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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari 2

+ posted by Expel as translation on Jun 30, 2009 07:42 | Go to Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari

-> RTS Page for Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari 2

Mismarca chapter 2

Page 1

???: Princess
???: The dinner is ready

Princess: Is it already that time? No wonder I feel hungry
Princess: Let's eat meal

???: Princess, please say dinner instead...
Princess: Ahhh I get it, I get it. Let's just eat already

Page 2

Princess: Reina, give sake to everybody
Princess: That should bring out their strength for tomorrow

Reina: Roger

Page 3

A no good prince, Mahiro, is enjoying his freedom

Page 4

Alright, alright

Pariel: Huh? Prince, this place is...
Mahiro: As you can see, this is the horses and vehicles unit's maintenance area

???: Well well, if it isn't the prince. Ran out of the castle again?
Mahiro: Nope, This time I have Edelweiss' permission

Page 5

Pariel: But didn't you say you're going to "Below the castle" to Edelweiss-sama?
Mahiro: Yep//and for me, this back yard is a part of it
Pariel: ?

Mahiro: Pariel, you rarely come to this side, so you don't know about this place
Mahiro: Mismarca doesn't only have a big castle, but also a lot of buildings around the premises

Pariel: ...I see! So that's why sometime I couldn't find you!
Mahiro: To put it bluntly, YES!

Page 6

Mahiro: Beside the castle, there is a huge forest for hunting

Mahiro: Near the forest you can find horse stables and garages for vehicles

Mahiro: The garage of the automobile my father rode yesterday is there too
Mahiro: And this, right here

Mahiro: Excuse me

Page 7

Pariel: Eeek

Pariel: Prince...the smell of oil is terrible here...
Mahiro: You're my guard, get used to it

Pariel: WHA!!?

Pariel: It can't be, in a place like this//MONSTERS!?
Mahiro: No, Pariel...

Page 8

Mahiro: They're human
Pariel: Haa
Mahiro: Hey there
Man: Hmm? Prince, it's rare that you brought someone with you

Box: Maintenance leader
Man: Perfect timing, prince, I have something that I want to show to you

Mahiro: Oh?
Text: He's huge

Man: A few days ago, we've discovered an artifact of ancient civilization from a faraway ruin
Man: We're still tampering with it

Page 9

Man: Those guys didn't even go home last night because they were so engrossed with it
Pariel: ......

Mahiro: Well What is it!?

Man: Hmm well, how should I call it...
Man: maybe TURBO CHARGER fits

Mahiro: That's a wonderful word
Text: heart jumps

Mahiro: Honcho!!*
*Actually the meaning of the text is group leader, but i'll just use honcho...
Text: hugs
Man: YEAH!!

Man: ....By the way, what did you come here for?
Mahiro: Ah, yes

Page 10

Mahiro: I have something to do at the plain...
Mahiro: So, get my favorite horse* ready
*yep he said horse, so don't be surprised

Pariel: Eh? but prince, you said you can't ride a horse...
Mahiro: YES!!

Mahiro: However, there is a type of horse that I can ride in this world

Page 11

Man: Please wait, prince. Could you please...please rethink about it!?
Mahiro: Hm? Why?

Man: Th, the truth is, we were so interested with ...
Man: the turbo charger, so we put it on prince's favorite horse as a test...

Man: Sorry prince! It's because of my carelessness as a leader. They're also feel the same!!
Everyone: Please forgive us!!

Mahiro: You shouldn't worry about that
Man: Pri...nce?

Mahiro: I trust in you guys. You people serves our country. So it's alright!!

Man: Prince...!!

Page 12

Mahiro: But, honestly you want me to ride it, right?
Text: As a machanic you must be curious...
All: Yes

Mahiro: I love you all for being honset!
Text: "Maniac" "they're all maniac..."
Man: Prince

Box: Front of South gate

Page 13

Pariel: Prince, what on earth are you taking there with you from the maintenance area?
Mahiro: Hihihi

Commander: Hm? Prince, what are you doing here?
Mahiro: Hey

???: Hey, it's the prince
Commander: Oh? What's this? Are you going to start something again!?

???: Prince?
???: The prince is here?

Mahiro: Hm, the spectators are here...it's time then
Mahiro: Look Pariel, this is my favorite horse

Page 14

Mahiro: It's "the steel bronco" ZX-7RR!!
*see, it's not really a horse zzzz

Pariel: It's the ancient civilization's artifact!?
Mahiro: YEAH!!

Box: Ancient civilization's artifacts, are goods that were discovered in ruins in various places across the continent
Box: Then they're all being used now once they're fixed or reconstructed, but it's rare to discover something big like this

Page 15

Box: There are the same kind of artifacts outside of Mismarca that are being used for various needs
Text: Hurray hurray
???: OOOH! it's a bike, right prince!?//Mahiro-oniichan, that's awesome!!

Text: Ah, that's right
Text: The prince is popular here because he likes many things that the common folks has

Text: Smiles
Text: I guess...that's prince's good points

Mahiro: Well, what do you think, Pariel? Cool, right!?
Pariel: Ah...yes

Mahiro: ......
Mahiro: That weak respond is somewhat unexpected...

Mahiro: Now...

Page 16

Mahiro: Listen, I'm going to do 2 things. One, I'm going to the plain and establish the fastest speed record...and the other one is...
Text: whisper whisper
Commander: Hm? What is it?

Commander: P,p,p,prince! Are you serious!?
Mahiro: But don't ever close this gate, and tell the guards at the north gate to do the same

Mahiro: If I don't return by sunset, turn to Edelweiss and obey her order. Got it?
Text: I'll leave it to you
Commander: Th, that's crazy! As a guard I can't consent to that!!

Page 17

Pariel: ? Prince, what are you talking about...?
Text: Hup (rides bike)


Mahiro: Waahahahaha!! Now, let's go !

Commander: ......
Soldier: What's wrong commander? your face look pale

Commander: U...rmmm I think he was just joking, but...

Page 18-19

Top panel first
Commander: He said he's going to scout out the nearby empire army
Soldier: Hahaha. that must be a joke. We haven't recieve any report that there are empire army around here
Commander: Ye...yeah you're right. You can't go scout out something that's not there...

Bottom panel
Mahiro: Wahahaha, this is the bronco's neigh!!
*Horse's noise...howl whatever...
Mahiro: This is what you call the unity of rider and horse!

Pariel: OUCH!//It hurts!

Page 20

No text

Page 21

Mahiro: OOH! Look Pariel, 150! We've reached 150 Kilo!!
*the manga doesn't say per hour, so it's up to you

Pariel: IDIOT
Mahiro: Buhaaa

Pariel: I thought I was going to die! Urghhhh.....
Mahiro: To hit me or vomit...Please make up your mind, Pariel...

Page 22-23

Pariel: Eh?

Page 24

Text: The empire army!? What's going on here!?
Text: Why are they in Mismarca's territory!? Ehhhhhhhh!?

Mahiro: Geeez you make me want to cry too//it's painful
Pariel: I...I'm not crying!

???: Hey, what's going on? are they enemies?

???: But, they're only brats...//Anyway,let's just seize them. Hey,get me a rope!

Page 25

???: Be quiet, Her highness Lunas is here

Pariel: E...empire's third princess!? Why is she here!?

Page 26

Lunas: Who are you?

Lunas: Hmm, both of you doesn't look like bandits or spies...

Page 27

Pariel: No...We are...you see...this is my young master and I'm his....tutor
Text: Panicked
Mahiro: Why are you so scared, Pariel?

Mahiro: We didn't do anything wrong, so just tell the truth

Mahiro: Now listen! The one who's standing before you here is the Kingdom of Mismarca's crown prince
Mahiro: Mahiro Yukilsneak Edenfalt!!

Lunas text: Hmmmmmmm

Page 28

Pariel: Young master!
Mahiro: Ugaa
Mahiro: Guwaa//Buhhh
Pariel: Don't lie in front of Princess Lunas! Now let's start the introduction again!

Mahiro: Aaa I'm sorry, I was wrong
Mahiro: I'm not a prince, that was a lie//Ughh

Lunas: Pff

Lunas: Ahahaha

Page 29

Lunas: Haha...do you think I believe that?

Lunas: Ohh, so you're trying to set the record of fastest speed in the middle field?
Mahiro: Yes, that's right

Lunas: But why do you want to set that record?

Mahiro: It's simple. Mismarca doesn't have any industry that stands out.
Mahiro: However, if I managed to set the record, our engineering skills would be known to the entire continent, then they all would come to our Kingdom for repair, reconstruct and many other various things
Mahiro: After that, young mechanics all over the continent would gather and create a new industry here

Page 30

Lunas: Hmm...I see, but in actuality which one is faster, this bike or a horse?
Mahiro: It's obvious, the bike is faster

Lunas: Really? How about when it's running on the track?
Lunas: We also use that in our army, and the fastest we have is 100 kilo. So how fast are you aiming for to set the record?

Mahiro: I modified this bike. It can go three times faster than yours
Mahiro: It can go 300 Kilo per hour*
*yes now he says per hour...

Lunas: WHA? 300!!?

Page 31

Lunas: ...Wait a minute, according to the report I heard, you came here by going through that forest and descended from there
Lunas: If you want to set a record, shouldn't you choose a plain with few obstacles?

Mahiro: It's a simple reason
Mahiro: Because it's easy to accelerate on wheels when descending

Lunas: .....
Lunas: What's your name?

Mahiro: You finally ask

Mahiro: I'm a man who can not be caught by wind or even a storm!!
Mahiro: And my engineering skill will be known to all and will even reach the empire like the speed of wind

Page 32

Mahiro: People call me the king of southern sea, Mahimahi!
Mahiro: And if you let this rope loose, I will show you the bike's true speed!

Lunas: Really!? I can see it runs 300 kilo per hour!?
Text: heart jumps

Pariel: Hmm are you sure it can reach 300 kilo?//Even I got excited hearing it
Mahiro: Yeah it can, 300 kilo. It's unimaginable...

Page 33

Mahiro: Hey Pariel
Pariel: Yes prince, please let loose my rope too

Mahiro: Have you read "Run, Melos!"*?
Pariel: Why are you asking me that without looking at me!?
*It's a Japanese short story about friendship http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Run,_Melos!

Pariel: Ahhhhh, don't tell me you're going to run away...YOU ARE GOING TO RUN AWAY, AREN'T YOU!?
Mahiro: Don't worry, it's going to be fine
Pariel: Hey look at my face and say that! Damn it, you're going to leave me aren't you!?

Mahiro: Melos will be back
Pariel: You're not Melos, you're Mahimahi!!!

Page 34

Lunas: Aha ahahahahaha
Lunas: I get it, I get it

Reina: Wait a minute princess, if you let them go, Mismarcan army will know our movement....

Lunas: What's wrong with that? According to Kaze's report, right now Mismarca's military force only have 500 troops
Lunas: Even I can handle them alone

Page 35

Lunas: When you got home, tell this to your coward prince
Lunas: Tell him to come here and surrender, then I will let him live. I will wait until sunset.

Pariel: !
Mahiro: I understand//Well then, let's go home, otherwise Edelweiss-sama would get mad

Reina: Are you sure about this? We can still catch them...
Lunas: No, that's impossible

Page 36

Lunas: We're talking about 300 kilo here!

Reina: Princess...please don't boast enemy's engineering...
Soldier: Reporting! According to Kaze, they have lost sight of the 2 prisoners. They only found trail of smokes across the plain.
Lunas: OOh! Just like Mahimahi said!

Lunas: Hmm I don't know what kind of person is the prince of Mismarca, but if the time to meet face to face come
Lunas: I wish he's like Mahimahi

Page 37

Reina: .....//However

Reina: Those 2 were having too much fun*
*I think he's talking about princess and mahimahi
Reina: She even forgot that Edelweiss is here

???: I may have failed

What does Mahiro think about his encounter with the enemy!?

To be continued on the September edition

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