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Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 28

In order to prevent the worst PSItuation...

+ posted by eyfey as translation on Dec 10, 2015 19:52 | Go to Saiki Kusuo no Sainan

-> RTS Page for Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 28

Saiki Kusuo no PSI nan
Volume 3
Chapter 28 Translation

Page 1

Chapter 28: In order to prevent the worst PSItuation...

Page 2

sfx: chirp chirp

1: Now back to Your Fortune Countdown!
TV: Horoscopes
Today's Fortune
Countdo[cut off]
2: Oh!

TV: 2nd place is YOU Capricorn! Everything you do today will go great!
Dad: Well then~ I wonder which place Taurus is~?
TV: 4th place is Cancer!

TV: ...11th place is YOU Libra!
sfx: munch
1: Oh~?

TV: What will it be for today's 1st or 12th ?
Right cloud: Taurus
left cloud: Leo
1(a): Come on Taurus! I'm begging you!
1(b): Taurus!!

tv(small): Sorry...
sfx top right: click
Tv: Time for another exciting Booty Workout!!
Sfx left: Pow
1: Ahhhhh!!

dad: Hey Kusuo! Why'd you change the channel!?
TV: First let's move that sphincter up and down 1, 2...
Saiki: Fortune telling is boring. Let's watch Booty Workout.
Sfx: munch munch munch
Dad: Now I won't know if I'm 1st or 12th!! Geez!

Page 3

dad: Today is the the worrrst~ Even though I look forward to this every morning...
dad(a): I didn't get to see my fortune, I forgot to set my alarm clock so now I'm late
dad(b): we were out of toilet paper... Not a single thing has gone right today!
saiki: Sounds like you don't need to see the result
sfx: siiigh

1: Aren't you a Leo, Kusuo? Aren't you curious at all?
Mom: What place was I?
saiki: Not even in the slightest.

saiki: I'm more concerned about the people who believe in that sort of no proof non-scientific nonsense.
1: Hey did you hear?

1: There's this brand new “fortune teller's hut”!
Sfx: chatter chatter
2: Yeah! I heard! It's super accurate, right?
3: I knoow!

1: So I heard they just opened up some “fortune teller's hut”
2: Dude, don't tell me you went and had your fortune read about Minako?
3: No way stupid! Geez!

1: I'm kind of curious
2: Let's get our fortune's read!
Sfx right: talk talk
sfx left: chatter chatter
saiki(a): Huh
saiki(b): Everyone's talking fortunes here too

Page 4

Saiki: Give me a break... Each and every one of them are so willing to believe the words of a total stranger
teru: Did you go Chiyo!? How was it?
Chiyo: It was really great~! She told me I'd be able to completely break up with my old boyfriend and find a new one!!
teru: Wow! That's great

1: Yo Takeru! Did you go to the Fortune Teller's? How'd it go?
take(a): Oh! It was right on the mark! That woman's the real deal
take(b): She said I'd be able to fix things up with Chiyo!
2: Nice!
saiki: And it's already contradicting itself

saiki: Well, I guess that's because this sort of thing is more like a kind of life counseling
1: Hmph... ridiculous
saiki: ?

kaido: Fortune telling is just a bunch of delusions made up by the fortune teller in order to sound important...
kaido: I mean, the truth is we're all just riding the rail of fate that was set by the gods...
saiki: suprisingly, I actually agree with you on this one
sfx: whoosh

1: But there's something more important to talk about
sfx: chatter chatter
2: Today, I need you to come with me for a bit

kaido: The atmosphere... You've noticed it too, haven't you Saiki?
kaido: It seems a weird ambiance is flowing through the town...
sfx: dooomm

kaido: This strange aura disturbing the town, you could even call it disorder...
kaido: I've seen Dark Reunion in the shadows, pulling the strings. Let's take them out
saiki: That's just your made up delusion
sfx: doooom

Page 5

saiki: Don't you have anyone else to invite?
1: Partner!
Small text: plod plod

nendou: Yo! Did you hear? There's a fortune teller store nearby...
saiki: The fortune teller's hut, right? I already heard

Nendou: ...at the bookstore next door!
Nendou: It sounds like you an buy Jump there on Thursdays
saiki: What are you talking about?
[tn: Shonen Jump is usually sold on the weekends, so Thursday is a few days early]

small text: See ya~
small text: See you tomorrow!

sfx: rustle rustle

sfx: talk talk chatter chatter
saiki: hm?

saiki: Oh, so this is the rumored fortune teller's hut
sign: fortunes

saiki: Looks like it's fairly popular
1: Thank you very much!

1: So how was it Kiyomi!?
2: Yeah! Tell us!

Page 6

kiyo: She said that me and Satou Takeru are tied together by a red string of fate~♡
kiyo: and by next month, we'll have a fateful encounter and start going out!
1: Wow! That's amazing!
Saiki: She's a cruel person

saiki: Well, I guess it's fine as long as they're enjoying themselves
saiki: but I should get going...

saiki: Hm?

saiki: What's this?

saiki(a): Isn't that Kaidou...? What is he doing?
saiki(b): Just this morning we was calling it ridiculous...
1: No... This isn't...

kaido: It's not like I'm interested in fortune telling or anything... It's just that, in the one in a million chance that they're a real clairvoyant, their existence could be extremely dangerous
sfx: hmph
kaido: There's a chance they might get targeted by Dark Reunion... just in case, I figured I should confirm things with my own eyes... that's really all there is to it... yeah
saiki: You don't need to make so many excuses to yourself

saiki: Though I'm pretty sure these fortunes are mostly nonsense...
girl(a): Kyaaa~!
girl(b): She said I get to go out with Satou Takeru~
saiki: It sounds like Satou Takeru will be two timing
sfx: step step step

Page 7

1: Will the next person please enter
sfx kaido: ba-dump ba-dump
sfx right: rustle
saiki: Kaidou's up next huh...

saiki: Hm, I've come this far so I might as well observe just a little
sfx: sssss...

sfx: creeeaaak

1: Welcome, to the fortune teller's hut
sfx: woooooo
2: Please, have a seat...

kaido(a): ...
kaido(b): Y...Yeah
sfx top: thud...
sfx kaido: gulp...
arrow box: Invisible
saiki: Even if they're not a real fortune teller, they sure got the atmosphere right

1: Greetings, I am “Clairvoyance☆Mikiko”...
saiki: Just from hearing her name she already sounds fake
2: What troubles have brought you here before me today?
Sfx: woooo

Page 8

Kaido(a): No...
kaido(b): Rather than troubles, I just...
kaido: Yeeaah... She seems kind of sketchy... I guess she is just a regular person...

saiki: Hm, looks like even he's doubting her
saiki: Well, it's pretty obvious
1: Oh...?

miki: You... What could it be...
miki: Your aura feels different from everyone else's...

Kaido: Wha!?
1(a): I've been doing this job for a very long time, but this is the first time I've seen something like this...
1(b): You... You're no ordinary person...

miki: You possess some sort of extraordinary power, unseen in humans...
miki: Or perhaps, there is the possibility that it has yet to awaken...

1: Am I correct?
Kaido: Different from everyone else... Extraordinary...

kaido: She's... the real deal!
kaido(a): Hmph... It seems
kaido(b): You're not just a regular person either...!
saiki: This guy is hopeless

Page 9

saiki(a): You're just way too gullible...
saiki(b): Now that I think about it, something similar happened before too...
flashback: Wunjo!!
1: First you must write your name, date of birth, and blood type on this paper here
2: Okay!

saiki: Because you reacted to her nonsense, now she has you all figured out
saiki: The fact that you're chuunibyou

1: Heheheh...
sfx: smirk
saiki: Geez, give me a break...

saiki: How could you fall for such a cheap trick
miki: Too easy~ Kids are such idiots, they're so easy to fool...
miki: I see... So your name is Kaidou Shun...
miki: This brat is definitely the chuunibyou type that gets all caught up in thinking they're special...
sfx: woooooo

miki(a): You are... currently worried about a certain problem
miki(b): Am I correct?
Kaido: Yeah! How did you know!?
Saiki: Would someone without worries ever bother coming here?
miki: Fufu... Let me guess

1: Yes... Could it be something related to love...?
2: ...no, I know this is not the case...

1: worries about your future or your studies...
2: ...don't bother you either, of this I am sure...

1: I see, worries about friends or your relationship with others...

Page 10

miki: Yes! You are currently terribly worried about matters concerning friends or your relationship with others!!
sfx top: Tadaah
sfx: flinch
saiki: You're seriously way too gullible

saiki: Your face is giving everything away
kaido: This... really is the real thing!!
sfx: dooooomm
saiki: Yeah, you really are a real idiot

1(a): Yeah... That's right...
1(b): I am worried about that sort of thing

kaido: Yes... Just as you said, I am different from everyone else...
kaido(a): I am an extraordinary being
kaido(b): You've probably already noticed, but...

kaido: I have been living in another world as an assassin under the name the Jet Black Wing... but I was discovered by an evil organization who began targeting me and I was just barely able to make it to this world with my life
kaido: Currently, I am living under the borrowed form that is Kaido Shun, but the organization is still after me...Day and night, I must fight the members of the organization every single day, using the dark force which resides in my right arm...
sfx: mutter mutter mutter mutter

1: but you already knew this without me telling you, didn't you...
miki: Yes...
miki: What the heck is this guy talking about...
saiki: I completely agree with that thought

kaido: I'm used to the fighting.... but
sfx: tremble...
kaido: Sometimes I feel something, just for a split second...

Page 11

kaido: That is... Loneliness...!
kaido: Yes, I don't have any frie...anyone that I could call a comrade...

miki(a): …......Yeah
miki(b): He talked for a really long time but... basically...
saiki: His trouble is “I can't make any friends”...

saiki: I feel like I've just seen something I shouldn't have...
1: What should I do...
2: Well of course you can't find any comrades

1: Wha!?
2: You are the only one who is extraordinary. Everyone else around you are just regular people, citizens of this world...

kaido: Th... Then I'll be alone my whole life!?
2: No, you are mistaken...

miki: You've been searching for a person who can understand you, right?
Miki: But that won't work. First you must work hard to understand the other person

1: Instead of trying to find another extraordinary person, you should try to make yourself compatible with normal people...
kaido: Make myself...

saiki: …what do you know...
saiki: She actually gives good advice

Page 12

saiki: She understood his chuunibyou act, and managed to give him proper guidance
saiki: Huh, it seems like I misjudged her a little

miki: And of course, you'll also need this
sfx: rattle rattle

miki: Everything will be fine if you wear this necklace
saiki: she brought something out
sfx: rattle

kaido: Wh... What is that!?
miki(a): This is a mystic necklace that will draw out your natural charms
miki(b): If you wear this you'll be able to make 100...
sfx: doooomm

miki(a): No, OVER 100 friends
miki(b): Even Satou Takeru will be your friend
kaido: E... Even Satou Takeru!?
Saiki: Satou Takeru was fresh in her mind, huh

1: If you buy it now, I can give you this necklace for only 30,000 yen
kaido: Th.... 30,000!!?
sfx: shooock
saiki: what a load of bullshit
[tn: about $250 USD]

kaido: I'll... I'll buy it...!
saiki: siigh...

saiki: I never thought he was this big an idiot… I give up
saiki: I'm not softhearted enough to want to save someone who gets tricked this easily

Page 13

saiki: You get what you deserve. I'm going home
kaido(a): ...there's just...
kaido(b): ...one thing I want to make sure of...

kaido: If I use this necklace, will Saiki be my friend too?

saiki: What?
1: Saiki...?
kaido: Yeah... A quiet guy from my school...

miki(a): But of course!
miki(b): If you wear this necklace, even Saiki-kun will follow you around and call you “partner”!
Sfx: Partner!
Kaido: R...Really!? I... I'll buy it!!
saiki: Who is that supposed to be

sign: Fortunes

1: Heheh... What an easy brat...

miki: Talking about organizations like some sort of idiot!
Miki: Okay, will the next person please enter~
sfx: slide

Page 14

sfx: creeeaak

saiki: What a pain, I don't care what happens to Kaidou...
miki: Please, have a seat
sfx: woooo

miki: What can I... do...
saiki: but involving me in this was a mistake

kaido: Heheh... A mystic necklace...!
kaido: I used up all my allowance, but as long as I have this...

text: 100 friends...
1: Kaidou-kun!
2: Kaidou!
3: Yo Kaiou!
Text: will I even be able to remember all their names?
Sfx: dazed

1: Kaidou-kun!
Sfx: perk
kaido: Wh...! Already a new friend is...

Page 15

miki: K...Kaidou-kun...!
miki(a): I'm giving the money back!! I'm so sorry...!!
miki(b): I never thought you were telling the truth...
sfx: shiver shiver shiver tremble tremble

1(a): Huh!?
1(b): So the necklace...
2: Who cares about that! I bought it off a street vendor for 500 yen
3: What!?
[tn: about $5 USD]

sfx: eek

kaido: … so that means...
kaido: This is a fake...?

kaido: I was tricked...
sign: foot massage
saiki: Getting your money back was a big favor on my part, you know

saiki: It would be a big pain if you kept thinking that necklace had the power to bring us closer
saiki: Go make friends without relying on that sort of thing

saiki: Now let's finally go home...
sfx: rustle

nendou: Oh

Page 15

nendo: Ohh! Partner! Hey, isn't that the shrimp over there!
Saiki: Idiot
kaido: Huh!?

kaido: What a coincidence, you fools!
Text: Nendou... Saiki... To think we'd meet in a place like this... coincidentally?

text: Or could it be...
text: Thanks to the necklace...?

nendou: Oh?
Text: I knew it, this necklace really is...
saiki: Everything is ruined now, thanks to you

saiki: Man, today is not my lucky day
right bubble: Taurus
left bubble: Leo
saiki: Even though according to the horoscopes this morning I was supposed to be the luckiest...

saiki: What a pain...

saiki: You really can't trust fortune telling
1: A... Alright! Let's go get some ramen then!
2(a): Oh?
2(b): Wouldn't barbeque be better?
3: Huh!?

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