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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari 1

+ posted by Expel as translation on Jun 13, 2009 12:50 | Go to Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari

-> RTS Page for Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari 1

-First of all thanks to Finelesta for the wonderful raw
-Enjoy, I hope you all like it...and comment if you hate my trans lawl (;д;)

Page 1

King: Listen Mahiro
King: I will leave this country to you while I go

King: Last night, the empire....Gran Marsenal empire

King: Have started their invasion into our kingdom

Page 4

Box: This continent
Star: Middle field

Box: In the north is the Republic of Zepilm when Majin* and human lives together. In the south is Gran Marsenal which is ruled by the supreme Majin*
*Majin means demons but since in this manga the doesn't really look like a demon so I'll just keep using Majin race

Republic of Zepilm
Buffer zone
Gran Marsenal Empire
Box: And in the middle of those pawerful countries lies what's called the middle field

Box: There lies a small country that will shake the whole continent

Page 5

Box: And the name of that country is Mismarca

Pariel: Prince
Pariel: Prince Mahiro, where are you!
Box: Mismarca King Castle

Pariel: Hey Prince!
Box: A novice Imperial Guards, Pariel Kalryzel 18 years old

<muka muka> irritated

Page 6


Guard: What!? What happened!?
Pariel: .....Ahhh

Guard: It's Pariel-sama as usual
Guard: Oh it's Pariel-sama...

Pariel: I guess there is no other choice

Page 7

Pariel: Prince, come and hold me (heart)

<Daki> Hugs

Pariel: Kyaa

Mahiro: Hmm? these small breasts....
Mahiro: Ah..it's just Pariel

Page 8

*Seriously that's what she says, fakkin in katakana
Mahiro: Ughhhh!!

Mahiro: Geez why did you shout with misleading voice like that?
Mahiro: Who were you trying to fool?
Pariel: Where did you hide!? If you heard me calling you should've replied from the start!!

Mahiro: I'm a prince you know?
Mahiro: I can go anywhere I want

Mahiro: So...see you around!

Page 9

Box: Kingdom of Mismarca's next in line for the throne
Box: Mahiro Yukilsneak Edenfalt, 15 years old
*That is one heck of a name....

Mahiro: Ow ow ouch my neck hurts
Mahiro: Listen Pariel

Page 10

Mahiro: If you do that to a King's family in another country, that would be considered as an act of rebellion and you'd get extreme penalty!
<shun...> quiets

Pariel: I'm sorry...It's just that...I couldn't control my emotion....
Mahiro: That's a reason which usually used by criminals

Mahiro: So, why are you looking for me?

Pariel: The king is waiting for you at the audience room
Mahiro: EEEH!? FATHER!?

Pariel: No no no, you have to come with me or the king would get mad at me
Mahiro: Yes, it's frightening when my father got mad

Page 11

Mahiro: Ahhh I don't wanna go in
Mahiro: Maybe I should just just run away

Pariel: Oh no, wait prince!

Pairel: Your neck isn't straight, let me fix it or I'd get punish
Mahiro: Why you....

Page 12

Box: The King sits on his majestic golden throne, and his voice, full of dignity, echoes in the audience room
Box: The king's race is what people called "Majin"

King: You're late, Mahiro
King: I have no more time, so I'll explain the situation to you in short

King: Last night, Gran Marsenal empire has started the invasion into our Kingdom
King: Do you understand this situation?

Text: The war will start

Page 13

King: So now I must go to discuss our next move as anti-imperialism alliance with the Republic of Zepilm
King: And I want you to take my place while I go

Mahiro: Father, I do not think that I am ready for this

King: Do not fear, nobody said you are going fight in the war
King: With the empire's large army, it will take them one month or half month to reach here

King: I will be back in 5 days or one week at the latest
King: Mahiro

King: .....

Page 14

King: I know what the people inside and outside country are saying about you
King: However, you should not be bothered with that nonsense

King: The citizen must trust the king, that's a monarchy
King: In other words, It is the king's duty to make the citizen trust in himself
King: And I am giving you that chance

King: If you manage to make even just a few of the citizen to give you their trust to

you in just few days
King: At that time...

King: I will release the seal of your power

Page 15

Mahiro: Is...Is that true, father?

King: I had to seal your power when you were little, because your power as a Majin is too powerful
King: But if you are sufficient to become a king, then there is no problem

Mahiro: .....I understand

Mahiro: I will show you that I can lead this country while you go!

Page 16

Box: This is Kaze No.1

Box: As expected, Mismarca King left the prince in the castle
Box: This is Kaze No.2, the king has left the territory and heads north
Box: So no difference from the "rumor"?
*Kaze means wind, but in this manga there is another meaning so...

Page 17

Box: No 1, none
Box: No 2, none

Box: But, that castle is huge for a small country. The size is comparable with our
Rottenhaim palace at imperial capital.
Box: Nah

Box: That's just a mere shadow of the Mismarca dynasty
Box: that once ruled the whole middle field

Pariel: What are you thinking?

Mahiro: Do I look like I'm thinking?
Pariel: ...Well, you were spacing out again...

Pariel: Ah, were you watching below the castle?

Page 18-19

Pariel: This is the kingdom you're entrusted to lead. It's a wonderful kingdom
Mahiro: Yeah I know

Pariel: Prince...are you worried about what the king said at the audience room

Pariel: Prince....

Pariel: I'm sure it will be alright! This Pariel will help you!
Pariel: So Prince, your words please, everyone is waiting

Mahiro: Puh
Mahiro: ...kuh kuh kuh....hahaha!

Page 20

Mahiro: FREEDOM!!

Mahiro: Kalro!! Home minister Kalro, are you here!?
Kalro: Yes, right here!

Page 21

Mahiro: On behalf of my father, I order you
Mahiro: to gather all girls between the age of 12 to 35 and have them wear maid

Pariel: I was worried for nothing?....PRINCE!!

Page 22

Mahiro: OUCH
Mahiro: Why did you hit me!? I'm a prince!!

Mahiro: AH

Pariel: Ah, that's!!

Pariel: the forbidden tool used for educational guidance from old civilization!!

Page 23

Mahiro: SHUT UP!!
Mahiro: hey Pariel! Shouldn't you worried about me, the prince, getting hurt!?

Pariel: Edelweiss-sama

Page 24

Mahiro: A, ah Edelweiss, why are you here?
Mahiro: I thought you are with my father...
Edelweiss: No

Mahiro: I, Is that so?
Edelweiss: Yes, your highness

Edelweiss: Kalro-sama, leave the rest to me
Kalro: Yes

Mahiro: A, aah wait, my ambition...my dream~~~
Mahiro: My freedooooommmm....

Page 25

Edelweiss: Your Highness
Edelweiss: You're not allow to do that
Text: LAW

Edelweiss: Pariel
Pariel: Ye, YES

Edelweiss: As you can see, the prince is stubborn. So I will allow you to use violence if he's getting out of control again
Edelweiss: You have to be His Highness' bridle
Text: Kalro~~~
Pariel: Ye, yes

Edelweiss: Well then, your highness, I will be leaving now

Page 26

Box: Edelweiss is a Majin

Box: Right now she's the head of the chamberlain squad in this country. But I heard she was in the empire's high grade chamberlain squad in the past
Box: She can do everything flawlessly as a maid, educationer, and also as a general in battle.
Box: She is the one that establish the social status and the necessity of a maid

Box: Now

Page 27

Box: If I want to attack this castle, from where should I attack? the canal and
castle wall are ideal however
Box: There are few crests that I haven't seen before on the wall

box: A bell and hammer crest... I don't know how much strength the current

Mismarca has, but I think that's not just an ordinary magic crest
Box: So I can't just jump on it carelessly...

Box: Kaze No. 2 here, I have new information
Box: what is it?

Page 28

Box: Inside Mismarca castle...Kaze

Box: !

Box: Urgent! Change place
Box: What's wrong?
Box: No, no problem

Box: End transmission

Page 29

Mahiro: I knew it, somebody was here...

Pariel: I found you now, Prince!!

Pariel: I've been looking for you inside the castle!!
Mahiro: Ugh! Pariel

Page 30

Mahiro: ...Lately you always know where to find me...
Pariel: That's because I'm Prince's bridle

Mahiro: Hey
Mahiro: Why did you become a knight?
Pariel: Why are you asking me that all of a sudden?

Mahiro: Because, you're my guard, right? But I'm not worthy getting a protection at all
Pariel: Please don't say that yourself

Page 31

Pariel: When I was a kid, I got attacked by a monster

Pariel: I was dying, but at that time, some one came and saved me

Mahiro: You don't remember who saved you?

Pariel: Yes, I only remember I was playing with friends outside the town at that time
Pariel: When I woke up, I was already on the bed

Pariel: Another thing that I remember is....
Pariel: The back appearance of a boy who I played with...

Page 32

Pariel: After that, I was thinking what to do with my life...
Pariel: Then I decided that I want to help other people, or protect other people

Mahiro: I see, so you do have a reason to become a knight

Mahiro: Well I know you are not smart enough to become a doctor
Pariel: I only have the sword talent to become an Imperial guards knight~~

Mahiro: Hmmmm really?
Pariel: Ah! you think I lied!?
Pariel: I wasn't lying about my childhood, I have a scar left in my back as a proof!

Page 33

Mahiro: Yeah I know

Mahiro: Around here, right?
Pariel: Aaan

Pariel: Prince! Do want me to throw you off!?

Pariel: By the way, why do you know where my scar is located?
Mahiro: Well, obviously I saw....

Page 34

Mahiro: Nope I didn't see it, I really didn't argh gaaah bwaaaa!!
Pariel: Die stupid prince! How dare you peeked!!
Pariel: I'm gonna smash your rotten head!

Mahiro: Pariel-san? You should really restraint yourself at times like this
Pariel: Huh?

Citizen: Tell us the reason!! The reason!!

Guard: Don't push! We are closing the protective gate
Guard: We got order not to let people to go in and out!

Page 35

Citizen: The fish will got rotten!
Citizen: At least let me just deliver these medecines
Citizen: What? I can't even go back to my own home!?
Citizen: I only went to hunt for awhile

Mahiro: What happened?
Guard: Can't you see? We're closing the gate and nobody is allowed to go in and....

Guard: ...Eh!?
Guard: Your Highness!?
Mahiro: Pssssst

Guard: You went out of the castle again?...I can't believe how stupid you are...
Mahiro: Ah, now you speak to me like that too....

Page 36

Guard: This is the order from Home minister, sir Kalro
Guard: It is to prevent any empire's army and spy to slip into the town

Mahiro: And you haven't told the citizen about it?
Guard: Yes
Guard: Of course we can not tell them, because we don't want them to start a
commotion in town

Mahiro: Then stop this

Pariel: But why, prince?
Mahiro: Hm? It's meaningless
Pariel: Meaningless!?

Page 37

Mahiro: Anyway, if it keeps like this, somebody is going to get hurt
Mahiro: The fish would got rotten, delayed the medecines delivery and then that
non-payment workshop would go bankrupt
Mahiro: Especially that clinic over there is...

Pariel: Prince...Could it be that he understand the citizens' circumtances in detail...?

Mahiro: Anyway, by the authority the King gave to me, I order you to stop this. Tell the citizens whatever excuse you can think of and start guarding normally
Mahiro: Also could you tell the guards at the north gate too? Ah, but use Edelweiss' name instead
Guard: Yes, Your Highness!
Guard: Right away!

Page 38

No text

Page 39

Mahiro: Hey

Edelweiss: I heard my name was being used the whole day
Edelweiss: Is there any problem with Minister Kalro's order?
Mahiro: .....

Edelweiss: It's fine that Your Highness are doing this for a fish and a workshop,
Edelweiss: If there was a spy slipped in today, that spy would gather informations about us and that would definately influence the upcoming war

Page 40

Mahiro: Edelweiss, Have you heard the rumor about Kaze*?
Mahiro: Obviously not the wind
*Kaze means wind

Edelweiss: ........

Edelweiss: I'm amazed, you got close to an empire's Kaze....Kaze is the name of the empire's elite spy
Edelweiss: No wonder you can easily evade all the traps and peek into the changing room

Mahiro: I'm good at sneaking

Edelweiss: However, Your Highness must not do that again. Kazes are trained to
assassinate too.

Page 41

Mahiro: Don't worry, I'm just an unneeded child

Edelweiss: The one who can decide that is yourself, Your Highness
Mahiro: Yes, I know and I have decided it

Edelweiss: I see, well then, allow me to ask you a question
Mahiro: What?

Edelweiss: Do you think the empire will come and attack us within a week, Your

Page 42

Mahiro: Yes
Mahiro: They will come

Edelweiss: Then what shall you do, Your Highness?
Mahiro: I hate violence, so I'm thinking if it's possible to solve it through talking

Edelweiss: There are things that can not be solved with just kindness, Your

Page 43

No text

Page 44

???: What's wrong?
Soldier: I'm sorry
Soldier: We've caught someone that could be a spy

Page 45

Man: Wait, I'm from the Republic! I'm not a spy! I just happened to pass by!!

Man: Please! I will do everthing you say! I will even change sides!
Man: I can tell you where the Republic's military preparation base is located....so

???: How boring, you're not prepared to die, are you?
Man: !

Man: Wh....why is there a royalty in a place like this....

Page 46-47


Reina: I don't think that was necessary, he couldn't have gathered any informations at this place
???: Reina

Reina: By the way, princess, It looks like arrive we could arrive ahead of schedule...
???: Yes, just in time

Page 48-49

???: because I'm bored

Mahiro: She said kindness can not solve everything....
Mahiro: I know that, but...

Page 50

Mahiro: I think...

Mahiro: There are also things that can not be solved with only violence

The empire army invades, while the king is away!!
-To be continued on the August edition

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