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Hajimete no Chuu Ijou Oneshot : More than first kiss

+ posted by Expel as translation on May 22, 2009 13:23 | Go to Hajimete no Chuu Ijou

One Shot
Tomohiro Takashima

Hajimete no chuu ijou
More than first kiss

Text on characters
The distance between them suddenly change!?

Girl is Saori
Boy is Akiyoshi

Page 1

Akiyoshi: Eh!?
Akiyoshi: Saori-chan?
Akiyoshi: What's wrong?

Saori: ......
Saori: You're LATE!!
Akiyoshi: Are you alone? Where's your mom?
Akiyoshi: You should've called me earlier if you wanna come

Page 2

Akiyoshi: Here's your drink
Saori: This mug is clean, isn't it?

Akiyoshi: Shut up
Akiyoshi: Anyway, why did you come?

Box: This girl's name is Tachikawa Saori-chan
Box: She's my distant relatives, usually we only meet at New Year, but
Box: Since she started living alone around my neighbourhood, She often comes to my place to play
Saori: Hm....

Akiyoshi: Listen to me! Stop looking around!
Saori: Geez don't get angry
Saori: Akiyoshi-niichan* sounded like a teacher!
*niichan is older brother

Saori: Ermm...I..
Saori: About...
Saori: Se...
Akiyoshi: [Se]?

Page 3

<Se> Points
Saori: You know
Saori: That!
Saori: The word that begins with Se!
Akiyoshi: Begins with [Se]?

Akiyoshi: Semi*?
*Semi means cicada in japanese

Saori: No...
Saori: ..NO YOU IDIOT!!
Saori: Why would I come to see you just to talk about cicada!!
Akiyoshi: How should I know that!?

Saori: Geez~!
Saori: Should I explain to you in detail?!
Saori: Oniichan, you're so thickheaded!
Akiyoshi: ....Ugh

Saori: So...
Saori: The word starts with Se....
Akiyoshi: Ok ok, [Se] right?

Page 4
Saori: Next is tsu
Akiyoshi: [tsu]?
Saori: Then ku...

Saori: And finally su!
Saori: Do you get it now!? idiot!!

Akiyoshi: !
Akiyoshi: Eh...
Akiyoshi: EHHHH!?

<Biku> startled
Akiyoshi: No...
AKiyoshi: NO WAY!?
Akiyoshi: Eh...Sa, Sa, Saori-chan

Page 5

Akiyoshi: You did it!?
Akiyoshi: You already did it?
Saori: HUH!?

Saori: NO WAY! You perverted brother!!
Saori: And your response was too slow!
Akiyoshi: Well, that's not my fault!

Akiyoshi: You didn't tell me that the second one, [tsu] was the little [tsu]
Akiyoshi: So it was hard to understand!
*Explaination in japanese Sex is written Se tsu(small) Ku Su [セックス]
Saori: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!!
<Dotabata> runs

Text: Ok ok, calm down, calm down
<Mu---> Pouts

Akiyoshi: ...So?
Akiyoshi: That...
Akiyoshi: [word that starts with Se], what about it?

Page 6

Saori: You know....
Saori: Sex...
Akiyoshi: Ye, yeah
Akiyoshi: Now she's saying it normally...

Saori: Can human really do it?*
Saori: Sex...
*exist just sounded strange to me

Akiyoshi: .....
Akiyoshi: Well....
Akiyoshi: of course
Saori: But, but it's strange!!

Saori: I mean, you insert another person's body part into your own body...
Saori: What is that!?
Saori: isn't that impossible!?

Akiyoshi: But, that's just how it works....

Page 7

<Go> Angers
Saori: Where are you looking at, oniichan!?
Saori: Idiot!
Saori: Ecchi!!(lewd)
Saori: Hentai! (Pervert)
Akiyoshi: Ugaa!*
Small text is SHOUTEI, a karate art [掌底]

Text: Ouch
Akiyoshi: Isn't there anyone around you?
Akiyoshi: A friend that had done it

Saori: .....

Saori: There is

Akiyoshi: Ehm no way, are you serious!?
Saori: I am
Saori: You wanna see her photo ?*
*she actually says Puricho, which is a small album full of those small photos from a machine in a mall...it's a photo diary

Page 8

Saori: This is her
Saori: Her name is Maki-chan
Saori: She said she did it not too long ago

Akiyoshi: Let me see
Akiyoshi: Whoa

Akiyoshi: She...She's hot
Saori: She is, isn't she?
Saori: she attracts a lot of attention at our school and also in the town

Akiyoshi: So...
Akiyoshi: This girl's...

Akiyoshi: first partner, who was it?
Saori: Hmm...I think...

Saori: It was a delinquent!
Saori: A 2 years older, yankee!
Akiyoshi: A Yankee!?

Akiyoshi: I see, a yankee...

Page 9

Akiyoshi: I can't believe it...
Akiyoshi: A yankee can get a girl this cute
Saori: Muu (Pouts)
Akiyoshi: Too bad

<Gui> grabs
Akiyoshi: Oh
Saori: Give it back!!

<Ba> holds on
Akiyoshi: What's up with you!
Akiyoshi: Let me see a bit longer!!

<Uguuu> Ughhhhh
Saori: Shut up!
Saori: You can't see another person's photo diary!
Saori: Give it back now!!

<Gugugugugugu> Ngggghhghhh
Akiyoshi: Don't pull it that hard!
Saori: Give it back
Saori: Give it back, give it baaaaaack!
Akiyoshi: No
Saori: Now!!

Page 10

Saori: Kyaaaaa
Saori: Let it go!!
Saori: Hentai! (you pervert!)
Saori: Stop it!! you Lolicon!

Saori: Sto...
<Gaba> Pushes
<Do> pushed

Saori: Umph!!
Saori: mmmphh
Saori: mmmmphhh?

Akiyoshi: Shut up...
Akiyoshi: Stop saying that!!

Page 11

Akiyoshi: This apartment's wall is thin
Akiyoshi: The neighbour could easily misunderstood and called the cops you know!?
Akiyoshi: Do you understand?

Saori: ....
Saori: Sorry
Akiyoshi: I beg you

<Tokun> Heartbeats

Saori: Hey, Oniichan
Akiyoshi: hm?

<Tokun, tokun,toku...> Heartbeats
Saori: Is this how...
Saori: people do sex...?

Akiyoshi: Eh?
Saori: You know, being pushed down and
Saori: to get on my body...

Page 12

<Tokun tokun tokun> heartbeats
Saori: Hey, oniichan
Saori: Like this?
<Nameplate: Tachikawa Saori>

Akiyoshi: Maybe...
Saori: I see...

Akiyoshi: Saori-chan...you smell nice...
Saori: That's because I don't want to smell like sweat

Saori: so before I came here
Saori: before I met Oniichan
Saori: I sprayed Powder Spray* under my armpits
*well she said it

Page 13

Akiyoshi: Hm...you're right
Akiyoshi: It does smell nice
Saori: Sto
Saori: Stop it!!
Saori: Stop smelling me, idiot!
Saori: You pervert!!
Akiyoshi: But you smell really nice
Saori: Stop it, stop it!!

Saori: Geezzz
Saori: Sex is sooo embarassing
Akiyoshi: This isn't sex

Saori: ...
Saori: Oniichan, are you...
Saori: a virgin?

Page 14

Akiyoshi: Yes...
Akiyoshi: well..

Saori: Ehehehehe
Akiyoshi: Why are you laughing?

Saori: No, it's nothing!
Akiyoshi: Ehh!?

Saori: Oniichan, piggy back
Akiyoshi: Why? stop fooling around and hurry

Saori: I sprained my feet when you pushed me down!
Akiyoshi: Urk..

Page 15

Saori: Oniichan's first sex and my first sex...
Akiyoshi: fi, first...?
Saori: Yes, first sex!

Saori: It would be nice if we can do it at the same time!

Saori: If we could do it at the same time...
Saori: maybe I wouldn't be scared doing it
Saori: maybe I'd be happy!
Akiyoshi: Hmm...I wonder...

Akiyoshi: Well then...
Akiyoshi: From now on, let's do our best to find our lover!
Akiyoshi: Ok? Saori-chan!

<Haaaa> Sighs

Saori: Oniichan...
Saori: You are really
Saori: REALLY thickheaded!
Akiyoshi: Eeeh? Why?
Saori: Naah it's nothing!
<Baaaakaaaaa!> Stupid!


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