> Could that person be the rumored haunted president?

Ume: ...on that note, I welcome you all from the bottom of my heart...
Crowd: It doesn't feel very welcoming...

Ume: Haa (smaller) finally over...
>> I was... not found out right? (smaller) Probably surely definitely

Ume: Miou and Tsukkun are in the office... if I want cream beard-

Ume: Ah. Sakura petals.

Bubble: President--- Where are you---?

Minai: Anything, Vice-president?
Vice-prez: Ah. Minai-san. Have you seen the president? After the opening ceremony, she went missing...

Minai: She probably passed away.

Minai: From eating too much cream beard.
Text right of the Vice-prez: Why cream beard?

Vice-prez: I think she's not dead yet, so let's try searching around that area.
Minai: Roger that!

Vice-prez: President!
Minai: Ume-tan!

Vice-prez: President~
Minai: Ume-tan!

Minai: Ume-tan!
Vice-prez: Isn't that a little too small?

Hana: ...

Hana: She's not moving at all... she's cold... she's not breathing...

Hana: ...

Hana: She's not breathing!?

Minai: Found Ume-tan!

Vice-prez: Really!?
Text left of Minai: You're heavy, vice-president
Text left of Hana: I'm not the murder...

Minai: Man... finally found her...

Miou: Oh. Are you a new student?
>> I am a second year high schooler, Sawachi Miou.
Hana: I'm a first year middle schooler, Yukimaru Hana.
Text left of Miou's bubble: The energetic one is Minai Tsukushi, a lst year high schooler.

Bubble: ...

Miou: Liar. (text) You're "large" in various ways...
Hana: It's the truth...

Hana: Umm... that person is dea-

Miou: It's natural born.

Hana: Eh?
>> What is!?

Miou: It's because it's natural born.
Hana: Huh...
>> Who are these people???

Hana: Umm! Isn't it rather strange?
>> There seems to be something wrong with her. (text) are you two are friends?

Hana: Please save her!
Miou: Umm...

The bag: *rip*
Ume: !

Ume: Cream beard!

Hana: Umm... what's... going on...?
Text left of Hana's head: She was revived!?

Miou: You see... this is...
Tsukushi: It's natural born!

Miou: Exactly!
Hana: Huh?

Miou: It's all natural born!
Hana: Huh...

Teacher: ...as I was saying, now that the opening ceremony is over, classes will be discussed in detail starting tomorrow.
Teacher: Are there any questions?

Teacher: By the way.

Teacher: If you do not wish to be cursed, it would be wise not to inquire about the executive office president.

Teacher: Okay.
>> So no questions.

Hana: Sorry for being late.
Teacher: You're so "pumped" for your first day.

Hana: ...

Hana: Sowwy for being late.
Teacher: It fine.

Box: ---Office
Ume: Alright! I've overcome anyone finding out about "that" this time too!
Text right of Miou: I can heard you...

Miou: That's different from what I heard.
Text above the teacher drawing: Everyone already found out.
Text left of the drawing of the teacher: is what Kurohiji-sensei said...

Miou: By the way, that first year said you died.
Arrow: Mean

Miou: So she didn't notice that girl...
Text left of Ume: What first year?

Ume: Ehh!?
>> There was a person there!?
>> N-N-No that was... my secret technique! Playing dead!!
Text right of Ume: Don't decide I'm haunted or something...

Ume: Crap... crap... everyone is going to find out about me at this rate.
>> Alright! Tsukkun! Make her disappear.
Tsukushi: Yes sir!

Miou: You can't do that!
Ume: Ug...

Miou: Down.
Ume: I'm sorry.

Girl: Hey, Yukimaru-san... right?
>> I'm Ishimori Isami. Nice to meet ya ☆

Girl: What's the real reason for why you were late? (text) It's rare to ditch the opening ceremony.
Hana: You see...
Text above Hana's head: Nice to meet you

Hana: I encountered a person who is naturally born to revive from eating cream beard.

Text (last panel on the right): Eh?

Girl: What's that mean?
Hana: Hmm... how should I explain...

Hana: Hmm... if I had to say it simply...
Ume: Can I have a moment?

Hana: Something like this, I guess.

Text on the top right of the bubble: Huh?
Hana: Since when were you there?

Hana: This is... **"The executive office" won't fit in the bubble**
Miou: Please help yourself to some tea.
Text right of Tsukushi: This girl is cute.

Miou: I apologize. So many things were happening at the time that I couldn't show my gratitude.
Hana: No, that's not necessary... umm...
Text left of Hana: Thank you very much.

Hana: Is that also natural born?

Miou: That's a habit.
Hana: I see...
>> I don't quite get it, but she must be an amazing person... (text) A magic trick?

Ume: Hey, is this the kid who helped me?
Miou: That's right. Isn't she splendid despite being a new student?

Ume: A new student...?

Ume: ...

Ume: You're damn liar.
Hana: It's the truth!

Ume: Well, helping a fallen person. What a kind person.
Miou: Right? (text) That's exactly what I thought
Tsukushi: Totally...
Hana: Umm... what are you guys talking about...?

Ume: From now on, you will be the treasurer of the executive office!
Hana: Eh... what?

Ume: ...

Ume: From now on, you will be the treasurer of the executive office! **She uses "kimi" instead of "anata" this sentence, which both mean "you"**
Hana: ...why?

Miou: Don't get caught up on the details.
>> I've been looking for a treasurer forever now. (text) you have a strong sense of responsibility, right? ♥

Hana: Even if you say that... I'm only a first year... and a middle schooler at all...

Ume: That's a lie, isn't it?
Hana: It's the truth...

Tsukushi: If you think we're kidding, then give it a shot! (smaller) It'll definitely be fun
Text left of Hana: Mmm...

Ume: Anyways, let's introduce ourselves.
>> I am Asukata Ume. A second year high schooler and the executive office president.

Ume: This is Sawachi Miou the vice-president
>> and Minai Tsukushi the secretary.

Ume: I'm the most important one.
>> What's your name?
Text above Hana: Umm...

Hana: Umm...

Hana: ...I'm Yukimaru Hana.

Ume: Pleased to meet you.

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#1. by rmdichos ()
Posted on Nov 7, 2009
thanks a lot...

#2. by bobrianto ()
Posted on Nov 7, 2009
looking good
#3. by CerpinTaxt ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2009
Hereditary might be a better translation for 先天性
#4. by evans ()
Posted on Nov 19, 2009
Yeah, "hereditary" would definitely be a better translation. I'll use that in future translations if "先天性" pops up again.

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