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Translations: Gintama 704 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Shitsurakuen 2

+ posted by Expel as translation on Jul 12, 2009 07:36 | Go to Shitsurakuen

-> RTS Page for Shitsurakuen 2

-Sorry, took long enough for me to finish this
Please read THIS first before using my translation

Page 1

Box: The Iwahijiri group administered private school, Utopia Academy
Box: Known as an Elite school to many
Box: And an isolated academy from the outside is
Box: in fact a school that has the policy of female discrimination like in the old era

Box: Then there is the "Exaclan"
Box: A battle type virtual reality game where the whole academy island is the field.
Box: Because of that game
Box: The female students in the academy are being discriminated and
Box: Treated not as a "human"

Box: But as an abused "objects"

Page 2

憂いの指先がなぞる 憧れの君の姿・・・
Tracing with this sorrowful fingertip, yearning for you...*
*I'm not a poetic person...

Chapter 2: You must not lose

Page 3

???: .....
???: ......
???: ....hy//why

???: Why?
???: Why aren't you protecting me?
???: Why....?
???: .....Aren't you

???: the knight of justice who protects the princess...?

Sora: ....I will protect you

Page 4

Sora: I am....//the real knight of justice
Sora: .....So I will protect you//Always

Bubble: ...knock
Bubble: knock//knock

Page 5

Bubble: knock
Bubble: knock
Koharu: .....Sora-sama!

Bubble: knock//knock
Bubble: knock
Koharu: Good morning!//Sora-sama
Bubble: knock//knock

Bubble: chirp//chirp

Text: Hwaaaaa
Sora: Uuu...I'm sleepy
Koharu: You didn't get enough sleep?//Ah, perhaps you had a nightmare...?
Sora: Naah, I slept really good (maybe)

Page 6

Sora: Ah, I'm really sorry to have troubled you//by waking me up everyday

Koharu: No!
Koharu: I'm yours now, Sora-sama, you've won the game and became my owner, so
Koharu: It's obvious for me to serve you...!

Sora: ....Frankly//I'm not happy hearing you said that....
Koharu: Eh?....

Koharu: It's suppose to be like// the opposite

Page 7

Sora: I will devote myself to you, Koharu

Sora: It's just purely...//me wanting to protect you
Koharu: .....!

Koharu: Ye//yes....
Sora: Good

Sora: !

Page 8

Sora: Ah.....

Sora: S, sorry! I wasn't looking...
???: ....It's ok

Sora: Ah....//Hm?

Sora: Hey....this photo//is it my...?

Page 9

???: .....Ah

Sora: Ah//wait...!

Koharu: Sora-sama...?
Box: That photo....was I mistaken?//But

Page 10

Box: That black braided hair girl//I think I've seen her before...

Sora: I see...!//That the girl I saw on the first day
Sora: If I'm not mistaken, she was the girl that provided a dagger in Exaclan
Koharu: Eh?
Sora: then her owner got defeated then she was handed over to another owner...

Box: That terrible wound..../Don't tell me that new owner....?
Sora: ....Exaclan....

Page 11

Sora: If I beat her owner
Sora: in exaclan
Sora: then I'll be able to save her, right?

Tsuki: ...I think you'd better stay low for now

Sora: Wh, why!?
Tsuki: ....Haven't you notice what's happening around you?

Tsuki: Sora, you've been the center of attention in a bad way//after you won the exaclan and got Izaki-san the other day
Sora: !

Page 12

Tsuki: So I think it's better for you not to provoke them any further//and just stay low for a while

Tsuki: Also, about the battle you won the other day//you told me that you don't remember how you came out victorious
Sora: Uhhh....
Koharu: Eh?

Koharu: Is that true?//You were using an awesome weapon that day...
Sora: Ah...ye, yes//I was too engrossed in the fight...
Koharu: Ha....

Sora: ........
???: "....Sora"
???: "My name is Ix*"
*The sound in katakana is "Ikusu", so I'm thinking Ix, or maybe Yx?
???: "Please Sora"//"Do not....."

Page 13

???: "tell anyone about me....."
Box: I won the battle that day//all because of the weapon provided by that girl named Ix

Box: Well there is no guarantee that she'd show up and help me again next time...
Sora (thinks): Ix....hm?
Sora (thinks): I think I've heard that name before....
Tsuki: ......Geeez

Tsuki: Do you think you can win with your condition now?//idiot

Koharu: I, it's ok, Sora-sama!//From now on I will be your weapon!
Koharu: I was temporarily being used by the student council//so I think I'm quite strong as a weapon...
Tsuki: ....Also

Page 14

Tsuki: How can Sora, a girl, play exaclan to begin with?//it's very unusual that you have the "glove" which acts like a "controller" in the game

Tsuki: The basic of the game is
Tsuki: "The boy who wears the glove can use the weapon provided by the girl whom he vowed to own and protect
Tsuki: then he can battle with another boy, who is under the same condition
Tsuki: and the victor gets the opponent's weapon, the loser must give his weapon to the victor"
Tsuki: ...that's the rule

Tsuki: But both of you, Sora and Izaki-san//haven't recieve any penalty
Tsuki: So that means, both of you didn't break the rule....//however

Tsuki: It doesn't mean that you would not get a penalty again next time....
Box: The penalty....//"punishment from Iwahijiri"....

Page 15

Box: It's fine if they only give the penalty to myself//I don't want the other girls gets the penalty as well....
Tsuki: Ok, enough of that....//Sora, next subject is english
Tsuki: I'm serious
Koharu: It, it's ok, I will help you..

Sora: Uwaaaan, thank you Koharu, I love you!!
Koharu: Eh!?
Tsuki: Hurry up and face front


Kajiwara: ......Koharu!!

Sora: ....Ahhh/As I thought

Page 16

Sora: The lessons here at elite school is hard....
Koharu: Eh?//I understand if you're talking about the specialized subjects//but that lesson just now is a basic educational subject, all school teaches it....
Text: The level is the same with other schools...
Sora: ......

Sora: Koharu, you bully!!!*
*well i dunno what to put there, cus she's saying a cute version of baka, paka....(yes i know baka is stupid...)
Koharu: Sora-sama!?


???: I don't care if you're wounded or not//just do as I told
???: B, but//It really hurts....
???: Argh, Shut up!!
???: This bitch is stubborn, she even dare to talk back at us

Page 17

Box: Ah
Box: That girl is....!!

Bubble: "Other than the owner himself//nobody else is allowed to touch the girl//if they broke that rule, the girl would get a penalty too..."

Sora: .......
Koharu: So...Sora-sama...?

Sora: ....why?
Sora: They can't touch the girl who has an owner right!?
Sora: So why are they....

Page 18

Koharu: Maybe....that girl "dropped out" of exaclan....
Sora: !?//dropped out?

Koharu: ....yes

Koharu: Sometimes
Koharu: There are girls who have high pride//or
Koharu: because they are weak weapons
Koharu: and no body wants to own them...

Koharu: Those kind of girls//are beaing treated like before the game reinforced in the academy
Koharu: Every boys in the academy can oppress them

Koharu: That girl must be abandoned by her owner...//and she hasn't find a new owner...
Sora: That's terrible...

Page 19

Sora: Wait...that means that girl doesn't have an owner right now //So I won't get a penalty for beating those guys and saving her, right!?
Koharu: Eh?//Ah yes...
Koharu: But//That's...

Sora: Hey!!
???: Huh?

Page 20

???: Wha//Who are you!!?
???: !//Ah...she's that transferred student...
???: Huh!?

???: Why you!...

???: Ugh

???: Bastard
Girl: ......
???: Ouch

Girl: ......
Text: It's like.....what they said....!!

Page 21

???: Don't....//underestimate us!!!
Sora: !!

Sora: Oh no...!
Sora: Ugh...

???: ...damn//you bitch!...

???: you should know your place!!!

Page 22

???: Ha! how about that!? can you feel the overwhelmingly difference of our strength!?
Koharu: Sora-sama!!
???: Acting tough huh?

???: Girls should just shut up and obey us!!

Sora: !!

Sora: .....eh?

Page 23

Boy: ....You shouldn't use violence//to girls

???: Wha//what do you want...!?
???: You're defending the girls even though you're a boy in this academy!?

Page 24

Sora: .....!?

???: You won't get anything out of//thi

???: Gah!!?

???: YOU.....//Ah
???: A
???: A
???: A
???: ARGH

Page 25

???: Uh.....

???: Da....//dammit....

Sora: !

Boy: Are you alright?

Page 26

Sora: .....Ah

Sora: Yes//thank you....
Sora: There is a kind man like you in this academy...
Sora: ...I'm surprised

Koharu: Sora-sama!!
Sora: Koharu...

Koharu text: 5 minutes before the class start
Sora: What's this chime!?
Boy: You guys have a class next, right?//let me take care the rest here

Page 27

Boy: This girl//I will take her to the infirmary so...

Sora: I...I see
Sora: Well then...

Sora: ........

Boy: Bye....

Page 28

Sora: !

Sora: Erm...

Page 29

Sora: Thanks
Sora: Ah....you even prepared with adhesive plaster?

Girl: ......//Yes, because I use them a lot

Sora: ....ah

Sora: H, hey....//If you don't mind, why don't I....
Girl: Thank you

Girl: Thank you for helping me earlier
Girl: But please don't do that again
Girl: Please don't help me again//Himoto-san

Page 30

Sora: E....eh?

Sora: Why...do you know my name?
Sora: Also...

Sora: That photo from this morning...

Sora: Eh?//Ah, wait...

Sora: .....?

Page 31

Kajiwara: Hey El!//Lend me another student council's weapon!!

Kajiwara: That bitch...//I want to take back Koharu...!!

El: Hmph...//I won't lend to a guy who easily got beaten by a girl any weapon anymore
Kajiwara: !!//But that was...

Page 32

Kajiwara: It was my first time facing a bugged* opponent...//I wasn't prepared for that!
*Bugged here means, the system is bugged etc...
Kajiwara: So give me one more chance//this time I will definately beat her!!

El: Hmph, then it doesn't need to be one of student council's weapon
El: ....let's see

El: Ah, right. There is a girl without an owner in the infirmary
El: Why don't you use that girl...

El: And try to win, Kajiwara

Girl: .......

Page 33

???: ....is this the girl?//yeah. I quietly took a picture of her
???: Ah, I want one! Reprint it for me!
???: She's that girl who beat that guy from student council yesterday, right?//Koharu looks very happy now
???: That's nice....

???: .....to tell you the truth//she has gave me a new hope....
???: But it's still too early to say that
???: It might have been just a fluke...
???: I'm fine with that

???: Even//if that "hope"//was just an "illusion"....

Page 34

Kajiwara: So, you're the girl....

Girl: ....!?

Girl: Ouch

Kajiwara: Be glad!//I will be you're owner now!
Kajiwara: Now, hurry up and come with me!!

Page 35

Kajiwara: We're going to//beat Himoto Sora!!!
Girl: ......!!!

Koharu: ....Sora-sama, what about our dinner tonight?
Sora: Hm? Ah, right. Tsuki has another things to take care of tonight

Sora: Geeez! that Tsuki really is bad at socializing~~
*it's a joke... TSUKI na dake ni TSUKIai warui na~~
Sora: You don't need to be surprised like//that.......

Page 36

Kajiwara: ...It's time for Exaclan, Himoto Sora!

Kajiwara: I'm taking Koharu back!!!

Koharu: Ah.....

Sora: You....!!

Girl: .......

Page 37

Sora (thinks): Why is she with this guy...!?
Sora (thinks): Dammit! I won't let him take Koharu!
Sora (thinks): She said not to help her, but....

Sora (thinks): That girl//I will protect her too....!!
Sora: No other choice...

Both: ....Utopia is

Page 38

Both: Here!!!

Box: ?
Box: What? This mark....

Page 39

Text: That guy was using this weapon!?

Sora: Uwa....
Koharu: Sora-sama!?

Sora (thinks): This is virtual?....
Sora: Even the weight is the same with the real thing....//!

Page 40

Bubble: Bzzzzz (I guess it's like that hologram sound in movies? lol)

Sora: Ugh

Box: There is no blood, and no wound....
Sora (thinks): But the pain is real//So this is exaclan...!

Sora: Kuh.....

Text: It was that painful when I got cut by that dagger...
Text: Then if he got shot by this....

Page 41

Kajiwara: HAAAAAAA

Sora: Tsk....

Koharu: !?

Text: It's a rifle, but why is she holding it like that...?
Text: Could it be that Sora-sama doesn't know how to use it...!?
Koharu: Sora-sama...!!

Girl: !!
Kajiwara: HAHAHA you don't even know how use that!?

Page 42

Kajiwara: You amateur!!

Bubble: Cracks

Koharu: Arrgghh

Koharu: It...
Koharu: Hurts
Sora: !?//Koharu!?
Koharu: Aa
Koharu: .....Agh

Sora (thinks): Why!? The one that got cut was the rifle
Sora (thinks): Why Koharu is the one that feel the pain!?

Page 43

Kajiwara: HAHA, You're quite cruel yourself!!//That weapon is Koharu herself!!
Kajiwara: Heh It'd be fine if she got hurt when being used correctly//but nooo, you didn't

Kajiwara: You're the one that hurt Koharu!!
Black bubble: ...Girls are objects

Black bubble: They are the weapon
Text: Oh no! So that's what Tsuki meant...
Sora: I'm sorry Koharu!//Are you...

Page 44

Box: The rifle only cracked a bit and she already in that much pain
Koharu: I...I'm alright, Sora-sama...

Box: That time, it was broken into two pieces//her
Box: dagger
Kajiwara: Hoo, scary scary

Box: How much pain did she feel...?
Sora: Ah....
Box: But

Box: I//at that time
Box: could only watch....

Page 45

Koharu: Sora-sama

Kajiwara (thinks): Gotcha!!
Kajiwara: It's//my victory!!

Sora (thinks): Damn...

Page 46

Sora: ....Eh

Koharu: !!!

Kajiwara: Wha....

Kajiwara: What do you think you're doing!!?
Sora: Yo, you!?//Why....!!?

Girl: ......

Page 47

Girl: ....if I fall//and passed out//my weapon would be vanished too
Girl: If that happened//it would not be considered as a "defeat" to Sora-san....

Black bubble: Coughs
Sora: You...!!

Girl: ....Himoto-san//You're a wonderful person....
Girl: You know another person's pain...a kind person
Girl: You know it'd be painful if shot by a rifle even for a guy like him...//that's why...you didn't pull the trigger...
Both: !

Page 48

Girl: But...you can't win if you don't shoot him
Girl: even against a weak weapon like mine...//So with this...

Girl: ....it will be considered as a tie!//I can't let you lose...
Girl: even more//if it's because of me...
Girl: I definately...don't want to see you lose....!!

Sora: .......
Sora: Why are you doing this for me..?

Girl: It's because of "hope"....

Girl: The girls were in a desperate situation
Girl: Then finally they found
Girl: A glimpse of hope....

Page 49

Girl: Himoto-san//You don't lose to boys

Girl: You're not a weak girl too
Girl: You will always rescue//and protect us

Girl: ....I'm sorry//I know what I just said all are just "illusions"
Girl: .....But please
Girl: Even if it were just "illusions"

Girl: Please just a bit longer....
Girl: Become our "hope"....
Girl: Please become our "Knight of justice"....

Page 50

Kajiwara: Why you!!!

Kajiwara: I'll just slice both of you into pieces
Kajiwara: before this weapon vanishes!!!

Page 51

No conversation

Page 52


Kajiwara: It can't be//this....
Kajiwara: This is not happening...!!

Kajiwara: Damn!!

Girl: .........

Page 53

Sora: !!
Koharu: She's alright!//she only passed out....

Sora: .......

Sora: Come to think of it....
Sora: I haven't ask her name yet
Sora: ....I'm sorry
Sora: But, it's alright now

Sora: I'm.../not an "illusion"

Page 54

Sora: I'm a real knight
Sora: .....And I will protect you//always

The maiden's prayer now is changing from an illusion to reality....

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#1. by Expel ()
Posted on Jul 12, 2009
Well I'm glad this manga got many positive responses from what I saw through Mako-scans scanlations (well cept those who said this is a Utena rip-off lol), so I will try to keep translating this one. Thx Mako-scans for picking up this series!
#2. by Razorwave ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2009
thanks for translating expel C:()

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